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  1. I guess Carullo makes it number 5 for JJ. Aww. He's so chaste for this series. Lol.
  2. 1.) That's a good point but I also think John rebuffed him and Stefan didn't press it. 2.) Agreed. Even if it's slowed down by the medication a nearly 18-year old generally has an enviable metabolism Wait til he hits his late 20's. 3.) He's probably getting overpaid so he's staying because of that. 4.) I'm not sure that Carullo did- he's been a friend with benefits with various lead characters since 1998 but he hasn't been an A-level pet with anyone until JJ. Just tell yourself that if he did get one, Carullo sold it when he moved to New York City. 5.) Since Will is going to Harvard, I'm actually rooting for Will to fall in love with a male version of Jenny from Love Story, aka a self-righteous scholarship case with a caustic wit who successfully plays hard to get.
  3. Epilogue 4 -When JJ and Carullo have their moment in bed. "Your Body is A Wonderland" by John Mayer This song was everywhere in 2002-2003, and you know what? That was fine by me.
  4. I mean, Will DOES tend to befriend the people he beds. He doesn't just pump and dump for the most part. I'm guessing he views Chris as the "pump and dump" type.
  5. He's incredibly cute, but in a way that makes you think he's a total sleaze, which seems to be what Mark is going for with Chris.
  6. God, is Will ever going to date an openly gay guy? He's always attracted to closet cases. LOL. It'll be interesting to see if he continues that pattern when he goes to Harvard.
  7. Eh, Jacob Elordi looks plausibly like he can play a wide variety of sports. Well, not jockey, of course. He also looks too tall for wrestling. He would've had made a fantastic crew guy, I think.
  8. Jacob Elordi does have that swimmer's bod look. (David's a swimmer like Lee, right?)
  9. My David Marcosi pick wearing Calvin Klein! Anyway, Chip should be an interesting addition.
  10. I think Will sees Chris as the kind who just uses people for sex and then immediately throws them away while Will sees himself as a guy who uses sex to express friendship with people and have fun. Will clearly sees himself as the better, more considerate hop in the sack. It'd be like Kevin from Fraternity Memoirs vs. Adam in Crosscurrents. They're both wolf's, but Adam tends to cultivate a genuine friendship with the people he beds while Kevin is clearly just using people.
  11. I like Richard Madden's latest boy toy Froy Gutierrez as Chris, Will's somewhat identical cousin. Damn, he's cute.
  12. I just walked right into that one, didn't I?
  13. We also have to remember that JJ is not quite 18. Will is an outlier. Most teenagers can't see anything but themselves. I don't think I even began to edge out of my own self-absorption until about age 25. Lol.
  14. This made me a bit sad though because I realized that Sebastian Stan is too old for Richard. I wanted them to get together in my slashfiction fantasies!
  15. JJ absolutely flipping out about his weight was hilarious. He's probably just gaining muscle. I'm guessing Brad's aunt lived in the Main Line area? God, Villanova is sooooo beautiful. She sounds fun. I'm going to picture Sally Field.
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