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Moving On - 26. Chapter 26 - At Long Last

Scott and Noah go on their first actual date, despite having lived together for a week. How far will things go?

After a few more stolen kisses, we went our separate ways to prepare for the evening. After a quick shower, I struggled for what seemed like forever to determine what to wear. Like anyone, there are times where I've changed my mind on an outfit after getting dressed, but this was ridiculous. I wanted everything to be perfect for our date. I'm sure I was like that at one point early in my relationship with Steve, but I can't remember for sure. It took five tries before I could decide on the right pair of underwear to wear – before realizing that the sexiest thing I could wear under my clothes was nothing. Every other aspect – from shirt to shoes to belt – took just as long to ensure everything was just right. By the time I was finally dressed, I ended up having to rewet my hair to make it cooperate with me. When every last strand of hair was exactly how I wanted it, I took a step back and examined the final results. I had put forth every bit of effort I could, and I was more than satisfied with the results.

I found Noah sitting on the couch. Both of us let out a gasp as we saw each other. Noah had applied a little gel to his chestnut-colored hair, something I'd only seen him do a couple times. He wore a tight-fitting button-up shirt, his nipples protruding slightly from his well-defined pecs. The shirt was so tight, that for the first time, I was able to confirm that he had a nice six-pack of abs he'd managed to keep out of sight until this moment. A pair of tight-fitting jeans completed his ensemble. Looking at Noah's face, I saw he was as slack-jawed as I was.

"Damn," he said huskily, "you look amazing. Part of me just wants to say 'fuck the date', and take you back to the bedroom right now!"

I walked over to him and sat down on his lap.

"As much as I'd like that, it'll be much more exciting if we have to restrain ourselves first," I responded before kissing him passionately. One of his hands wrapped around my neck, to pull me further into the kiss, but I quickly moved it to keep him from messing up my hair.

Realizing that I had to temper my passion a bit if we were ever going to make it out of the house, I forced myself to break the kiss. I rested my head on his shoulder and let out a contented sigh. Noah responded with a similar sigh and wrapped his arms around me tightly.

"Not that I want this moment to end, but when do we need to leave?"

"Not for another twenty minutes or so, but we can go whenever you're ready. I didn't want you to feel rushed or anything, so I made sure we had plenty of time to get dressed."

"Well I'm ready whenever you are, and you're the one with the plan. Why don't we go ahead and get going? I can't wait to see what you have planned!" I said excitedly before giving him one last kiss and stood up.

As we walked to the car, I automatically walked to the passenger side. Noah gave me a strange look, so I said with a laugh, "What? You're in charge of the date, which means you can drive!"

"I was planning on driving, but I figured we could just take my car."

"Oh, right. Sorry, Steve and I only had one car for so long. I'm just used to taking the same car for everything," I replied, immediately kicking myself. We hadn't even left the house, and I was already bringing up Steve. I know Noah had repeatedly said that he understood that I still thought of him and missed my husband, but I really didn't want to bring him up at all while I was on a date with my boyfriend.

Fortunately, I didn't notice Noah react at all to my statement. We got into his car, with Noah behind the wheel, and the date had officially commenced. It was less than a minute before Noah voiced his regret for not taking the SUV.

"Maybe we should have taken Grape. I'm not completely used to this area, and the GPS would be helpful to remind me how to get there. If I was willing to brave the highway, it would be a lot easier, but there's no way in hell I'm getting on it during rush hour if I can avoid it. Besides, city streets will be faster this time of day."

"Ok, well where's 'there'? I can tell you the best way."

"I'm going to pretend it's still a surprise," Noah said, briefly glancing over at me and sticking his tongue out. "It's not a big deal, but I'm having fun with it. How about just directions to Peachtree Street? I can figure it out from there."

About fifteen minutes later, we crossed over the interstate and Noah turned into Atlantic Station.

As we pulled into the massive parking garage, I said, "Let me guess: tonight's plan is dinner and a movie? You love you're little surprises!" I remembered how much he had played up karaoke a few weeks before.

"Hey, it's a first date. What's a more traditional date than that?" he responded.

Noah's tone was a little flat when he spoke, and I couldn't tell if it was intended to just be matter-of-fact, or if he was feeling a bit defensive. I grabbed his thigh and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"Well, I think it's a perfect choice."

