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    Epilogue: Charlie… We completed the new buildings on the ranch, and under the skillful hands of Mike, we did well. He was a great asset to us. We are raising a few hundred head of Black Angus cattle and some wonderful Quarter Horses. The Lazy L was a working ranch at last. I always thought that someday, Mike and JC would be together, but JC was faithful to me always, he never once strayed. But there was something I knew that JC didn’t. Mike was still in love with him. Well it would be nice to say we lived happily ever after. Well, we did, until I got into my late seventies. By then, I was pretty well out of the business of running the company, and JC was the driving force. I knew I would soon be leaving this world. I told JC that he should consider Mike as his life partner, and I told him how much Mike loved him. I also told him he was released from our commitment, but he refused. I thanked God for giving me a Second Chance at love. JC… As Charlie, my first true love left me, I told him, "Goodbye my love. Go to Uncle James, your Cowboy. He is waiting for you, and I will see you again one day." It was a great loss to me, when Charlie passed on. We had him cremated, and his ashes were scattered on top of Casper Mountain, with James’. I was devastated. It took me months, before I was able to function. My love for Charlie was so great; I closed the door on Mike for a long time, even after Charlie had released me from our commitment and had passed on. David also died that year, like that mattered to me. I didn’t even attend his funeral. I had no father. He had disowned me when he found out what I was. I guess Charlie was not only my lover; he was my father, as well. Mike and I became life partners, a year after Charlie’s death. The night of our commitment, we were sitting on the porch, looking up at the mountain. There were two wispy clouds there. We would swear that we saw both James' and Charlie's faces in them, and we both felt the wind rustle our hair and we heard them, taking turns, softly telling us that we would be all right. We both knew that they were together at last. Mike didn’t want to be a partner in the company. He was completely happy, working the ranch, and being the love of my life. We still have the two planes, and they will always be called “Cowboy” and “Buckaroo.” The company name is, and will always be, Lambert, Lambert & Andersen Investments, Inc. We both are doing well, and life goes on.... From above… James and Charlie watch the two young men sharing their lives together. With a pair of guardian angels watching over them, how can they go astray? So all four of them have A Second Chance!
  2. Tickie

    Chapter 15

    Morning came and the day was filled with turmoil. Mike and JC went out checking the ranch, and Clyde was busy, getting ready for the party. Greg came out and we worked out the planning for the new construction on the ranch, along with other company business, which would never stop. Greg and I also went over the guest list for the party, making sure that only those that were comfortable with JC’s and my sexuality would be there, we didn’t want any unpleasantness spoiling our special day. It looked like we were going to have a guest list of about 75 to 80 people present. Greg let Clyde know the number later, but in plenty of time for the final preparations. Saturday ended after a wonderful prime rib dinner with all the trimmings. JC, Mike, and I talked well into the evening, mostly just small talk, but quite a bit about the new ranch operations. I was very pleased with Mike and his ideas. I was getting horny, because we seemed to be too busy for making love, so I said to JC, "Hon, can we go to bed now? I need you." JC… "Mike, if you want to just watch TV or make any phone calls, just use the phone in my office. There is a TV in the guestroom. But you can stay in the living room if you want to. Fuck! Just make yourself at home, bud!" I then looked at Charlie, saying, "I’m coming love." Grinning at Mike as I left the room, knowing he knew exactly what was going to happen. Charlie… JC and I undressed each other as soon as we got into the bedroom, and headed for the shower. We washed each other totally, then dried trying not to get the other off, but we were both so horny that, it was hard to keep from climaxing in the shower. But we both wanted to be on the bed tonight. I took JC’s hand and we got onto the bed but this time I wanted JC inside me. So I turned onto my stomach and said, "Lil’Cowboy, take me tonight I’m all yours forever." JC took the tube of KY, and worked up my crack and my rosebud, working first one finger in, and playing with my love nut, causing me to moan, telling him; "Careful love, or I’ll shoot too soon." Then he slowed down, working his way up to three fingers, all the while, stroking his own cock, until I was ready. I then got up on my knees giving him complete access to my rosebud. Then I felt him pressing his manhood into my hole, until I could feel his balls slapping my butt. I had learned from him that rocking back and forth, in rhythm with him, was pure ecstasy. He was stroking my cock, and it was driving me wild, I told him "God! I’m so closeee, I’m cominggg… I shot my load onto the bed and all over JC’s hand. JC…"Oh, God! I am ready, oh shittt! I’m cominggg… When Charlie shot his load, his ass muscle squeezed my cock so hard I thought it was going to break. We just collapsed onto each other. I kissed Charlie’s back working my way around him rolling him over so I could kiss him, and love him face to face. We fell asleep on top of the bed, totally spent, and naked. The big day had arrived; we woke with someone knocking on our bedroom door. JC…"Who is it?" Charlie… I was trying to pull some covers over us, but that was useless. We were still lying on top of the bed, both with our morning hardons. I looked at JC. JC… I yelled again, "Who is it?" I was blushing not knowing if they would just walk in or not. "It's Clyde; breakfast will be ready in about 30 minutes. I need to get things going, for the party?" JC… I replied, "Ok, Clyde, have you woken Mike yet?" Clyde ... "He is up and sitting outside, already." JC... "Ok, we'll be out in a few!" I looked at Charlie smiling at him saying, "Good morning love, it's our special day!" Charlie… "Oh God, I love you so much, JC!" I leaned over and kissed him, our tongues pressed together looking for a place to play in. Then, realizing that we really didn't have time for lovemaking, this morning. I broke the kiss telling JC, “I wish we had more time, my love, but we need to get moving." JC… "That's ok. We have forever, together, my love. And tonight, we will be alone again in our home." I brushed the hair out of Charlie's beautiful eyes. Charlie… We took our shower together, because that's what we always did, and we always will if we are together. It just seems so right, and we both love it so much. We dressed casual. We would change into more fitting attire later. We then both went into the kitchen for breakfast, finding Clyde and Mike sitting at the table waiting for us. "Good morning" I said, as I entered the kitchen, looking at Mike. JC … "Good morning Clyde and you too, bud." I smiled at Mike and Clyde. Mike… I returned the greetings, saying, "Good morning, to both of you, I love this ranch. It's so nice and cool compared to Arizona.” Charlie… "Just wait until winter comes, and see how cold and snowy it gets." I laughed. JC… "Well I haven't seen that yet." We all ate breakfast, then we excused ourselves, so Clyde could prepare for the party. Clyde … "Thanks, and I will have everything ready on time, Charlie. You three go do something and get out of my way. Please?" I laughed good naturedly at them. Then I motioned them out of the kitchen. JC, Mike, and I decided to call Carl and take a short trip around Casper, until it was time for the party, which was a good idea. It helped keep our minds occupied with something else. I was nervous, and I could tell JC was nervous as well. Mike just kept looking at the two of us, with a sincere and heartfelt look about him. I knew in my heart that one day JC and Mike would be together, also knowing that JC would never leave me for anyone else. We took in all the local sites around town. We headed back to the ranch about 11 o'clock in the morning. We all changed into something a little more formal. At about 11:30 a.m. some of the guests started arriving. Greg took care of the guests. The place was decorated exquisitely. There were blue and gold crate paper streamers around