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  1. I wake up from my nap and see that it's 6:30 pm. I rub my eyes, stretch, and change into a beater and basketball shorts. I head downstairs hoping that mom was preparing dinner because I was starving. As I head downstairs toward the kitchen I'm immediately slapped in the face with the scent of fried chicken. Hell yeah!!! She's making my favorite meal!!! My mom can throw down in the kitchen. It kinda makes me not wanna go away to college because I will miss her cooking so much. I walk in the kitchen and my mom is bent over taking out the cornbread. This woman is too much with all that butt. Glad to know that I didn’t all my genes from her. She looks over at me smiles, and motions for me to come towards her. “Hey, Donna. How was your first day of school?” She straight kisses me on the forehead. Ugh, I hated when she called me Donna. It makes me feel like a preschooler. “It was alright. Same as usual.” She stops and looks at me for a moment. Seemingly just staring at me as if putting two and two together “Every year I ask you this same question and you always give me that same answer. Why is that?" As I grab the plates to set up the table I took notice that gram’s initials on the side of it. “I mean, that's what it is every year. The same first day of school issues. Nothing really changes.” Also double checking the napkins dispenser, hot sauce bottle, and placing our glasses. “Ok honey, if you say so. Oh, your friend JaQuan came by today and asked for you, but I told him you were upstairs sleeping.” As soon as she mentions his name, I roll my eyes and my mood suddenly changes. Why is this nigga coming by my house? I guess he doesn't understand the fact that I'm through with him. My mom picked on my attitude instantly.“Baby, I know he hurt you, but you can't hold that against him forever. Things happen for a reason. You need to learn how to forgive. It's not good to hold a grudge.” This woman knows me so well it’s scary sometimes. My mom was right, but I really wasn't trying to hear that. That nigga hurt me so bad, and I'm still mad at him for what he did to me. “I guess you're right mom. I will try speaking with him tomorrow.” I wasn't ready to forgive him just yet. “That atta boy, now go get your sister and get her washed up. Dinner will be ready in a few.” Little did she know that JaQuan wouldn’t receive anything from me so long as I breathe. I kiss my mom on the cheek and get my little sister for dinner. I walk in her room, and her eyes are glued to the TV set. Spongebob was her favorite tv show. “Crissy, what are you watching?” “I'm watching Spongebob.” One thing about my little sister Cristina is to never bother while she was watching tv. She gets into her own little zone and will have a little diva attitude if you bother her. “Oh really? Well, let's go downstairs and get something to eat.” She turned to me with a shimmer in her eye “Dinner time?” Grinning back at the look on her “Yeah big head, dinner time.” I love this little lady. “Yaaaay!!!” She shouts hopping off the bed and runs out the room and as I watched her zoom toward the dining room, I just shake my head and laugh. For a 5-year-old, she has a lot of energy and is pretty smart for her age. She will be starting kindergarten next week. I make my way to the kitchen and prepare to eat the meal my mom prepared for us. Our family is small. I have my little sister Cristina, and my older brother Anthony who is currently attending Florida State University. Paul left my mom when I was younger, so she's been raising us ever since. She’s been the bedrock of this family. My siblings have the same dad, however, I had a different one. I’m told I look like my father with my ginger hair. Even, that I have his eyes. I never pushed my mother into revealing who he was or bring him into my life. It seemed he wasn’t interested in us. After finishing my meal, put my plate in the dishwater and head back upstairs to my room. My phone vibrates and it's a text message from JaQuan. I want to ignore it, but I'm curious to see what he has to say. Adonis, I'm sorry for hurting you. Just give me a chance to explain what happened. You can't avoid me forever. I roll my eyes at the message. How dare he ask for another chance when I gave him plenty of chances before. He fucked up and now he's gotta deal with it. I open the text message again and decide to respond. The number you are trying to reach is out of service. Please try again later. That should give him a hint. I laugh and put my phone on the nightstand. It vibrates again. I grab my phone and of course, this hot mess gave a speedy response. Oh it's like that now? It surely is I thought to myself. Quan the Heartbreaker: Oh so u can't respond? I surely can’t. Now, if only you could get that I can go about the rest of my evening in peace. Quan the Heartbreaker: It's cool, you'll come around