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  1. Like sands through the hourglass, huh? ⌛️ I won’t rush (I also won’t hold my breath 😉) lol.
  2. Do you mean Boone’s dad? 😊 (That’s who I’ve speculated he could be)
  3. “And they all lived happily ever after….” 👬 There is so much I like and can touch upon but I think this covers everything best, unless it’s phrased: ”And they all lived happily ever after….As Larkspur Turns” 🌎 Thank you, Gary. 💝
  4. FanLit

    Chapter 15 Faith

    I love the grandmother’s presence in “Gone Fishing”❣️❣️ I also love @Albert1434‘s reference to Wes and Lee being characters of this story, they’re the reason Mitch and the boys (and now Will) became a family.
  5. FanLit

    Chapter 15 Faith

    ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ Love that❣️❣️
  6. FanLit

    Chapter 15 Faith

    LOL!! I think He does….reads and creates. 📖🖌💌
  7. FanLit

    Chapter 15 Faith

    This chapter left me with extremely happy feels. Witnessing Coy’s loving tenacity balanced by Boone’s calm, cool yet passionate patience put me in mind of a phrase I used for the guys before: Yin and Yang….these two complement and balance each other per-fect-ly. The comedy show displayed with them waiting for word from Mitchell exemplified that. The payoff from the good news was worth it, as was the watching the safe space these four are creating for each other to be themselves and love the way they want to love. (I loved Mitch and Will kissing in front of B & C….how free and trusting they felt to have done that!! payback be damned, lol). There is a bountiful harvest of more than apples due from that area; About that…. It further gladdened my heart to see the burgeoning moguls Boone and Coy are on the way to being, with the deal they made with the hotel for their apples and the future forecasts on their cattle. 👏 “Not the first time it feels the Lord is on our side, is it?”….No Boone, it’s not the first time it feels like that at all; While I love this outcome for these four, Gary, I know you could have written a story with a far different outcome for their fate at that time of life….pioneering ain’t easy, still isn’t, as land ain’t the only new territory to cross. What will the end of this story look like? Will anyone tell Will who Willard is? 😄 🐴 Guess we’ll find out the next time we tune in to “As Larkspur Turns” 🌎 🍻
  8. “We” are impressed you don’t do it more often, lol!! 👑 🏰 🍻
  9. “Outhouse in the tree line to the north of the house?” Every time I read about outhouses, it makes me glad I was born when “water closets”were moved indoors, lol!! This chapter was enlightening in that Mitch admitted to all the fears he harbored during M & W 1.0….fears that would have likely resulted in issues they may not have been able to recover from. He is correct in saying they were meant to be together now, it makes M & W 2.0 all the sweeter (I loved how much Mitch kept kissing Will and while Will’s words were moving, I’m not putting M & W in the sweet talk league of Boone and Coy yet, lol.) It was very nice to see the gents making plans for the future….good times abound for M & W and their neighbors….speaking of, the relay of all the recent developments will have B & C’s heads spinning and their hearts overfull with happiness. Fishfry next week on “As Larkspur Turns” 🌎!! 😄🍻
  10. OH❣️❣️ How poetically beautiful. 😍
  11. YEEEEE HAAAWWW!!!! This was a grateful, goodful, chapter. “If he let the lane bend like the boys’ did, he only had to remove three large ones, some medium-sized cedars, and a few smaller saplings. He could do all that in less than a day….” Less than a day?!?!…Seems like Mitch could be Paul Bunyan instead of the town sheriff (which is kind of what he’s going to be doing anyway, working alongside Will 😬) might be my city slicker viewpoint is what makes that seem ambitious. 🤷‍♀️ “Afraid all I got here is a big ole axe.” “I recall you surely do,” Will said wicked-like, and Mitch laughed loud and long for the first time in ages.” That’s what I’m talkin’ about!! 🍆🍆 To paraphrase an old song: 🎶If you wanna ride/ride the white horse. If you wanna ride/ride the white pony. 🎶 There’s going to be some joyful noise made in that there tent ⛺️….and in the next installment of “As Larkspur Turns” 🌎 You done did good, Gary. 🍻
  12. FanLit

    Rattling Bones

    This is why Troy was the best at handling Kyle when they were kids; Andy was a close second. Jacob could be that way with him now but that’s only after he developed those tools in recovery.
  13. Any of us with mileage can relate…..😘 🍻
  14. You phrase your pain beautifully.
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