all the tables, there were blue tablecloths. There was a podium, and stage set up with a small band playing country music. Which was a total and pleasant surprise to both JC and me. The party started on its own. Clyde had set up a buffet style luncheon for everyone. Everyone just started helping him or herself, finding seats at tables or milling about. JC went one way and I another, speaking to all our guests, some of whom, JC was meeting for the first time, so he was somewhat at a loss for words, but he did very well, and everyone at the party seemed to like him. Time passed quickly that afternoon. The band was playing and some of the folks even danced. That triggered JC. He came up to me and said, "let’s dance together my love." "Ok my love," and we danced a few slow dances, and kissed in front of everyone there. It felt so strange doing that, but everyone seemed unchanged at seeing us being affectionate with each other. It was about five o'clock now, and so I took my glass and tapped my spoon on it, getting everyone's attention. When everyone quieted down to a low roar, I laughed out loud telling them, "JC and I have something to say, if you will indulge us for a few moments." Everyone just clapped their hands for a few seconds, and then there was silence, in anticipation of our remarks. "When JC and I started planning this party, we talked about having some kind of commitment ceremony, or maybe just exchanging vows, but we’re both on the shy side and we figured everyone already knew what this was all about and how committed to one another we are. But even though I'm not one for speeches, I thought we should say a few words to all of you." I turned to JC and he was giving me a bewildered look. We hadn't planned this; I was just winging it. "First, thank you all for coming today, and for sharing our joy. You are all special to us, and we love having you in our lives. Mostly, I just want to say a few words about this guy, standing beside me. Before I met JC, I thought my life was pretty much over, that the best days were behind me. Then JC came along through a chance meeting, on a flight to Paris, and woke me up. He gave me a new life, with his love. I've hit a few rough spots over the last several weeks, but JC has always been there for me, supporting me, and loving me. But I don’t just love JC for what he's done for me; I love him for who he is -- a sweet, kind, generous loving man with the biggest heart in the world. A few of you have had some problems understanding and accepting the changes I've gone through since, loosing James, but if you have any doubts that this is for real and a good thing, think about where I was just a month or so ago and where I am today. The difference is JC." I turned and looked into his beautiful blue eyes. "Thank you for loving me, Justyn Case Andersen. Please take this bracelet as a token of my love?" The inscription reads, "With all my heart, Lil'Cowboy, I will love you forever Charlie." Then I placed the bracelet on his left wrist. JC took the microphone from me. "This isn't fair. Charlie didn't tell me that we were going to make speeches." He took a deep breath and looked around the yard. "Before I speak, I would like to quote from a great story I found on the internet. It reflects how I feel about our life together..." I pulled a paper from my pocket and began to read... Excerpt from: <><><><> "BRIARWOOD" aka "Whence Cometh My Help" R.S.V., A dramatic saga, by Ritch Christopher, literary enhancement by Les Martin <><><><> Each new day is a lifetime. When we awake in the morning, we realize that we made it through the night and we've lived to see a brand new day. Millions will die today. Over half won't even be aware it's coming. <> Few of us ever really know what's going on inside our bodies. Will a minute piece of stored cholesterol break free from an artery and try to pass freely through the heart? We get up in the dark at night to go to the bathroom and accidentally hit our shin on the bed. Do we ever get concerned that that slight bump in the dark can cause an embolism and a day, a week, a month later, we have a heart attack or CVA without ever knowing what caused it? We drive from our house to the grocery store to pick up bread and milk, never knowing that some idiot driver on a side street is going to run a red light and crash into the side of our car. Freak and bizarre incidents which are life-threatening happen every minute of every hour of every day. Then, of course, there are the soldiers and sailors, fighting wars around the world. Do they go off to battle daily, knowing this might be their last day? No matter where or how you look, life has always been and will always be uncertain. Remember, 'Carpe diem'? Seize the day! I've always said seize the moment, make it count. It's not just an idiom when you hear, 'live each day as if it were your last', because it just might be. And that, my love, is why every moment we have together, every moment we share must count! It must be filled with meaning, with no regrets, because the next moment might not be there." <><><><> End Quote <><><><> "Thank you for indulging me. As many of you know, and some of you have just met me, I wasn't doing so well myself at this time a few months ago. I had no one who loved me, a job that just took me everywhere in the world, and still I was lost. I had no idea, what I wanted, or where I was going. And then by chance, on a flight to Paris, I met Charlie, someone I wasn't even looking for. He gave me love and support and a new life. It's a package deal and a pretty big package at that. Believe me when I tell you, that took some getting used to, but Charlie was there for me every step of the way." He turned and looked at me. "You have completed my life by giving me things I never even knew I wanted. I will love you forever. Please take this bracelet as a token of my love?" The inscription reads, "My heart will always be yours, Sweetheart, with all my love JC." I placed it on Charlie's left wrist. Charlie… I picked up the microphone and added this to my comments. "Justyn Case Andersen, you are now not only my partner in life, but you are from this moment on, a full partner of Lambert, Lambert, & Andersen, Inc. Yes, I want everyone here to know that. All the legal documents will be signed this afternoon as we have our corporate attorney present here at the party. Both JC and I made sure that we got around the crowd shaking hands, and talking with everyone that came. The party was a huge success, and believe it or not, everyone seemed happy with the outcome. After everyone left, JC and I sat on the porch swing looking up at Casper Mountain there was a slight breeze blowing, then the breeze turned into more of a gusty wind. There it was a crystal-clear evening not a cloud in the sky, except for a little wisp of cotton up on the mountain, and a moment I thought I heard James saying, "Well done, my love, you did well, It's alright my love." THE END
  3. Tickie

    Chapter 2

    The warmth of our bodies, cuddled together, was so wonderful, so totally different from any experience, I had ever had before. It was like I had died, and gone to heaven, with my true love. I was now staring into his beautiful blue eyes, oh how deep blue they were. Jim smiled and said, "A penny for your thoughts!" I just smiled at him, still gazing into those deep blue eyes. "It won’t cost you that, but Can we just stay like this tonight, I feel so loved, so safe, so everything, and so sleepy." He put a finger to my lips, and whispered, "Shhhh, we can do what ever you want Charlie, we have a lifetime. We do, don’t we?" I smiled again, and moved closer, if closer was possible, I reached my target. Our lips met, we kissed, and kissed and kissed. I whispered, "Oh yes, but I am so tired Jim. The blizzard and the long drive, so can we just sleep." Oh shit he will think this is just, a fling, no not a fling, yes, he, He will think... I suddenly had a very cold chill run down my spine, and I jumped, almost out of bed, and then there was a cold jab into my heart. It scared me, really scared me, and I reached back to find Jim sitting up in bed, looking at me, like I was the devil or worse. For some reason, I was so scared that I was not only shaking, but tears were streaming from my eyes. I had no idea what was wrong. Was it what we had just done, was it me not wanting Jim, of course not it couldn’t be that, but I was so scared of what then... Jim shook me and said, "Charlie what’s wrong love, your scaring me!" "I don’t know, I just don’t know, I am scared, oh I am so frighten