eventually. I know you miss me lil nigga I look at the last message he sent. I do miss him a little bit, but I'm not sure if I wanna give him another chance. As I'm about to put my phone back on the nightstand, I get a text from Mya. Hey sus, wassup? I had replied with the screenshots messages that JaQuan sent me not to long ago. And I continued by adding. Laying here and watching JaQuan blow up my phone Kamya: Omg, are you serious? Adonis: Hell yeah, that boy just doesn't know when to quit. Kamya: Adonis, I don't know why you acting like that. You know good and damn well you still have feelings for him. It would explain why you haven’t blocked him, honey. Okay, she may have a point. There was a time that I would have let all this get swept under the rug. When I was forgiving and rarely held or any grudge with Quan, however, the kindness and sympathetic nature I once show is just embers from that bright flame from long ago. After a small sigh, I responded with I want to, but I just can't for some reason. He did me wrong, so many times and I'm through giving him chances. He was way past 3 strikes. Kamya: So do you wanna get back with him? I rolled over in bed readjusting my position getting comfortable again. I didn’t even hesitate with dropping the dead emoji. That’s a not even possible. I gotta prepare not only myself but the team for the big bang of our final year of high school. Adonis: Hell no. I'll walk in a field of glass before I take him back Kamya: Damn Don, it's like that? Well since you feel that way, can I have him? I couldn’t help but crack a smile. This girl right here is a fool. I think I should send the tidal wave emoji for good measure. I soon after that she sent me several emoji supporting the signs that she’s a freak and has a wild side. Adonis: Kamya you a mess. I'm not supporting this!! What about your boo Demetri? Kamya: Ohhh Don, don't get me started. You know I have it bad for him Adonis: Have you even talked to him yet? Mya had sent an audio message this time so I plug-in my earpods then, mashed play “Yeah, in my mind I did. We talked about everything under the sun. We're about to start dating soon, but he doesn't know it yet.” I busted out laughing as she was simultaneously doing the same on the recording. My girl a fool and I love it. The audio soon ended and I had wiped the tear from my eye. Adonis: Bitch, you a hot mess.com. I can't deal with you Kamya: Adonis, you know you loooove me. I laugh at Mya and we continue to talk on the phone for a few hours. We eventually decide to hang up the phone and talk to each other tomorrow. My alarm clock blares at 7 am the next morning. For some reason, it seems like it was louder than it was yesterday. I hit the snooze button, sit up and stretch. I walk to the bathroom to prepare for a shower and continue my morning routine. I get dressed and head out the door to pick Mya up. After waiting 10 minutes, I was gonna pull off. As soon as I put the car in drive, here comes Kamya strutting out the house doing a princess wave. I swear this girl is a too much. She steps in the car and she sees that I'm staring at her. “Boy, what the hell are you staring at?” She eyed me back with disgust I know she knows what I’m talking about. That was just strange. “Yo fool ass!!! What the hell was that all about??” Her face brights up “Oh you talking about my wave?? Honey, the queen has to prepare her entrance for her subjects.” with that smile just plastered on her face as if she believed it herself. I did wish for extraordinary friends so I’m not complaining. I did, however, give Mya a hot serving of the "bitch please" look. This motherfucker right here. Ugh!! She makes me so sick it’s coffin worthy some days. “Whateva boy. You're such a hater!!!” She shouted displaying a pouty face I laugh at her and continue driving to school. Almost immediately after arriving we step out the car and go our separate ways. I'm on my way to my homeroom class and when I spot Jaz stepping in the classroom just before I come up on the water fountain. I walk in the class and lock eyes with Jaz. I smile at him and take a seat next to Zek. He gives me a head nod and I give him one back. He looked me then at Jaz and back to me “Yo, wassup with ole boy?” He curiosity soon grew as I couldn’t get Zek to change the subject or distances myself from Zek’s assault “Who-” “You know who, that chocolate bar over there with the dreads.” He had cut me off seeing through my plans on stalling him. As soon as he mentions Jaz, I start grinning. Zek calls him over. Jaz looks over at us and sits near us. As Jaz sits down, he flashes that smile at me. Zek introduces himself and Jaz greets everyone. “So are you new here bruh? I've never seen you before.” Zek always skips homeroom, so he missed the ‘getting to know you session’ yesterday. “Yeah, I just moved here from New York a couple of months ago.” “Oh, that's wassup.” Jaz and Zek continue