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The First Noel

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Sub-genres: Drama, General Romance

After having his heart shattered to pieces at the painfully young age of thirteen, Noel is convinced he's over Adrian. But with the arrival of a mysterious package on the anniversary of that agonizing day, but five years later, now he's not so sure...A hopefully warm, heartfelt, reasonably short Christmas story following the romance of two young hearts seeking nothing more than togetherness on Christmas.

The first few additions to 'The First Noel' will be quite harmless, no-touching, no-graphic-content included. However, as the story progresses, the rating will go up. I am going to update the rating as we go along, so no fears, just a heck of a lot of thankfulness to all those out there who have stuck with me through this. So, thank you. And enjoy~
Copyright © 2011 Bumblebees and Roses; All Rights Reserved.

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