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  1. astone2292

    Chapter 39

    Thanks for commenting, @Yeoldebard! Wolves use their numbers and hunting tactics to catch deer, but in a pure speed test, deer are superior. Kara just might have wanted a new running partner, or see if her gift of running shoes were for the right person. All aboard the Arric/Kieran ship cruiseliner! Honk Honk! At least he had a mental breakdown and realized it, instead of accepting and continuing. I'm so happy you're enjoying this! This has been such a fun project, and I'm glad I plunged into this little world.
  2. astone2292

    Chapter 39

    Shea took off, following Arric and Walter. His wolf's pride was riding high. I am one of the pack leaders now! Following the white wolf without question, he surveyed the area in front of him. He spotted a few non-shifter rabbits along the way, but kept to the direction. No more hunting. Especially now I have my mate. Thinking of Cyn, he only wished to be running with the cernunnos. Kara, Jaime, and Orson have him. No one would dare land a paw on my Cyn! A huff from Walter pierced his attention. The other two wolves slowed and circled the speckled one. He was panting. Shea turned to Arric for guidance, but the alpha dismissed his worries with a yip. This is normal? The beta growled, more at himself, and trotted with the council. Is Walter that old? They continued for another ten minutes before Arric changed directions. With a snort, he declared for the two to return to their mates. The temptation to dart for Cyn was strong, but he wanted to ensure the health of the beta. The trio met with a group and Walter increased his pace. A similarly peppered coat met him halfway and together, they went off towards the manor. Arric nudged Shea to follow. In the dark woods, Arric reverted to his human form and the delta mirrored the choice, "Alpha? Is this about Walt?" Combing through his lengthy hair, Arric sighed, "It's been like this for a year now, Shea. I can't blame the man, but he's getting old. He's been an asset to this pack's success on too many accounts to speak of." "Has he mentioned anything about retirement?" "You're joking, right?" The sculpted man leaned against a tree and chuffed, "The man wouldn't quit if it were to save his life. He's too proud." Shea crossed his arms, "I don't think so. He would do anything to help the pack. Walt's pride would take a backseat." "Maybe. I'll think more on this later. C'mon, let's find your mate." *** With the wind rushing across his face, Cyn was having the time of his life. He was mindful of the group's stamina, particularly Sam and Pam, but Kara kept insisting she was the faster of the two. She was not, and the buck got to prove it. After their initial walk into the forest, the challenge was laid down. Orson, the makeshift referee for the event, drew a line with one of his massive paws and had the participants get behind it. Kara pranced about, eager for their race. Cyn was more collected. He took his speed seriously. At Orson's roar, the two took off! With his stride long and muscles pumping, Cyn remained calm as Kara claimed the starting lead. The deer knew a wolf could begin a sprint faster than him, but once he hit top speed, Cyn caught up. After he surpassed her, he continued until Kara uttered a yip. She gave up? He slowed to a halt. The wolf circled him and conceived defeat. When returning to the group, the twins were quick with praise for the newest pack member. After a few moments, Kara asked Cyn to help her with endurance running, to which he happily agreed to. They continued on a comforting saunter. From time to time, a small group of wolves would approach, wanting to meet Cyn. Kara and Jaime kept their distance, but were fully prepared to intervene. The visitors never stayed long, especially after Orson started eyeing them. A deep woof caught Cyn's attention. Sheamus! He stayed in place as he saw the dark-gray pelt approaching, along with a white one. Arric too? The two wolves closed the distance, and Shea was quick to circle and rub against the deer. When the wolf was in front of him, Cyn nipped at him playfully, causing Shea to dart faster. Together, they plodded further into the forest. Cyn looked behind him and took note of Arric's rear position next to Orson. Near the end of their adventure, the alpha paced further past everyone. Shea called out, but wasn't met with a response. Instead, a cantering wolf came out from behind a cluster of trees. It's brown fur with black saddle patch was unfamiliar to Cyn, but it must have been trustworthy for Arric to rub bodies with. The wolves sauntered together away from the group. Looking around, all of his friends were staring in silent awe. When Cyn questioned who the mysterious wolf was, Shea snorted. Hearing the response, the deer didn't understand everyone's bewilderment. Arric's the alpha. He can have who he wants. At least, that's how my former herds worked. Arriving back at their table, everyone returned to their human form and