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Blood Of The Wilde - 1. "Sons Of Light And Darkness"

It was August 15th, the warmest day of the year. Everyone who was anyone was at the Wilde's pool party, the wealthiest family in Iron Saint's town. They were notorious for their parties and money but primarily for giving birth to their two sons, Bowie and Lucas, deemed by everyone in the city the most beautiful pair of young men ever to grace the earth. Every high-society family coveted these parties. They were the perfect opportunity to parade their daughters around, hoping either boy might pay them attention, fall in love, and, with any luck, even marry them, securing their families' financial stability.

Also, the Wilde's were known as one of the most prominent conservative families, and their money stretched deep inside the far-right political circle. Bowie and Lucas' father, William C. Wilde's influence was vast, and his power stretched beyond their many businesses and personal fortune. His wife, Nora Wilde, was a socialite of overwhelming popularity. Her past was somewhat shrouded in mystery, and she would seldom, if ever, talk about her life before her marriage to William. She made it her life mission that no one ever mentioned it and that any details regarding the subject be stricken from public discussion. They were proud, arrogant, and unbearably cliche.

Which made trying to understand how the two brothers came to be who they were even more difficult. And what to say about them?

Bowie was the oldest, at 21 years of age, and his beauty was savagely alluring. With 5.8 feet of a godlike physique, he embodied the epitome of Michael Angelo's David. Bo, as Lucas lovingly called him, was an extrovert, a confident young man, always the life of the party. He would constantly switch between different girlfriends, but his true nature drove him to fuck around. A lot. Long, shiny raven hair cascaded down to his broad, muscular shoulders. Striking features, chiseled jaw, and a soft scruff. Thick, tanned skin with a light, dark fuzz coating it. Yet, under all that embodiment of masculinity, the most tender and compassionate dark brown eyes. They were so deep, that local legend told you would go mad if you gazed at them for too long. He was, by any definition, the most attractive man alive.

Despite this, Bowie had grown to become everything his parents despised: kind, compassionate, and truthful. He was alluring yet elusive, extremely friendly but overwhelmingly remote. But don't let it fool you. Under his young age, Bo was fiery. If his beliefs were questioned, he would fight back with unimaginable force. His presence was intoxicating, and his beauty was spellbinding.

"As always, Nora, your parties are indisputable." One very well-dressed woman said to Bowie and Lucas' mother, approaching her as she sat on a large sunbed.

"Thank you, Agatha." Nora uttered, lifting her hand and signaling the maid, who stood with her arms crossed behind her back in the corner of the pool. The old, ebony-skinned woman rushed over to her.

"Aibeleen, where's Bowie?" Nora questioned with an impatient tone.

"I believe he's still sleeping, mam." Aibeleen answered in a soft and submissive tone.

"Go inside and wake him. Now." Nora ordered, pulling her giant sunglasses down enough to let her dark eyes pierce through Aibeleen's concerned semblance.

"Yes, Mam." The old maid uttered, bowing her head and rushing inside the large house that could only be described as a palace.

The Wilde's property was monumental. A French-inspired architectural building composed of six bedrooms, four bathrooms, a living room, two studies, one dining room, a winter garden, and a kitchen crossing the entire bottom floor of the house. Adjacent to it was a 7.5 square feet glass greenhouse. It was a house of mind blowing opulence, only comparable to its tackiness.

Aibeleen strolled across the main hall with precise urgency and walked up the stairs to the first floor, veering into a long corridor and stopping just outside a large doorway at the gallery's far end. She gently knocked. Twice. Having no response from the other side, she turned the knob and pushed the door open. Inside, an ample suite was covered in a dark, silent mist. With a small dressing area and an adjacent bathroom, and to its left, a room with a large bed, surrounded by a sheer white veil. Behind it, the most beautiful man slept, his face buried inside the white silk pillow and his smooth, tanned-skinned body lying naked over the soft sheets. Aibeleen started to gently flare the drapes on the tall windows, allowing the sun to pierce through, and it wasn't long before she began to hear the young man's languish moans as he woke up.

"Aibee..." The young man complained.

"Your mother is asking for you." She informed, bursting the window open. The chaotic sound of the party downstairs entered the peaceful room unannounced.

"For fuck sake." The young man muttered.

"Watch your mouth." Aibeleen scolded.

"Sorry." Bowie apologized. There was a genuine sincerity in his voice. "Aibee..." He called, lifting his arms as he rolled over on the bed. Aibeleen turned to look at the young man, her head tilting to the side and her lips stretching into a smile before she rushed over, falling into Bowie's arms.

"My sweet baby boy." She whispered as she held Bo in her embrace. "If your mother catches us, she will woop my behind." She muttered, making them both giggle.

"She won't bother to come up." He stated before letting his arms fall to the side, stretching his naked body. Aibeleen pulled herself out of the large bed and rushed for the bathroom, turning the water on.

"Bo, take a bath and get dressed. If not for her, for me." She said.

"Fine..." He mumbled, clearly stalling. "You know they throw these parties so they can parade him in front of their friends." He hollered to the other side of the room. But Aibeleen didn't answer, seemingly distracted as she pulled some clothes out of Bowie's wardrobe.

"This one?" She questioned, drawing a pair of beautiful black tailored pants and a shirt from the closet.

"No." Bowie said before pausing, a mischievous smile pushing through. "The white one with the gold trimming." He requested.

"Bo, she hates that one." Aibeleen alerted.

"Exactly." Bowie mumbled as his deep eyes gazed out the window. He yawned before rolling his legs out of bed, his perfect muscular ass out in the open.

Bowie was perfectly comfortable with his nudity. Then again, he didn't have much reason not to be. He had grown into a beautiful young man. And since he was a little boy, he had pranced naked in front of Aibeleen. This woman, whom he had known his entire life, was the closest he had ever felt to having a mother. Aibeleen was maternal, caring, and highly protective of him. Everything Nora wasn't. In a sense, Aibeleen had nurtured Bowie's kind heart, keeping his feet planted firmly on the ground and his morals intact.

"Your bath is ready." Aibeleen informed. "I need to go back downstairs. Please don't be late." She pleaded. Bowie looked at her and chuckled compassionately.

"Twenty minutes." The young man said. Aibeleen smiled and turned around, rushing out the door and leaving Bowie alone.

A side of Bowie's nature tended to pierce through in his solitude. Despite his charm and seemingly chronic playful disposition, underneath it, Bowie grieved. Since childhood, he struggled with feeling unworthy of his parents' attention. And it was apparent to everyone, inside and outside the family circles, that Lucas was Nora and William's favorite. Bowie was shunned even before his brother was born, always fighting to be deserving of their love. Yet, despite always being pinned against each other, Bowie's love for Lucas was infinite. As a result of Lucas' more delicate nature, Bowie had developed a keen sense of protection over his younger brother. No one would dare to touch Lucas, for they knew they would have to face Bo's wrath. Bowie was Lucas' shield. And the lengths he would go to uphold that title were limitless.

