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  1. This might be the wrong time or place to say this, but isn't it kind of rude and inconsiderate of Dom to just abandon the stories and not let anyone know where he is or what he is up to? I am not saying that he has a moral obligation to his readers or fans; he doesn't. But for someone who was knowingly and obviously providing entertainment for a crowd that appeared to be devouring each of his new chapters, isn't it sort of unrefined of him to just stop without an explanation? Again, neither I nor anyone else has a moral claim to be fed, but wouldn't it be polite of him just to let us know that it was stopping for a while, or forever? If you disagree, think about what Dom's first few words will be if he returns. He'll probably make some sort of apology or explanation. Is there a point that can be reached, or -- perhaps more specifically -- have we reached a point where that might not be enough? Regardless, count me in.
  2. Awesomeness. Thanks guys.
  3. EDIT: Upon further reflection (and a great deal searching my brain), the story might be called "Requited Love." But, yeah, I'm not positive.
  4. Hey everyone, About a year or so ago (maybe longer, maybe shorter) I was reading these awesome stories by this guy named Matt. I remember one title was "Unrequited Love" but I can't for the life of me think of any others. And I'm having trouble locating his site. I know this is so very little to work with, but I've tried searching for it a million different times. I believe his last name was Pascaz or Pazcas or Pacsas or some variation. I know this is probably a shot in the dark, but I figured someone must know who/what I'm talking about. Thanks! -Alan
  5. I find myself feeling too sorry for Nelson to be mildly to moderately irritated by him. Milo's said some pretty horrible things, and his excuses always seem to be "you make me uncomfortable" or he does something relatively delicate or welcoming -- too little, too late. But I have to give Nelson credit for not abandoning Milo way back during their community service. Basically, Nelson is the reason that we even have a story, and if I were in his shoes I would have been crushed to the point of avoiding Milo altogether. I think we need to give him a little more credit. He's been extremely resilient, and when he used to get denied, insulted, or completley detested by Milo, he's hung in there. The kid's got spunk, and I like that. Even if it makes me cry a little. (Everytime Nelson says, "and that hurt" in response to something Milo says or does, I die a little on the inside). I'm really pulling for this guy. That being said, Nelson can certainly be a pain in the ass, but when it comes to their relationship I feel much worse for him than I do Milo. We all have different ways of coping with hardships (homosexuality, parents, friends) but I'm not going to chalk Milo's painful words and actions as just his "personality." Some of the things he does I find inexcusable if left without an apology (and I feel like a simple "I'm sorry for..." isn't going to convince Nelson or the readers, even if he means it.) I'm not expecting it, but I know if I were Nelson, I would expect a little more from Milo. Maybe that makes me pushy and irritating, but oh well.
  6. Obviously, I'm enjoying this story immensely, and I just wanted to touch on something that's been brought up -- ya know, whether or not the protagonist is active or passive. I want to start off by saying that while some would think that Aiden was the more active one, I believe that both he and Owen switched those roles more than a few times. I also feel like characterizing Seth or Rory as one or the other doesn't really fit them either. Sure, you can draw parallels between Milo and Quinn, but Milo wasn't adamant about being heterosexual, like Quinn was. The Ordinary Us (a story that I've been re-reading, and falling in love with all over again) was certainly a coming out story, and how one person (Jude) can make it happen, and help out along the way. Jude was gay and wasn't hiding it. He presumably went through some of what Quinn was going through, and was there for him many a times. Milo is definitely a bit of a basketcase like Quinn, but he's certainly not wrestling with his homosexuality nearly as much as Quinn is. At least in the departments of accepting it. Sure, he's got a lack of sexual experience similar to Quinn, and a few problems with his parents similar to Quinn, but he's not "sleeping through" anything. I like how With Trust is a journey that involves two people, pretty much simultaneously. Just because they have different personalities doesn't mean that they're not in the same boat.
  7. freaky-deaky stuff ... phew! that really made me laugh for about 2 minutes. But, I agree. Where is chapter 7? I'm pretty much postponing my Saturday plans just so that I can read it right when it's posted. -alan
  8. Dom could always go Star Wars style and describe Eddie's "coming out of the closet" years, and how he finds Jase. Or he could talk about Luke before he came to live with Eddie and Jase. Spin-offs would be really, really interesting, because then it would give me a reason to go back and read the original stories again. ... The Log Way, here I come! ...
  9. I really can't just pick one scene -- I'd really have to think about it for a while. But, I really love the ones that you guys came up with. I also liked the one where Rory fell off of Seth's bed. And when Rory and Aaron are on that ride at the Water Park -- I know, I know ... not exactly what most would think, but that chapter really set the stage for Rory's first kiss, and it was exciting nonetheless. I also like the scene where Rory and Aaron are arguing at the park. And I like the scene when Eddie and Rory are in the attic. AND I like the scene where Dave sees Rory and Aaron at the diner ... Yeah, I have too many, but what can I say? This story had a lot of it, and a lot of those scenes are just flooded with the sentimental value that they carry. It's so emotional to remember the scenes from the beginning of Dom's stories -- especially to see how the main characters' perceptions of there eventual boyfriends has changed so dramatically throughout the story. ... like when Quinn sees Jude for the first time behind the school ... It's weird. Each one of Dom's stories have characters and places and storylines that I'll never forget, and they each give me this great feeling. It's almost like they're real people and real places, and I can't wait to go find them and hang out with them and be their best friend. It's corny, but true.
  10. I'm still having trouble accepting the fact that anyone actually believes that Rory and Luke are going to end up together in the end. It just seems like any logical connection is sort of grasping at strings. My impression from the cliff hanger at the end is that Luke might actually have a problem with Seth -- maybe something about the past, with Aaron, or with the car. I really don't know for sure, and I'm thoroughly finished making predictions (even if I may have been right about Luke liking Dave). I feel like the family vacation is not going to be a Luke/Rory romance blossoming weekend -- it's gonna be a family thing. A Rory/Eddie thing. A "Rory gives serious thought to staying with Eddie, Jase, and Luke -- and most importantly, Seth" type of weekend. I will say that Dom Luka has had, currently has, and probably will always have me right in the palm of his hand. And I wouldn't have it any other way. -alan
  11. carmichael


    Oh, Phew! I was starting to worry. Actually, my worrying was starting to morph into absolute anquish. Thanks for the update, Dom.
  12. It's amazing how some of you can take what Dom writes and mold it into your own personal fantasy! Ha! I love it! I'm not going to come right out and say that Rory and Luke will Not end up together, because if I'm wrong, I'll be castrated ... that's the way things work around here -- but I Really, Really, Really don't see Luke and Rory getting together. I won't call it a prediction -- just a vague notion. I'm trying to cover all of my bases here, because there's some that are so set in their rainbow that nothing else is even tolerable. I find myself in the Dave-is-the-only-person-unobtainable-for-Luke group, and the outcome of that storyline is really keeping me on the edge of my seat. I'm not going to walk around on eggshells anymore -- I'm pretty sure that Rory and Seth will end up together. Period.
  13. Today's Wednesday. You know what that means?? I'm in agony for another day.
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