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  1. hay there, i was wondering are you going to continue savage moon soon....im so thirsty for it. its one of your best works.

  2. Happy Birthday Dude,

    Hope you have a GREAT day.

  3. thanks for the happy birthday

  4. thanks for the happy birthday

  5. thanks for the happy birthday

  6. Happy Birthday ~!!~

  7. happy birthday :)

  8. Happy Boythday!

  9. thanx guys, I'm probably not going to do it...i guess... but i feel that when i tell her no she's getting hurt by it...
  10. well i know there are sum shelters in NY who take people like him in and help them rebuild there life. but in texas...idk that hard.
  11. Ok so one of my Best friend, she's a lesbian... and lately we have ben talking about how she wants to lose her virginity to me. because I''m the only guy she trusts but like imagining me having sex with her is SO SCERY! i would be fine screwing another girl but knowing its someone that i care about is just a really scary felling and i don't want to do it, she told me that when ever I'm ready she's going to wait for it. but still...i don't think i can do it. there are times when I'm like sure but then no way....i don't know man... just thinking about it makes me feel like I'm defiling her or something, I'm gonna probably get really shaken up by this, what if i hurt her? i don't want to do that...I just wish it wasn't me she's asking this for. and at time i also find it grows as well, i don't know I'm just really confused about this and scared...
  12. yeah i know... but im gonna be so lonely without her...
  13. thanx guys and james you got me thinking thanks allot
  14. Ok i guess i know what the right thing to do is... but i don't want to do it because me and my friend share so much good memories as well as bad ones. we have best friends for 3 years, out friendship is so not healthy…a year ago she hurt me really badly by back stabbing me with my other friend, called me names, throw me away like sum used up toilet paper. She even wanted to jumps me but w.e that’s behind us Now. she thinks she's bi but she's actually gay and well we helped each other com out of the closets, and bloom into our sexuality. she's the trouble maker i'm the good sit home don't smoke kinda kid. (i'm not being conceded), but looking back and thinking to my self... I have ben trough SOOOOO MUCH bad things in my life just because of her, like the time i got arrested luckily i didn't go to jail. she's very selfish, always acts like the victim but she's really not. she's actually pretty smart and she knows how to manipulate people. when i first met her i was calm, everything settled. for a short moment anyway. but being around her i realize that she has damaged my nerves... she makes me boil my head out of anger, like for example, today we were suppose go to a party together, and this cute guy that i met at the pride was going to be there because the girl who was having the party is my friends friend and that guy is the party girls best friend. and i heard he was interested in me and stuff. so i was relllllly looking flowered to it and everything. so i'm waiting here for her and everything i call her she's like yeah i'm with my dad asap he goes were going to go w.e, after 3 hours pass i find out from my other friend... that she canceled it that we weren't going. and she didn't even bother to tell me about it. she completely made me waste my whole day for nothing and i don't like wasting my time at all. she was to lazy to go and about how she didn't want to see someone what ever. So i go in my bitch fit witch i hate when i go into, she always does things like this. don't misunderstand me im not madd because were not going, i'm madd because she didn't even bother to think that i had other plans for today if the party was not going to happen. there is a bigger story behind this but i tried to make it short, the point is after being friends with her i realize i have anger management problems. But she's like a magnet i cant get rid of her even if i wanted to it's impossible because i somehow always wind up needing her unresponsitol butt. and i also realize that many of the times i hate her allot! i cant stand her but yet why do i still stick with her? i know that answer its because all the things me and her have ben trough. i just cant take it anymore i'm the one getting shred up her yet she's so calm and fine. I feel like she needs me only when i smile, but when i need her help she blocks me up. she dose what's best for her, if something would happen to her honestly i wouldn't shed a tear cause its because of her selfishness that she made me hate her. Im so drained... why do i need someone like her...i don't understand myself anymore. because of her i ruin the relation ship with people that i love. and even twice she took away two boys that i really liked altho its ok because she made me realize they wanted to F*** me and live me. altho she dide'nt go out with them she just broke both of there hearts and defended me... when she does the nice things i easily forget the bad ones she didn't what's wrong with me am i stupid or what? I feel trapped
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