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    Breakups can be fun?

    Who knew that breaking up could actually be fun? Of course, the idea of not being with your boyfriend(or ex) is tough, but in a strange and weird way, the actual "breaking up" process turned into a fun and joyous occasion. My ex and I have been together for a while...ever since freshman year of college. We started out as friends...best friends, in fact, and after a very drunken night, we came together as a couple. We decided to room together for our sophomore year to make it seem less obvious that we were a couple (we're still both sort of in the closet...), but over the last couple of months, I could tell that the relationship had changed. Sure, we were very affectionate towards each other...we still cared about each other, but apart from the physical aspects of our relationship, all else seemed to die down. Then, about 3 weeks ago, he came into our dorm room and asked if we could talk. I could pretty much tell that the breakup talk was coming so I blurted out, "it's fine...i still care about you. We can still be friends, right?" Well, it turns out that he was simply going to ask me if we could cancel our dinner plans as he had a fraternity pledge event to run. We then ended up having a long discussion about our relationship, and then mutually agreed that it would be better to go back to being "best friends." We still had a semester to go so we would still be seeing each other every day in our littler dorm room, and we realized that we both wanted to feel relaxed around each other. We then proceeded to go through all of our picture albums from the relationship and comment on them. We reminisced about our dates, the fights, the sex, the love we both shared, and we found ourselves laughing at each other in an embrace. It truly was an amazing experience. He had been my first long term relationship, and I couldn't have imagined a better way to end things. We were still roommates and best friends. We still hang out with each other and our mutual friends, but now, we definitely go out more with our own respective groups (him with his swimmer teammates, and me with my basketball teammates). Then, last night, he brought one of his friends over, and they proceeded to go to his room. I didn't really think anything of it, but I decided to leave and come back an hour later. After returning, they were still in the room (as the door was still locked), and I could definitely hear non-straight-friend-sounding-moans and I found myself feeling emotional. I don't think I was feeling jealous, but it was more of a sadness. I ended up spending the night at my friend's place, and I havent seen my ex since. I have afternoon practices while he has morning and evening ones so we don't really see much of each other at home... He also has a swim meet up at another university this coming week so I probably won't get to talk to him for a while... i hate feeling off... Anyway, I have practice in 6 hours so I should be getting to bed. Hope everyone else is having a great weekend! -Danny
  2. I honestly think that this story is going to end with a Brandon & Nelson pairing. I feel like Nelson is going to want to reach out to someone who can identify with what he's feeling, which is obviously Brandon, and they will get closer. Oh, and at the end, I believe we will see a content Milo who has come to terms with himself...just that it was too late for Nelson. But then again, every prediction I have had of Dom's stories have all been wrong...so maybe that's a good thing (because I still want Nelson and Milo together...) What an emotional chapter...it brought back so many memories of my own experiences back in highschool...
  3. Another great chapter...I found myself smiling in more than one spot when Milo stood up for Nelson. I'm really glad that Nelson's and Milo's relationship has become more stable than before... And what a cliffhanger! Can't wait for the next one... Prediction: I think Caleb's going to accept Nelson if he does come out...Caleb adjusted to Nelson's friendship with Milo and even tried to stay out of Assface's way when asked by Nelson. I think Nelson isn't given Caleb enough credit...
  4. Hello all! My name is Danny, and I have been a member of GA for quite some time (under a kDiL alias). I was very active in the GA forums/blogs when I was around 16-years-old, but somehow I just lost interest over time. I have not written anything in almost four years, but for the past couple of months, I have wanted to return to and interact with the GA community. You all have been so helpful in the past. It seems like a lot has changed since that last time I have been here! The site looks amazing! I also love the increased number of talented GA authors here!!! Yay for great literature! I want to be an active part of this community, but I will first explore the different forums/subforums, authors, members' blogs, etc. I will hopefully post on my blog regularly on the happenings of my peculiar college life... So here goes: My mom was diagnosed with lupus about a year and a half ago. At first, I thought it was an immediate death sentence, but after hours and hours of research and calls, I came to learn that the majority of lupus patients can lead active lives. Now my dilemma... Long story short: I feel as though I am to blame for my mother's illness. About 2 years ago, I came out to her. My best friend at the time also knew as well so he was there to help "break" it to her. Anyway, she had a very hard time with this, and went on to tell my father (who's a big homophobic). After some time, they both accepted it, and I thought life was good...apparently not. Right after I told my mom, she apparently became depressed. She was very stressed out from her work life, and my coming out intensified her stress levels. She basically worried about that I was going to contract AIDS, become a pariah, etc. She was just very worried. The lupus specialist she is currently seeing recently told me that in many cases of lupus, extreme emotional disturbances and high levels of stress can trigger the start to lupus. So here I am sitting here...writing this blog after receiving a call from my mother. Her lupus has now begun to spread in her blood, and it will be only a matter of time before a major organ is under attack. I'm beginning to feel really really sad. My mother has worked so hard and so long for our family, and I thank her by coming out and causing her more stress. I pretty much caused my mother's illness... I know that's probably very stupid to say, but I can't help but feel that way. My mom means so much to me, and to think of my life without her, and for me to be the cause of her pain and suffering, I just can't bear it. My boyfriend doesn't know anything about this, but he's nagging me day and night to tell him what's wrong. I just can't, because now I feel ashamed of being gay. Everyday I pray and wish that the disease in my mother's body could just disappear...to just vanish. I know that's impossible...there's currently no cure for lupus. But what's even worse is that I'm now wish and praying that I could just turn straight as ridiculous and stupid stupid stupid as it sounds. I just...wish for it even though it's impossible. And I feel so guilty for even wishing this, but in my twisted mind, I have made the conclusion that if I am straight, then my mom's illness will be gone. My boyfriend deserves better than someone who thinks this way. He's been so supportive of me, but if I do tell him how I feel, I know i'll end up hurting him I'm just very upset right now...this post is probably incoherent and more scatterbrained than I would have liked. Anyway, I hope everyone else's start to 2010 is going better. -Danny
  5. Danny

