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  1. Hey, I wanted to let everyone know that my blog is moving, and can now be found at: http://www.geocities.com/matpazcas/ I really enjoyed blogging here and I want to thank everyone at gayauthors.org and everyone who read my blog. Matt the Moderator
  2. Matthew PazCastillo

    the unknown...

    I say like about six feet tall, medium brown kind of wavy thick hair, brown or hazel eyes, nice build, great ass... and awesome smile with kissy lips... So close, except I have very dark curly brown hair and I actually have blue eyes. Matt
  3. I have a plan. I'm going to share it with you all and then put it into action tomorrow night [we're going out to dinner]. Matt
  4. Matthew PazCastillo

    foot in my mouth

    Umm, yeah. So, I was just about to do my blog and I decided to read yours. Not a slut, huh? Okay. Anyway, where were you last night? Did you get my thingy? I haven't heard from you in over 24 hrs. Take your nap and then let me know, mkay kid? Matt
  5. Here's somthing dumb: reading your msgs made me blush. You guys are way too nice. But I'm still curious, who's Will? [if this is something I should know, then please forgive me]. So, it's early [too early] and I just finished working out, so now I have to go get read to go to work. Ugh. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten that I still have to do a blog on my weekend with bff Tony, I'll probably do that today. Also, I'm still working on my day-by-day; I write a page everday, although I haven't posted in a while and I won't for a little while longer. Hmm, what else? Oh, yeah, Green Eyes stopped by last night. [yeah, that's all I'm saying for now] Matt the Moderator
  6. I know it's Nicky's turn, but I have to make an amendment. Turns out I did, in fact, hear from him this morning. So, it hasn't been 36 hrs, it's been more like six hrs. Oh, and Conner, I decided to take your advice and do my day-by-day for just a month. And if everything works out then I'll just do monthly day-by-days for a year If you and Michael [i didn't forget about you ] want, you can check out what I have so far and let me know if you think it's worth continuing. If it's not, then I'll get rid of this and start something else. It's only been a few days, so there isn't much. Here's the site: http://www.livejournal.com/users/matpazcas/2005/08/04/ Just click on 'Next Day' to keep going. I appreciate it, guys. "Matty" [ugh, I hate that nickname]
  7. Yeah, So, I feel like I've figured Troy out, but I have no idea who Liam is. It's like, in the beginning a lot of people could relate to him, and now he's turned into this character that no one really likes and .... I dunno. Maybe I'm doing a shitty job [and I've TRIED to stay out of it until now. Believe me I really tried to let the readers do as much analyzing as they want] but LIAM IS INSECURE. That
  8. Thanks for the welcome you guys. I'm not even sure how this all works. Ann, I was gonna email you ... are my stories up on this site? I'm not a moderator here, so I have no idea. Matt
  9. So, this is my first post in the forum. I'm interested to see what people think of this chapter. I was a little unsure about it. So far the only feedback I've gotten is in regard to typos. Conner, you really summed everything up nicely in your post. Before reading it, I thought the story was pretty straightforward, but having read your brief summary I'm not so sure ... What I really wanna know is, if you guys could get rid on any character in the story, which would it be? Who do you think will turn out to be the "bad guy"? And like, how would you feel if that character died or moved or something? Matt
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