their conversation and I notice Jaz keeps giving me these looks. Not mean mugging, but that "boy I wanna fuck you right now" kinda look. “You guy’s school is a lot bigger than mine was. I was completely lost yesterday.” “Adonis knows the campus pretty well. Maybe he can be of assistance?” He looks at me and I couldn’t figure out what to do but I could feel my face heating up “Yeah, I could use a tour guide. You wouldn’t mind, right?” Jaz smiled at me with that alluring look on his face and my words soon became lost for a moment. Despite my nerves being a train wreck I pulled myself back together “Y...Y-Yeah, um, I'll be happy to show you around.” I could definitely feel myself blushing. Zek looks at me and laughs to himself. This is my nightmare and one flaw that I can’t control nor hide. Stuttering. It’s my clear giveaway that I'm crushing on someone. And obviously, Ezekiel sees this as pure entertainment. “Cool, Adonis. I'll meet you after class and you can show me around.” I turn away from Jaz to get control of the situation. I’m not going to let that slip out again hopefully. I shall not let the stutters win this one. “Uhh sure, t-t-that's cool. Real cool. Yeah, cool.” However, it was too late. I clearly lost that one and probably going to be like this for a while. Zek continues laughing and I put my head down in embarrassment. Mr. Frazier eventually walks in class and starts handing out forms about the clubs and activities in school. As he's still talking I notice Jaz wink at me. Damn, he is so fine. The bell rings and Jaz waits for me to leave the classroom. He stood there smirking at me “Let's do this thing tour guide.” I immediately get nervous and prepare to show my future husband around.
  2. Sereval different routes the story can take huh? I'm sure that the one I have in mind will great.
  3. An annoying ringing in my ears continuously. I roll over putting the pillow over my head. To no avail, I open my eyes and look over at my alarm clock, and see that it's 7 am. I hit the snooze button and fall back to sleep. Not even 5 minutes later the volcanic eruption happened. "ADONIS DARNELL RICHARDSON, GET THAT ASS UP AND GET READY FOR SCHOOL!!!" My mother shouted. "Aight ma!! I'm up!!" I replied rolling over the other side of the bed. I drifted back to sleep not long after that. I'm a lover to my bed. Leaving it is impossible for me to do sometimes. This time instead of being reasonable my mom burst in like 5-0 ready for some hell raising. "That means now little boy!!!" She stated with a roar. Slamming the door shut with the intent to break it in half. Damn, I hate when she does that. I feel like I'm in the army with the way she wakes me up sometimes. I get out of bed, rub my eyes, and prepare to get in the shower. I let the water get really hot before I step inside. I strip down and let the hot water relax me. I better not spend too much time here before Sergeant Slaughter comes beating down my door. I turn the shower off and prepare my usual morning routine. I take a look in the mirror and just admire myself. Standing at 5 feet 9 inches, smooth light skin complexion, jade green eyes, low ginger colored fade, swimmers build, and cakes for days!!! I'm not a pretty boy, I just think I'm average. I finished getting dressed and I get a call from my best friend Kamya. "Hey, bestie boo-boo!!!" Kamya said with her usual goofy excitement. I respond back with the same energy "Hey sis, wassup?" "OMG Adonis, I'm just so excited today. Can you believe it's already our senior year??" She inquired. "I know right!! I'm happy it's finally here!!" I exclaimed with glee. "Anyways, are you still picking me up?" She asked fearing the school bus system. "But of course, I'm getting ready now," I was searching through my closet picking out shirts. "Aight bitch, don't take forever and a week to pick me up. Ain't nobody got time to be waiting on you." She states with a pitch sass. "Ooop, don't do me hoe. Keep talking and yo ass will be walking!! It takes time to get all this fineness ready." I replied. "Boy. Boo. Bye!" She snapped back hanging up the phone with the quickness. I could do nothing but shake my head and laugh. Damn, I love that girl. Kamya and I have been friends since elementary school. She knows and understands me so much that it ain't even funny. She was also the first person that I came out to. I've played the DL role for years. I was tired of living a double life and didn't care what others thought about me. I've been openly gay ever since. I look through my closet to see what I'm gonna wear. I've done a lot of shopping this summer, so I refuse to look tacky. I eventually put on a red graphic shirt, a pair of cargo shorts, my brand new Jordan's, and a red and black snapback. After spraying my Dolce and Gabbana cologne on, I grab my phone, keys, backpack and head out the door. I put my backpack in the back seat of my 2010 Honda Civic. I