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    Readers of this story should be warned ahead of time for the following symptoms they will develop: 1. dehydration from the excess of tears 2. multiple heart attacks, not just towards the climax 3. sore eyes and neck for you won't be able to stop until you read every last word 4. die from sheer bliss for having been blessed with Mr. Cheese's writing Then they may proceed to read and re-read other stories by Hamen until they are actually blind
  2. You're still my favorite author on this site. Please please PLEASE come back. Pretty sure I'm dying from withdrawal...

  3. Arsenic4

    True Self

    I... I don't know how much more I can take *dissolves into a puddle of tears But seriously though, great story!
  4. Arsenic4

    Chapter 8

    Absolutely love this story! And still waiting for the update... Really just drying up here, but I'll wait....
  5. Right now I'm just throwing everything aside to read this. I love your work, man!
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