"He's up, mam." Aibeleen announced as she approached Nora, still flushed by having to run down all those stairs.

"What about Lucas?" Nora questioned, without even looking up at Aibeleen.

"I think he's taking a shower, mam. Do you want me to go get him?" Aibeleen asked.

"Don't be ridiculous, of course not..." Nora replied almost condescendingly. "I'll do it." She informed, raising her hand to the waiter rushing past them. He stopped and collected her empty glass before continuing his path.

Aibeleen remained silent. She knew that Nora had the final word when it came to Lucas. The boy was the only person in the world Nora placed above herself. Her devotion to him was blind, and his needs were her main focus.

She graciously pushed through the crowd, floating her dress as she occasionally stopped to greet newly arrived guests. She eventually reached the main house and rushed past the large central hall, grabbing the thick, dark wood handrail and climbing the stairs. She veered right into the corridor opposite Bowie's chamber. As she reached a large door, she went inside unceremoniously. As soon as she stepped inside, she heard a soft voice humming. She went around the room, picking clothes off the floor before tossing them on the bed and walking to the bathroom. A cloud of steam that slid from under it exploded outwards, slowly dissipating into the cozy bedroom.

"Lucas, how many times have I told you..." Nora uttered before being cut off.

"I was going to pick them up." Lucas interrupted.

Divinely handsome, Lucas was his brother's opposite. Smooth, slender build, verging on his prime at only 18 years of age, pale skin, and a subtle light gold fuzz, almost unnoticeable to the naked eye. Blond hair curls that shone like rays of sunshine cascaded over his chiseled face, framing the most alluring green eyes he had inherited from his father. He had a towel around his waist and leaned over the sink, carefully popping a tiny zit just above his left eyebrow.

"You know Aibeleen doesn't keep up anymore. She's getting old." Nora commented. "Might have to replace her soon..." She muttered almost to herself.

Lucas' eyes immediately froze, his gaze searching his mother through the mirror.

"Don't you dare. She's family." Lucas stated.

"She's an employee." Nora countered.

"Not to me." Lucas stated as he turned around, his eyes locking on his mother's, whose arrogance quickly melted, giving room to a submissive demeanor.

"Doesn't cease to amaze me." Nora uttered as she stared at her son.

"What?" Lucas replied.

"How beautiful you are." Nora commented as her eyes slightly glistened.

"Mom..." Lucas chuckled, his head dropping to the side. Nora rushed forward and embraced her son slowly. "I'm still wet. I'm going to ruin your dress." Lucas warned.

"I don't care." Nora replied immediately. "I love you, baby." She whispered.

"I love you too, Mom." Lucas replied before pulling away and walking inside the suite.

"I thought you'd wear that new jacket I bought you. What do you think?" Nora enthusiastically suggested as she rushed for the massive walking closet on the other side of the room. But she was met with silence. "Lucas, are you even listening to me?" She scolded.

"Uhum." Lucas replied.

By now, his mind was already elsewhere as he wandered the room naked, twirling around lightly. Even in the most mundane movement, Lucas had a mystical quality, a perfectly balanced mix between masculine and feminine, a potent hybrid of a human being. Even the light shining through the window seemed to pause, inches from his skin, and marvel at it before finally penetrating his body, radiating his beauty outwards. Every particle of light reflected with overwhelming beauty on Lucas' skin as he approached the large balcony beside his bed, facing the pool. He opened the door slowly to avoid being caught and stood there, gazing at the party and rolling his eyes at the guests' frivolous behavior. He scanned the grounds, feeling overwhelmed by the pressure bestowed upon him. Bellow, the most beautiful women in town, impatiently waited, hopeful that either Lucas or Bowie would one day look at them.

But the truth was, no girl would ever break inside Lucas' heart because it already belonged to someone.

"Is he awake?" Lucas questioned, his mind suddenly snapping back to reality.

"Yes..." Nora replied with an annoyed tone. "Lucas, don't you dare. We don't have time for..." She warned. But it was too late, for the boy was already out the door, wearing nothing but his undies. "Lucas!" Nora screamed.

But her voice quickly vanished, lost in the vastness of those halls as Lucas sprinted through them, his perfect, bubble peach bouncing as he rushed towards the last door on the far end of the second floor, into Bowie's room.

"Bo!" Lucas shouted, jumping into his brother's back and scissoring his legs around his waist. Inadvertently, the heels of his feet rubbed against Bo's soft cock, neatly tucked under his white undies.

"Hey, princess." Bo uttered as he beamed at Lucas through the mirror he had been staring at for over twenty minutes. "What's up?" He asked.

"Where the fuck were you last night?" Lucas questioned, his lips grazing his brother's ear.

"With Charlotte. You know that." Bo replied, nudging Lucas off him. He stepped back and jumped back on the bed, his arms and legs spread out.

Lucas started pacing, struggling to keep his eyes off his brother's cock.

"You missed curfew..." He muttered.

"Are you fucking spying on me, princess?" Bo exclaimed, quickly turning his surprised face into a smirk. "Come here." He called, lifting his arm in Lucas' direction.

The boy smiled and jumped on the bed, nestling beside his brother, careful not to have his legs accidentally rub against Bo's muscular thighs. The last time it happened, he got a massive boner and had to lay in his brother's bed for over five minutes, waiting for it to go down.

"If Dad finds out, he'll be livid." Lucas commented, his hand crawling up Bo's stomach as his fingers teased his brown skin.

"Then don't tell him." Bo replied before stretching outwards, his hand diving inside Lucas' blonde curls.

They lingered in a comfortable silence until Lucas' head lifted, and he gently placed his chin on his brother's chest. There it was, his favorite place in the world: Bo's eyes.

"Did you fuck her?" He questioned. Bo chuckled.

"Yes." The stud answered, his head dropping on the pillow. He lay there staring at the ceiling as Lucas burned a hole through him with his emerald gaze.

"She's not even smart..." The boy mumbled, burning with jealousy. Bo chuckled, his chest making Lucas' head bounce with it.

"I didn't know you had to be smart to get fucked." Bo teased.

"You know what I mean." Lucas insinuated. He stared at his brother, then slowly dropped his face down, touching Bo's skin with his nose and smelling him. "How was it?" He asked.

"Warm. Wet. She squirted a lot." Bo informed. Lucas felt his brother's chest arrest momentarily before his eyes came to meet the boy's. "Why all the questions?" He asked. Lucas shrugged, trying to seem unphased.

The truth of the matter was that Lucas was unphased. But only by the idea of having sex with a girl. Because at that moment, he wished for nothing more than to have been that girl. So that he could know what it felt like to be fucked by Bowie. As he pictured it in his head, he failed to notice Bo staring straight into his eyes, squinting slightly. Under his abdomen, Lucas's dick was hard as a rock.

"What?" The boy asked, trying to dodge his brother's piercing look.

"Are you hard?" Bo teased.

"Jesus, Bo, stop!" Lucas shouted, annoyed, sinking his head in the space between him and his brother. Bowie started to laugh.

