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  1. FanLit

    The Seven7h Magpie

    Needed laugh after this story.
  2. FanLit

    The Seven7h Magpie

    This is a departure from your usual but still well done. I don’t usually do horror but I’m always willing to give anything you write a read. I’m glad that Billy had a friend in the magpie and sad for just about every other aspect of his life. I certainly hope the other passenger in Colin’s truck wasn’t another child. Wonder what truly did happen to Alice....
  3. FanLit

    Born Again

    Beautiful and tragic story. I do believe in reincarnation, though I don’t believe we always consciously remember our past lives. If future lives are karma for past lives, I wonder what new life awaited Thomas Johansson, Miriam for that matter, as well.
  4. FanLit

    Chapter 8

    I love how Tiger took to Marshall, he likes him better than Spencer, lol!!
  5. FanLit

    Chapter 8

    Marshall has found a haven (and maybe heaven?) in Squirrel. They have chemistry for days and I love that Marshall is attracted to Spencer, I hope Marshall gets to explore Squirrel’s nuts before too long or maybe stuff his in Squirrel’s cheeks 🐿 🥜 (I couldn’t resist). Now it’s just to keep Marshall safe in Spencer’s space and away from the parasites in his life; I hope their trust and faith in each other grows and withstands any tests or misunderstandings because they have the potential for an amazing relationship with each other.
  6. FanLit

    Chapter 7

    Your ire is beautifully expressed.
  7. FanLit

    Chapter 7

    Spencer’s family is lovely (even Garrett, lol) and Peony will make a great addition, she and Squirrel are already on their way to being great friends; She champions him and already sees him clearer than his own brother. Joe “the donkey” is also Joe the asshole....if this is a grab to be more relevant than he currently is, it’ll only work for less than 15 minutes unless he has something of substance to him. How old was Joe when he and Marshall were together and what is the age difference between the two? This could ruin Marshall’s whole career, guess we’ll see what the initial fallout i
  8. So several phrases jumped out at me in this reading: “Planting his feet next to him, Coy, now fully dressed, unbuttoned as well, and matching streams soon sparkled in the sunlight”.-The thought of glistening pee made me chuckle, 🤷‍♀️ “Yep… but I reckon a good sleep is a good sign. Makes the day look a whole bunch better.”-A well rested night is truly underrated. “The trees on this side of the river had become even taller—and farther apart—and there’d been no bushwhacking to do.”-This was a reminder of how many trails were truly “blazed” during these times, the first on any path
  9. So in addition to being a murderer, Will was also guilty of a hate crime; sadly during those times he wasn’t the only one guilty of that transgression....the number of unreported crimes (of all types for that matter) committed back have to be astronomical. What an awful, awesome burden for Coy to have carried around....knowing how much his brother hated “corn holers” and fearful of the the threat his hatred was to Boone. What a thorough coward Will truly was-never confronting Boone directly because he was a better marksman and “sidewinding” to kill Wes and Lee. Coy’s punch, as w
  10. Don’t feel bad about being a word nerd, I am too, lol. ✋
  11. FanLit

    Chapter 4

    Great minds think alike, lol.
  12. FanLit

    Chapter 4

    "Good night, Spencer. Sleep well. And I hope you know how special you are." I loved this chapter. I saw a fork in the road of Spencer’s life-to fall back into old, unhealthy habits and go with Blake and whatever he wanted or to embrace the healthier tack and go it alone; He was rewarded for his courage to not be used (by Blake) by hearing from the one person he wanted to hear from, even getting his personal contact information, (YAY!!) which I dearly hope he doesn’t share with Beverly (who impresses me less and less as a friend to Squirrel). There is no guarantee that Marshall an
  13. FanLit

    The Perfect Weekend

    Oh man. Did Eric strike again? Only one way to find out. Damn. Damn. Damn. And, as much as I like a possessive man, I think Ren is a bit too much.
  14. FanLit


    Hmm.... This is chapter 9 and there are 20 chapters so of course this wasn’t smooth sailing and we need to know what drove Jonah to flee to Italy. Eric doesn’t stand a chance, I wonder when he’ll realize that and Chris’ “pathetic self” left a little cause for concern.
  15. Eric is a big, stinky piece of shit. 💩 Chris got what he deserved and got off very lucky to keep Jonah as a friend. Ren deserves the chance to state his case and Jonah, for all the growing up he needs to do, should be happy, it’s time for him to move on and take a chance and cut his hair and get that picture off the fridge, lol.
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