of what, I don’t know?" Jim looking upset, no, not upset, that’s too harsh, more maybe, concerned is a better description, "You think it’s what we just did in the..." Oh, god I hope not is all I could think. "I don’t want you to think I’m just in lust with you." "Stop it Jim, I’m sorry, that, came out wrong, forgive me please. I know there was more to what we... you know, I felt love in those arms not lust." Jim looked scared, "You’re still scaring me, Charlie. You are as white as a ghost. So what’s wrong then?" "I don’t know, I really don’t know, I just had a very cold chill run down my spine, and someone stuck an ice pick into my heart, and it’s so scary, too scary. I have never felt anything like that before." Jim looked lost as he said, "What can I do love?" "Just hold me please and make it go away, please, please." He pulled me close to him, hugged me tight, stroked my hair. He spoke so very softly, "It’ll be alright, It’ll be ok, you just had a chill, it’ll be ok, love. Everything will be ok in the morning. I’ll be here for you, just go to sleep now, I love you." As I drifted back to sleep I was still unsure of what had happened. I drifted in and out of sleep; it was like that all night. Jim was tossing and turning too, I don't think he was sleeping well either. Every time I woke up, I checked my watch; first, it was 11: something, then 2: something. Jim opened his eyes and looked into mine, "Are you ok love?" he asked me, with love in his voice. "I’m having a rough night, I'm just dozing, I am still frightened about something, I wish, oh how I wish I knew what it was but, Something’s just not right, I can feel it, Jim, my love." Jim spoke with a tired voice, "Let’s just try and get a few more hours Hon, then you can be off, and I’ll stay here and get my car." "NO! I won’t leave you, ever again.” I replied, “I want to help you, this is just some stupid thing, it will pass." Oh, god I hope it will pass; it just hangs on like a mill iron around my neck. We both fell back to sleep, I guess, cause the next thing I remember is looking up seeing Jim standing over me, naked. Oh, a Greek god was standing there not Jim, a god for sure, every muscle in the right place. He leaned down and kissed me on the lips. "Good morning love, you feeling any better now?" he spoke. I answered, "Some, but something’s still not right, but let’s get this show on the road." Jim’s hands pulled me up from the bed, close to him, then he hugged me, then kissed me, more kisses and more squeezing, and hugging. My cock was so hard, not from morning wood, but for the expectation of what was coming next. He gently laid me back onto the bed, laying his beautiful body on top of me. He kissed my forehead, then, he kissed my neck. He worked his way down my neck, working his way down my front, biting me first on one nipple then pinching the other. Oh, god this is oh so good! "I don’t think I’ll last very long." I whimpered. "We’ll just see about that." He mumbled. He started down to my bellybutton, flicking his tongue in and out of it. I was biting my lower lip trying to keep from screaming, then he moved to the skin under the penis that joins the ball sack, he licked up the under side of my cock. Oh God, I was in heaven and God was attending to me. Then I felt the warmth of his mouth on my pee slit, and it felt like he was about to suck me inside out. I was now grabbing the sheets with both hands, trying to pull the bed apart. Then my voice rose almost to a shout, “Oh, God, I am cominggg! God I can’t stoppp! I unloaded my first load into his mouth, and then another and another, until I was drained. He just kept trying to get more and more, but it was getting too sensitive, and it started to hurt me some. I yelled, "Please stop it hurts, oh, wait, don't stop, don't ever stop." It was a soothing hurt, and then he slid up my body and kissed me, all the way up. Then he arrived at my lips. His tongue pressed into my mouth, and I tasted my own come, not for the first time, but for the first time, from my lover's mouth. It was great, no! It was fantastic! I could have just lain there all day, but I knew there were other things that had to be done.... But not before I returned the favor... Coming back to earth, I spoke, "Oh that was so, wonderful, my love, now it’s your turn." He put his finger to my lips and said, "Shhh, there will be plenty of time for that, but now I need to get my wheels and get back home.” My voice rose almost to a shout as I spoke, "Oh no you don’t, you cowboy, it’s my turn to have a drink of you!" I smiled at him. Jim smiled and said, "Now that’s what I want to see, a big smile, oh a big beautiful smile on my love." I reached out and pulled him close to me, my hands played up and down his spine. I stroked him, all over his back, then, I pulled him closer to me, pulled him into me, I forced my tongue into his mouth, against the pressure from his own. I kissed him, hugged him, then, I started nibbling, first his right ear, then his left. I licked my way down his neck, to the light trace of hair down his chest, between two of the most beautiful quarter sized amber nipples I had ever seen. I stopped to suck one and play with the other. On down the fur trail, my tongue traveled, to the cute bellybutton, stopping to play at the playground of my love. Then down, it continued, to the muscles of his left leg, down to the toes, oh those sweet toes, on to the right foot, then the left one. By this time, Jim was dancing on the bed, but I had my body pressing him down, like a wrestler holding him in place. He was panting and trying to talk, "Charlie, oh Charlie, I'm not going to last much longer, oh shit, oh!" I told him, "Don’t you dare, I’m not ready yet, Cowboy!" I worked my way up his right leg, then onto the soft skin next to the base of his manhood. Then I started up the length of his cock, sliding my mouth over the head and sucking him into my throat, sucking him all the way in, until I felt his pubic hairs rubbing my nose. I smelled the musky smell of my love. Oh, what a wonderful smell he had. His very own...then he jerked and put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me in. Jim yelling… "I am going to shooot! Oh, Charlie, I am looosing It!" In a flash of light, he was unloading into my mouth, oh, yes; my love was giving himself to me, in the most loving way... I just drank it, the love nectar of the man I loved. I wanted it to be part of me. I held it in my mouth, I moved up and kissed him and gave him the taste of himself. "That was so wonderful, and you taste so good, I need to have you for always, that cream I can’t find in a supermarket." I smiled at him. Jim in the after glow, said, "That was so nice, love, thanks for not letting me put it off." I was so in love, I told him, "That'll never happen, cowboy, you are mine now, and if you stray I’ll just brand you," I was smiling and he began laughing so loud. "Now let’s get cleaned up, and get moving," I spoke my thoughts aloud, "We need breakfast, I’m starving, once we eat, we can get your car." We showered, shaved, and did the other stuff too, and then we went out to find the Towing Company. On our way, we checked, and found a bite to eat, as we sat there eating, I was admiring my newfound love, I asked him, "Love I need your phone number and address. I need to find you again, I'll need you forever." Jim replied, "You know I live in Casper, don’t you?" Then we exchanged information. "Well yes, you did in High School, but you could have moved." teasing. He stated, "No I still live with my folks, I am planning on finding my own place though, when I graduate, and find a decent job." I asked, "What kind of work are you looking for, or do you already have something lined up?" He replied with, a matter of fact, "Well until last night, I was thinking of looking for work somewhere in Texas where it’s a little warmer." and he shivered a little, as he smiled at me. "What happened last night," I asked? You dummy, you know what happened, don’t you, or was I just dreaming? Maybe I was. "You happened!" Jim replied. "I was only testing!" Jim laughed, saying, "I get enough of that shit in school, blue eyes" "Oh you noticed?" I snickered, with an evil grin. He nodded, "I noticed more than that, if you please," He reached under the table, found my manhood, and squeezed it softly. Well, we paid the check, and took off for the Towing Company. We pulled up to the service station that owned the towing service. Jim got out and went inside to find out what he could. I just sat in the jeep, and waited for him, I was trying to think of ways