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  1. Epilogue 10. -When Jake proposes to Brad. "Just One Look" by Linda Ronstadt.
  2. Epilogue 8 - When JJ and Carullo close out this chapter by deciding to be okay with each other's weirdness.
  3. Eh, for JJ anything short of utter public humiliation is a W for him.
  4. I liked the contrast here with the earlier scene (it's either this story or The Streak) where JJ awkwardly tries to give away money to strangers on a plane and winds up offending them. This gesture works because he actually knows the people and how to do it so they don't feel like a charity case. Yay for character growth. As for Carullo, I really like how they're navigating this friendship that almost verges into coupledom, but they can't really go all in because neither of them are at the place in their lives where they can.
  5. Chip? I picture Chip 5'9"-ish, really cute, and fratty. I can also see Austin North as Ben the Barista, but that's another story.
  6. True. He'll be content living off his trust fund. Perhaps maybe buying some rental properties. I think trust fund kids call that mailbox money. I do think it's funny that this generation doesn't seem all that ambitious. Brad even noted as such when he realized that Will was happy with his investment in Josh's club despite not making much money because it was making people happy. No one seems to have Stefan and Brad's cutthroat business sense. It makes sense though- JP's generation was the seed money, Stefan, Brad, and Robbie turned it into the billionaire dynasty, and the current young adults can just do whatever.
  7. He's also still in high school.
  8. JJ finally accomplished a family rite of passage- improving the real estate holdings of a friend. I did think it was funny JJ was annoyed at the joke about how he seemed too young to buy a house- I picture him as the kind of guy who will pass for Hollywood 16 even when he's 28. You just know having a babyface annoys the shit out of him. Not that he wants to look old, but looking like a kid probably annoys him. Especially when Will is supposed to look about 25.
  9. I guess Carullo makes it number 5 for JJ. Aww. He's so chaste for this series. Lol.
  10. 1.) That's a good point but I also think John rebuffed him and Stefan didn't press it. 2.) Agreed. Even if it's slowed down by the medication a nearly 18-year old generally has an enviable metabolism Wait til he hits his late 20's. 3.) He's probably getting overpaid so he's staying because of that. 4.) I'm not sure that Carullo did- he's been a friend with benefits with various lead characters since 1998 but he hasn't been an A-level pet with anyone until JJ. Just tell yourself that if he did get one, Carullo sold it when he moved to New York City. 5.) Since Will is going to Harvard, I'm actually rooting for Will to fall in love with a male version of Jenny from Love Story, aka a self-righteous scholarship case with a caustic wit who successfully plays hard to get.
  11. Epilogue 4 -When JJ and Carullo have their moment in bed. "Your Body is A Wonderland" by John Mayer This song was everywhere in 2002-2003, and you know what? That was fine by me.
  12. I mean, Will DOES tend to befriend the people he beds. He doesn't just pump and dump for the most part. I'm guessing he views Chris as the "pump and dump" type.
  13. He's incredibly cute, but in a way that makes you think he's a total sleaze, which seems to be what Mark is going for with Chris.
  14. God, is Will ever going to date an openly gay guy? He's always attracted to closet cases. LOL. It'll be interesting to see if he continues that pattern when he goes to Harvard.
  15. Eh, Jacob Elordi looks plausibly like he can play a wide variety of sports. Well, not jockey, of course. He also looks too tall for wrestling. He would've had made a fantastic crew guy, I think.
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