start the car and let Mya know I was on my way over. I arrive at her mother's house and blow my horn, pretty sure I woke up the whole neighborhood. She steps out the house looking fly as ever. Standing at 5 feet 5 inches, slightly fair skin, rocking the jet black finger waves, electric blue eyes, and a body out of this world. If I was straight, I would hit lol. Her personality is much like mine. As she opens the car door she pulls me into the biggest most dramatic hug ever. "Bestfriend I've missed you so much!!!" Mya said overly excited. "Damn girl I missed you too," I uttered beneath her smothering me. "You look cute, who are you trying to impress?" She questioned with curiosity eyeing my fit. "Chile, please. Ain't nobody at that school check-in for me." I nervously chuckled a little bit. Kamya looked at me blankly for a moment. It was kind of weird but, suddenly, she punched me dead in the back of my head. It was kind of surprising. "WHAT THE F-" "Adonis stop downing yourself! Your really attractive, charming, kind-hearted, intelligent, and you have the prettiest eyes in the world. Any guy would be lucky to have you." Kamya states confidently all while looking into my eyes. I break eye contact and just shrugged my shoulders. She wasn't lying, I am an attractive guy but sometimes I don't see it. I can be a little insecure because I only got to experience love only time, but that ended when me and my love JaQuan broke up sophomore year. I've been single ever since. "I guess you're right," I replied rubbing my the back of my head. Eventually, we pull up to Cross High School and search for a parking spot. Perusal, on the first day of school everyone is here early, blasting music, dancing, socializing, reuniting, and having a good time before the first bell rings. We find a spot and get out the car. As soon as we get out the car, we are bombarded by lots of people. Kamya and I basically ran Cross High. With me being the captain of the step team, editor of the school newspaper, head of the pep squad committee, and class president. Mya was captain of the cheer squad, best-dressed female, Vice President of our class, and elected Ms. Cross High School. After making our way through the crowd, the first bell rings and everyone heads inside the school. Getting through the doors is a tragedy for some but we made it through with no problem. Signs of a good start. I immediately went to my locker being that it's been the same every year and one of my favorite spots. "Who do you have for homeroom?" I asked her opening my locker. From the look on her face, it was one of the more annoying and maybe the shady types. I'm guessing between Ms. Washington the dry one or that evil Mr. Monroe who gives homework throughout the whole year. "I got Ms. Washington." She replied with a little pouty face. "I got Mr. Frazier child" I announced with a pure smile on my face. Her face said it all and she processed to ask me "You wanna switch??" "Nah, I'm good. I need some eye candy anyway." I grinned shutting my locker. "Ugh, you suck!! I'm going to class. I'll see you at lunch." She said with the glum expression. "Aight later hun." I give her a small hug and head for my homeroom class. Room 2120 was Mr. Frazier's classroom. I head in the classroom and survey the area for an empty seat. The teacher hasn't arrived yet so everyone is a bit rowdy right now. Mr. Frazier eventually walks in the class and everyone settles down. Mr. Frazier hands everyone the basic school forms and asks everyone to introduce them self. I tune him out and look around the class. Eventually, my eyes fall on this guy I've never seen before. He looks back at me and I instantly put my head down in embarrassment. As another student sits down he goes up to introduce himself. "I'm Ja'Quez, I'm from New York-" He definitely was in his laidback stance and comfortable. After I hear his name, I tune him out and just gaze at him. He was about 6'0, a nice Hershey skin tone, gray eyes, muscular build, twisted dreads with burgundy tips, and a deep voice. He was the true definition of beauty and I was instantly attracted to him. As he's wrapping up his introduction, he looks my way again and smiles. Here I am turning redder than a white boy with a bad sunburn. Luckily, the bell rings and everyone rushes out the door. I follow suit while looking at my schedule and head to my next class is English 4. As I sit down I look over at the door and the guy from homeroom, Jaz, I think was what he said his name is casually made his way to the seat right behind me. Once again I stare at him, he smiles at me and I immediately put my head down in embarrassment. As the teacher, Ms.Richards explains the course syllabus, she tells everyone to get to take notes. Who the hell gives out class work on the first day?? Ugh!!! I grab my backpack for my notebook and pen when Jaz taps me on my shoulder. "Aye bruh you got an extra pen?" He