    The foo foo drink

    Dom, I have been an avid reader of yours for quite some time...since your first uploads on Nifty and the Yahoo Group to be exact (which is crazy to think about, because in a month, I'm going to be turning 20). The evolution of your writing is amazing to read... Fun Fact: For a book report in highschool, I actually convinced my teacher to allow TOU as my book choice (she absolutely loved it!). Anyway, what I really wanted to say was THANK YOU. While reading your stories, I have laughed, cried, thrown things out of frustration, shouted, and have even fallen in love with some of the characters. Out of all the authors I have read, only a select few can produce such emotions from my hardened interior, and in a way, reading your stories has been therapeutic. Through the years I have never given thought to send you a message or email letting you know how much I appreciate your writing. I naively thought that since you were so popular, you probably wouldn't read all the raving and praising emails your many fans have sent. Now, as a starting author, I realize how much those thank you emails mean. So here I am today...after many years of first reading TLW, directly saying THANK YOU. My boyfriend and I are currently rereading ITFB together, and it has been an awesome experience for him and me. For an hour a day, we sit down at a table and read your stories. We laugh, argue, analyze, pick favorite characters, and discuss possible plots...it has become an extremely rewarding hobby, and we can't express how much we thank you. It has brought us together in so many ways... So again, thank you. We truly appreciate your hard work.
  6. Wow...I think my domaholic spell has finally been broken... I haven't checked for a WT update in over a week and a half...I consider this to be a good AND bad thing.
  7. I'm going crazy, crazy, crazy just thinking about my dom fix!
  8. ARGH! It's been so long!!!!!!!! I hope dom's not too stressed out! anyway...happy late May Day!
  9. Danny


    Dom, I'm so glad you're still alive! =) Thanks for another great chapter, and I insist that you write on your own pace...no rush for anything Dom, because all of us Domaholics will wait faithfully til the next chapter...even if it comes out next year...(In no way shape or form do I wish/hope for this...) Thanks dom! -Danny p.s. hope you're not too stressed out lately!
  10. This chapter was so well-worth the wait. Dom always seems to outdue himself. This chapter had me giddy/happy/smiling/laughing/giggling/frowning/angry/pissed-off/and content at the end... What a roller coaster. Oh, and Nels is SUCH A GREAT CHARACTER...i mean seriously the blow job question? lmfao...and the way he used his easter basket to bring every type of medication he had for milo...so sweet. I just hope that Milo & Nels' relationship doesn't get destroyed by Jame...Jame could potentially end their relationship..(especially if Jame found out about them, and told Trust Sr...) This is definetely my favorite Dom story! <3 Domluka. Danny P.s. Glad to know that Dom's still alive and kickin!
  11. =( it's been too long...hope dom's not overworking himself with his job and his author duties...
  12. I'm really starting to get worried about dom...i hope he's all right.
  13. Donde Esta Domluka?????? he's MIA in his blog!!!!!! Ahhhh!
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