we were going to be able to keep getting together, when we got home. I knew that we couldn’t get together on the ranch because mom and dad would be there, most of the time, and they didn’t know about my sexuality, yet, and I didn’t want to tell them. I was too worried as to how they might react. Maybe that was the problem last night, oh yes that was it, now I knew what it was, maybe that was it, oh yes that’s it, has to be... "Hello there. Are you dreaming or something, Charlie?" Jim asked, as he returned, with news of his car. I spoke with a jerk, "Oh yes, I think I figured out what was wrong last night, but that can wait, what’s your news love?" Jim started telling me what happened, "My car is in the shop right here. They just towed it in this morning. But it’s not in driving condition right now, and they have no parts here to fix it. They can tow it to Casper for me or they can order the parts here, and repair it. Then I can come back and get it in a few weeks. I don’t know what to do right now. I think I have to call home and see what’s best for the folks." "Jim I’ll take you home, you know." Say yes, please, say yes, oh God, please, Tell me I can. I want to, please. "Have them tow it to Casper for you; it might even save you money in the long run." Jim thought for a moment, then said, "Well let me make a phone call and see what the folks think, OK?" "Sure I replied," please tell him it’s ok please He walked back into the shop to call home, coming out with a grin on his face, and a gleam in his eyes. "Yes, the answer was yes, right?" I asked. Jim looked at me with a grin on his face saying, "Boy you are like a little kid, getting a present on Christmas morning, aren’t you?" "Of course, with a gorgeous stud like you as the present," I was grinning from ear to ear, and about ready to jump him right there in the driveway of the Towing Company. Jim cleared his throat, then said, "Well the folks think the same as you, so, if you are ready we can be off, as soon as I get a few things out of the car." "Need help?" I asked. He replied, "I'll always need your help." I jumped out of the jeep, and went in with Jim to help him. When I saw the crumpled remains of the car, I thanked God, he was okay. He could have been hurt in that mess. The front end was all smashed, and the windshield was broken. Folks don’t realize how hard snow can get, when a moving vehicle packs it. It can turn into cement. We cleaned out the inside of the car, put all his stuff, and Christmas presents, into the Jeep, and headed for Casper. Jim… "Thank you, Charlie, for everything," I snickered. I had a huge grin on my face, "And most of all, for loving me." Charlie… "Well it’s a little over a 100 miles to the ranch, Jim," I said, “and I charge a blow job per mile as a fare." I reached over and put my hand on his lap. Jim… I took it, and put it on my heart. "My love is free, so that’s not fair. You know I fell in love with you last night, don’t you?" God, how come you made us wait so long for this? Oh, how much I love him. I just hope he feels the same. Of course he does, doesn’t he? He has to. He just has to, if not I am going to die... he does, though, I know it. I think... Charlie… "Me too love, But..." Oh no! Why did I say but? How stupid of me. That will hurt him. That’s what the pain was last night, I have to figure out how to tell mom and dad... oh shit how to I do that? ...please help me... Jim… "No Charlie, don’t say that please, what's the BUT.... For, are you having regrets now?" I thought no please, no please. Charlie… "Jim, listen to me please," I said. Will he understand? I sure hope so, because I don’t want to loose him now that I have found him. Jim... "I’m listening Charles," I answered, was that too sharp? I hope not, but I want him to be honest. No, it’s too harsh. Stop it, let him talk. Just listen now, pay attention... Charlie… I snapped back to reality and said, "Jim, I’m sorry if that, BUT... hurt you. There is no way I ever want to hurt you. I knew it was wrong as soon as I said it, I’m so sorry for that, but I think I know what happened last night and what scared me." Jim… "What scared you love, and don’t worry it’s alright, I understand, I think?" I said, as I relaxed a bit. Charlie… I began to explain, "Well you don’t know this, but my folks have no idea that I am gay, and maybe what happened last night, was my brain telling me, the trouble I might be in for, when I break the news to them." I hope not God; I hope not, mom might be ok with it, but not dad, oh, no. Dad will disown me. Can I do that? Oh shit, I can, yes I can. I am 23 now, and damn, it’s my life, yes, I can...I’ll... Jim… I started telling him my story, "You know my folks have no idea about me, either, so I guess we are both in the same fix, but we don’t have to tell them now, do we? I was not planning that until much later. You do understand, that I have never done anything like, well you know; what happened last night." I sit there thinking; really, I hadn’t even thought about that, but maybe he‘s right about what happened. I guess we’ll find out sooner or later. I can see Casper coming up... Charlie… "Do you have to go straight home?" I could see the town closing in as we drove. "Why do you ask, you have something in mind?" Jim asked. Charlie... In a soft voice I replied, "Yes, I would like you to meet my folks, and maybe stay for dinner too?" say yes please, oh please say yes... Jim… "I guess so, my folks were going out of town this afternoon and won't be home until tomorrow, anyway, and I would enjoy meeting your folks. I hope they like me!" Again, I became lost in thought. I am sure they would like me, most folks do, you know, but that’s my opinion. Charlie… "Like you? Mom will fall all over you, you are so damn cute." I smiled at him again and he smiled back. As we approached the city limits, I told Jim that I needed to gas up, before heading out to the ranch, so I pulled in to a station a mile or so down the road. I got out of the Jeep, to fill the tank, and Jim headed inside to find the rest rooms. I would have to hit them too... As I topped off the tank, I saw Jim coming out of the station with a newspaper in his hand, so I headed into the station to pay for the gas, and use the rest rooms. I finished and headed back to the jeep, jumped in and started the engine I began to pull away. Just then, I felt Jim’s hand on my shoulder, as he began to speak. Jim, very sadly… "Charlie, pull over to the side of the road, please." he said in a whisper. Charlie… I spoke in a loud tone, "What’s wrong love." Was he having second thoughts? What’s happened...now? What? I pulled into a parking lot next to the station, and turned to face Jim. He had tears streaming down his face. Again, I spoke even louder, "What’s wrong love, what’s wrong, please tell me, what’s wrong," I was yelling at him, he was scaring the hell out of me... Jim… I started to speak I could hardly talk at all. It came out in a horse whisper. "Shss, Shss, Charlie I don’t know how to tell you this, god I don’t want to tell you this." Charlie... "Tell me what?" I screamed. Just knowing he was going to break up with me. Jim... put his finger to Charlie’s' lips and said, "Shss love, please remember, I’ll always be here for you. Please try to remember that. But I have some terrible news my love." I couldn’t help thinking, Why me, why do I have to break such bad news to the man that I just fell in love with? ... Oh no why do I... hold up, you have to be his strength, just hold up for Charlie... Charlie… "What news, what news." I was in a panic now, and he wasn’t telling me fast enough tell me stupid tell me...oh no he is not stupid but what’s wrong...Why doesn’t he just come out and tell me? Jim reached over and turned off the ignition, and then he removed the keys, and put them in his pocket, then he held my hand. I pulled back. Charlie... "Why did you do that," I snapped, I instantly regretted the outburst. "I’m sorry, but, please, you really have to tell me, please. I can’t bear waiting." Jim… I spoke to Charlie in as calm a voice as I could, under the circumstances, and I asked him, ”Charlie is your father’s name Shaun Allen Lambert?" I thought, why am I asking this? Maybe it’s not his dad, god I hope not, but I am afraid it’s true. I have to hold together for him now, God give me strength. Charlie… I was ready to smack him, I said, "Yes that’s right, why!" I was ready to yank the paper out of his hands... Jim… I spoke to Charlie. I was still holding his hand. I guess I squeezed it pretty hard, almost to the hurting stage, "I have to read this. I