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  1. FanLit

    The Tin Man Who Didn’t Want A Heart

    I guess Carter really is a fox 🦊 Tho Carter and Alex are night and day, there are some similarities between the two to make Aron be the only thing they have in common. Beside physical attractiveness, both are emotionally challenged, tho in different ways and Aron already established “different from the rest.” is a draw for him. Carter’s functional autism only makes Aron protective of him and he spent his whole life discovering and deciphering Carter’s “code”, to the point he is the only one that really understands him. Aron stayed Carter’s friend even when others questioned why he did and ostracized Carter. The only reason their friendship broke up is because Carter walked away; If anything, Carter should understand better than most why Aron won’t leave Alex easily, because Aron’s friendship with him is a template for his marriage in a way; The only difference is Carter isn’t a sociopath and genuinely loves Aron back. Alex’s “code” masks that he is emotionally bereft, with no real connection or empathy for anyone else; That won’t be obvious to someone like Aron, who is already preconditioned to dealing with “different”, “difficult” people. Aron may say the two are apples and oranges, but a fruit is a fruit. 🍏 🍊
  2. FanLit

    The Tin Man Who Didn’t Want A Heart

    “Alex has ... some issues with trust. He grew up in a very toxic environment”.... “He sometimes lies to himself, that he is a victim. Of circumstances, of other people ...” “Did you know that about him when you asked him to marry you?”.... “No, I cannot say that I did. But he is really a wonderful person,” he spoke, but to Carter, the words rang hollow, as if Aron was trying to convince himself that Alex was, indeed, just misunderstood. “Except for these obsessions and some ... let’s say, erratic episodes, he is ... perfect. Everything I want.” 🤨 “Haven’t really talked about it ... Just a sore point with Alex. He jokes saying that it is a great thing he’s gay because that means that he doesn’t have to have children. I told you. He didn’t have a great childhood. But I’ll try to bring him around.” 🙄 And there is why people like Alex will always be able to thrive, they pick their victims very well, smh. Alex is not perfect and he will never allow anyone else (children) to share the spotlight in his world. It’s noble of Aron to try to make his marriage work, (I think a lot of people nowadays are quick to cut and run when the going gets tough) but I have to wonder a bit about Aron’s intelligence quotient when I read his rationalizations of Alex. Perhaps it’s that he’s emotionally naive (yet that doesn’t seem to fit the persona known of him). I guess it’s just a horrid combination of vulnerability from being in love with his best friend, (because he still is) and his “marriage is forever” attitude that he got from his parents’ example. (I’m daring to say it’s Aron’s interpretation of their example because I don’t believe his parents would ever want him to stay in an unhappy marriage forever.) It often happens that people will be smart and successful in their professional lives but their personal lives will be in a shambles, such seems to be the case with Aron. It isn’t that Alex would walk away easily if Aron kicked him to the curb but a lot of Alex’s power would be lost if Aron (and Simon!) wised up to him. Speaking of Simon, it would be a hoot if he got interested in Carter!! 🤣 Informative chapter, Rump. Looking forward to next week.
  3. FanLit

    The Last Goodbye

    Death is a part of life and while the topic is not a comfortable one for most, you’ve handled it with love and sensitivity here. Thank you for sharing.
  4. FanLit

    Chapter 17

    “Having roots depends on personal definition,” Ilaria said, when he turned and followed the road heading to the little cottage in the middle of the forest.“My husband and sons are my home, my roots. It doesn’t matter where we are.” “In life there comes a time when the only place you truly belong is with those who love you. Support is good to have in a community, but it is also can be constricting,” Ilaria said, her tone wistful. “It’s hard to escape collective thinking in a group of people. I learned that the hard way. Life is chaotic, experiences very personal, some life-changing. Most people never understand decisions that don’t fit the norm.” Ilaria is a very wise woman. While things look suspicious, I’m holding off judgement on Kiyo. So far I take him as an ambitious man who loves his family, as it is my belief most of his research is driven toward finding a cure for Milan; It also helps that Rory detected no deception in him; The presence of another being being used for experimentation is troubling tho, especially as he sounds like a child (or at least below the age of consent). Hellshield’s theory holds merit based on how it was broken down and I can’t think cloning of some sort beyond the realm of possibility in this story. Rory being called before the council will be interesting-while his reasearch found there was a wolf/human pairing, it also showed they didn’t stay with the pack, how will they react to the news of Rory’s mate, especially with him being heir? Lovers and even partners are a choice, mates, I’ve been given to understand, are not; How can the pack hold this again Rory or even Milan? It sounds like the pack, for all their espousing of accepting different and unwanted (the foundation of the very town, as a matter of fact), need to shake off some “collective thinking” of their own. Rory’s mate doesn’t “fit the norm” but he needs help and there may be dire consequences if the pack goes against the Morgan Lore.
  5. FanLit

