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  1. FanLit

    Chapter 9

    High praise, coming from you.
  2. FanLit

    Chapter 9

    “What are you doing?” I ask. I need to be alone, West. I need it. You should know that about me. “I’m doing what I always do, Andy. I’m doing what I always do, whether you know it or not.” “What’s that?” I ask, more than a little annoyed. He looks at me evenly. Unflinching. Firm and undaunted. “I walk beside you.” “ Oh, Without even finishing this story, I prefer it to “Requited”; they are both full of this incredible, chemically mated love these two men share but this presents with more dimension to me. I truly look forward to every chapter of this.
  3. FanLit

    Chapter 7

    For as lengthy as your chapters can be, they’re not long enough, lol. You need to post more often (every day?) 🙏 If you can’t tell, I think this story is incredible, lol.
  4. FanLit

    Chapter 5

  5. FanLit

    Chapter 1

    Love seeing a new story posted by you; looking forward to the journey.
  6. FanLit

    Chapter 2

    This story is incredible. Looking for more....
  7. FanLit


    They may want to re-think their plan about keeping Colt in the dark about the "thing." At some point in time, they should tell him because if he finds out about it by accident, it won't go over well. -I disagree about Colt finding out, I think only the original team need to know about it, they were the ones most affected by what happened; The only other person who I think should know (if they don’t already) is Helen. If you’re projecting, I am too, lol. The end of this definitely felt more open ended than the other glimpses of Orchard life we’ve had.
  8. FanLit


    What an unexpected delight to find this morning❣️❣️ 👏 Though this was a snippet in time like the other stories in this anthology, I found myself looking for the next chapter at the end, lol. You packed such a treasure trove in this chapter, Jonathan, I don’t know where to start and I’m sure once I’m done, there will be more I wanted to mention but didn’t. Change is rarely accepted easily, and that was reflected in Kyle and Colt, they are waging a silent tug of war over their respective places in David’s life and both perspectives are understandable. New love is all consuming, add in first love and your whole axis is overturned; Colt wanted to really dive exclusively into this most important romantic relationship of his life but he fell in love with a man who is the head of a very close knit family so he’ll never have David all to himself, Colt is learning to share when he really doesn’t want to, lol. His unease also comes from a combination of insecurity and jealousy over this family he’s currently a satellite member of-he holds back due to his own natural reserve and a fear he won’t be accepted, particularly by Kyle....he knows instinctively if Kyle really didn’t like him there wouldn’t be much hope for a future with David, besides envying the close nature of their relationship; It results in a gruff, somewhat dictatorial manner that I wouldn’t much care for if I didn’t know where Colt was coming from; The days of his emotional reticence around the Howard clan are numbered though and thy name is Aaron, lol!! (Can’t you make him any more adorable?) 😆 💓 While Kyle has made great strides in managing his anxiety disorder, I think the very nature of it magnifies any personal upheaval in his life. (Interesting it doesn’t affect him professionally at all). Jacob’s presence and command of his own recovery as well as being a father to the boys serve as the mainstay of his life but Kyle will always have a battle with this....as Jacob will always be in recovery, so will Kyle. So here you have these two control freaks in a situation out of their control and each tries to stand their ground; I’ve no doubt that they will come to some kind of neutral zone, as David is absolutely worth it to both of them....Kyle is already on his way: “I just wanted to say that I’m happy for you and that I really do think Colt is a good guy. I don’t want you or anyone else to think I disapprove of him or anything like that.” I think a conversation with “Stewie” is in order for Colt. 😊 Thank you for this treat, Jonathan, yet another delectable to add to the cornucopia. 💖💖
  9. FanLit


    This started off SOOOOO good and then ended, well not so good. It seems Aidan’s not the only one taking baby steps right now, (YAY to Aidan walking❣️❣️ 👏) there is stumbling going on with his grownups, too. (It had to come sometime, lol) For all of Mat’s waffling, he’s actually trying to be mature about this-he wanted to talk to Seamus and share where he was coming from in the cold light of day but by then Seamus’ defenses were up and that brought up Matt’s defenses; Where there is great love, lies the potential for great hurt and in each one’s respective attempts to protect themselves, bang and boom, Hurtsville station is in their nation. 😕 Aidan’s reaction to Seamus was touching and heartbreaking and another reminder of why Matt needs to be careful. I see both sides to this, it can go either way but this is a mrsgnomie story, our boys will have a happily ever after with each other. (right?) lol.
  10. This chapter unpacked a lot. I’m glad that Matt and Seamus cleared the air about where they stood and what they both wanted out of their relationship; They are actually closer to being on the same page than either thought. Finding out the truth about Seamus and Kelly’s marriage was a revelation to the reader and Matt, it shows how invested Seamus is in their little family and how much Seamus’ friends think of Matt that this was revealed on their first meeting (speaking of-what an incredible board of directors; How many corporations would thrive with a committee like that, lol; It also speaks volumes that they are all smitten with Aidan). Still waters run deep and Matt was shown how deep Seamus’ currents are; Matt has more power in their relationship than he thought from appearances; I hope it allays some of his insecurities while he takes tender care of Seamus’ heart. Off campus or on, if Matt hadn’t “lived it up” by his junior year, he wasn’t going to be swinging drawers up the flagpole anytime soon. I think his mental gripes are typical of a 21 year old saying goodbye to childish ways and embracing the grown up world. I have high hopes for Seamus and Matt.
  11. ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️
  12. I’d LOVE to see Seamus’ perspective on how he fell in love with Matt and Aiden, because he definitely loves them both.
  13. Congratulations Brother Daddy Matt and Boss Nanny Seamus. 🎉 👨‍👨‍👦 You have built this up so very, very, well. Thank you,” Matt smiled. He closed his eyes in ecstasy the moment the ice cool, smooth chocolate hit his tongue. “Mmmm.” When Matt opened his eyes, Seamus was looking a bit terrified. “Sorry,” Matt said. “It’s the closest thing to sex I’ve had in a long time.” I think there are going to be a couple of terrified looking people this weekend....I hope they are terrified looking several times, lol!!
  14. FanLit

    Finding a balance

    Intriguing characters and the usual engaging buildup of a Mrsgnomie story. Looking forward to Matt’s “Aha” moment to Seamus’ interest and what they will do about it, Aido Potato is a factor regardless of how this plays out; They are already the cutest little family.
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