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  1. I’m greedy. I just want more!
  2. I am excited for the new storyline. I have missed the characters.
  3. vami

    Chapter 47

    I was wondering how the assistant coach knew to be in the closet. Is Zach another Robbie?
  4. vami

    Chapter 37

    OMG! Just got real is an understatement. I feel like I need to strap in because its about to be a bumpy ride. Poor JJ. The way this chapter is written you feel the emotions of the characters who are speaking but you can also imagine the feelings of the others in the room. Wow. I will be on pins and needles until the next chapter is posted.
  5. vami

    Chapter 27

    Its been quite a ride. Thanks for the journey.
  6. vami

    Chapter 7

    OMG! Wow! So much non-eatting activity at dinner. I cannot wait til chapter 8.
  7. Personally I prefer the quality of the stories. I also have not heard any authors complaining about there work being stolen on this site. What i have heard is that the new change to posting was difficult after the switch and many of my favorite authors have either not reposted their works or posted anything new. I hope you move here because I miss you writing and after 10x of reading the same stories even I need new content.
  8. vami

    Chapter 35

    Thank you Mark! I confess I like this CAP better than the Bridgemont series. Your posting has been excellent on this target. You captured the emotion of each character perfectly. I am also curious about where the Jeff and Wade hookup is going to go. I feel for Brad. Change is hard but he needs to get this.
  9. Is it just me? It seems like it is harder and harder to wait for updates, harder to slow down and savor each word and even harder to make yourself accept that once again the end of a well written chapter has come. Bravo Mark.
  10. I was not prepared for two deaths. I spent this chapter with my mouth hanging open. Nice job Mark. Your writing was extremely vivid.
  11. I just got announcement for chapters 55-57. I used the link but nothing is there. Is this a glitch?
  12. I got an email about chapter 53 being up but the link is not working.
  13. You are the man Mark. You hit every emotional button and then left me in shock with a cliffhanger. Now I am counting the days until the next post.
  14. I am not nearly as elegant a writer as Adam or Mark but I am a fan. I started reading this series during Man in Motion. I liked it so much that read Be Rad a and then started from he beginning . I hated losing Jeff but I think it added authenticity to the tale . Many lost relatives to heroin just like cocaine/crack took out people in the late 80's and 90's. What happened to the black family characters that worked for JP's family? I think the son was a radical? Anyway here is my two cents : )
  15. Great observations. My comment is that am glad Brandon is going to roast. I am sick of Robbie. He screwed up. Face it and deal with it.
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