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  1. Just added chapter 5. Comments? Will try to add a link from here, though I'm not sure how... Someone also suggested I add a link from my signature. Haven't ever added a signature to my posts. That'll be the next step. You can tell, I'm a newbie... Just a Trim...
  2. Hello all... Just submitted my latest chapter to my 'novellete'? Actually, shuffled it in... Sorry it keeps on showing up on the list of most recent submissions. Not sure the title "Just a Trim..." for the first chapter, is appropriate for the set of stories. A more general title would probably be appropriate. I'll be thinking about it. I assume there is a way to edit that. I am new to the website... It looks like several people have read it (or at least glanced...) from the number read(?). Kind of curious, so if there are reactions, let me know. Thanks.
  3. Thanks, Graeme. Based on his comment, I've updated the rating to M. Other comments, let me know.
  4. Just wrote my first short story, Just a Trim..., modern romance, if I categorized correctly. Don't know how to put a direct link to it here. Comments on appropriateness of rating, etc, appreciated. Thanks.
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