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  1. What a strange year it was to live through. I really enjoyed my early 30's and I had gone into 34 thinking it was going to more of the same. Same place of work, same places I went to on the days I had off, and pretty much the only difference in my life would be what movies where coming out when, or what community and regional theater shows I'd watch when I got the chance. (Last show I saw was a Delaware Children's Theater production of Newsies in January 2020. Quite fun.) There were things I always liked doing throughout the year- barhopping on Halloween, battling people at the mall on Black F
  2. Chapter 7 -When Will recounts his fling with Connie that's left him physically exhausted. "Work It" by Missy Elliot -When Connie drives Will around. "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" by Jet -When Connie recounts the saga of his stalkermance. "Cry Me A River" by Justin Timberlake -When Will goes surfing. "Get Free" by The Vines
  3. methodwriter85

    Chapter 6

    In January 2004, I was either at school or at winter track practice/meets. Will, you lucky dog who gets to chill in Australia where it's summer.
  4. Chapter 6 -When Will checks out a different club. "Rhythm Takes Control" by 666 -When Will catches eyes with Connie at the club. "This Feeling" by Kid Q -When Will realizes he's been dosed with Special K, and Connie rescues him. "Satisfaction" by Benny Benassi & the Biz -When Will and Connie go for Round 3 at the end of the chapter. "Baby Boy" by Beyonce ft. Sean Paul
  5. I haven't done this in awhile, but here are the ages of some of the Cap characters as of January 17, 2004: JP: 68 Stefan: 58 Brad: 41 Jake: I believe he's mid-30's. Mark? Claire: 39 Matt: 23 Wade: 23 Alex, John Carullo, Tony: 23-ish MaryEllen: 22? Darius: Turning 22 on January 19th. Ella: 20 Zach: 18 JJ: 18 Marie: 17 Will: 17 John Hobart: 16 Riley and Maddie: 3 Robbie II: 10 months Anyway, 2004 was a pretty interesting year. Election years tend to be.
  6. Yeah, 17. Only three and a half years have passed in Cap World since Poor Man's Son. Not that I've ever complained to Mark about this. *walks away innocently*
  7. methodwriter85

    Chapter 5

    Playing hard to get seems to be the surefire strategy to get Will into you. LOL.
  8. Chapter 5 -When Will dances with a cute jock at the club. "Slow" by Kylie Minogue
  9. Chapter 4 -When Will travels into Australia. "Come into My World" by Kylie Minogue -When Will has a "hell, they're here and I might as well enjoy myself" hookup in his hotel room. "Get Busy" by Sean Paul
  10. Chapter 2 -When Will takes part in the ceremony to say goodbye to Kai"s father. "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas
  11. Chapter 1 -When Will travels into Hawaii. "Somewhere over the Rainbow" by Israel -When Will ruminates over his life changes after graduating a semester early. And also ruminates over Zach. "Landslide" by The Chicks
  12. Prologue -When the gang celebrates Brad and Jake's wedding. "Hey, Ya" by Outcast -When Will ruminates over his relationship with Zach. "Blue Eyes" by Elton John
  13. Nigel should have kids that are within the right age range, right?
  14. There's a trending YouTube video that parodies 1917 against the 2020 backdrop of Los Angeles. I wish Blue was still here. He would have loved this.
  15. methodwriter85

    Chapter 8

    So glad you started writing again! Really interested to see where this is going.
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