Once we were parked, Noah led the way as we climbed the stairs back up to the street level.

"So where are we eating?"

"Whatever you're in the mood for; personally, I'm kinda leaning toward either the steakhouse or the Mexican place, but I'm game for whatever you want."

"Wait … So you're going to take me out on a date, but wait until we get there to tell me that I'm picking the restaurant?" I asked, trying as hard as possible to keep the irritation out of my voice.

"Yes and no. I didn't know what you'd want or if you had any preferences. One downside of us already living together after only a few weeks is that we really haven't a good sense of each other's quirks and preferences yet. I do know if I'd asked your input in advance, you'd just have given me a vague answer like 'whatever you want', so I thought I’d give you the option to choose. However, you don't have to choose right now."

"But we're going to dinner, aren’t we?" I asked, confused, but my mild irritation had passed. He was right; we really didn't know things like preferred foods, and I probably would've given him a non-committal response if he had asked for my input.

"All in good time, first things first. We have a movie to watch. You have a few hours to come up with your decision."

Being Thursday, and still early for most theater-goers, the line was relatively short, and soon we were on the escalator up into the multiplex. I didn't even put up a fight as Noah paid for the tickets to see The Dark Knight Rises, since he was taking me out. I was always amused that the theater in Atlantic Station – something of a shrine to the American couch-potato lifestyle – was located above a gym. You could actually watch people working out while you waited in line for your tickets.

We got one small popcorn to share and drinks and entered the theater. We still had about fifteen minutes before the movie began, so we chatted about nothing for a bit before drifting into comfortable silence.

"Sushi, Mexican, Tex-Mex, hamburgers, Italian, Asian of pretty much any variety, and the occasional high-end steak," I said suddenly.

"What?" asked a bewildered Noah.

"Sorry, those are my favorite foods, although not in any particular order. You said earlier we didn't really know a lot of the little things about each other yet, and you're right. Oh, and I love caramelized onions, but fucking hate raw onions. I'm generally ambivalent about them if they're sautéed, though."

"Ahh, now it seems a little less like word-diarrhea," Noah said with a laugh. "Honestly, I've never been too adventurous with food. Hamburgers, pasta, and steaks are more my speed. I like Chinese, I think I've tried Thai before, and do love Mexican, but I'm not really sure what the difference between that and Tex-Mex is. I've never had sushi before; I guess it just seems gross to eat raw fish. I love onions and garlic but hate what they do to my breath, and I really don't like raisins."

"Then I can just pick out the onions and give them to you," I said with a laugh. "If you're willing to try new things, I can easily open up an entire world of food to you – even at home. Except for sushi, because I'm not sure I trust myself enough to not poison us all."

"I'd like that a lot. It's not that I'm opposed to trying things, and I'm sure I'd like it, but I never really felt the need to leave my comfort zone. The few times I've really tried new things, it's usually because I've gone with Will or someone. Hell, I'd even be willing to try sushi, as long as you're patient, and go easy on me."

"So no fugu for you, then?"

"I don't even know what that is."

"It's puffer fish. Highly toxic and potentially lethal if not prepared right. It's also very hard to come by. I've never had it, and I don't know of any restaurants in the city that actually serve it. Supposedly, it makes your tongue numb and tingly."

"Yeah, I'll pass on that one."

"I will too. I prefer food that won't kill me, thank you!" I said with a laugh.

The previews began, and we settled into silence. Noah lifted up the armrest between our seats, and we held hands throughout the movie. By the time the movie ended, I was starving. I'd been a little worried that I wouldn't be too hungry after the popcorn, but that clearly wasn't the case.

We quickly decided on the Mexican restaurant. It was busier than I expected, but we didn't have to wait long for a table. By the time we were seated, we had already figured out what we wanted to eat. The margaritas were not the 'best in the city', like we had been promised, but they were still quite good, and for some reason I always got a kick out of watching them prepare our guacamole at our table. While munching on the dip and sipping our drinks, we talked about the movie.

"You know, I don't think I've ever done a dinner and movie date where I saw the movie first. Steve and I always got dinner first," I said, immediately kicking myself again for mentioning him on our date. Like before, Noah didn't really react, but I'm sure it bothered him a little.