donned their clothes. Sam and Pam plopped in their chairs, "My God, do you all know how to run! We're used to just walking around." Jaime snickered, "The meetings might become your gym workouts! We should hang out more often." "Hell yeah!" Putting on his cargo jacket, Orson grabbed his phone, "Let me get y'all added to the chat. Just let us know when you want to make plans, we'll be there." "We got a stand-up night coming up at Taylor's." Rel and Bree squealed in unison, flickering their fingers together in excitement, "We love your guys' stuff! Count us in!" The Tracking Trio exchanged numbers with everyone. Shea made sure to show Cyn some of the details of how his phone worked. So the phone stores the person's number so you don't have to remember it? That's useful, I guess. Shea wrapped an arm around his waist, "You ready to go home, pup? I could use a shower." Inhaling, Cyn caught the wolf's robust scent. It was much stronger than usual, and it sent a shiver down his spine. "But I like the way you smell." Laughs came from around him, but all Cyn listened to was Shea's lust-filled growl, "Right back at you. Let's go." With one hand taken by his wolf, Cyn waved as he was led away. *** "Did you mean to show me off like that?" Arric grinned as he held the backdoor open, "If I did?" "That means a lot, Alpha." Entering the manor, Kieran pocketed his hands, "The few guys I've dated never did anything like that." "What do you mean?" The scribe sighed and leaned against the kitchen counter, "Trying to get them to hold my hand was like pulling teeth. They acted like being with me in public was a sin or something." A snarl erupted in the room as Arric shouldered his coat onto the couch, "Cowards! If you court someone, you should do it with pride. I'm sorry you had to go through that." Kieran shrugged, "It's no biggie. So, do I need to be expecting some hand-holding in the future?" "Absolutely." Taking the spot next to his date, Arric put his hand over the slightly smaller one, "I should warn you now; I've only dated two other people, but they said I was a little overprotective." The leaner man gasped, "What? An alpha, overprotective?" After the two laughed, Kieran smirked, "I'm fine with that, but I have a couple boundaries. At the moment, my students come first." His face grew more serious, "When I'm working with or for them, I'm off limits." Seeing Kieran like this was a new experience. Having the man show his dedication to the pack's youth was impressive. What's even more impressive is displaying it here. “I respect that. I’ll be the same way when I’m on conference calls with other alphas and government officials.” Kieran snickered, “That makes sense. Can’t say I’ve dated an alpha before. Anything else I should know about you?” Pondering for a moment, Arric snorted, “Yeah, a lot of the ladies will start giving you some death stares.” “Right, right! I just stole the most sought after bachelor in Wisconsin.” The alpha took his hand off Kieran’s and wrapped it around the slender waist, “You said boundaries, as in more than one?” Kieran leaned on Arric, “Students and study, Alpha. I like to read, but I can always put down my book. With that said, I don’t get out a lot, and that’s probably not going to change.” “So a trip to the club is out of the question?” “I can handle it, but I’ll be at the bar with a glass of wine.” Arric’s grin was lopsided as he reached into the island cabinet, retrieving a bottle, “Do you like Malbec?” He watched as Kieran’s jaw dropped, “I had you pegged as a whiskey guy! Malbec’s cool, but I’m a sucker for Beaujolais.” “Haven’t had that. You want to open up this bad boy?” *** Kieran’s answer was obvious. After running in the forest, the wine called to him. The alpha popped the cork, grabbed two glasses, and chose to sit on the couch. Pressing buttons on the remote, he started a movie. “Come sit with me.” As he did, Arric’s free arm pulled him closer. Fluttering emotions flew inside Kieran’s chest. It’s been so long since someone held me like this. Welcoming the contact, he leaned on the bigger man. “Is this where we get wine drunk and do something we’ll regret?” A guttural laugh echoed in the room, “I do have a few more bottles, if that’s what you want. But it’s not my intention. Like you, I don’t share a bed on the first date.” “That’s what’s up.” Sipping on their wine, the two continued conversation intermittently as they were distracted by the TV. Kieran learned more about his alpha’s background. He knew the man arrived to town when they were both little, but nothing past that. Arric was born in Alberta, but his parents immediately moved to Wisconsin when his father’s career moved its operation. Athletics was his wheelhouse and was an average student, favoring history and governmental studies. The scribe’s heart was torn when he heard of the separation from his parents. When Arric was a senior in high school, his family had to move again due to his father accepting a promotion. It was the first time Arric had ever argued with them. He grew attached