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  1. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 7

    You mentioned this...about past relationships...and I've spent the last half hour ruminating on how true that is! Thank you for those kind and encouraging words! My editors have trained me so well that I find reading the news to be incredibly annoying...not just for the content, but for the grammatical errors.
  2. Happy New Year Mark!    And thanks for all your stories! 

    1. chris191070


      Happy New Year 

  3. February 8, 1801 Pavlovsk Palace St. Petersburg, Russia Granger lay in the Empress’s bed, flat on his back drenched in sweat, while the Empress lay next to him on her side with her head propped up. She smiled at Granger in what was almost a leer and stroked his pectoral muscles gently with her fingers. She was physically attractive, but Granger was having a hard time finding her attractive as a person. To her, this was just a fun physical rendezvous, something Granger was quite familiar with, but he had expected a bit more depth from the Tsarina. “You have turned out to b
  4. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 7

    January 21, 2004 Four Seasons Hotel Sydney, Australia Will “Is this everything, Mr. Schluter?” the bellman asked politely. “That’s everything,” I said. “I’ll keep my backpack with me.” “Certainly, sir,” he said. He shuffled the cart out of the room while I took a few minutes to appreciate this beautiful room. I’d spent the past two days with Connie and it had been sheer bliss, other than the various pains in my body. Hanging out with him took some endurance. Connie tended to top about three-fourths of the time we fucked, but I was used to that, so at leas
  5. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 6

    The age of consent in New South Wales is 16.
  6. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 41

    I'm most comfortable in flip-flops too, but I attribute that to growing up in California. 🙂 You're right about Russian ship construction using pine, although with the way warships were constructed (with multiple layers of wood) the splintering probably had less of an effect than you think.
  7. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 6

    January 17, 2004 Oxford Street Sydney, Australia Will I walked up to the club, a different one than last night, but this one was just as crowded. I’d spent the afternoon with David, touring around Sydney and having a decent time. It would have been better if I hadn’t spent most of my outing imagining how much more fun it would have been if I’d roamed around with Connie instead. David and I met up with the same group of guys I’d met the night before and went to a few bars with them, but I’d gotten kind of tired of their company and decided to go dancing. Just like the
  8. February 7, 1801 Stroganov Palace St. Petersburg, Russia Granger sat in the anteroom with Pavel, enjoying a glass of wine. He’d had a very pleasant morning, which had started with sex with Pavel, followed by an excellent breakfast, and then a detailed tour of this palace. Granger was duly impressed by the edifice, which had obviously been crafted to display the incredible wealth and taste of the Stroganov family. “If you do not mind, I will excuse myself to attend to business,” Pavel said. “That is fine,” Granger said, as he stood up and took Pavel’s hands in h
  9. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 5

    Good points, although it's hard to blame any guy (young or old) for pursuing someone he's into, and for being a little aggressive as he does it.
  10. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 5

    I actually read an interesting article (which of course I can't find now) stating that most athletes who have come out have been warmly received by their teammates, and in fact, their male teammates were more accepting of their gayness than society as a whole. That raises some interesting questions, such was why, then, there's so much fear about coming out?
  11. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 5

    January 16, 2004 Oxford Street Sydney, Australia Will The cab pulled up to the club and I paused to pay the driver and tip him well, even though he hadn’t been all that friendly after I told him where I wanted to go. Guess homophobia was a thing here in Australia too. Chris had been right about this place, because there was a line of guys waiting to get in. I chuckled to myself when I noticed that Chris had hurried here only to get in line, and he was standing about four guys back from the front. I strolled up to him and gave him a hug, which annoyed him, but I
  12. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 4

    January 14, 2004 Kahului, Maui Will “I’ll take your bags,” Kai said glumly, in a way that was incredibly unattractive. “Thanks,” I said. He took my suitcase and garment bag and shuffled off toward the garage in what seemed like a walking pout. “I think he is going to miss you,” Kiki said to me with a smile. “I’ll miss him too,” I lied. “You’re all set up now. You need anything else?” I hadn’t realized that hiring her to focus on getting this project done was a pretty big deal. I didn’t know that we had a human resources department for our staff, even th
  13. February 6, 1801 St. Michael’s Castle St. Petersburg, Russia Granger stood in one of the galleries he’d walked through on his way to call on the Tsar as he mingled for the first time with the apex of Russian society. Daventry was off in a different room, no doubt either trying to find someone to bed or trying to advance his plan, but fortunately Stroganov was close at hand. A woman who looked to be about forty years of age moved gracefully yet purposefully toward Granger, and as other courtiers parted in front of her, he deduced she was a woman of some importance. She was
  14. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 3

    January 8, 2004 Kahului, Maui Will She sighed, much as Kai and I had, as soon as she was in the Toyota. “When this is all over, then I will have time to cry.” “You’ll have lots of time to cry,” I said sadly, remembering how I’d felt. “Cry all you want, that won’t bring him back.” “He’s in a better place now,” she said, and mumbled a silent prayer. I could see why religion was so intoxicating, especially at times like these, because that meant you didn’t really have to say goodbye. We drove on in silence for a bit. “I saw you talking to Malo.” “That was
  15. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 2

    January 7, 2004 Kahului, Maui Will I yawned, and that caused me to look at my watch. It was 10:00pm, and only now was the crowd starting to thin out. Both Kai and his mom looked exhausted, and people finally seemed to get that. What started out as a trickle of people leaving soon turned into a torrent. I stayed out of the way as people took forever to fucking say goodbye. I was so glad that my brothers and I had gotten over that habit a long time ago. “Hey,” Kai said, as he ambled up to me. “My aunts are here from Honolulu. My mom was thinking maybe they could stay h
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