"C'mon princess! Show me!" The tanned stud teased, rolling sideways, climbing on Lucas and pinning the boy under him. Lucas' hard dick was now pushing through his undies, rubbing against Bo's crack. "Fuck, princess, that's at least a 7-incher. Nice!" He razzed, looking back as Lucas wrestled his way out from under his brother's heavy body.

"Stop it, Bo, this isn't funny!" Lucas shouted, now slightly frustrated. In a swift move, he kicked his brother's inner thigh, momentarily weakening him.

"Fuck, Lucas, watch the merch!" Bo groaned. This allowed Lucas to get the upper hand, and he rolled over Bo, saddling him. He pinned his brother's wrists on the bed.

They both stopped, their breaths jointly working as they stared at each other, mouths opened into a euphoric smile. But slowly, that smile shifted. Bo's eyes glanced down at Lucas' cock pushing through the white underwear, a wet stain already visible. As he did, he felt Lucas's grip on him soften. But as he pulled away, Bo followed and rolled over Lucas, sliding one of his muscular legs between Lucas' crotch. As he locked eyes with the boy, he noticed his teary eyes.

"Sorry..." Lucas mumbled, utterly embarrassed, his eyes fleeing away.

"Hey, look at me!" Bo called, his hand grabbing Lucas' face, forcing him to confront him. "It's ok. It's normal." The stud assured.

"Really?" Lucas stuttered, his boner still raging.

"Fuck, yes. Dude, you're seventeen!" Bo playfully expressed. "Relax." He suggested.

"I guess..." Lucas muttered.

"Smile for me." Bowie requested. Lucas shook his head, still trying to cage his embarrassment. "Do it!" Bo demanded before twisting his face into a funny look, making Lucas giggle. The stud watched, wholly enthralled, as Lucas' plump lips stretched, exposing his flawless smile. "That's my boy." He whispered before his smile disappeared, and he slid off the bed, walking back to the mirror.

He went quiet, and for a moment, Lucas could swear Bo seemed sad. He raised his head, drilling his elbows on the mattress, laying there as he watched his brother get dressed in front of the mirror. As much as he wanted to believe Bo, Lucas couldn't help but feel guilty about what had just happened. Despite his brother's words, nothing felt normal. Because, deep down, Lucas knew. He loved Bo, and not just like a brother. He loved Bo like a man. He fantasized about him. About kissing him, sucking him, being fucked by him. He wanted to be the one to squirt his load as Bo shoved his cock inside him. And the more he tried to push those thoughts away, the stronger they became.

At his tender age, Lucas already felt an enormous pressure building inside him. And as his mind struggled to cage his desire, his spirit battled the fear of losing his brother's love. Lucas thought if Bo ever found out about this, he would shun him.

"Hey! Nora's probably looking for you. You should go." Bo uttered as he popped on a beautiful white shirt with gorgeous gold trimming. "She doesn't need any more reasons to hate me." He added.

"Fine." Lucas replied, rolling his body to the edge of the bed and dragging himself out.

He hauled his feet out of the room and returned to his suite. The hallway now seemed endless. He opened his bedroom door to find it empty. Nora had left his attire, chosen by her, laid on the bed. Lucas sighed but indulged in his mother's will. He threw on a new pair of undies and dressed, rushing for the door but not before stopping in front of the large mirror inside his walking closet to admire himself. He looked stunning. Nora lacked many qualities, but taste wasn't one of them.

"I suppose it'll do." He mumbled, tilting his head to the side before leaving the room and closing the door behind him.

As he walked across the large corridor and down the endless flight of stairs, the insufferable noise of constant and shallow chatting coming from downstairs flooded Lucas' ears. By now, there were people everywhere. The gardens, pool, living room, and the "steam room", as Lucas' father called it. A pit of smoke and booze where he and his friends cheered and congratulated each other with pats on their backs for being the masters of the universe. Lucas purposely attempted to tiptoe his way out the front door, but a deep, husky, and alluring male voice stopped him in his tracks.

"Where do you think you're going?" The voice called. Lucas turned around to find his father staring at him, his eyes peering through a cloud of smoke and drunk men. He lifted his arm and signaled the boy to approach.

William was, by any definition, a charming man. Magnetic, engaging, and somewhat mysterious. There was always a part of his father that seemed elusive to Lucas. Six feet of flesh that seem to stretch endlessly. Light skin, perfectly styled, lush, blond hair with a few gray highlights already peeking through. Shaved, chiseled jaw and a stern expression framed by the most beautiful emerald eyes. Lucas' eyes. Even though he was in his early forties, William was extremely fit, his broad shoulders showcasing the most beautifully tailored suit. The closer Lucas got, the heavier the scent of his father's perfume became, a very familiar and appealing fragrance to the boy.

"You remember my boy, Lucas, right?" William asked the group of men, whose heads turned as Lucas approached the circle.

"Hey, Dad." Lucas muttered as he walked through the cloud of smoke, taking his place under William's arm. His father's hand landed firmly on his neck, his fingers gently brushing the boy's soft skin.

William adored Lucas, a love that had been the source of tension within the core family for years. The fact of the matter was Lucas was the favorite. And both William and Nora were committed to showcasing that preference. In fact, they seemed to take pleasure in it, which constituted a constant source of anxiety for Lucas. Yet, with all their character flaws, he adored his parents.

"They do grow up fast, William." One of the men commented.

"Last time we saw the boy, his head reached your waist." Another added as they all chuckled.

"My God, Lucas, girls must be lining up at your doorstep." Another teased.

"Literally." Lucas chuckled, pointing his chin at the door where a group of girls chattered, glancing at him conspicuously. William chuckled, his austerity melting as he glanced proudly down at his son.

"He's the spitting image of his father in his youth." A male voice uttered from behind them. The small circle of men cracked open to reveal an older man sitting on a couch near the empty fireplace.

"He is." William replied, his face turning slightly sour.

"You better be careful, William. Lucas might end up taking your place at the head of the table." The man provoked.

"I'm counting on it." William stated. There was pride in his statement.

"Well, of course you are. Lucas is the favorite." The man provoked.

The boy felt his father's hand press into his neck.

"There's nothing wrong with having favorites. Most parents do. They just don't admit it." William jested as he addressed the group, who joined in a submissive cackling session. Lucas knew none agreed, but they wouldn't dare to scold William regarding his awkward statement.

"Take it easy, Will. I'm just teasing you." The bold man teased.

"You have to excuse my brother, John, gentlemen. Hazards of being the youngest." William joked, unleashing a general laugh from the group. "Let's move this outside." William directed, extending his hand and signaling the group to proceed toward the front door. "Lucas, come." William called.

"In a minute, Dad." Lucas stalled, glancing at his uncle. William lingered there, waiting for the group to reach the door before he turned back, eyes locked on his brother.

"Get your fucking shit together." William whispered before turning around and rushing to meet his friends.

There was a brief silence during which Lucas and John looked at each other before breaking into complicit giggles.

"Jesus, Uncle John." Lucas chuckled.