don’t think I can speak it. I'm so very sorry, my love, that, I have to be the one, to tell you, but, here goes." I held the paper with my free hand, and began to read, as follows; "WORST BLIZZARD IN 20 YEARS CLAIMS 2 – IN ACCIDENT ON WYO. 254 Around 9:15 PM a one car accident involving a Cow and the automobile of Shaun Allen Lambert and his wife, Mary Carlina Lambert, of Casper, Wyoming. The car apparently tried to avoid hitting a Cow but spun out of control and crashed, bursting into flames. The Wyoming Highway Department’s Snowplow Operator found the automobile in flames, and radioed for the Highway Patrol. All emergency equipment was dispatched. The Lambert’s both were pronounced dead at the scene. We normally would not print this story until their son Charles could be notified, but he is not yet home, and the University of Wyoming could not locate him by the time we went to press this morning. The only other known relative could not be located. Lambert & Lambert Investments, Inc. has been notified." Jim… I was squeezing Charlie’s hand so tight that I was afraid I might have injured him. As I finished reading the article to him, I pulled him over to me and hugged him. He was in shock, pure shock. He was as white as a ghost, the fact that we were in Casper, (Oh God, not another Casper reference) didn’t even register on me. just an empty look in his deep blue eyes, the ones that were so alive just a few moments ago, and why was I the one, Lord why me. He looked better last night than he did now, now I know what happened. He had that terrible nightmare at almost exactly that time last night, and that’s what it was a horrible nightmare that came true. We sat in that Jeep for the better part of 2 hours, while I held Charlie in my arms, there were passers bye who looked at us, and I just pointed to the newspaper and they all understood. Thank God for that... Charlie… I finally spoke to Jim. I sobbed into his shoulder, "Why me love, why did they have to die? I loved them, you know, I loved them so much. Oh god why me, was it because of last night, god are you punishing me for that, are you, please answer me God." Jim… I held him tenderly. I rubbed his back and said "God doesn’t work that way, Charlie, he would never punish you like that, I know, I just know he wouldn’t do that, love. Please believe me!" I looked up at the roof of the jeep as if speaking, but not a word came out, I was thinking, Help me here, God please help me...I was stroking his back and rocking him in my arms. Please help him through this God. Charlie… "Jimmy, can we please, go to your house, tonight? Please, I don’t think I could stand to go out to the ranch right now. Please say yes, please." Jim… "Yes love! Of course, we can. Move over here and let me drive. I don’t think you should be driving anywhere for a few days. I’ll be your chauffeur, for as long as you need me." Charlie... "Thank you love, thank you so much. I am sure I’ll need you for the rest of my life." Jim… I got out of the Jeep and Charlie slid over into the shotgun seat, I opened the door and got in behind the steering wheel, I started the jeep and began to drive. I turned on to Cy Street, and then onto E 15th Street, and onto Casper Mountain Road. Charlie… I was just sitting there in a trance not knowing where I was, or what was going on around me, then the silence was broken. Jim… "Love, how are you feeling? Do you need anything special, before we get to my place?" I tried to help but I am not sure I was getting through to Charlie. I was thinking. I didn’t know what to do or what to say. This was all so new and scary to me. I could only remember one of my grandpas dieing and my having to go to his funeral, and that was a long time ago. What should I do? Oh god, what can I do? I guess I will just be there for him, just be there, and love him, I’ll let him know how much I love him, I kept telling myself as we drove. Charlie… I just whimpered, "Just help me, please help..." I trailed off into silence again. Jim… "I will love," then without thinking, I blurted out, "that damn blizzard, oh that god damn blizzard, it wrecked my car and killed your parents, that fucking blizzard." I thought I'm so god damn mad at that storm. Then Charlie screamed... "OH, my God! I just thought of this. I, fucking, thanked God for that blizzard! It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault! My parents would still be here if I had not thanked god for that fucking blizzard! Oh shit, it’s all my fault, it’s all my doing’s, oh please take this pain away, please." Jim… I pulled over to the side of the road. I stopped, reached over and pulled him to me, I hugged him, then I said. "Charlie, stop that right now! I mean it. Stop that right now! It Is NOT, your God damn fault, not a bit of it. So, please, stop accusing yourself. You did nothing wrong, nothing!" I was scared, I thought, was I to sharp, no not to sharp, he needed a shock, or did he? God help me. Please, please, don’t hate me, Charlie, was all I could think right then. Charlie… I didn’t say anything, I just sobbed into my hands. We started moving again was the only thing I noticed. We pulled into a nice looking well kept ranch type home. It was a single story place. Then I remember, Jim, opened my door, and pulled me out. The next thing I remember he was holding his hand out with a couple pills, and in the other hand a glass of water. He put the pills into my mouth and then put the glass to my lips, and I drank the cool water. He gently pushed me back onto the bed. As I looked around the room, I saw trophies and awards on the dresser, block letters hanging on the walls, and posters of ball players. I felt the bed shake a bit as Jim lay down next to me, pulling me closer to him. Jim… I whispered softly. "I Hope you’re feeling better, love, just remember I am here, right next to you." I thought, I don’t even know if he knew I was there or not, all I did know is he needed me and I needed him. Charlie… We must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I recall is opening my eyes and it was dark, really dark, no light at all, nothing. I reached for Jim, and he was there. Oh, god, I do love him so very much. Could it be true, that falling in love is what they say? Can it happen at first sight? Oh, yes, it can, I fell in love with him a long time ago, when I first laid eyes on him, in High School. Oh, I hope so; I need him, oh how I need him. I had to get up I needed the bathroom badly, so I shook Jim lightly. I said, "Sorry love, I need to use the bath room." Hmm, no response. I shook him again, nothing. I leaned over and brushed the hair off his face, I found his lips, then I kissed him, and he began to move I kissed again, and again. Then he must have opened his eyes, because I saw a twinkle of light off them. I tried speaking again, "Love, I need to use the bathroom," Jim… I opened my eyes and spoke, "Oh ok, let me get the light and show you the way." Charlie… I thanked him with a hug and a warm wet kiss. I said. "God I’m hungry. Do you think we can get some food?" I seem to be feeling better now, the shock, oh what a shock, no not shock, pure terror is what it was, yes pure unadulterated terror. Oh what now, what now? Oh shit, how will I cope with all this? The firm, the ranch, the whole God damned thing, oh shit it’s all mine now! Oh shit, what do I do? I burst out talking, not really knowing what I was saying. I just started jabbering." Jim, will you help me with my dad's, NO, my business. I’ll need so much help. I have no idea, what I should do." What do I say, and how do I say it? Do something now, I kept telling myself, "and please Jim, I need you in so many ways right now, please help me?" Jim… "Of course I'll help you, Charlie, of course!" I answered him. I thought to myself, Gees my mind is in a whirl, my life was changing right here, right now, right in that last sentence. My love needs me and, God, I want him, no, I need him, oh shit, I don’t care, we need each other, then I said, "Let’s just go get some dinner love." Charlie… I was happy that he said yes, then I said, "Ok, cowboy, I need some food and lovin’." My mind was clearing now. I started to think more rationally. I knew I had to call the sheriff’s office, and let them know, I was back in town, but that could wait until after dinner. Jim… I smiled broadly at Charlie when I realized he had started to think more like the wonderful person that I knew he was. "That’s my guy. I don’t ever want to see you like that again, please." I told him, with as big a smile as I could muster. Charlie… I just auto replied, "Like