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  1. astone2292

    Chapter 48

    I dunno... I like my ranch, particularly a southwest ranch. I agree that Eike's actions towards Cyn is a blessing in disguise. Without that terrible attack, Cyn wouldn't have found the support system he's involved in now.
  2. Give it time. I'm sure Siku will notice the bank charge. Colt was out of bed before him... Uh oh. Colt likes it rough. I imagine Siku will teach him the meaning of lovemaking. I absolutely loved the insight to Shivay's family! I could see the twinkle in the mother's eye when she mention a werebear's ability to "squirell" money away. Excellent work, Grumpy!
  3. This is about to get exciting! I'm eagerly waiting for the next chapter!
  4. Here's mine: https://gayauthors.org/story/astone2292/caught-in-a-desert/
  5. Each chapter brings a new adventures for Siku! He meets both a werebear and a weretiger!!! Oh please, please let Shivay be Siku's mate! I think they'll be the most adorable couple in the whole series! Plus, Charlie will have a fellow cat in the house. Then we have Colt. No doubt, the following chapter will be incredibly smoldering, and I'm already anticipating my cold shower. My only question is this: How much of Siku's naivety come into play? Surely, Colt will charge him, but I won't be surprised if Colt brings Siku into the hooker lifestyle... Charlie won't approve, and I don't think Shivay will either when they meet up tomorrow.
  6. astone2292

    Chapter 48

    We'll skip the scouts. They might hit Eike and want to use their first aid merit badges to mend the wolf... Glad I can magically encourage exercise lol. Thank y'all for reading!
  7. astone2292

    Chapter 48

    I'll have to look up that movie. That scene sounds hilarious! I think my favorite scout camp was Ho-Non-Wah in South Carolina. Very clean and calm, and well maintained compared to others. We tried not to travel too far, but HNW was a very special exception. I'm glad I can use my art degree in my writing! Teehee... splat. I doubt we'll see Cyn behind the wheel, but good thought!
  8. astone2292

    Chapter 48

    I love this comment! I was never a fan of running until I went freerunning in the woods during a Boy Scouts campout. That was a blast! This is, perhaps, the most fitting proposed end to the plot... I like it.
  9. astone2292

    Chapter 48

    More? Arric frowned and took Kieran’s hands into his own. “Sorry, Key. I don’t think it’ll be smart to be together like that while you’re going through your behavioral changes. Does that make sense?” Kieran stepped back with his hands held. “That… that makes sense. Sorry, Alpha. I guess I saw you in a new light, with being your beta and all. When will the changes stop?” “They can take up to a few days, but beta promotions tend to last longer. You’ll probably start thinking clearer in f
  10. Okay! I got several things to unpack... This line made me CACKLE! The Uber driver is the first to give some suss on Siku's new house/profession pairing. I imagine this won't be the last. I'm hoping Siku and Charlie have seen the last of these ladies. I hate tourists. I really hate tourists. These ladies don't sit right with me. Siku is a man, not a zoo attraction.
  11. I'm relieved Jordan is pushing past his werewolf issues. The love of his mates shows! Also, good forkin' catch on Jordan's part! Now they need to find neko tongue-proof condoms...
  12. After a re-read, I'm convinced Charlie is a shifter, and the ranger knows. He knows too much about the concept of soulmates/perfect mates, and I'm surprised Siku didn't pick up on that.
  13. Oh my gosh... this was just the most wholesome thing ever! Siku has a companion in the form of a cat! I can already imagine Siku's bear going on a hike with Charlie perched on top. But I won't be surprised if Siku comes home one night to find "Charlie" standing on two legs. I would scream!
  14. astone2292

    Chapter 47

    I'm happy to introduce firsts into this subgenre of paranormal/fantasy adventure. I don't think we'll see the dopiness leave, but we'll notice it more... refined. Always excited to see your comments, Patch! Agreed!
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