"Shut the fuck up, and come here." John demanded. Lucas rushed for the chair and hopped into his uncle's lap, who enveloped the boy in his arms. "He deserved it. Fucking arrogant prick." He groaned, stuffing his face inside Lucas' neck and kissing the boy. "How the fuck are you?" He questioned.

"Bored. And it's barely starting." Lucas whined, pulling away from his uncle's embrace and standing up. He seemed restless as he wandered around the room, brushing his fingers over everything. His uncle's eyes followed his every move.

"Is it true?" The boy asked.

"What is?" John replied as he lit a cigar.

"That I look like him?" The boy elucidated. John smiled.

"Yes." He responded. There was a nostalgic tone to his answer. It came layered with what seemed like buried happy memories. "He was stunning." He stated. "And cocky. The fucker knew it." He added.

"Well, I don't think I'm like him. At all..." Lucas stuttered, stopping just before a small mirror above the liquor cabinet. "I don't think I have that confidence." The boy mumbled.

"You're pure, Lucas. Which makes you better than any of them." John stated. He then took a long drag, leaned forward on his chair, and blew the smoke from his mouth, spewing a cloud of intense smoke around the room. "Don't let him change you, kid." He uttered. His words sounded ominous, like a warning of sorts.

The boy turned to his uncle and smiled, but he seemed distracted.

"See ya later, Uncle John." Lucas said before dragging himself out of the smoking room and into the main door, where a group of girls waited. As soon as Lucas walked past them, they swarmed him like bees. Through them, he could see Bowie on the other side of the pull, smirking at him. But he was on a mission to avoid them at all costs, so he just nodded and ran past them, hoping to catch Bo alone before another annoying girl caught up to him.

"Darling!" Nora's voice softly called from near a large table with food and non-alcoholic beverages.

"Fuck..." Lucas muttered, his eyes catching his brother laughing at him as he turned. He dismantled his frustrated countenance with swift mastery and proceeded slowly to Nora's table.

"My God, Nora. He's a vision." Agatha stated with a disgustingly posh tone. Nora smiled, but her attention was already locked on Lucas.

"I know." Nora uttered as she took Lucas' hand. "Will you excuse me, Agatha?" She spoke, pulling her son and dragging him through the side of the pool towards a family that was arriving. "Those are the Warrens. Your father has been slaving to get them to come." She explained as she rushed past the guests. "Their influence inside the party is massive and could vouch for your father's nomination as governor." She continued, suddenly pausing and turning to face Lucas. "Please, mingle with their daughter. She's insufferable but very close to her father." Nora pleaded.

"Jesus Christ, Mom..." Lucas uttered, rolling his eyes.

"Do this for me." Nora begged, searching for her son's eyes and approval.

"No pressure..." Lucas whispered. "Fine." He finally conceded as he gazed at his mother's desperate expression. Nora's smile stretched into a grin. She leaned forward and kissed her son's forehead.

"I love you." She whispered. The only genuine words out of her mouth.

"I know." Lucas replied, his voice lagging with boredom.

They pushed ahead until they finally caught up to William, already defrosting the mood.

"Oh, great timing. George, this is my wife, Nora. And my son, Lucas. Nora, this is George and his wife, Nicole Warren." William introduced. The couple stood there, awkwardly glancing around. Nicole was scanning Nora up and down, passive-aggressively admiring her beauty and accepting that she would never fit inside her stunning dress.

"Pleasure to meet you." Nora greeted, showcasing her undeniable charm. She stepped forward and pulled Lucas' wrist slightly, nudging him forward.

"These are the twins, Megan and Chase." George introduced, slightly vexed it seemed.

Lucas' eyes glanced over both, locking on Chase instantly. He was cute, and his eyes ran up and down Lucas' clothes.

"Hey." Lucas replied, stretching his lips into a smile that instantly melted any remaining awkwardness. Nora knew what she was doing.

"Charming young man." Nicole commented, her cynicism peeling away. Nora discretely glanced at Lucas and winked. "Nicole, come. Let me introduce you to some of the gals." Nora suggested, taking charge and gracefully holding the other woman's hand, pulling her off into the crowd.

"George, this is our queue. I was about to pop a box of a 1964 premium edition of Nicaraguans." William stated.

"Lead the way, William." George uttered, his somber expression ultimately shifting. Like kids on Christmas morning, both men disappeared into the house in seconds, leaving Lucas to tend to the twins.

"So...can I get you guys something to drink?" He asked.

"No, thank you." Megan replied, looking disgusted by having to be there.

"Fuck, yes!" Chase enthusiastically said as if Lucas had just rescued him from death by boredom.

Megan rolled her eyes and walked away. Chase glanced at Lucas, shrugging and winking cheekily. Lucas felt a sudden warm jolt in his groin. He turned around and walked over to the beverages table, Chase following closely behind. As they roamed the crowd, Lucas' eyes kept trying to catch a better glimpse of Chase. He had a certain swag in his walk, shoulders slightly hunched forward. Robust features, thin lips, big hair, bushy eyebrows, and a James Dean quality. He wore these slick, black pants and a silk white shirt tucked under it, wrapped with a black leather belt. Lucas could see a couple of tattoos popping from under his shirt.

"Are all twins close, as they say?" Lucas questioned teasingly.

"Myth. I fucking hate her." Chase answered without missing a beat. They both chuckled.

"I figured as much." Lucas replied just as they reached drinks. He picked two Mojito glasses from the table and handed one to Chase. As he did, he caught him staring at him. He had these dark, blue, almost grayish-deep eyes.

"You're bored as fuck, I can tell." Chase exclaimed.

"Oh, sorry...I didn't mean to..." Lucas apologized.

"Dude, chill. Trust me, I get it." Chase appeased. "Bottoms up." He announced, raising his glass and chugging half his drink. Lucas looked at him and chuckled. Not wanting to leave his new acquaintance hanging, he took the drink to his mouth and swallowed it in one go. It took a while, but Chase seemed to enjoy every minute, smiling at Lucas as he did it. Lucas placed the glass on the table and licked his lips. "Wanna get high?" Chase suggested after a brief silence, distracted as he stared at Lucas' moist mouth.

"I..." Lucas stuttered.

"Dude, have you ever...?" Chase questioned before noticing the clueless look on Lucas' face. "What's the most private place inside this palace?" He asked.

"Hum...probably my Dad's greenhouse. But he hates it when people go there. He keeps it closed." Lucas informed before he paused to ponder. "C'mon." He yelled, rushing off without waiting for Chase, who pursued him.

Suddenly, as the boys walked hurriedly past the crowd, almost running, Bowie came flying out of nowhere, grabbing Lucas and bearing him under his arm. He was heavily intoxicated.

"Where the fuck are you going, princess?" He shouted, garnering the attention of the people around them.

"Jesus, Bo! Be quiet." Lucas warned. Bo giggled, slightly wheezy as he tumbled over his brother. His forehead fell on Lucas' hair, and he sniffed his brother's curls. "This is Chase." Lucas introduced. Bowie turned his face over to Chase, whose gracious smile quickly turned into a squint as he felt Bo burn his face down to the bone with his gaze.