"Personally, I like it better this way. Movies are great for being in each other's presence, but you can't talk during it. Afterwards, you want to talk about what you just saw, and dinner is naturally a more social environment. It was actually Will that introduced me to doing it this way."

"Wait, you and Will dated? Why didn't I know that?"

"We went on two dates when we first met. Both of us realized we just didn't really click as a couple, and just focused on being friends. Please don't be jealous. We kissed at the end of each date, but there was just no spark, and that's as far as we ever got."

"I'm not jealous at all, just surprised. Hell, I'm a little shocked I've gone farther with Will than you have, even if you hadn't dated. You know a lot of my sexual history, and while I don't know too much about yours, I haven't felt the need to pry. You know I'm no virgin, and I never assumed you were locked away in a monastery before meeting me."

I was now desperate to find a way to talk about anything other than our sexual histories on our date. Fortunately, I was saved when the entrées arrived. Our conversation settled back on getting to know the basics things about each other that had gone by the wayside in the past couple weeks. It was a little bit odd, since it was interlaced with domestic topics like things we needed to buy. As we were finishing our dinner, Noah cautiously broached Zach's living situation.

"I don't want to overstep any bounds, but I was wondering if you would be alright with possibly moving Zach into the room Tom and Sarah were staying in. He has the smallest bedroom, and it would work better as an office. I know you make the living room or your bedroom work, but it might be better for all of us if you had a defined work space. If you're in there, both Zach and I will know not to bother you, and you can work uninterrupted. What do you think?"

"Actually, that sounds like a great idea," I said after a moment's thought. "It may be my name on the mortgage, but as I told you when you moved in, I want you to feel like it's your home as well, so don't feel like you have to avoid overstepping bounds. Granted, I may have a problem if you want to paint the exterior neon green!

"Now that I think about it, maybe we should get Zach's input before we just move him. Maybe we can make it seem like he's making a decision, but guide him. He's not going to stay a little boy forever, and that room will quickly become too small for him. That's a large part of the reason we set it up as an office to begin with."

"Hmmm, that gives me an idea. What if we offer to paint the bedroom whatever color he wants if he chooses to move?"

"Perfect! Hopefully he won't choose a color that he'll get sick of immediately, but I think we both know what color he's going to choose," I said, glad Noah had gotten over his initial wariness.

"Purple," we both said at the same time, laughing at our synchronization.

"Oh, that reminds me. We haven't been able to find time to go to the gym at all this week. With Zach in the house, me ramping up my workload, and you starting school in a few weeks, I'm concerned we won't be able to fit it into our schedule too often, at least not together.

"I'm not a super-regular at the gym, but I can already see the difference from before I started. I'm grateful for the push you've given me the past few weeks, and I really want to continue. I know you're a regular at the gym, and you've got the body to prove it. I'd hate for both of us, especially you, to not be able to continue working out because of our schedules."

Noah let out a little sigh before responding, "I've been thinking about that, too. As much as I enjoy going to gym, life is all about priorities. We can't just leave Zach at home to go, and it seems a bit much to constantly pawn him off on other people so we can. Then there's school, so even if Zach wasn't a consideration, I'm not sure how often I'd be able to go, and honestly, I'm fine with that. I'm not sure how that segues from moving Zach around, though."

"I'm getting to that. I know you say you're fine with that, but I'm not. I don't want to lose the recent momentum at getting back into shape, and I don't want you to have to sacrifice doing something you've always enjoyed. I have a solution, and here's your damn segue," I winked after saying the last two words with mock anger, "When I was getting the penguin out of the basement, I realized if we cleaned it up a little and got rid of the excess junk, we'd have plenty of room to put in some exercise equipment. That way we can keep working out, even if we can't really make it to the gym."

Noah gave me a big toothy grin before looking a little uncomfortable. "I love that idea, but gym equipment isn't cheap. I know you don't have a problem with spending money, but sometimes it just makes me feel a little inadequate."

"I know some stuff is really expensive, but I'm sure we can cover the basics without breaking the bank. Tell you what: we'll split the costs, and I'll put you in charge of figuring out what we need, because I really don't have a clue what I'm doing when I'm at the gym. The fact we met when you had to save me while on the bench press is proof of that!"

