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  1. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 26

    I think you meant gaol, not goal.
  2. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 8

    Damn. Missed that one. Thanks for pointing it out!
  3. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 63

    I would have joined them. 😈
  4. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 24

    It remains to be seen if his sons end up like Bertie. 😀
  5. May 19, 1801 Off Reval, Estonia Granger and Daventry sat in the stern of the Admiral’s barge, ignoring the stares from the oarsmen as they propelled the vessel toward the St. George. Tasked with commanding the barge was a senior midshipman, Colin Fitzgerald, whose Irish looks matched his name. He must have been 19 years old, and his red hair was unmistakable, even in the dim light of the lanterns. “Mr. Fitzgerald, after you unload our baggage, I will want you to ret
  6. May 18, 1801 The Peterhof Palace St. Petersburg, Russia Granger strolled next to the Grand Canal of the Peterhof Palace, reveling in the sunny skies and refreshingly brisk spring weather, a far cry from the frigidness he’d experienced in the Russian winter. He felt the Countess von Lieven’s hand gently holding his arm as he led her toward a small pavilion with a bench, which they sat on. He gazed first toward the palace, which was built in a style which seemed similar
  7. Hey everyone, Sorry that I haven't been posting for a bit. I'm fine, but I'm just slammed at work and at home, and that's meant that writing has taken a backseat. I'm hoping to do better over the holidays.
  8. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 23

    February 10, 2004 The Marquee New York, NY Will I collapsed into the back seat of the Maybach, wondering how I was going to manage to make it from the car to the hotel room. I was that seriously fucked up. I’d spent the last half hour trying to avoid Giacomo, who wanted to take me back to his room. Even as messed up as I was, I so wasn’t into him. I suddenly remembered that he was staying at the Bryant too, so hopefully I’d make it back there in time to get th
  9. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 55

    My bad. Fat fingers on an iPhone
  10. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 22

    February 9, 2004 Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY Will We walked out of the restaurant laughing, which was surprising considering the intense conversation we’d just had. “This is so convenient,” Johnny said as he hopped into the Maybach. “Especially when it’s cold.” “No shit,” I said. “Where to, Mr. Schluter?” the driver asked. I didn’t want to end my time with Johnny, because he was fun and cute, and because by reliving our mutual traumas we’d bonded.
  11. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 6

    I actually didn’t go to Stanford.
  12. Mark Arbour

    Chapter 21

    For most of us, that would be true, but I don’t think Will cares If people know about that….not that he’d broadcast it.
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