"Whatever." Bo uttered, completely dismissing Chase's presence. "Ditch this dude." He whispered into his brother's ear, giggling into it. Lucas felt a ripple of energy travel down to his crotch, tingling all his body hair.

"Don't be like that." Lucas whispered back, pleading with his brother to behave.

Suddenly, a female voice hollered from the other end of the pool.

"Bowie, come here!" A young woman called, her arm raised as she jumped energetically.

Bo looked at her, then turned to look at his brother. He seemed to want to say something for a moment but quickly backed away, his eyes on Lucas. His hand gripped the boy's hair, slowly sliding off as he pulled away. His fingers ran down his brother's face before they fell. Bo took his hand to his chest and smiled.

"My boy." He uttered, his eyes glistening. He turned around and walked around the pool, his feet trying to keep steady.

Lucas stood there for a while, watching Bo walk away. What was it he wanted to say, Lucas thought?

"Your brother is...intense." Chase commented, snapping Lucas purposely out of his daze.

Yeah...sorry. Come on." Lucas instructed.

The two boys ran inside the house and up the stairs. As they did, Chase's head would swirl around, trying to catch every detail as they marveled at the house's luxury. They rushed through the upper corridor, veering into a smaller hall with a door at the end of it. Lucas turned the key and signaled Chase to go inside before following him and closing the door, locking it from the inside. They walked up a steep flight of stairs until they reached what could only be described as one of the most beautiful rooms Chase had ever seen. The walls were covered in colorful paintings and mirrors, and the floor was layered with a white carpet, soft and furry. As he looked up, Chase's mouth dropped. The entire roof was made of glass, with slick steel bars holding the whole structure, giving the room a full view of the sky. The boy stayed there, swirling as he looked up, fascinated by the magnificence of it.

As his head finally came down, his eyes met Lucas', who was opening a large glass door, exposing a vast balcony. Chase walked up to it as Lucas slowly unveiled the panoramic view of the property. Bellow, the guests moved around, oblivious to their presence.

"People rarely look up here." Lucas stated. "This is my favorite place in the world." He confessed, a certain nostalgia kicking in.

"This is way over the top, dude." Chase joked as he pulled the joint out of his shirt's pocket and lit it. Despite his comment, he seemed impressed.

"Well...yeah. Maybe a little." Lucas agreed. He crouched and sat on these giant pillows spread over the balcony floor. Chase joined soon after, crossing his legs before him and nestling beside Lucas, their shoulder almost touching. "This is where I had my first piano lessons. Back there." He revealed, pointing to a large corner where a dusty black wood piano stood.

"You play?" Chase asked, surprised. Lucas nodded as Chase passed him the joint. Lucas stared at it, then at his friend. He took a mild drag, coughing immediately.

"You have to hold it in a bit." Chase guided. Lucas tried again. This time, he inhaled, holding the smoke in his lungs before he blew it out, coughing again.

"Shit!" Lucas uttered, chuckling. He leaned back, and his eyebrows lifted in surprise after a few seconds. "Oh..." He mumbled, feeling the first rush of the high.

"I know. This is good shit." Chase replied, taking the joint out of Lucas' hands.

"Don't you get overwhelmed by all this?" Chase questioned. He seemed intrigued by Lucas' attitude.

"It's all I've known. But...I do get bored sometimes." Lucas replied. "Does that sound presumptuous?" He questioned.

"Hell no, dude. You're like a cool, rich kid. It's fucking refreshing." Chase exclaimed. "What's up with your brother, though?" He asked.

"It's...complicated." Lucas answered. "I'd rather not talk about it if you don't mind." He added.

"No problem." Chase appeased.

Silence took hold, and for a few minutes, they just sat there, ignoring everything around them as they bathed in their high, chasing its kick. And then, unexpectedly, time passed. Lucas and Chase bonded, their similarities building a beautiful bridge between them and their differences teasing their curiosity for the unknown. Lucas' sheltered existence had deprived him of close friends. And the absolute best had always been expected of him, placing the boy under immense pressure. Only Bo offered him a space to be himself. And yet, with Chase, it felt different, easy. That afternoon, they laughed, shared stories, and managed to find, along the way, opportunities to touch each other subtly. A hand on the leg, a slight nudge of a head on a shoulder, or a manly punch on the arm. It had been a long time since Lucas had felt so at ease.

That is until someone knocked on the door to the attic. In seconds, Lucas' eyes gaped in terror.

"Fuck! What time is it?" He yelled out loud.

"6:50 p.m. Why?" Chase answered, confused.

"Mother fucker!" Lucas yelled, flying off the ground and scrambling to pull himself together. "We gotta go, dude. Now!" He warned before another knock was heard coming from the door. Lucas rushed for the stairs, with Chase following closely behind as they stumbled down the steps. As Lucas finally managed to open the door, his shoulders fell in relief. Behind the door stood Aibeleen, one eyebrow lifted.

"Aibee!" Lucas exclaimed.

"Child, your mother has been asking for you for three hours." Aibeleen scolded.

"Sorry, Aibee. I forgot about the "thing." Lucas tried to explain. He leaned forward and kissed Aibeleen before trying to rush past her.

"Now, wait a minute." Aibee uttered. Her voice was slowly shifting. "Get your white behind over here." She ordered. Lucas stopped, backtracking until he stood next to her. Aibeleen stretched her neck and pushed her nose close to the boy's mouth. "Have you been smoking, Lucas?" She questioned. Lucas paused, carefully planning the best course of action. "Don't you dare lie to me, child." She added. Behind her, Chase watched, both surprised and fascinated.

"Maybe..." Lucas muttered. Chase let out an involuntary chuckle.

"Lord, help me." Aibeleen muttered. For a moment, Lucas could swear she chuckled. "I think you should join your family downstairs, Mr. Chase." She advised her tone was soft and accommodating. Lucas glanced at Chase over Aibeleen's shoulder and winked.

Chase got the memo, nodded, and turned around, walking down the large flight of stairs. As he reached the base, he frowned, surprised by the lack of noise and chatter. And as he got to the massive front door to the pool, he noticed these strange blue lights peeking through it. He pushed the door with his hand, eyes gaping at the sight beyond it.

A stage hovering over the pool. And in its center, a glittering white piano, pierced by dozens of sidelights stationed around the water's edges, allowing the white tones to fuse with the blue lamps, spreading the light over the venue and coating it with the warmest ambiance. As Chase stood there, dazed by the stunning setting, twilight descended upon the property. As he scanned the crowd, the boy's eyes finally met his mother's, her hand stretched in an understated way. He walked over, his gaze still locked on the stage.

"Where were you?" Nicole whispered. Her tone was harsh.

"Lucas was showing me around." Chase replied, trying to match his mother's tone.

"For once in your life, try not to embarrass us." She spewed, turning to the side to talk to Nora, who sat two chairs down.

