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  1. Feedback is crucial to the development of a novice writer, like myself. I want to become better. I want my writing to go from hobby to job. I believe enough has been said that there should be a change in regards to turning guest readers into account holders, or something of the sort. As a former salesman of incredibly overpriced mattresses, I firmly believe that a group discussion must take place. While I don't think this thread is the proper place, I'll leave some suggestions: -Allow guest readers to have access to the Like button, but not the reactions. This provides incentive for
  2. astone2292

    Chapter 35

    I've been suss on Timok since day one, but this makes so much sense! Timok wanted Garjah! I'm putting some of my stimmy money on it!
  3. astone2292

    Chapter 35

    Drpaladin's comment expressed all of my concerns. Coloring? Leaving? Next Wednesday better get here soon! I'm glad Garjah likes Essell's pulses
  4. I always respect a queen... But that is mine.
  5. You know when you write a book/story and there's a scene you want to create, but it's going to happen until much later? I'm talking you just wrote the first paragraph, and this particular scene isn't going to be a thing until 100-150k words later. 

    You know that feeling when you finally get to write it? 

    Oh Yeah Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

  6. Okay, your suggestion makes a lot more sense and it's funnier.
  7. All I ask for in return is a blooper scene where Keeso, in full Wolverine regalia and claws out, says...
  8. Pfft, that's a garbage reason. Camera angles can easily solve that issue.
  9. I think he'd do a fantastic job. His voice will need some training, but he's comical enough to give Wolverine just enough funny lines. I haven't noticed, has he responded to the petition or the concept in any way?
  10. I mean, there's a petition going around for Jared Keeso to be the next Wolverine. If he gets to act like Wayne for just one scene, I'll sign the dang thing.
  11. Although I loathed that god-awful singing from Private Sector, that was a decent episode. Wayne was overreacting a bit, but the man's heart was broken. What else was he supposed to do other than binge-smoke/drink and watch his favorite childhood TV show? Edit: Also, him roasting Riley and Jonesy was so funny! It gave Pilot episode vibes.
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