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  1. FanLit


    I meant to ask before: Whatever happened to Adrian’s friend, the one who outed him to his parents?
  2. FanLit


    ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ What he said.
  3. FanLit


    Those footprints show that Leonard better take some type of security precautions with the house, else Adrian and his colleague might have a troublesome/dangerous time while they’re there. I suspected that Adrian’s past would have had kissing off the list of “activities” he partook in, his subsequent personal involvements weren’t romantically intimate so it’s no surprise that he’d never kissed someone else before; What a hot, erotic way to bust that cherry!! Lenny and Ade are progressing at an enjoyable pace, Brian....🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 You are also doing an ace job at drawing us into the mystery of Luke and Bryn Bach. It is bittersweet hearing about this charismatic person now long dead and makes his “suicide” sound more and more suspect, then again, who knows what might’ve happened to drive him to such an end; Though he left the year before Luke’s death, might Howie have more light to shed on the subject? 🤔 (for some reason, I thought of him with the footprints, too). “Tune in Tuesday for the next exciting episode.” put me in the mind of “Masterpiece Theatre”, don’t ask me why, LOL.
  4. FanLit

    Chapter 5

    “He knew she was going to comment and wasn’t surprised when she finally asked “So what was going through your mind while you were being a voyeur?” “I wasn’t a voyeur, I was observing.” David had corrected. She had countered with “Did you get sexual satisfaction observing another Dom working with his sub?” She caught him when he blushed and said “Not during the scenes, I masturbated afterward.” “Then you were a voyeur.” she replied in her clipped British accent, an amused smile lighting up her face.” That was my big laugh this chapter, (po-tay-to/po-tah-to, indeed 😆) David’s friendship with Dr. Charlotte and his reunion with Lyssa and Owen were moving; As a side note, I love both the twins personalities-very much a yin and yang thing going on with each being perfect as they are. The scene is now set for the much needed conversation between David and TC; It was a saddened expectation I had reading David’s conclusion on what he wants going forward but I’m not sure TC is on that same page and then again, the heart wants what it wants, lol. I view David as the more disciplined between the two of them, so he might stick to his guns....we’ll see.
  5. You can let the story of what happened to Mark be a small side story if you don’t want to add it here. I understand why this feels done, as you’ve left the boys (excuse me, men) in a good place in their lives. Mark’s issue will be intriguing because for all that could’ve happened to him with the childhood he had, he’s lived a very fortunate existence, well earned but fortunate. If Mark’s incident involves James, I hope he’s dead.
  6. Well you’ll have to write more, as we need to know what happened to Mark. Thankfully, he’s clearly recovered from it but inquiring minds want to know: I’m not certain which would be worse, a physical or mental attack. We’re waiting for you to share....”Rob” 😉
  7. FanLit

    Chapter 28

    I’m still holding my opinion on Nick; He’s already not “just a quick fuck”; I’m wondering how far things will go and hope it doesn’t endanger Mark and Rob’s relationship. Boundaries, guys....you’re a couple, not a throuple.
  8. “Again, there's no Covid-19 in their world!!“ ⬆️ That right there is reason enough to read this story, *Sigh*
  9. FanLit

    Chapter 4

    Nice progress for TC. LOVE his relationship with Owen and Lyssa, he is clearly as important an adult in their lives as their parents and Mike; I wonder how things will work with him and them if he and David aren’t able to get back together. Can TC and David just be friends? Is that what they want from each other? Looking forward to hearing their first conversation with each other, as well as the deets from David’s trip.
  10. FanLit

    The First Christmas

    THEY’RE MARRIED❣️❣️❣️❣️ Oh Jonathan. This was SO BEAUTIFUL. Though the story title brings thanksgiving to mind, this was a Christmas in August, instead of July. 🎄 You crafted such a wonderful, wonder filled world that there are so many tales that can be woven into the ones you’ve already shared from The Orchard. This incredible juxtaposition of Christmas past and present was bittersweet for many reasons but mainly for me, because of Peter. To read about this special man’s character and witness his ties to everyone, (especially David and Brian) knowing that he was long gone and long missed, made me sad while at the same time he was charming me and touching me with his rascally, loving ways. It is fitting that on his last Christmas he recognized and gave the approval of the love between his boys. (Even if they didn’t realize it) I was emotional reading the story throughout....the tears came gushing out when I realized Brian was remembering Peter’s last Christmas on his first one as his son in law. There were many other poignant evocations in this story but Pistol Pete grabbed my heart and held it. Excellent. 👏
  11. FanLit

    Chapter 8

    I started to and then felt it was better to start from scratch, lol.
  12. FanLit


    Yes!!!! 0-69 in less than 6 seconds!! LOL!!!! Good on Leonard making the first move; Besides the fact I think Adrian needed that, when you get to a certain stage of life, beating around the bush is pointless. Adrian’s past allowed for a masterful sexual performance, something it appears Leonard needed. While he said he was versatile, I wonder if Leonard is one of those people who are bosses in the boardroom but not the bedroom, as I detected a submissive side to him in their intimacy. I liked this chapter, Brian. Well done. ✅
  13. FanLit

    Chapter 8

    In rereading this, I realized I forgot to pose a question originally: who was responsible for taking the pictures and video of Rob and Mark kissing? Were The Sun’s paparazzi that intrusive, or was it obtained elsewhere?
  14. FanLit

    Chapter 3

    I thought Dr. Charlotte was going to be a psychologist....not only was she a psychologist, she’s a sex psychologist!!!! LOL!! It’s good David wont have to wait to get back stateside for treatment, that he won’t be all pent up; Dr. Charlotte was a true gift to David. 🎁 Looking very forward to David’s next stop. Nice chapter, kbois.
  15. FanLit

    Chapter 2

    I like TC. I like TC and David together (their connection is amazing) but in the name of love TC made some bad choices, more than David, in my opinion.
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