Chase rolled his eyes, unbothered by his mother's comment. He let his head fall back, taking a deep breath before he brought his eyes forward, leading them straight into Bowie, who sat on the other side of the stage, their gaze meeting between one of the piano's legs. There it was, that stare. Chase felt both allured and scared by it. Sitting next to Bowie was a young woman, discretely rubbing the stud's crotch, and even from under the fabric, and with a considerable distance between them, the boy could see how big Bo's cock appeared to be. Chase grinned, which seemed to entice Bowie's channeled rage even more.

Then suddenly, the soft chatter died down, and Bowie's eyes shifted sideways, his expression changing completely. Soon, every head in the venue was turning. Chase followed the crowd, his lips slowly stretching into a smile as he finally realized what everyone was looking at. Lucas was exiting the house with his bare feet floating graciously over the pavement. He wore an all-white silk ensemble, trousers with a see-through shirt that exposed his beautiful, soft, smooth skin. Chase's mouth dropped slightly, his throat swallowing dry and his ass adjusting somewhat on his seat as he tried to hide his fascination. He glanced at Bowie momentarily, intrigued by how Bo's demeanor softened whenever his brother was around. How he looked at him and how his eyes glistened with emotion as Lucas crossed the stage and approached the piano. He adored that boy.

William got up from his seat and walked over to meet his son. Lucas' fingers grazed the piano's bright, white lid as he closed in on his father.

"What are you going to surprise us with?" William asked. Around them, the chattering increased exponentially. William's eyes beamed as his son smiled at him, struggling to maintain his composure.

"Actually, I thought I'd play something for you tonight." Lucas replied. William stood there, caging his pride, desperately fighting the urge to embrace his son. He took a deep breath, and without uttering a word, he turned around and walked back to his seat.

Lucas sat on the leather stool before the piano, adjusting his pants as he fidgeted in his seat. He seemed momentarily inanimate, hunching over the keyboard, seemingly waiting for the general buzz to die down. Once it did, Lucas raised his hands and hit a single key with his long, slim fingers, spreading the sound across the garden. Then, confident that he had garnered the room's attention his arms wafted down, and he began to play the piece.

The first part was hectic, full of nuance and excitement, like a spring awakening. The boy's body flowed effortlessly over the instrument, his arms stretching graciously along the keys and his fingers moving with such speed it seemed impossible to follow them. Chase watched incredulously as the room became spellbound by Lucas' magic. He glanced sideways, watching William's eyes glisten under his stoic countenance. As Chase's eyes fell back to the center of the stage, he couldn't help but peek at Bowie.

There, enveloped in an invisible layer of solitude, Bo wept. But his tears weren't rushed, unexpected, or unwanted. They fell willingly along Bo's beaming face, landing like soft, silky rose petals over his stretched lips. It was raw, stripped of any shame or moral. Chase's cock immediately twitched inside his pants. Bo's vulnerability towards his brother was unsettling.

Every single note Lucas played sent shock waves across the audience, heightening their spirits and nurturing their souls. He was now a conduit, a source of energy from where everything poured and to where everything flowed, his every movement being devoured by the guest's eyes and ears, pleasuring them beyond what they knew or needed, the dance of his fingers on the keyboards breaking down even the most cynical of souls.

"Is he...?" A voice stuttered a few chairs down from where Chase sat.

"Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu Opus 66, in C sharp minor." Another replied, whispering.

"Remarkable." Another voiced.

Chase could feel the awe. And Lucas was earning every particle of it. As he sprinted towards the last thirty seconds of the piece, Lucas' body seemed to grow and expand, his movements swift and precise, his blond curls swirling in the night breeze. Chase observed, as precum oozed inside his undies, what could only be described as the sexiest moment he had ever experienced in his short life. And as his high subsided, so did Lucas' notes, slowly descending into a soft melody until his fingers finally stopped. He didn't lift his head right away. He lingered there, reveling in the silence.

There were no words that could ever describe that moment. As such, the room sat in silence for several minutes. Eventually, Lucas' head lifted.

"Bravo!" John's voice shouted from the back, finally permitting the room to stand up in a roaring applause. He lifted his arms and clapped, encouraging the audience's reverence for his nephew's performance.

Chase's eyes scanned the room, bewildered by the noise that now exploded around him. He could barely hear anything as people turned to each other to comment privately on Lucas' rendition. As Nicole turned to Nora to say something, visibly convinced of the potential in their alliance, Chase saw William jump from his seat, running past the lawn and into the main stage, stopping inches from Lucas, who had just stood up, before he hugged his son. Then, in an unplanned spur of the moment, he leaned forward and kissed his son's forehead, dragging the boy offstage under his arm. People started naturally flocking to them, circling the two like vultures.

Bowie remained in his chair as the seats gradually emptied, his eyes watching as his brother got dragged off. His head eventually fell between his shoulders, sadness finally creeping in. As he stared vacantly at the floor, he saw the fancy tip of a pair of shoes stop before him.

"Try to behave the rest of the night. You wouldn't want to unsettle your father after what your brother did." Nora's voice slithered. Bo lifted his head to stare at his mother, eyes reddened and smudged in tears.

"Yes, Mam." He uttered calmly and respectfully.

They served a few more drinks inside, but the party died after several hours, and most guests had gone home. Only about twenty people remained: the Warrens, John and a couple of other relatives, and some of Nora's friends. William and George hit it off and had become inseparable, retiring to the "steam room", where they indulged in hours of smoking and political debate. Nora and her friends had retreated to the living room, spending the rest of the night surrounded by shallow conversation.

Lucas had been wandering the house for the last ten minutes, looking for Bowie, who had been missing since dinner. He had just dropped Chase by one of the bathrooms on the bottom floor. He decided to scour ahead, and before he knew it, he was walking around the barely lit gardens, enveloped by darkness. He stopped near the top of the steps that led up to the pool area, and that was when he heard faint noises coming from behind some bushes. His lips immediately stretched.

"Watch the teeth." Someone mumbled. "Wait...take these off." The male voice continued.

"You have a condom?" A female voice uttered.

"I'll pull out, don't worry." The guy conveyed.

Lucas walked down the stairs to where the voices were coming from, barely making any noise since he had removed his shoes again after dinner. And it wasn't long, as he approached the tall vines that concealed these mysterious people from sight, until he finally recognized the unmistakably familiar male voice. Bo lay on the grass, his tailored pants pulled down to his ankles as a plump female ass mounted his 8-inch cock.

"Fuck..." The girl moaned as Bo's hips pumped his giant shaft inside her pussy.

"Shhh...be quiet." Bo warned as he pulled the girl's hair back, forcing her head to snap back. His breath was hectic, and his strokes were getting faster. The girl turned her head to the side, enough for Lucas to realize it was Chase's sister, Megan. Bo picked her up, kneeling on the floor as she saddled him and let her ride his cock for a bit.

Lucas let his body drop, his eyes scouring the floor as he sat near the top of the grassy incline. And it was then, as he raised his head, that he realized Bo was staring right back at him. In any other situation, on any other night, Lucas would have lept out and run away, embarrassed for having been caught. But this was not one of those nights. Somehow, tonight felt different. Their eyes lingered as the girl bounced on Bo's massive cock, sliding it inside her pussy, her head buried in his left shoulder and away from view.

