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  1. Folks...y'all...I'm just the worst. My ADHD has caught up to me. My world is crumbling around me as I know it. I am having two completely devastating crises at the same time, and I'm stuggle-bussing at the moment. I blame one on myself, and the other on Noah. So...I'm blaming Noah...for the loss of essential information that I, supposedly learned in elementary school. I couldn't tell if I was just having one of my blonde moments, or if I have legitimately lost some of my memory, but I lost a crucial bit of geographical information somewhere along the way. And as per usual, if I can
  2. We've been through a lot, but we always find the humor in it later. That's why we decided to create this little journal, so everyone could share our experiences. Even the small things can make us cackle. Like how you'll be grocery shopping, and you're trying to pass someone on an aisle...and they're turning around in an attempt to go back the way they came from. They turn their cart to the right, but always keep their head to the left. They're not even watching where they're going. I always found it infuriating, but since it happens so often, I just find it one of life's hilarious quirks.
  3. astone2292

    Chapter 1

    Glad you love it so far! I'm thinking this is going to be a darker version of LitS, but the relationship building will be much more drawn out.
  4. astone2292

    Chapter 1

    I am laughing maniacly at my own plots and plans! Guess you gotta wait, bud.
  5. astone2292

    Chapter 1

    Glad ya liked it! Buz! I would give you the, "Where have you been?" speech again, but I know you're a busy guy. Now, then. I really hate to break it to ya, Buz, but I'm not diving into the whole relationship scenes just yet. And...I would do two of the same type of story back to back, now would I? Not spoilin' but don't get your hopes up too high on any Fated Alpha Mateage.
  6. astone2292

    Oh, Jeez!

    @Patch1@Story Reader It's up! Have at it, y'all!!!
  7. astone2292

    Chapter 1

    The woods were quiet, and the moon lit their way down their path. A herd of white-tailed deer crunched their small hooves over the snow covered ground as their head buck led the way. Their goal was slightly unclear, but they nobly followed their leader regardless. As they paced themselves in the mid-morning sun, the deer kept their eyes open and their senses heightened. There was no sign of danger, but there was no such thing as being too careful. Consisting of seven adult bucks and four does, they traveled in a tightly knit circle. Should they run into trouble, they can break free, allo
  8. astone2292


    Follow the harrowing story of Cyn, a breed of shapeshifter known as a Cernunnos: a deer shapeshifter. Commonly hunted by human hunters, as well as other animal predators throughout the world, Cyn has lived his life in constant fear. But when he finally confronts his death, he is given a second chance. But is this chance worth the distress and paranoia that follows? Join Cyn as he embarks on a journey. A journey, where this Cernunnos learns to live...among predatory lycan shifters!
  9. astone2292

    Oh, Jeez!

    Well, ya better get ready! I just finished the first chapter! Boom! Albeit, I think these will be much smaller chapters, but I think this will help me knock out RitS better. And I'm off to post it!
  10. astone2292

    Oh, Jeez!

    Yeah, look at that title, and you just have to know I'm in a pickle. A kosher dill pickle. Not a spear, not a chip, not even relish. A whole dill pickle. No butter or sea salt to be found. And most certainly not sugar free. I...received a comment on a chapter of Love in the Shadows, which is now almost complete! All chapters are posted, but some minor editing needs to be accomplished. But...this comment. Ooooh, it was a juicy one. A big, juicy pickle. And because of reading this comment before my shift, I had puh-lenty of time to let it marinate in my little ADHD noggin. I'm workin
  11. I have been asked so many times! But here's what bothers me now: our company has done away with traditional uniforms and has opted for aprons. And almost all of the stock crew does not wear the apron, as it gets all bunched up when we're stocking, or causes our arm's movement to falter. This is detrimental when holding glass product (spaghetti sauce. You ever cleaned up a jar of that? That is...thicc. Not thick. Thicc.). Noah gets it all the time! He wear a bright blue polo, in a bright blue building. But for some reason, I haven't been asked recently. I wear no apron or nametags, becau
  12. Oooooh! Deer shifter! That is a very interesting concept! Being on the run from both human hunters and other shifters could lead to a novel of dark and horror-filled content. I will definitely consider this, that is if someone else doesn't beat me to the punch.
  13. You just made my husband and I giggle so hard! Y'all won't be waiting long! Chapter 34: Philippe's Pain. Having to go through the day, knowing there was a chapter to be read. And after all is said and done, he comes home, and finds that this is the finale! @Philippe, you've been on this for quite a while and even shot me a message or two to help make the chapters better. Thank you. I can't wait for Book 2! I left so many plot holes that need to be revealed!!! I'm itchin' to tell y'all about Vincent's mark... Thank you for your kind words. I realize I created som
  14. Glad you liked it! And I can not apologize enough! I wasn't expecting such a big moment, and I didn't think I could top it in a couple chapters' time. This story is far from over. We have at least two more books to look forward to!!!
  15. This was another comment I had been waiting for! Centex, you've been commenting on this thing since Day One, and for that, you have my sincerest thanks. I felt the ending was right, too. And I didn't mean for it to end like this, but...it was just perfect as the setup for Rising in the Shadows. As far as Yakob's age, he has to be around Stefan's age, if not a little older. There were some group members not there, but I felt having a handful of them would be satisfactory. I've never walked into a diner, such as a Denny's and found over fourteen people in a seated party. I look forward to
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