what?" I was still a bit puzzled, then I thought, you are and idiot you know what he meant, oh yes, I knew. We had dinner at the Corral a very nice restaurant. My folks and I had eaten there many times before, and apparently so had James’. After dinner and some small talk, we headed home. I had told Jim that I needed to get hold of the Sheriff, and find out what was going on. So, when we got back to his place, I called and talked to the Deputy on duty. I let him know where I was, and how he could reach me. He told me that Sheriff Johns would be in touch as soon as he could get free. Then I tried to think of whom else I should call, but there were only the people in Dads office, so I looked up Mike Farrell’s number and called him. He told me how sorry he was, and passed on his condolences, I told him to keep things rolling as if Dad was still here. Mike was Dad’s general manager, and I knew he could do it, or Dad wouldn’t have him in that job. If anything in Mom and Dad’s Will changed anything, I would let him know. Mike also told me that the company’s Attorney, Douglas McKenny was the Attorney that took care of Shaun’s personal legal things as well as the company’s. I told Mike that I had faith in him to keep things rolling, and that for now, nothing would change in the company, until I could get a better handle on things, and maybe until I finished school in the spring. Mike thanked me, and again, told me how sorry he was. He told me that if there was anything I needed him to do for me, anything at all, to help me, I should just let him know. He even told me, that if I needed a company car, or anything from the company, to yell and he would see to it that I had whatever I needed. Charlie... "Jim, love, I still have a few more calls to make, is it alright with you?" I knew it would be... Jim… "Of course you can, love, you didn’t need to ask that, and I am waiting for you too." I had a grin a mile wide at point. I thought, that lover of mine has snapped out of it. Thank god, or is he, he seems to be doing ok, god keep him strong, I looked up into his deep blue eyes, that seemed to have life in them again, just a sparkle, but life, none the less. Charlie... I looked up the Attorney’s phone number, and called, him. I got his answering service, I told the lady, who I was, and that I needed to speak with Douglas MCKenny. She said, "Oh my god, I am so sorry for you son. I’ll get Doug to call you back as quickly as I can." I gave her the number where I was. The phone rang. Jim answered the phone and said, "Now that’s fast, it’s your Attorney, He called back in less than 3 minutes." Charlie... But little did I know why. With a client that was worth now, over 890, plus or minus 50 million dollars, I would have been fast too. Doug told me that, after some other things, he needed to tell me. When he did, I just yelled out, "Oh my God, how much did you say!" I did not believe my ears, it’s not true, it can’t be that much. I could not even comprehend that much money, at the moment. I looked over at my cowboy, he looked shocked, but calm, like a pillar of strength. In my heart, I knew, things were going to work out for us. Doug then told me that I was the only beneficiary in the will, that was still living, and that I was inheriting my parents’ estate, and there are no other beneficiaries. Again, he passed on his condolences, and told me how shocked he was, and how sorry he was. I thanked him and told him that I would keep him on as the company attorney for as long as he kept doing the good work he had done, for my father. About the time I hung up the phone, it rang again, Jim answered it and said, "It’s for you.” Then he whispered, “I think it’s the Sheriff." Sheriff Johns told me how sorry he was and passed his condolences to me. He asked me if I would rather have him come here to talk in person, or if I was ok to talk on the phone. I told him the phone would be fine. I didn’t want anyone to come between my lover and me tonight. He explained all the gory details of the accident, which I could just imagine. He also told me that the only way that my folks could be identified was from their dental records, since they were both so badly burned, but, that the coroner was 100% sure it was they who were in the car. He then told me where the vehicle had been taken. I thanked him, and we hung up. I told Jim, "Love, that was the most gruesome story I have ever heard." I was crying again, and Jim came over to the couch, sat down beside me, and pulled me into a warm loving hug, saying. "I’m so sorry, love. I wish there were something I could do to make the pain go away, from the most beautiful man in the world." I whispered in his ear, "Do you think it would be wrong for us to make love tonight?" I wanted something to take my mind off the pain, and slow down the crap that was happening, too damn fast. I just wanted my lover next to me, now and forever, oh please now... He pulled me up, wrapped his big muscular arms around me, and kissed me, really kissed me. He headed me toward his bedroom again. He joined me in there, after he made the rounds, and turned off all the lights in the house.
  4. Tickie

    Chapter 1

    Chapter 1 Casper, Wyoming 1956, I was in High School, and I fell in love with James, we were both Juniors, of course, James didn't know that I had fallen in love with him, at the time. I was much to scared to even consider approaching him, or trying to tell him. What a beautiful boy, he was. James R Andersen was (yes, I even know his Birthday and where he was born. It helps having other friends, working in the school office). He was a real athlete. He was on the swim team, baseball team, and basketball team, so much so he was already being scouted by the University of Wyoming ’s Basketball, and Swimming Teams. He had every girl in the school after him, I would have given my life for just a smile from him, but I don't think he even noticed me. My family, oh yes, my family, my Dad, Shaun Allen Lambert, was the owner of an investment company, and had done very well for himself, and the family. Money was never a problem for me, my Mom, Mary, would give me anything I asked for, within reason. I always had nice clothes and I was an only child. Now, of course, you know, if I needed spending money, which of them I talked to. I don't think I let that get in the way of being thrifty, of course that's my opinion, my father wouldn't say that. He told me, "Charles, you should save your money, and invest it. Make your money work for you, not the other way around." Oh yes I am Charles James Lambert, blond hair, blue eyed, 6 foot tall high school boy. I was always Charles to my parents and other relatives. I was Chuck, to my close friends, which were very few, because I was scared, that my liking the male, more then the female, form; being gay, queer, or homo, was not acceptable in the middle of Wyoming in the 1950's. My Senior Year was not much different than my junior year. Both, James and I were graduating with honors. I did well in academics, and was going on to the University of Wyoming, studying Business Law, and James was given a scholarship for Basketball and Swimming, and from what I heard he was majoring in Business Administration. Of course, I still did not have the guts to approach him, I just knew what his answer would be, and I would rather go through life never knowing, than to get a rejection from him. God knows why I waited so long, all the lost years, but that's all water under the bridge so to speak. It was in our Senior year at the University of Wyoming ,or U of W, as it’s called, that something happened that well..... It’s hard to put into words. Oh hell just let me tell it like it was. At Christmas break, I was driving home from Laramie , and there was a car broke down on the Highway, out in the middle of NO WHERE, Wyoming , about half way between Laramie and Casper . No, not the friendly ghost, although there was enough white for his whole family and then some. The snow was falling, the wind was howling and it was so, so cold. I was having a terrible time just keeping my 4x4 on the road (My parents had seen fit to give me a new Jeep CJ6 with custom hard top for my High School graduation), I knew I had to stop and help out, you don't live in Wyoming, and not stop to help in a blizzard. It was the worst blizzard I had seen in many years.... I pulled up as close as I could, to the vehicle, and honked my horn to let the others know I was there. Someone opened the door of the stuck, vehicle and stepped out into the snow bank, holding a suitcase, stumbled and fell