"It didn't hurt that I was right there staring at you because I thought you were gorgeous. You had your eyes closed, and I was definitely checking you out. I was a little worried you'd look up and catch me, but then you struggled with the bar," Noah said, blushing a bit at the admission of his initial attraction to me.

"I'm so glad you did. You have no idea what I went through that evening after I left. You awakened so many sensations I hadn't felt in a long time. As much as I wanted to at times, I'm glad I never chickened out on getting to know you. I love you so much, and I love your adorable son as well."

"And I love you, too. I've never had a relationship last longer than a month or so, and while we're not even there yet, not once have I ever felt such a strong emotional attachment to anyone other than Zach. Back to the original topic, I'm sure I can figure out exactly what we need to keep up our regular workouts without going too crazy, and if you're willing to let me pay for my share, then I think it's a great idea."

"Great!" I said excitedly, knowing that before long, we were going to have to have another discussion about money. I had income, but Noah likely wouldn't for the foreseeable future. "However, let's table this and start to figure out the details tomorrow. Now, I'm ready to get out of here, how about you?"

"I don't know. Do you want dessert? I don't want to end our date prematurely."

"Well, I can think of something delightfully sinful we can whip up at home, and I hope neither of ends prematurely," I responded with a naughty twinkle in my eye.

"Damn, where's the waitress when you need her? I'm suddenly really ready to get back home!"

Fortunately, the waitress came by with the check, and Noah quickly paid and we got up. Almost as soon as we were outside, Noah reached over and took hold of my hand.

"I like this. It's a bit different than what I'm used to," I said as we neared Noah's car, our fingers still intertwined.

"What do you mean?"

"Steve was never very big on PDA. The few times I remember holding hands in public, it was never for more than a few seconds before he would release his hand."

I saw Noah clench his jaw slightly, but he didn't say anything as we climbed in the car. We continued to hold hands while he drove, but the silence seemed much tenser than usual between us.

"Is everything ok?" I asked finally.

"I told you I'd do my best not to act jealous of your relationship with Steve, but I'm not doing a good job at the moment. I just can't help but feel like you spent the entire date comparing me to Steve, and I'm worried I'll never be able to live up to your expectations."

I gave his hand a squeeze before I responded. "I guess there were a few times where I did directly compare you to Steve, and whenever I brought his name up, I immediately kicked myself for mentioning him. I hardly thought of him at all, honestly, but the few times I did compare, I think you won out. I loved that we could talk about the movie during dinner, and you have no idea how special you taking my hand made me feel when we were walking back. Steve was very different than you are, and I can say sincerely that any comparisons were just because we were together so long, it's my only thing I really have to use as a baseline to judge how successful the date was."

Noah smiled before taking the bait. "And how successful would you say this date was?"

"Let's just say not all of Steve's and my dates ended up like I hope this one will," I said suggestively.

"Thank you," was all that Noah responded with.

"For what?"

"I was worried if I voiced my jealousy, you would think I was being stupid. I didn't want to start a fight or anything, but clearly it was beginning to eat at me. You not only didn't make me feel like an idiot for being irrational, but you also made me forget the rising feeling of inadequacy that comes with my lack of dating experience compared to your nine-year relationship. You've never made me actually feel this way, but sometimes I worry about having to compete with a ghost, and my track record isn't very good; sorry if that's disrespectful or anything."

"It's not, and I think I'd probably feel the same way from time to time if I was in your shoes. What I had with Steve was special, and I will always love him, but as I began to fall in love with you, I realized I can give you my heart without sacrificing my feelings for him. I knew I loved you by the time you said it, but it just took me a little longer to accept that what I just said is true. As you've said before, we were together a long time and created a lot of memories together. I want nothing more than for you and I to do the same.

It makes me just as uncomfortable as it does you when I realize I'm comparing aspects of the two relationships, but believe me when I say I'm never setting expectations based on Steve that I expect you to live up to. Other than fleeting comparisons, when I'm with you, my thoughts are on you and you alone," I explained.

"Rationally, I always know that, at least on some level. I guess I just needed to hear you vocalize it. I want us to do that as well."

"Well we've already had a fantastic night out. Get us home so we can make a memory together!" I joked, lightening up the mood. Unlike the initial silence when we got in the car, the silence the rest of the way home was very peaceful, despite the hormones coursing through our bodies.

