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  1. methodwriter85

    Chapter 9

    I really don't want to be presumptuous about your background but there is so much you have nailed about growing up in a chaotic, troubled household and the way it effects you trying to survive it. You are always waiting for the other shoe to drop and for people to let you down because your parents never came through for you. Kevin essentially setting up this romantic visit with Becker as a goodbye makes so much sense within the context of a guy who does not expect people to stick around. It also makes sense that he feels so deeply for Becker but Becker never really realized it because Kevin is
  2. Private Tim isn't a CAP character, but director Christopher Landon (yes, of THAT Landon parentage) is how I pictured him. Can't you just see this guy doing preppy sports at a preppy academy in The OC during the 90's and then growing up to become a handsome lawyer who fosters gay teenagers? Landon also comes from a conservative (for California) family. My alternative Private Tim picks are Chad Allen or Ricky Schroder.
  3. Chapter 13 -When Stefan watches his grandson engage in a threeway. Because of course he would. "Milkshake" by Kelis -When Connie and Will set down to a romantic dinner. "Lady Lady Lady" by Joe Eposito -When Connie and Will acknowledge that their fling is coming to an end. "Angel of the Morning" by Merilee Rush I somehow managed to rep three different decades in these recs. Nice.
  4. Chapter 12 -When Will and Connie get on the yacht and enjoy the sights. "Superstar" by Jamelia -When Will and Connie watch the sunset on the yacht. "The Name of the Game" by Abba -When Will and Connie go snorkeling. "Island in the Sun" by Weezer -When Will meets up with Stefan and JP, getting to introduce him to his new Australian friends. "Tu Es Foutu" by In-Grid
  5. Yeah, we're at a point in the story now where 80's music has officially become nostalgic and "cool" again, while 70's and before are "classic." Meanwhile I'm avoiding 90's music. It's not yet cool again. LOL. But yeah, if you think about it, Will's kind of a male Bette Davis- magnetic, strong-willed, and direct. Kind of like a hurricane but in a good way.
  6. Chapter 11 -When Will and Connie engage in some sexual release after the snake plot is revealed. "Bette Davis Eyes" by Kim Carnes I somehow never used this one until now. LOL. All these years. Not even during Be Rad or Man In Motion. -When Will and Tom get high and scope out the area and hang out. "Touch of Grey" by the Grateful Dead -When Will and Tom kiss each other. "Sweet Jane" by the Cowboy Junkies
  7. Chapter 10 -When Will analyzes his relationship with Zach, and decides that he's really, really, really over him this time. He promises. "I Am the Highway" by Audioslave -When Will and Connie fly over the sacred Australian landmark Uluru. "Land Down Under" by Men at Work -When Will and Connie walk around the sacred Australian landmark Uluru. "Sprit of Uluru: Australian Aboriginal Music"
  8. I am shocked I am still only 35. After this year I feel like I should be at least 51.

  9. I'm listening to the audiobook of Mommy Dearest. Christina Crawford did the reading. Her singsong voice is killing me! LOL.

  10. methodwriter85

    Chapter 9

    I think in real life I'd probably admire him from afar but never actually approach him. I'd be weirded out being around someone from a family who made the du Ponts look like nothing. The only person from this generation who seems like they'd be into business is Matt Carrswold, but Matt has always struck me as someone that was raised to be that corporate CEO type from birth. Maybe Marie Hobart because I like the idea of her becoming a Girl Boss type and developing like a popular app or something when smart phones rise. She's from exactly the right area to get involved with that type of
  11. Chapter 9 -Conflict resolution with Strider. "Beat It" by Michael Jackson I am so glad I can feel okay about using 80's tunes again. They're officially old enough in this story's timeline that you're being retro. Man, I miss 80's themed school dances and bar nights.
  12. methodwriter85

    Chapter 8

    There's a sleaziness to the world of the 2000's that I think you're capturing well. We weren't as sleazy as the 1970's, but it was still up there. People were aggressively apolitical and everything pop culture-wise was about casual sex and having fun. You could see it by the movies, the clothes, the music. When I was 18, I remember lamenting that people cared more about IPods than what was going on in Iraq. LOL. It's such a contrast to these days where everybody is offended by everything, and everyone wants to be woke, and media has to have some deep meaning to it and can't just be fun,
  13. Chapter 8 -When Will meets Connie's friends. Basically, imagine frat people, but Australian. "Dirrty" by Christina Aguilera I never thought I'd say this, but I miss the sleaziness of the 2000's. -When it snows. "Rock DJ" by Robbie Williams -When Will makes someone his bitch, but not in the fun way. (Yet?) "Move Bitch" by Ludacris
  14. So I'm just going to come out and say that Mark Arbour informed his writing team that he has contracted Covid19. Before you guys panic, just know that he says he's fine, but very tired and updates to the stories may slow down again. Here's hoping Mark feels better soon! *Please remember to refrain from making any political remarks. Thank you.
  15. What a strange year it was to live through. I really enjoyed my early 30's and I had gone into 34 thinking it was going to more of the same. Same place of work, same places I went to on the days I had off, and pretty much the only difference in my life would be what movies where coming out when, or what community and regional theater shows I'd watch when I got the chance. (Last show I saw was a Delaware Children's Theater production of Newsies in January 2020. Quite fun.) There were things I always liked doing throughout the year- barhopping on Halloween, battling people at the mall on Black F
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