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  1. LieLocks


    Five months later When Nick walked in the club he saw sexy nurses and pirates, super heroes and pop stars. A group of friends were doing teenage mutant ninja turtles, another cosplayed Star Wars characters. People had more inspiration than Nick; he’d just bought cheap red devil horns as a last minute inside joke with himself before coming to the club. It was October 31st and students liked a good excuse to party. The dressed up young men and women were already dancing. The flashing lights were like an epilepsy attack, the too loud music was fast-paced pop with added bass, and the artific
  2. Nick balanced his cell phone between his shoulder and ear as he checked his mail box. He took out a few envelopes, and some unimportant flyers. “You gotta let me come home,” Shane was saying in the phone, “my parents are making me work at this grocery store down the street. It’s horrible, Nick. The music there. You’d hate it. They play Danger Zone at least three times every hour, it’s driving me insane.” “I already told you, man. You can come back whenever you want.” Nick closed his mail box. He frowned as he looked at one envelope. It was from Stanford University. That had to be a mistake,
  3. There was a line-up outside Raven’s office, along the corridor, so long that it spilled down into the spiral staircase. An impressive queue of people standing and waiting for a meeting with the new leader of Hell; lower demons, reapers, DAs. Malachy even saw a dark one lurking around. Some reaper girl kept stabbing the black creature with her sword, and it dissipated into shadows before reforming into a contorted silhouette again. That looked like fun. Malachy smiled under his hood. He would have joined the girl in her game, and he might also have killed a few demons while he was at it, just
  4. “Dear Nicholas, If you are reading this, it means you have found your way back into your body. Allow me to assume I’m the one who brought you back, because things usually work out the way I want them to. I don’t know why. I shouldn’t have good karma, when you think about it. The first thing I should tell you is that you are a werewolf now. Exciting, yeah? You can thank me later. I do hope I got to experience that at least once. In all seriousness though, I may be crazy, but I am not an idiot. I know you’re probably well pissed off right now. But just think about it, Nick. If you ever get hu
  5. “Interesting choice of wing color. I went with black, personally. A bit cliché, I’ll admit. Yours is quite… bold.” Malachy placed a hand under his chin as he studied Nick. “I suppose you could always stick around in Hell and organize a gay pride parade, with you as their emblem—that, or promote breast cancer awareness. Both great causes.” “Where are we?” Nick asked. One moment he was in his apartment, staring in shock at his dead body on the floor, and the next he was in an endless and surreal snowy valley under a black sky. And it was snowing, but the shimmering flakes fell so slowly that i
  6. The obnoxious sound of car horns being honked startled him every time. He hated being stuck in traffic. He hated the noisy drivers—especially the ones listening to bad music very loudly—and he hated that the cars advanced just a little bit at a time. Cars were designed to take you from point A to point B faster, not slower. Malachy leaned closer to the front seats. “Can’t you go any faster?” The cab driver made a show of ignoring him completely. Malachy sat back. He glanced at his phone. 9:00 am. He clicked on the envelope icon and re-read Sasha Reed’s text message. ‘I remembered who you a
  7. Nick woke up on a bed made of piled up fluffy blankets. He was in Cyan’s crypt. All the candles were lit. Cyan sat on a chaise lounge with a book. He wore black silk pants, and his hair was pulled back in a ponytail. Cyan looked up and put his book away when Nick stirred. “How’re you feeling, mate?” Nick lay on his side, and he was having trouble to sit up. “What the—?” Something protruded from his back—or rather, two things. Two massive, feathery things. New sensations rushed through his body. He could feel the wings, could feel where they connected to his back. Nick was pretty sure he c
  8. She's all talk but she's not actually that powerful. Raven's not really in awe of her; he's in awe with the idea of her. She actually knows the answer he's looking for. Will be revealed in the last couple of chapters. Thanks, as always, for reviewing!
  9. Rebecca met Hell’s new leader in a room with shimmering silver walls and a round glass table. She knew he went by Raven. Clad in a slim black blazer with his black jeans tucked in Doc Martens boots, he stood next to a black tinted window, in between two massive filing cabinets. Rebecca’s heels clicked the marble floor as she approached him. “I’m Rebecca, leader of the Angels,” she said, holding up a hand, “I hear you’re in charge now. Congratulations.” Raven accepted her hand. But instead of shaking it, he brought it to his lips and kissed the back of her knuckles. “I know who you are,” he
  10. Gabriel looked out his living room window. One hand rested against the white window frame, and the other held a warm oatmeal bowl. The sky was a vast cloudless expanse stretching over the city. Normally, its pure blue shade would lift Gabriel’s mood. He was leaving for his morning jog soon, and that was always nicer when the weather was beautiful. But Gabriel’s stomach was in knots, and he couldn’t eat much of his breakfast. Sasha had been missing for a week. And Gabriel had called the cops—of course he’d called the damn cops—but Sasha was eighteen now. The sad truth was that the cops didn’t
  11. Nick had agreed to stay for one drink. One drink. They were now soaking up their fifth. Cyan and Nick, that is. Koda wasn’t drinking much. He just danced with his new friend the Goth girl. Labeling Koda as a bad dancer would have been a euphemism, but apparently Goth girl didn’t mind teaching him how to dance. Or how to kiss. Nick leaned with Cyan against a counter overlooking a wide glassless window. This crazy world was spread out before their eyes. Nick could see a vast cemetery in the distance. A piece of flat land with countless tombstones between two dark forests. A cemetery for dem
  12. Feeling bored, Malachy had Kyle go out for an errand and bring back his guitar, which he’d left behind in Nick’s bedroom. He missed it too much. “My baby,” Malachy had said when Kyle came back with the beautiful Gibson instrument. It felt heavy and perfect in Malachy’s arms. Right now he played for Hazel as they sat on the bed together. Twilight had come and gone and the view from their hotel room was of the Upper East Side’s luminous night life. He was playing a classic. Hazel really liked it, but she didn’t recognize it at all. “I can’t believe you don’t know this song.” Malachy shook h
  13. LieLocks


    Sasha was in a bit of a situation. And that, added to the fact that he was in some smelly New York motel room with four psycho, self-proclaimed werewolf hunters, and he desperately craved a shower, some clean clothes that actually fit him, and maybe disinfectant and bandages for his bite wounds—those were surprisingly healing, even though it was taking forever, but still, Sasha would have appreciated the chance to take better care of himself. But he was stuck inside a god damned dog crate. They would only let him out for brief, humiliating moments, with Jared pointing his gun at Sasha the whol
  14. LieLocks

    The Other Tower

    Yeah, Koda's a character that sort of just happened in this story, and I ended up liking him a lot.
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