to his friends and life in Sheboygan. The wolf inside him refused to part with it all. Petitioning the pack’s alpha, Arric was granted a small apartment and watched his family drive away later that week. Alpha Maire quickly noticed Arric’s behavior and assessed his status as an alpha wolf. Over a year, Maire kept his eye on the young man. After a few months of Arric working part-time at a local mill, the older man stopped by one day. Unceremoniously, Maire whisked Arric away. When questioned, the alpha only smirked. Arriving at the alpha’s manor, Maire’s intentions were revealed. From that moment on, Arric was to intern for the position of Sheboygan’s Pack Alpha. *** Sitting at the fire’s edge, the wolf scowled. Life hadn’t turned out the way he thought. He was promised luxury, power, and all the women he could bed with. Instead, he was hungry and cold. The occasional beatings didn’t help. A simple shift fixed the bruisings, but the pain lasted in his memory. He lifted his head. He was hit by realization, and it felt harder than the fists that landed on his gut earlier. I… feel like prey. Is this what they feel? Helpless? Fearful of what’s yet to come? Grabbing a stick, he stoked the base of the pit. Orange sparks trailed into the night’s sky. Is that my destiny? In this attempt to rise, I’ll just fizzle out and fall into darkness? No. I… I can’t do this anymore. But how can I fix this? I’ve… I’ve… He held in a sob. I’m a murderer. Holy fuck, I’m a murderer! His hands shook, unable to contain his label. This is what they’ve felt. Every one of them! Recreating the moment in his mind, he felt the blood flow between his teeth. The flesh breaking, the bones crunching, and the sharp, helpless yip filled his senses. The wolf was just shy of hyperventilating. Home. It’s the word that came to him. Looking up, he knew he would be alone for another twenty minutes. Is that enough time? What… what would I do when I get there? No, I can’t go home. Swallowing, he knew what to do. In a fit of disquietude, he stripped. When his shift was completed, the charcoal wolf ran. *** A series of loud pounds woke him. “Sir! Alpha Claude! You need to come out here!” Hendricks? At the sound of his patrol leader’s voice, Arric threw back his comforter and grabbed a robe. Hastily tying it, he hurried to the front door. “I’m here, what is—” As he opened the door, he understood. Seeing four wolves surrounding a single man was troubling. The captive had his arms above the head. Naked and blond hair askew, he trembled from the freezing cold. Arric was nearly dumbfounded. Tabling his confusion, he held his hand out, signaling to wait. He backtracked, opened the nearby coat closet, and retrieved a shotgun. Returning, he pointed it at the man, “Hendricks, Petrie, bring him in here. Volin, Bryn, get the Trio here now!”
  3. I love how Axel is the debate king! It makes perfect sense, and it's just the funniest. I can only imagine some of the things he has to say and how he words them. Adam's new position and "partner" has me somewhat worried. Chad stated he's used to getting what he wants, and I'm concerned he's being corrupted like his predecessors. With this worry, I fear with Adam's access to the Council's network and data filing systems that something bad will happen. On the bright side of thinking, if Chad's a good boy, I'd dig this 'ship! And I mean 'ship! If Chad was attracted to Adam on first sight, then they might be more than just friends. Great chapter, Grumpy!!
  4. I forkin' love your comments, Philippe! This was so analytical! I enjoy reading these so much.
  5. Welcome to LPWLand. Food is always both abundant and wanted.
  6. Next to carbonara, lasagna is my favorite food...
  7. This was a fun read! Like Jeremiah, I don't handle storms very well on the account of having my parents' home destroyed by a tornado when I was little. A lovely prompting, Val!
  8. astone2292

    Chapter 49

    Timok not reporting testing information? I smell a baddie! Neejah'al. I'm elated we have a replacement for Four Arms. Wonderful work, Cia!!!
  9. Are we to expect an interspecies threesome in the future? I certainly hope so! I loved Adam's innate ability to organize. He seems like the type of guy who would have it. I am concerned that Chad might abuse Adam's ability for his own laziness. All of the cubs need extra parental supervision involving the internet. Also, has it been stated if any of the supporting cast obtained any of the new cubs? Another wonderful chapter, Grumpy!
  10. Lovin' your comments, Onim! I'm hammering away as much as possible. Just got home from the first day at my new job, so I got an hour or two before I head to bed. Almost have a chapter for both stories finished up. ❤️
  11. It's all good, take your time reading! I love McAlpha, and I can't wait to bring some of his charisma to this series. Thanks for commenting, Clancy!
  12. astone2292

    Into the Storm

    Another great chapter, for both Adam and Axel, and Alexei!
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