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  1. Happy Birthday!  I hope your day was exceptional and that you had a chance to laugh!

  2. Hello methodwriter85. Mark and his Forum was/is our main connection. So it has been awhile. It is because of you that I found Adam Phillips which in turn lead me to 'It Started  With Brian', thank you.

    I want to wish you a Happy 33rd Birthday, have a really great day.












    Take care



  4. methodwriter85

    An Update On My Life....

    I talked to him a little bit back...he's okay, just busy.
  5. methodwriter85

    California Culture: Circa 2000

    Your boys are having another good season, while my boys are crashing and burning. Since it looks like an Eagles Super Bowl return is out of the question and the Ravens aren't looking that much better, I'm also going to root for the Rams. Again, Sean McVay is pretty hot. The Rams had an extended period of being pretty shitty, so it's awesome that they're starting 10-1 this year. Seriously, that's awesome.
  6. I would have told 24-year old me not to waste money on a master's degree in history, but honestly, even though it didn't lead a professional career, I feel like grad school shaped me into a better person. I didn't have to be slacker party boy when I went to IUP as opposed to my UD years, and there were a lot of things I feel like I "righted" about myself when I was a grad student. If I could further back though, I'd tell my 18-year old self to just go to community college, get my grades up, and transfer into a 4-year college after instead of just going to a mediocre college before getting into UD. I also probably shouldn't have hung out at so many frat parties but honestly, those memories bring a smile to my face. (Even though they didn't lead to illicit sex with straight frat boys like Nifty Archive told me they would. LOL.)
  7. methodwriter85

    "Star Wars" 40 years later

    Rogue One was actually really good. I think my biggest problem with Episode 8 is that instead of further developing Poe, Rey, and Finn as a team, the movie split them all up and we don't see them together until the end. Also...*Superman theme*....I mean, really? I didn't think either 7 or 8 were THAT bad, though.
  8. methodwriter85

    It Started With Brian

    I knew Dan electronically, and he really was a beautiful person. I was a very confused and struggling guy in my early 20's who was dealing with a lot of demons when I knew Dan. He'd give me a lot of words of encouragement, even as he was grappling with his own terminal illness. It's weird to think that this point I'm almost the same age Dan was when he died. He was 33/34 and just seemed like a font of wisdom. Of course, he had to be, living the life he did. It sucks he only really got to be truly happy for the last year or two of his life, but it's great that he did and he truly appreciated it. Adam put a lot of himself into Andy Sharpe, and one thing that I appreciated the portrayal is that he doesn't try to "prettify" the character. In his discussion groups (which he eventually stepped away from for good), Adam has been pretty honest about what his flaws are while acknowledging the immense amount of privilege he has in his life- being good-looking, being white, being athletic, being from an affluent area, etc etc. He's a perfectionist that demands a lot from himself, and sometimes that can be a pretty bad thing. "Tortured genius" comes to mind a little bit, because Adam/Andy always has his mind working and figuring out problems he needs to solve, even if they weren't really problems to begin with. That's really stressful and makes it really hard for Adam to just sit back and appreciate how good his life is, even though he recognizes that it is a very good and blessed life. Adam is always going to feel driven to do more and succeed more, and he's very hard on himself when he doesn't. Point being is that while he does have a great life with plenty of advantages, Andy Sharp is not a life you want to live in if you're expecting perfect happiness. No one's life is perfect, even if it looks that way. (Believe me, it took me a loooonnnnggggg time to realize that. I had own my resentment/envy issues to deal with over the course of e-knowing Adam for 11 years.)
  9. methodwriter85

    Sophomore Year - Chapter 11

    Aww. I think our military kitten is smitten. Also, I'm kinda shocked that Becker isn't short. 5'10" is a pretty good height. The scene earlier where Kevin picks Becker up and swings him side to side suggested he was more than 4 inches shorter. I guess Kevin really is just that strong.
  10. methodwriter85

    Chapter 4

    Hey, love your story, but I think you made a mistake with the dates here- you have a date saying that September 2004 is the start of Kevin's junior year, but it shouldn't be. He's class of 2005. (If we go with the idea that he's a year ahead of Becker, who is '06.) His junior year would have started at late August/early September 2003. I'm also the class of 2005 and junior year is pretty vivid for me.
  11. methodwriter85

    Faces for Mark's Stories

    I'm watching American Horror Story right now, and that reminded me of relative acting newcomer Cody Fern. Max Granger (paired up with Paster Tim) was described as looking like Andrew McCarthy with blond hair, and I think this comes pretty damn close. Cody reminds me so much of Andrew, just with a more distinctive eye shape. (His real hair color also reminds me a lot of Andrew's hair- they even curl similarly when grown out.)
  12. methodwriter85


    Here's a weird thought- Wade's son Riley and Jeanine's daughter Madison would be turning 18. Probably in college or senior year of high school. Weird. I kind of always rooted for them to become a couple. Ace's daughter Courtney would have already turned 23 a week or so ago. A lot of September birthdays in this series.

    Seriously though, how fucking cute is Noah Centineo?

  14. Noah Centineo. Cute. Very cute.

  15. methodwriter85

    Chapter 3

    Holy shit, are we supposed to infer that Kevin's Dad beat the shit out of his mother? THAT I was not expecting. He's had such a saintly characterization thus far. I did like the subtle bit about how boys are only supposed to give Valentine's to girls. As for the current stuff, I had to laugh at Duncan's reaction to Kevin being 9 in 1996. I really think your early 30's are when age really starts to creep up on you. I mean, most college kids now would have been born somewhere in the second half of the 90's. Weird as shit but I kind of like being an oldie now. I was annoying as hell at 21. I did have to laugh at Kevin playing home wrecker, although to be honest it doesn't seem like much of a home to begin with.

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