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  1. Tonyw94

    Chapter 25

    While very true, I think we also need to note that anything is possible and things can change. For instance, I have a feeling that Cyn won’t always be a Six Point Buck. There was a major emphasis on his antlers when they were originally brought up and I think that with his comfort with the park only growing and being mated, maybe a premature statement right now but I’ll stick with it, to the park enforcer his Buck might have that needed motivation to be a stronger projector than when he just had thoughts of mating a stronger buck. All speculation though
  2. Tonyw94

    Chapter 25

    Well I’m gonna need a minute to process that second half. Really wasn’t expecting that darkness lol. But you’ve done an amazing thing by flushing out Eike as the villain he is. Up until this point he could have just been a Lycan traditionalist who was pissed about things changing and messing up the food chain/hierarchy he’s accustomed to. But now, you’ve given him character. He’s charming and charismatic, and while he may seem a bit arrogant, this is just his introduction, who knows what’s going on in that conniving brain of his, especially if he knows he’s got nothing to lose. Well done on ye
  3. Tonyw94

    Chapter 24

    Well that was a slap to my theories lol I thought they were in the same world setting. Must have missed that if it was explained. Either way, still super excited
  4. Tonyw94

    Chapter 24

    I’m wondering as well if it’s him being around the pack, sheamus’ new status and the very obvious mate bond forming between the two. Those that read or are reading The In the Shadows books get the glimpse of True Mate bonds, while this might not be the same, something magically beyond the norm is happening here haha. I’m also interested to see what Cernunos mating traditions are. We know what Wolves and Bears matings involve, but we’ve yet to see any of the non predator Shifters and their traditions beyond what’s been said/thought by Cyn. Another great chapter. Can’t wait for more
  5. Yet another amazing chapter for one of my favorite series. I’m loving getting the different aspects of the story from all the characters from the budding relationship of Kaplan and Cyrus which is truly beautiful to see, or Dave and Stacey taking a steps in theirs. That statement just gets my brain going about how that transfer of information will go. Is Dave going to get to calmly bring her into the fold? Or is something going to force that conversation to be had earlier than anticipated? Either way I’m eagerly, and not at all calmly, waiting for the next chapter.
  6. You’re the reason I hate finding new stories to read haha. Get caught up and then it’s constant checking for updates. Love this series as well as your others. Keep it up
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