    Chapter Twelve

    “We start to walk in silence. There is so much I want to say to Jordan. But I don’t know where to start. How do I convince him he’s not gay? Though after seeing him literally prance like a gazelle earlier, I’m not sure he was ever straight.” That was the funniest line in the chapter, 😆. Jordan is a boss!! Granted, he needed advice to go after what he wants but when he got it he ran with it. It may have been a tad soon after Sebastian (and Jenn) for this to happen but fortune favors the bold. I suspect Jenn already has an idea about Jordan's feelings-why would she ask about Noah during the breakup? To know something is one thing, to have it confirmed is another, I don’t know what Jenn will do once she finds out about the guys. I’m glad they’ve taken this step and there will be challenges (aren’t there in most relationships?) We’ll see if they get happily ever after or even happily for a time. They are both good guys and I’m rooting for them.
  6. FanLit

    Chapter 11

    Oh my. This sequel/continuation to “Healing Heart” is great. Any intention to finish it anytime soon?
  7. FanLit

    Chapter Eleven

    WHEW!!!! Thank God Sebastian didn’t rape Noah! What a FUCKING ASSHOLE!! He should fuck himself instead of forcing himself on people. If he weren’t such a douche, I’d feel sorry for him; He clearly has issues with insecurity, otherwise he wouldn’t have had to lie about Jordan. Sebastian could probably be a man whore on his own with his looks and charm but instead he’s a predator because all his “attributes” are surface and he clearly needs to dominate and belittle someone to feel better about himself (Noah should be on his knees serving real men?!?! You prick, Noah’s dick is probably bigger than yours!!) I was glad Jordan gave into his feelings and confessed his attraction to Noah and I get Noah’s not ready right now and he feels loyalty to Jenn; Are Jordan and Jenn really dating? I get no chemistry from them at all, lol. Good installment.
  8. FanLit

    Chapter 63 Heroes

    “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it” Yes, another quote but yet another timely one. There’s a lack of gravitas in leadership of “certain places” (that are known by three letters) that harken back to similar, ruthless paths taken by other leaders. They ultimately wound up where they should but always extolled a heavy price.
  9. FanLit

    Chapter 63 Heroes

    “All gave some and some gave all” and our debt of gratitude to them is endless and priceless. “Freedom is never free.” Okay, I’m done using other’s words to thank you for sharing yours. 🍻
  10. FanLit

    Blue Pill, Red Pill

  11. FanLit

    Blue Pill, Red Pill

    At least Alex won’t be able to keep Aron in the marriage by getting pregnant, 😆 👠👠 🌈 Also, since Carter chose not to remember the accident, will we ever find out about ponytail girl? I feel like her part in the story isn’t done.
  12. FanLit

    Blue Pill, Red Pill

    MARK!!! Good ol’ Mark!! I think Carter made the right choice, there is no way he wants to forget his time with Aron. So Alex really is a legit sociopath, apparently born and bred by his Mama/Pimp. It was clear Aron and Alex were having sex when Carter called, which is obviously part of Alex’s campaign to keep him from Carter. He doesn’t even really want Aron anymore (his money and adoration but not him) but he’ll be damned if Aron is happy with anyone else, especially Carter. It takes so much more energy to make others miserable than to be genuinely happy. Just being around people like that is a draining experience. I want to say poor Aron but he’s had every clue about Alex’s character and has chosen not to believe it, thereby enabling his behavior. I know you said there’s more twists and turns before we end this journey Rump, I just hope it truly wakes up Aron’s eyes to who Alex really is and I hope he has a prenup!! I’m waiting for the tide to turn in Carter’s favor, maybe Mark can do more for him back at headquarters and what pleasure trip is Alex’s guardian on? I guess anything away from his charge would be considered a pleasure. Carter & Aron, Carter & Aron, Carter & Aron clicking my heels three times.
  13. FanLit

    Chapter 9 - Fight, sex, fight

    Rereading this wonderful story and found another favorite in this chapter: “This may not be the first morning I’ve woken up next to Colin or even the first morning I’ve laid in bed admiring him. It is, however, the first morning I can look, and touch, as much as I want. It’s not a preview anymore…it’s my very own movie.” No more previews, his very own movie, the main feature with Charles and Colin as costars. Strains of “At Last” by Etta James float in my head as Charlie got his favorite flick; He earned it. ❤️ 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨
  14. FanLit

    Chapter 13 Endurance

    God, your words slay me. 🗡️ Your mighty, powerful pen give praise to a most worthy subject. 🖋️ ♥️
  15. FanLit

    Chapter 13 Endurance

    So your Mom’s mom told her to stay and your dad’s mom beat her own son?!?! Such a sad yet interesting perspective. I hope you don’t mind I see some humor in your tiny grandma beating her grown son (tho definitely not the reason for it) Your Mom was a rock star for leaving and not going back, mine left twice and went back each time; Even knowing in my head how hard it is to break away, in my heart I don’t think I’ve truly forgiven her for going back the second time. 😕

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