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  1. No but that’s just my opinion. It doesn’t have to be back and forth between them both for the rest of the story (however many chapters you have left) but hearing Penn’s point of view on certain events of importance (like this! lol) would be cool.
  2. Go Penn, good for you!! He wasn’t faultless but he was voiceless and that isn’t the case anymore. I’m glad he cleared the air with his brothers and with Nash and I rejoice in their second chance, everyone’s off their pedestal and open lines of communication have been established. They will crawl before they walk but what they have is worth it, these are two inherently good men who deserve each other. Nash’s short refraction time is impressive, lol and I thought the corny jokes very cute. I read it, reread it and I’ll probably read it again. This chapter was well worth the wait. Thank you.
  3. Ramble away, lol. I love your stories and while the greedy reader I am would love a posting more than once a week, I understand each author’s creative process is different....in no way, shape or form would I want you doing anything that makes you produce content you are less than satisfied with. (Thanks to Tim and all editors) It is appreciated that you post completed stories (with the exception of one, 😄 😬) and the weekly postings add a dramatic, serial flavor that enhances the reading experience, IMO. Also, for clarity-any frustration expressed with the characters and choices they make is due to my investment in the story and never at the author. 😊
  4. I honestly don’t know what emoticon to leave at the end of the chapter. I am frustrated with both Coy and Boone, yet I understand each one’s actions. Boone more than likely needed to release all his pent up emotions and said pent up emotions may have been the driving factor in his decision to go left while Coy goes right; Now that those emotions have seen light, his love for Coy (both platonic and romantic) have him wavering on going it alone-he knows for all their best intentions, they may never see each other again and I don’t really know if he can live with that. Coy’s wounded stubbornness has him giving Boone the bum’s rush (here’s your hat, what’s your hurry? Lol). He doesn’t want to be parted from Boone but Boone’s confession makes Coy feel like a millstone around his neck (I am idiom and saying rich today!! 😆) and he more than likely wants to just get this over with. I really won’t believe Boone goes until he’s gone. I love the verses you choose at the start of each chapter. ✝️ 🔦 “My stomach was touching my backbone afore I ate.” ....No lie- today, two sayings for hunger were floating through my head- “my stomach was rubbing against my backbone” and “I’m hungrier than a hostage”. Great minds, Gary. 😘 🍻
  5. That’s a timeless search and requires more bravery and strength than one might think. 💞
  6. *Sigh* Boone did what he had to do....didn’t make the doing any easier but at least now it’s done. I reckon if Coy intends to change his mind at this point about going separate ways, he’s going to have to show him, not tell him. A visit to Boone’s bedroll or an afternoon interlude might clear Coy’s mind once and for all as well; Maybe he doesn’t want to know. Coy’s bible quote about last suppers sounds like he may initiate their parting sooner than Boone intends. “Sorry… you’re a growed man, and a good one. Do whatever you want. I got to do what’s right for me, and it ain’t got nothing to do with gold, broken nose, or Will.” I appreciate your vernacular faithfulness in this story (“growed man”) 😊 I’m sad for the guys right now....Can either really make the break from each other? Will their future actions be rash or rational?
  7. This chapter was a reminder of how stand up a guy Nash is. His innate ability to relate to young people allowed him to take the teens to task in a non aggressive but to the point way about how uncomfortable they were making he and their uncle Penn with their antics; Then he cursed out without cursing the clueless adults who should have known better about their intrusive questions. Honestly, if I were Nash, I’d leave the vacation the next day BUT Nash is here for whatever he can have with Penn so he’s going to put with a lot. Thanks for the new chapter so soon, @Mrsgnomie, I hope all is well.
  8. FanLit

    Chapter 4 Lawman

    So this good deed goes unpunished. Good for Boone and Coy and kudos to Sheriff Willard, who seems a wise man and a most capable law enforcer. Boone Dixon (😊) and Coy Diamond now have a nice stake to build upon, we knew Boone intended to take the sheriff’s advice before it was even issued, I wonder if Coy will as well. Will Boone wait until all the reward is collected by both men to have a discussion about their future or will he have it now? The gold rush may have started in California but it spread far and wide and its impact on life in the Old West cannot be underestimated. Towns lived and died on the prospects of panning from many a river. I don’t know if it’s been deliberately left out (and I apologized if I overlooked it) but what town/state are our intrepid heros? Or is it just Old West, U.S.A.? 😊 I suspect the next chapter will bring the conversation needed between these two about the future, whether that will involve divergent paths or not.
  9. I agree with the anywhere direction and the amazing story but I’m still rooting for Penn and Nash, lol.
  10. Alternate between both. It is good to hear from Penn but this was Nash’s story first.
  11. I am grateful for you and your family’s relative wellbeing and devastated to hear about your neighbors. 🙏 💔 Thank you for finding the time to update one of my favorite stories on the site. I still have hope for Nash and Penn. Enough time has passed between divorces, idealizations, misunderstandings and hurt feelings that a genuine relationship can phoenix from those ashes-the connection is still there between them; Ideally it would be romantic but neither will venture down that road unless it was healthy for them. Jason is not to be underestimated. i feel he’s playing a long game with Penn; Knowing he was Penn’s first for a lot of things, he’s giving him enough room to sort himself out with the intention of being his last or only-Penn’s decision to look at property in California speak to more than “getting laid”, he theoretically could do that anywhere, anytime but Nash isn’t the only person who requires some type of foundation for intimacy. His relationship with Jason may not be a 20 year held dream but he trusts him, he could be happy with him; His family’s interference (tho well intentioned) is pushing him away, right into Jason’s arms. Will the storm be hurricane Penn finally letting all his pent up emotions out? Will it be the dual currents of he and Nash doing what they need to do? Whether as friends or anything else, there is still unfinished business between them that needs a resolution in order for both of them to move forward. Real life will do what real life does, know that when your storms clear, we are here ready to appreciate the continuation of your tale.
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