asked. And of course, typical me spaces out over this dude. It's almost as if I can see the shit in the third person honestly and I look a mess. I promise you this may seem bad but there are things worse than an eye problem. "YOOO bruh!!!" He called out waving his hand slightly as he's attempting to get my attention. Lord, let me have the brain cells not to fuck this up and say something incredibly stupid. Please, please, please. "Yeah, here you go," I barely uttered. "Yo, good look bruh. A nigga ain't come prepared." He spoke and was gaging my face from his eye moment. "Uhh, no problem man," I turn around and continue taking the notes Ms. Richards asked us to take. She eventually goes over the class rules, supplies and projects approaching. Just as I'm about to tune her out the bell rings, and I couldn't be happier. I jet out the classroom and go to my next class, however, as I'm walking I see my ex Boyfriend and immediately I get heated. He calls my name but I ignore him. I really don't have the time or patience to deal with his shit today. The rest of the day was pretty much the same, teachers handing out forms, rules, and blah blah blah. I realize that Jaz is in the majority of my classes. I made sure I sat far away because, for some reason, I just can't contain myself when I look in those eyes of his. I head to the cafeteria and meet up with Kamya. She is sitting at the table with a few other cheerleaders I know, along with David and Zek from the step team. I sit down greeting everyone and join in the conversation. I guess you could say that this was my clique. We're always around each other in school and we end up sitting together at lunch. "So what you got planned for the team this year captain?" David questioned grinning. Zek followed up with some excitement "When does practice start, cause I'm ready to get back in competition mode." "I'm gonna start practice next week so everyone can get adjusted to everything. Hopefully, we'll have another successful year." I elaborated continuing to enjoy my chicken sandwich. "I hope you guys do being Y'all were undefeated last year." Mya chimed in sipping on Pepsi. "Yeah we were...we will take the state title again this year." Zek declaring proudly after finishing off this whole plate of food. "I just wanna hit the after parties like last year. The girls last year were-" David began ranting. I tune them out and let them boast about their experiences with girls while we had competitions. I didn't really wanna hear about that. I look around the cafeteria and notice Jaz sitting near the basketball players. I guess he makes friends quick. The bell rings and I head to my last class of the day which was PE. I really don't understand why I needed this class since I already took it. I sit on the sidelines and notice Jaz playing a basketball game with a few other guys. He runs down the court, his body covered in sweat, looking sexy as ever in his basketball shorts and Jordan's. I even notice the bulge in his shorts, and by the looks of it, he's packing a something a bit serious. He fakes up his opponent, goes around and shoots the ball. The ball goes in the net flawlessly. He looks back at me and flashes that million dollar smile at me. I smile back at him and continue watching them play. A few minutes go by and the bell rings. School is finally over. I head out of the gym and I am approached by JaQuan. I try to walk past him but he blocks my way. "What do you want from me JaQuan?" I asked in a blunt fashion "Damn why you gotta be like that Adonis? Why won't you talk to me?" He queried taking my hands into his I snatched my hands back "I don't have anything to say to you anymore bruh." I stated He smirks a bit "Well, would it kill you to at least say hi to me?" I rolled my eyes "Hi, now move out my way." I brush past him and rush out the door to the car. As he continuously shouting out for me I just repeat to myself that there is absolutely nothing to said. I refuse to deal with him on any level after all he's done. I don't know why he doesn't seem to get that. "Don!!! Don!!!" He called out looking to see if I turn back. I really didn't wanna see JaQuan at all. Even though he was my first love, he just has too much baggage and I really didn't wanna deal with him anymore. My phone vibrates in my pocket and I see I have a text from Mya basically saying I don't have to wait up. Breathing a sigh of relief because I just wanted to go straight home and go to sleep after a long day. I arrive at my house and head to the kitchen for a snack. I grab a fruit roll up and head to my room. I go upstairs to my room, drop my backpack on the floor and plop straight down on the bed. I turn on my tv and I think about Jaz and that smile. Damn, I got it bad for him and I barely know the guy. I get lost in my thoughts and eventually fall asleep. ___________________
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