But at this point, as far as the two brothers were concerned, it was as if she wasn't even there. She was a means to an end, a way for Bo and Lucas to finally pull the veil that had prevented them from ever genuinely acknowledging their feelings. Lucas leaned forward, his arms around his legs, and gazed at his brother's eyes. And for the first time in their lives, Bo didn't look away. He remained there, mouth slightly opened, his body bouncing as Megan rode him. Lucas smiled.

"Oh shit..." Megan stuttered as she squirted all over Bo's shaft.

And just like that, Bo smiled back. He held Megan in his arms and leaned forward, laying her on her back on the grass, letting his body fall over her. And it was then, as he began to move his ass up and down, thrusting his cock into her, that the truth was finally revealed to Lucas.

All these years of doubt and shame had been for nothing, and all the hours spent questioning his feelings, their morality, were in vain. Because there, inside his brother's eyes, was the truth. Bo didn't just love Lucas. He desired him. It wasn't just adoration. It was lust. And it wasn't that girl he was fucking. It was Lucas.

Lucas nodded, sure his brother would know what he meant even through all that darkness. He wanted Bo to feel pleasure, joy, and even love. Even if just for a few seconds. So he gave his consent for Bo to unload.

"I'm gonna shoot..." Bowie warned, lifting his ass.

"Come on my tits!" Megan quickly uttered, pulling the top of her dress down and squeezing her breasts together just as Bo crawled over her and started shooting his thick load over her.

The first few strings managed to land over her nipples, but as Bo's gaze followed Lucas, who was now trying to sneak away without being seen, he missed the mark, accidentally squirting on her face. As Lucas walked up the steps to the pool, he could still hear Megan's incredibly annoying voice battering Bowie.

"You messed my fucking hair, you jerk." She complained.

"If you had bigger tits, they would have blocked it." Bowie mocked.

Lucas chuckled, shaking his head as his feet finally hit the marble stones around the pool. He lingered there, with his hands in his pockets, gazing at the still water. He couldn't shake off the image of Bo's face as he pumped his load from his mind. Nor did he want to. Inside his pants, his dick was throbbing, gushing precum over his cotton undies, and he was loving every second.

"The way you played today...it was fucking hot." Chase spoke from behind him.

"I was going for astounding. But I'll take it." Lucas replied teasingly. Although he smiled, Lucas neglected to look back at Chase. "It was no big deal." He added.

"How can you be so blasé about it?" Chase questioned, waiting for Lucas to turn. But he wouldn't, as if his spirit was stuck somewhere else. "I...would love to keep in touch." Chase stated, his hands nervously wavering as he decided whether or not to touch Lucas.

"Of course." Lucas replied, finally turning around, his smile powering the already burning sensation on Chase's abdomen.

"I like you." Chase uttered. Lucas' smile stretched further out but suddenly stopped, retracting. He had just realized what Chase meant.

"Chase, I..." Lucas muttered before the other boy lunged forward, his mouth slightly open.

Startled, Lucas pushed Chase back, unleashing a chain of disastrous events that propelled Chase to grab Lucas' wrist just as he pulled back, resulting in both falling into the pool, fully clothed. Their bodies floated under the water momentarily before breaking the surface, their laughter echoing across the somewhat deserted garden. Soon, Bowie and Megan popped out from behind the bushes, with Nora and Nicole following as they rushed from inside the house.

"Lucas, are you crazy? You'll catch a cold!" Nora uttered, displaying an irrational panic while still trying to keep her composure. She rushed for one of the sunbeds and pulled a towel from under it.

Nicole lingered behind, staring daggers at Chase, who slowly pulled himself off the pool and went up the steps. His mother's eyes then turned to Megan.

"Where the hell were you?" She questioned.

"I just came to get some fresh air." Megan replied, shrugging her shoulders while looking visibly nervous.

"It was my fault, Mrs. Wilde. I accidentally pushed Lucas." Chase lied as Nora dried Lucas' blonde head with the towel.

"It's alright, darling, don't worry. But it's probably best I take Lucas inside." Nora excused, faking her tolerance for the situation.

"We were leaving anyway, Nora. Thank you so much for having us. I'll call you about that spa treatment." Nicole stated, reading on Nora's face just how overstayed Chase's presence was.

"What about Dad?" Megan questioned.

"Oh, honey, William and your father are pulling an all-nighter. I've seen this happen a million times." Nora explained.

"The driver's outside, Megan. He'll pick your father up later. Let's go." Nicole rushed, slightly annoyed. "See you soon, Nora." She stated.

"Goodbye, Nicole." Nora replied. Lucas' gaze met Chase's from under her, and he winked. Chase walked away, smiling despite apprehensively.

"I can take him upstairs if you want?" Bowie suggested.

"No. You've done enough for one night." Nora replied coldly, not even stopping to address him.

Bowie stayed there, watching as they disappeared inside the house. As soon as the door closed, his body caved to the floor, hands around his legs as he rocketed back and forth. He shuffled to the pool, removed his shoes and socks, and plunged his feet inside. He sat there, gazing at the water, moving his feet slowly under it. Then, he let his body fall over the marble deck, his head sinking into the grass beside it. Bo closed his eyes and fell into a shallow slumber, gazing at the star-filled sky above him, his mind shifting back and forth in a delightful haze, losing track of time. After a couple of minutes, he fell asleep.

Hours later, inside the house, Lucas woke. He rolled over to face the window, his eyes struggling to open as he stretched his arm, grabbing his phone from the nightstand. The screen read 3:15 a.m. The house was silent, but he could hear a faint noise from the balcony and a soft light peeking through. He pulled his legs out to the edge of the bed and stood straight, yawning as he went over to the glass door and opened it. He blinked, and as his eyes adjusted, he realized the music and the light were coming from his father's greenhouse.

"Not again." Lucas muttered, annoyed.

Since he was a boy, William had taken hold of the greenhouse as his private place, a layer of sorts, a man cave. It started as a side project, where he could escape and relax away from Nora's demands and family responsibilities, like a small piece of his youth and freedom. But as the years passed, William became increasingly territorial, prohibiting anyone in the house, including Nora, from ever stepping inside his secluded hideout. Every once in a while, and since his room was facing it, Lucas would get woken by the loud music and dim lights coming from inside the greenhouse, punching through his bedroom window. But for the last couple of years, William seemed keen on spending more and more time inside, prolonging his stay through the long night hours.

And it bugged the hell out of Lucas that no one seemed to want to address the issue.

Amid these mental ramblings, Bowie's image came to mind, and he smiled, feeling his cock tingle slightly, recalling their beautiful moment early on. Remembering how Bo gazed at him as he unloaded. He decided he needed some closure, and given the night's high emotions, Lucas' spirit was feeling uncharacteristically reckless. He sighed and pulled back, closing the window completely, which seemed to obstruct the noise coming from outside. He walked to the bathroom and took a leak before rushing for the bed and grabbing a T-shirt. He strolled out of his room and tiptoed across the hall into Bo's chamber. He turned the knob and went in, immediately noticing how quiet it was. Bo breathed heavily when he slept, so he couldn't possibly be in his room. Strangely enough, from Bo's window, he could hear a distinctively familiar tune emanating from the greenhouse.