–  –  –  *  *  *  –  –  –

As soon as the door to the house closed, we were locked in a passionate embrace. Our tongues dueled for dominance while our hands roamed over each other's bodies. Suddenly, Noah picked me up without breaking our kiss. I tightly wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me to the bedroom. He gently laid me down on the bed, our lips still locked. He broke the kiss and began to pull away, so I grabbed his shirt to pull him back into our embrace. Gently, he smacked my hand away.

"Patience," Noah said. "First, I wanted to repay you for the show I got the other morning."

As I sat on the bed, Noah began to slowly torture me with a strip-tease. As he unbuttoned each of the million buttons on his shirt, more and more of his smooth chest was revealed to me. He took the time to spread the collar, showing off his broad shoulders, before unveiling his firm and defined pecs, showcasing his quarter-sized nipples, which were hard from the cool breeze courtesy of the ceiling fan. As the last button was finally undone, his abdomen was revealed to me. It wasn't the most cut six-pack I'd ever seen, but it was clearly visible even though his body was relaxed. Suddenly, my cock, which had been rock hard since we began kissing, jerked painfully in my jeans when he flexed his muscles; his biceps stretched the shirt's material to the max, his pecs tightened, and suddenly his abs looked like they were hard enough to do laundry on.

Leaving the open shirt on his shoulders, he unbuttoned the top button of his jeans, revealing the waistband of designer briefs. At this point, I was so turned on and frustrated that I was growing irritated with whoever designed the button. Why couldn't more clothes be secured using Velcro? I just wanted him to finish teasing me and get back to the main event. Of course his jeans had a button fly, and at the pace he was going, I was positive the sun would be up before he finished.

Noah slowly undid the second button, which exposed enough of his underwear that I could tell they were red, which stood out in bright contrast to his jeans, and thought maybe I could see the fabric bulging around his cock, but it was hard to tell, since he was gyrating his hips and playing with the waist of his jeans. He turned around and bent over to untie his shoes, his jeans slipping enough that I could clearly see the top of his firm ass, the red fabric clinging to him like a second skin, and leaving nothing to the imagination. His shoes and socks removed, he slowly pulled down the back of his jeans, completely revealing the brief-clad ass, which looked like they were hard as rocks. I wanted nothing more than to get off the bed and bury my face between those cheeks, but I managed to find the willpower to remain seated.

Excruciatingly slowly, Noah pulled the denim back over his posterior withdrawing it from view. He turned back around and undid another two buttons. This time, there was no mistaking the bulge from Noah's engorged cock. From our brief previous interactions, I knew it was big, but it looked absolutely enormous underneath the thin material. I couldn't even see the head as he continued to play with his waistband. The thick shaft disappeared from view underneath the bulky jeans. He turned his back to me, and made a big show of undoing the final button. He slid his shirt off his shoulders, and allowed gravity to creep it down his arms before finally falling to the floor, revealing his toned back to me. He placed his hands behind his head, and shook his ass. At first nothing happened, other than my cock twitching in my pants, but slowly, more and more of his ass was exposed. At last, the waistband cleared his hips and his pants dropped to his ankles, leaving him clad in nothing but those red briefs.

When Noah tried to step out of the jeans, he got tangled up, lost his balance, and had to hold on to the dresser to keep from falling. I couldn't help but let out a little laugh, and even Noah chucked. Balancing on one leg at a time, he eventually got them off.

"Fuck. There's no sexy way to take off jeans!" he exclaimed.

"Yes there is. I'll show you one day," I said with a coy giggle.

"I'll hold you to that. Now where were we?"

"You were just about to come over here and kiss me."

"I'm pretty sure I was still giving you a strip tease …" Noah said with an evil twinkle in his eyes.

"Nope, you said it was payback, and I can see as much as you got to, so now we're even. Now get over here," I responded.

As my eyes pored over his body, taking in the amazing site before me, I finally saw his entire steely rod. It looked like it had deflated somewhat during the commotion, but it still stretched nearly to his hip, the cut head pulling the fabric of his briefs away from his body. Between his legs, I could see the large mound of his balls dangling.