to the ground. I opened my door and stepped out to help the other driver, as I stepped around to the other side of the jeep I reached them, put out my hand, and they grabbed my hand, I pulled and they got up and I opened the passengers door of the jeep, and he tossed his suitcase into the back seat and got in, Closing the door in a hurry to keep the snow out. I still didn't know who he was. I was more worried about how there were, than concerned about who they were. Heading back to the drivers side, I opened the door and got in, turned to speak and, "OH MY GOD” ...the most beautiful man in the world was sitting there... inside my jeep looking at me...I was shocked, there was a lump in my throat, I was so scared... There he was, the hunk of a man, yes the hunk of a man, I could never approach, sitting there smiling at me. James spoke, "My name is James Andersen, Thank You, Thank you! It's so damn cold out there. I thought I would freeze to death tonight, I really did you know." I froze up, not from the cold, as I spit the words out at him, "No problem, help anyone stuck in “NO WHERE". God that sounded so dorky, and so stupid. what an idiot, I was embarrassing myself, so bad, I had a hard time thinking, let alone speaking, was it from the cold, or was it that he was sitting there next to me in my jeep, next to me... next to me... this is the closest we have ever been in our lives. I thought to myself thank you God, Thank you. He spoke again, "Could you turn up the heater a bit.” He was freezing... I could see it in his face. He was dressed warm but he looked to be wet, his clothes were soaking, the water dripping off them. And the heater was already on high heat. I looked at him and said, "James you need to get out of those wet clothes... you'll be warmer without them on.” James looked at me and asked? "Aren’t you Charles Lambert?" Oh MY GOD he knew my name! How did he know? I was never one to be seen and wasn’t popular in school. U of W was very large and we never, well almost never saw each other around the campus. "Yes," I replied, still astonished at how he knew my name. He sensed this as he spoke, "Well I remember you from High School, you graduated with honors, didn't you?" “Yes," Geeze stupid say more then yes...you do have a brain don't you...but it’s all I could muster... James put out his hand in a gesture to shake mine. "Well please to meet you," His hand shaking from the cold, was he nervous... maybe both... who knows? "Pleased to me you too James!" reaching for his hand, I was shaking so bad, I was sure he would notice, but he took hold and squeezed with a man size squeeze...tight and strong. But I did not remember the words spoken, just the electric shock that traveled into my hand, up my arm, into my heart. I have no words, to say how I felt, but did he have the same feeling or was it just wishful thinking, playing tricks on me? Of course we'd never been this close before. James was shivering as he sat there next to me. "I think you are right Charles, I'll shed some of these clothes they are really wet. I was out of the car a long time trying to dig it out of the snow so I could get back on the road, but that was hopeless you know." Oh my, I didn’t think he would do that, not in front of me, but who was I, just another kid, no young man, no some sort of ... who knows what ...stop it, stop it a little voice told me... He started to shed the clothes and I just stared at him, what a hunk he was. First, off came the parka, then the jacket, then his soaking shoes and socks. He was still soaked to the skin, and freezing still. I just blurted out, "take off the rest," scared to death he would, wanting him to but scared he would think I was oh well you know... Oh why did I tell him that, I knew that he wouldn’t, but, he did it! I was shocked! He took off his shirt and tee shirt, then his trousers. There he sat in just his jockeys. God he was beautiful, blond hair, deep blue eyes, and a beautiful face, still wet; with just a light trace of hair down his chest, between two of the most beautiful quarter sized amber nipples, down to a cute inny belly button. Then the pleasure trail vanished under the waist band of his jockeys. My eyes moved down those long legs, powerful legs, to his feet, not big feet, not little either, just the right size, for him. Oh, baby bear, eat your heart out! For being a basketball player, he was not too tall; 6 foot 4 inches. He just sat there, still shaking like a leaf in the wind. "You look like you are still freezing, James?" “I am" he replied, asking if that heater would get any hotter? I said, "Sorry that’s as hot as it gets, but let’s get a move on, so we can get to Rock River . I think that’s the closest town. There’s a motel there, I know of, and we can get a room or two, if that's ok with you?" Still shivering he replied, "One room is fine with me, I’m used to sharing rooms. You do know I play for the U of W’s Basketball Team, don’t you?" “One room will be fine for the night. Oh yes I know, I hear you play very well too!" God what a dork I am, that’s the best I can say to this hunk. I was excited for some reason, I knew the reason, but my mind kept saying; this is just a normal guy, not a gay one...stupid, stupid, don't go there not now! It took only about 45 minutes to get to Rock River , I pulled into the small motel and told James, "You just wait here and stay warm until I get back." With a laugh James winked at me, "Ok Charles, I don't plan on getting out of the jeep dressed like this. Again my heart pounded, God could this really be happening, the love of my life was smiling at me. I had to stop thinking like this. Nothing was going to happen. I had to quit thinking like an idiot. I had no reason to think he would ever do that... but I could dream couldn’t I. ? I went into the office and rang the bell. "Hello"! Came from somewhere within the bowels of the little motel. "Do you have a room that a couple of stranded college kids could get for the night?" “Stranded." he said. "Yes, my friend's car is stuck about 20 miles south of here, on the west side of the road, deep in the bar pit." The gentleman told me that in the morning, the tow truck might be able to go out and get the car for James. Then he told me that it would be $25 plus tax, for the night for a double room. I told him I would take it; signing the register and getting the key. I went back to the jeep and we headed for the room. James asked me before I got out of the Jeep, "Can you open the door for me so I can just run in; I’m not planning on getting dressed here." "Oh okay," I said happily. I hopped out, went to the door fumbled with the key and after a few moments of fumbling, I opened it for James. He ran from the Jeep, into the room in a flash. I grabbed his suitcase from the back seat, then I grabbed mine, I lugged them both into the room. Then I went back out and retrieved James’ wet clothes; brought them into the room and hung them up to dry. James came over to me, as I turned around. He took me in a huge bear hug, and squeezed the hell out of me. "Thanks so much for saving my life. I owe you big time, my friend. I really do thank you!" I was trying to get my jacket off as he hugged me, so he stopped until I was free of it. Then he came at me again and hugged me. Only this time he planted a big kiss on my lips. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD, what just happened? My mind was a blur, I felt faint, my heart was racing. Time seemed to stand still; not knowing what to do, but knowing in my heart what I wanted to do, namely, take him right here and now! On the other hand, my rational mind was screaming; was he trying to seduce me or was it just a friendly kiss of thanks? Whatever it was I enjoyed it so much, that my manhood was standing tall right then and there...I want to say your welcome or something, but the words would not come... James said, "I hope you don't mind, I have been secretly admiring you, for years, never having the nerve to speak to you, I was always afraid you’d be a snob, oh shit that came out wrong! Sorry oh so sorry Charles, I just don't know why I didn't. I guess I was afraid of being outted by the rich kid, oh yes the cute kid. Oh Charles, I even envied you; you were always so handsome, your clothes were so neat, you looked, oh yes, looked like you just stepped out of a HOLLYWOOD movie set." James… I thought, God is this going to come out right... here is the guy that just saved my life and here I am trying to get him in bed... God he is going to just walk out and never look back... Charles… I shouted back, "Me! Mind! Never!" James… I looked at him. I was a little puzzled. I said, "Oh, I am so sorry, I shouldn't have done that Charles, Oh my! I didn't mean it like that.” Again, I thought to myself, Your lying, your lying to your self...stop it now, and say what you mean or you will lose any chance you have, take the gamble, my mind kept saying.. Charles… All I could say was "Shhh! don't be sorry, I have wanted to kiss you for a long time, James!" I was now staring at the huge erection in his jockeys that was trying very hard (no pun intended) to get out.... He looked down at his manhood. Then he looked at me, and smiled broadly. James… "Well if this is what kissing you does, then I meant it like that." Charles… I was so moved by that remark, I started taking off my shoes then socks, saying nothing ... James came up and started unbuttoning my shirt, whispering in my ear, "would you like to shower with me?" I just continued to undress, my mind was in a frenzy, with thoughts of where this was going, as he watched me, my manhood grew harder than I could imagine, I have to admit, I was never this hard before.. Here stood the love of my life, and he wanted to take a shower with me. Thoughts ran through my head; why did you wait so long? you are so stupid, not stupid, stupid, not stupid....stop fighting this you idiot, let it happen if it's gonna... I said, "Oh yes, I have been wanting to do that all my life, or at least ever since I first saw you in High School." I was still uneasy with him, not knowing or understanding what was going on. Just hoping he wanted the same...could he really want the same; no it couldn't be? James with the look of love in his eyes spoke, "Charles I want you, I have wanted you for so long, too long, oh too, too long." “James, please, oh please, are you sure?" I paused for a moment, then I smiled and said, "Just call me Charlie, please. Charles is so formal and proper." I was in my boxers and he in his jockeys... I looked at him standing there, in the middle of the room, his manhood so, so hard. I knew where this was going...or was it?... of course it was, I thought. Just then he grabbed my hand and a bolt of lighting shot into me, up my arm and into my chest, my heart raced, and my stomach filled with butterflies, and my hardness was about ready to explode. He pulled me into himself, and began tightly hugging me, with both arms around me and then he kissed me hard and wild, his tongue was pressing into my mouth and I was trying just as hard to get mine into his, like to eels fighting for a cave to play in. We ground our hips together, our cocks danced with each other’s. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of his jockeys, pulled them down over his strong muscled thighs, down his long silky legs, until they were in a heap on the floor... All without us even parting our lips, our tongues were still dancing together, then, he pushed me back. I said, "No, no don't stop now, please don't ever stop James." James spoke with passion in his voice, "Call me Jim pleaseeee, Charlie." “Oh yes". I said in a groan, "Oh Jim, don't stop now. Jim, panting now, said, "Oh! God, how I have wanted to do this for so long, and what a waist, what a waist...I don't want this to end, ever." “Me too," I said...with another groan. He pulled my boxers off and pulled me into the shower. His skin was still cold, but he was oh so hot, too hot, no not too hot, too horny, no not too horny, oh shit, it feels oh so good.....we were grinding our cocks together and stroking each other's backs, the water was washing all the freezing cold out of his skin, and the passion of the moment was also adding to the heat. I said, "Can we make love all night? I never want tonight to end." A deeper kiss was his answer, saying in a whisper "Oh yes my love," "No, it couldn't be, it's to fast." tailing off saying in a whisper, "no one can fall in love that fast" Or can they, no, yes, oh yes, oh yes you can, I am in love with him, so why not him with me? He said with a gasp of breath into my ear, "oh yes you can!" as he began to take deeper, and deeper breaths, then he let out with a loud, "Oh Charlie I love you, god we have waaaaaaaaaited for tooooo many years for this to happen... I felt wave after wave of muscles twitching, as he shot load after load on to my stomach, gasping, as his leg started shaking. I yelled, no whispered, not talk, just yelled, "Oh Jimmmmm I’m coming ohhhhhhhhhh shiiiiit." I shot my load onto his chest. We just held each other for what seemed liked hours, in the hot shower. Thank goodness, it was a motel, or we would have been standing in ice cold water by then. Jim said, "Charlie, I love you, oh how I love you, why, why did we wait, so long." We were still shaking, coming down from the height of our passion, I said, "I don't know, too scared of rejection, or worse, being outed, who knows, but Jim, truthfully I have loved you from the first day I saw you." We stepped out of the shower, each grabbed a towel. We took turns drying each other's bodies. We kissed, and kissed, with more kisses and more kisses...then Jim walked over to one of the two beds and pulled back the covers, "Come here Charlie my love, I want you next to me tonight and forever, yes Charlie, tonight and forever!" Not saying a word, I walked over to the bed and held out my arms, with the biggest smile I ever had on my face, I looked into his deep dark blue eyes and said, "Jim, my love, I'll never leave you. I have waited too long for this night." Jim pulled me into bed and we cuddled up. The heat of our bodies, oh yes, the heat was intense. I was on my side and he was facing my back, legs to legs, chest to back, his cock rested between my cheeks, his head lay on my shoulder. Jim whispered, "Want to make love again?" “Oh yes", I said, "but not now, I just want to lie here with you, be with you, in your arms. Just hold me, please, oh hold me close and pinch me, oh, oh this has to be a dream, it can't be real, no it can't be real." “Charlie! It's real, my love, it's so real! I will hold you for as long as you like my love. We have forever if you want it.” “Jim! If, I WANT? Oh God, how badly, I want, how could I not want you, after wanting you for so long, for ever so long now." God Thank you, Thank you for this blizzard tonight. ******** The blizzard that night was statewide or at least the central part of Wyoming , and there were others on the road, others getting stuck, and waiting for help. Yes, Charlie's parents were out in this storm as well, trying to get back to the ranch. That's where Charlie was born and raised, that was home, and where he was heading that Christmas break, when he saw the stranded car that held his beloved Jim. It was dark and the snow was howling north of Casper . On the highways, were snowplows, doing their jobs, keeping the roads passable. If anyone has been in a blizzard, in a real down to brass tacks blizzard, you will know that you loose sight of the road, you loose sight of even headlights, there are times when you have no idea where the hell you are. It’s just white, pure white, and nothing you do will change what's out in the snow. Antelope, Cows, Horses, Elk, you name it, anything can be on the road, even snow plows, doing there jobs. Charlie's parents, both of them, were in Casper shopping, now headed home, Shaun was trying so hard to see what was ahead, he should have pulled over, but he was determined to get home, back to the ranch. In a flash, out of the snow, there was a cow, a huge cow, right in middle of the road. He hit the brakes, which did nothing on the snow covered road, and the car started to spin out of control, then he yelled, “MARY, Oh god, hold on love!” ...and then there was the sound of metal crunching, bending, glass breaking, and then, silence, dead solid silence, no light, no sound, nothing, then there was a golden orange flickering of light, then nothing again. As the snowplow rounded the curve what the driver saw was a huge ball of flames, in the middle of the road. He picked up his radio and called for the Highway Patrol. He told them to hurry, that he was afraid there were deaths at the scene of this accident. Poor, Poor, Charlie, he would forever curse the day that he had thanked God for that Blizzard!
  5. Tickie

    A Second Chance

    This is a story of love between two men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you.
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  8. I love this Author, he is one of the best I have seen. Can't wait for the next chapter(S)
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