"Suite Nr.3 in D Major..." Lucas whispered.

His body flew out the door, his step heavier as he rushed through the dark corridor, down the stairs, and out the front door into the garden. He followed the trail down into the greenhouse structure, and as he neared it, he could still hear the music coming from inside. But it had reverted to a muffled version of the arrangement. Lucas knew Bo's room was higher, so the soft wind probably carried the sound upstairs. He could listen to voices mixed with the music coming from inside, but from where he stood, they were undiscerning to his ears. There was no way into the monumental glass shed other than the locked front door, and the tall vines growing around the inner layer made it impossible to peek inside.

Then, by sheer chance, Lucas suddenly remembered his father mentioning recently that one of the side windows was busted, and he seemed particularly adamant that it'd be fixed with the utmost urgency. The boy started walking around the structure, looking for crevasses in all the windows, until he finally found one whose rusted metal handle was slightly cracked. Lucas closed in on it, got on top of a small crate, and pushed the right side of the window in. As soon as he did, the sound of the loud music enveloped his ears. It was so loud he could barely hear his thoughts. The way the sound blasted out, the whole structure was probably soundproof. Lucas climbed over the glass, his feet relying on the metal frame, and he carefully squeezed his body inside, dropping over some crates. He lay there, frozen, fearing someone might have heard him. But the music was clangorous enough to block any noise. He immediately noticed a hollow gallery space where he stood, between the tall vines and the glass structure. He walked along it, searching for a breach in the thick veins where he could peek through. And it wasn't long before he discovered more than a breach. The veins eventually opened an arch into the building, but as Lucas approached the opening, he halted, startled by the sight of the back of his father's head sticking out from behind the back of a large sofa.

William's head unwound on it, his arm posing and his elbow resting by the side of the couch as his fingers held a large cigar. Lucas halted, lingering behind the archway, observing his father's motions. Every once in a while, the boy would get distracted by these slurping sounds. But for about a minute, nothing substantial happened besides William's hand bringing the cigar down to his mouth before returning to his resting position. But then, another person entered the frame, and it took Lucas a few seconds to disclose his identity before his eyes gaped in shock.

George strolled quietly from the back of the room, completely naked and stroking his cock with his right hand. He walked in William's direction, halting at about 5 feet from where he stood. He dropped his legs slightly and pushed himself into something, his whole lower body concealed behind the couch and away from Lucas' view.

And that's when Lucas heard a loud moan. Followed by heavy breathing as George began pounding his body into something that stood between him and William.

"That's it...take that cock, you fucking bitch." George groaned in a belligerent way.

Before him, William seemed unphased, his left hand going for his crotch, seemingly grabbing something. Lucas' mind was spinning, unable to grasp what he was seeing.

"Fuck, don't make me cum again. Not yet..." William grunted, taking the cigar to his mouth and blowing a large cloud of smoke up in the air. From under it, George eventually resurfaced, plunging his cock even harder inside whoever stood between them. William's head raised suddenly, his blonde hair lit by the small chandelier to his right. "C'mon now, George. Don't be greedy." He teased, signaling his new friend to move out of the way.

"Fuck it. I need a break anyway." George replied with heavy breaths, his large, hairy chest and belly moving up and down as he pulled away, walking to the back and disappearing in the frame. As he did, Lucas heard a second moan, which sounded familiar this time.

William's right arm came down, and he punched the cigar several times against a large ashtray on the table beside him before sliding sideways and standing up. He turned around, allowing Lucas to finally see his father's hard cock. The boy's mouth dropped. William's 11-inch dick was dangling in midair, throbbing, oozing a large string of precum, and its veiny surface glistened with someone's spit. He went around the person behind the sofa, who now mewled, and took George's place.

"It's ok. I'm here." William stated, with his husky voice. It was lustful yet tender. He dropped his body and slowly slid his monstrous cock in. And when he did, the hands of the person concealed behind the couch crawled into view, gripping the fabric. "Daddy's here." William added.

Lucas' heart stopped.

From behind the sofa, a luminous head of raven-black hair emerged. His head snapped as he arched his muscular, smooth back, pushing his firm ass against William's shaft.

"Fuck...Dad..." Bo whispered as he bit lustfully on his plump lips.

Lucas' hand went for his mouth, shielding it.

"You want me to fuck your tight hole?" William questioned, his tone becoming dark and twisted. His pelvis pushed into Bo, propelling the stud's body forward.

"Yes, daddy..." Bo whimpered between heavy moans. William grinned with pride. He stretched his arm and, in an eerily slow manner, garnered all of Bo's gorgeous hair inside his hand before violently pulling it back, unleashing a gasp from his son's mouth. Their bodies were locked, Bo's back brushing against his father's sweaty chest. Lucas could now see his brother's hard cock dangling between his legs.

"That's my boy..." William whispered into his son's ear before he started pounding into him. Then, he grabbed Bo's head and forced his tongue inside the boy's mouth. The clapping sound of William's hips smashing against Bo's cheeks spread across the room, merging with the Bach and Chopin arrangements playing loudly in the back. And the moans they released, as they sucked on each other's mouths, rearranged their lustful symphony.

Lucas watched, dumbfounded, as he hid behind the archway, to his brother being savagely fucked by their father, and it must have been minutes before he finally removed his hand from his mouth, allowing his pale voice to break free.

"What the f...."

(To be continued...)

Copyright © 2023 CasualWanderer82; All Rights Reserved.
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Posted (edited)

Is Bowie a replacement for John?  

Is William doing both of them?

Is Bowie the house whore?

Will William countenance Bowie and Lucas being intimate?

Yeah, I was waiting for the next chapter but the questions kept bubbling up, lol.

William and Nora seem like a match made in hell but they produced their two sons….then again, Aibeleen might be the one responsible for their humanity. 

Right now my sympathies are firmly with Bowie and Lucas….and maybe John, lol.


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5 hours ago, FanLit said:

Is Bowie a replacement for John?  

Is William doing both of them?

Is Bowie the house whore?

Will William countenance Bowie and Lucas being intimate?

Yeah, I was waiting for the next chapter but the questions kept bubbling up, lol.

William and Nora seem like a match made in hell but they produced their two sons….then again, Aibeleen might be the one responsible for their humanity. 

Right now my sympathies are firmly with Bowie and Lucas….and maybe John, lol.


You're just as excited to find out as I am. 😜

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18 hours ago, drsawzall said:

Oh my...certainly not your average garden party...

These are "Wilde" men, for sure.

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20 minutes ago, CasualWanderer82 said:

These are "Wilde" men, for sure.

The permutations of incestuous couplings are beginning to boggle the mind and just how long before Lucas submits to Bowie and lay under him....

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