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  1. It's thin crust, right? Oh, it better be thin crust or I'll become a Karen. If not, I demand a free upgrade to cheese-stuffed crust.
  2. Another heart-wrenching chapter. Reinard's body hasn't been found, which isn't a surprise. Space can be pretty vast, from what I hear. I can only assume we're nearing the end of the adventure.
  3. Gack! Hypno-kitty! Must... get... pizza...
  4. How did you know I've been craving pizza?
  5. Thanks for reading, Chris! Thanks for reading, Mawgrim! Glad you enjoyed it.
  6. A quick little submission, but I had fun with it. https://gayauthors.org/story/astone2292/rocky-prompts-tennessee/6
  7. Peeping through his eyelids, he saw it was night. Opening them, he scanned the neighborhood. “Good,” he whispered, “they’re all asleep.” “Just figuring that out?” The snowman whipped around, startled at the question. Next to him stood another! “How… who are you?” The new and mysterious snowman shirked. “Not sure. I’m guessing you’ve been here for a bit?” “I-uh… a couple days now.” “That’s cool. I was made this afternoon. You do a good job acting, bud.” He swiveled to fa
  8. astone2292

    Chapter 75

    There is so much going on, but I'll start by saying I love sassy Essell. He's such a treat when dealing with politics. This being said... Bouncer!!! Look at you, hiding your sentience and stuff! I think the Aelqaed mind-reader needs to get off his "look what I can do and you can't" high-horse. Unless you plan to reveal that Bouncer is a mastermind, capable of convincing Essell he's just a dangerous puppy, then hush and stay on the topic of Garjah's treaty.
  9. Samesies! I'll need to get mine ready when I get off work.
  10. I'll happily take that! I love Steve Martin, and Kermit is a meme lord.
  11. Recently, the city I live in was named the Bluegrass Capital of the World. Barring any radio music, I have yet to hear a banjo in the decade I've lived here. I work in a liquor store, and I sell more vodka than anything else. We only have one KFC in town, and nearly everyone I know locally would rather have Popeyes. Kentucky is a very backasswards place.
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