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  1. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 13

    I made myself laugh with that one...one of those times it was funny to me but probably no one else.
  2. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 13

    January 27, 2004 Hayman Island, Australia Will “That rocked!” I said enthusiastically as I hopped off the Jet Ski. Someone from the resort was there to take them from us, letting me, Connie, and Tom simply walk up the beach to our room. While the hotel was nice, it was the top-notch service that made this place incredible. “Thank you so much!” Tom said. “You’re welcome,” I said. He had such an easygoing nature when he wasn’t working. When he was working, he was still easygoing but he was also stressed, making sure things were done right. “W
  3. March 23, 1801 St. Michael’s Castle St. Petersburg, Russia The only nice thing about residing in the Tsar’s palace was Granger’s room, which was large and ornate. It even had an anteroom which proved to be the perfect place for Jacobs and Winkler to lodge. Granger got up and strolled over to windows, where he could see Stroganov Palace in the distance. He stared longingly at that place where he’d found happiness. He refocused his attention back on the interior of his room. It looked like the kind of space that was reserved for visiting dignitaries with one glarin
  4. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 12

    January 25, 2004 Hayman Island, Australia Will I heard footsteps, and that prompted me to push Tom away. He looked alarmed and a little offended by my abrupt gesture of rejection until he heard the voices to go with the footsteps. We started walking, and when a couple walked by us, we tried not to look sheepish. “I’m really sorry about that. That was really unprofessional,” he began to gush as soon as they were out of earshot. “I thought it was really nice,” I said. He grinned back at me. “You know, even if you did work for me, you don’t have to fuck me.
  5. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 46

    Sadly, I cannot afford to quit my day job and write. 🙁 I honestly haven’t thought through who came up with the forgery, but your hypothesis and analysis are intriguing. Well done!
  6. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 46

    Thanks everyone, for your kind words and feedback. I was pretty happy with the way this one turned out, and I'm glad you are too.
  7. I wondered where you'd slot in "Down Under". That was a good choice. Bette Davis Eyes...that was unexpected but awesome
  8. Sadly GA eliminated their ebook section. I have them, but I have not found a place to post them.
  9. March 18, 1801 Stroganov Palace St. Petersburg, Russia Granger and Daventry sat around the dinner table as usual, only the mood was not as pleasant as it normally was. The Stroganovs were as polite as ever, but there was an underlying tension in the air. Granger began to wonder if their hosts would evict them from this palace, or if they were just concerned. “I am fearful there is to be some action taken against you,” Alexei said quietly after the servants had left them alone. “What makes you think that?” Daventry asked. “I heard that the Tsar
  10. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 11

    Dammit! Maybe next year.
  11. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 11

    Oh you’ll be busy.
  12. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 11

    Happy Birthday!
  13. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 11

    January 24, 2004 Uluru, Australia Will “Who did you talk to about this?” I demanded. Tom pulled out his phone and looked at his call log. “This guy,” he said, and gave me the guy’s name and number. “Alright. Now go back in there and if they ask, tell them everything’s fine,” I instructed Tom. “Tell them I just had a call to make.” “Alright,” he said, a bit disappointed that I’d taken over the situation, but this was a big deal, and there’s no way I was going to delegate it. The first person I called was Cecil. “Good evening,” he said i
  14. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 45

    You did, and you were. Thanks. 💕
  15. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 45

    Will he?
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