Noah quickly closed the gap between us, gently pushed me back on the bed, and climbed on top of me. Our lips finally rejoined, and I could feel his barely-contained cock pressing against my own. Only a layer of denim and his thin briefs separated our members from rubbing against each other. As our tongues resumed their duel, my arms roamed over his strong arms and smooth back, feeling the muscles ripple beneath my touch as we moaned into each other's mouth.

Suddenly, Noah flipped us over. As I straddled his waist, he ran his hands up my back and frantically pulled my shirt over my head. As our bare chests made contact, it was as if sparks were passing between us at ever point our flesh joined. This time it was he who ran his hands over my back. I ran my hands through his hair and over his hairless chest as his slowly ventured lower, eventually settling on my denim-clad ass, pulling me against him tighter, and grinding our cocks harder against each other. Our moans were becoming more frenzied, and he slowly braved to slide the tips of his fingers beneath the waistband of my jeans. My moans and thrusts were all the motivation he needed, and he slipped his hand a little further before suddenly withdrawing and breaking our kiss.

"Commando, huh? Very sexy," Noah breathed into my ear, before flipping me over again.

He passionately kissed me, before kissing and nibbling gently on my neck. Noah's hands were roaming all over my body, rubbing my nipples, playing with the dusting of hair on my chest, and occasionally venturing just beneath the waistband of my jeans, but never quite far enough for him to reach where I wanted his hand to go. There were several times where he ran his hand gently over my throbbing cock on top of my jeans, but I wanted – no, needed – more. I reached down to unbutton my jeans, but he pulled my hands away, so instead I settled on just exploring every inch of his body I could reach.

Noah slowly kissed down my chest, sucking and nibbling on one nipple than the other. I was in heaven awash in the pleasure he was giving me. With the same agonizing pace he set with his strip tease, he began to continue kissing and licking lower down my body. When he arrived at my waistband, he teasingly ran his tongue under it, wetting the top of my trimmed pubes as he pulled my jeans as far down my hips as he could without unbuttoning them. By this point, my cock was getting so sensitive the course denim was torture, but I was reveling in every moment of it.

Finally, he moved his hands to the button. In one smooth motion, he unbuttoned them. Taking the slider in his teeth, he slowly lowered the zipper. He stood up at the foot of the bed, and took hold of the hem of each leg in a hand. I raised my hips, and with a single frenzied pull, my jeans bounced off the far wall of the bedroom before landing on the floor with a thud.

For the first time, I was completely exposed to him, and my cock stood at full attention, twitching with my racing pulse. As I looked up at him, I realized he had tucked the waistband of his briefs under his balls at some point. His thick pubes were trimmed. Other than his armpits he was otherwise smooth from his neck to his upper thighs. His balls were shaved and probably the largest I'd ever seen in person and each looked to be about the size of an extra-large egg. However, it was his cock that attracted my attention. It was definitely larger than mine, and I knew my 8.5 inch dick was impressive. My lascivious stare was disrupted by Noah's voice.

"Well damn. That's it?" he said, sounding a little disappointed.

"What the fuck, Noah?" I asked angrily.

"Sorry, it's just that you've exceeded my expectations at every turn since we met. I'd just built up this image in my mind, and by this point I was practically expecting at least a foot of cock. But damn, it's still an impressive piece of meat."

I let out a laugh understanding what he meant, even though I had yet to be disappointed by anything he had to offer.

"It's nothing compared to that monster. How big is it anyway?" I asked.

"Just over 9.5, but yours is still the second largest dick I've ever seen in person."

One of my eyebrows shot up as I stared at him. He just gestured towards his own erection, which caused me to laugh again.

"Alright lover-boy, lose the briefs and get back over here," I said as seductively as I could. Noah chuckled, so I'm fairly certain it didn't quite work, but he still complied.

As he lay down on top of me, our bare cocks came into contact for the first time. Any trace of my erection that had faded during our brief discussion was gone in that instant. I could feel his heavy balls resting on mine as we began to thrust against each other, the precum leaking from our cocks serving as lube as we again locked lips. My hands roamed over his body, but were repeatedly drawn to his bare ass cheeks, which I squeezed every time he clenched with each thrust into my groin.

Noah began to attack my neck with fervor, and for a moment I wondered if I was going to end up with a hickey, but I quickly decided at this moment I just didn't give a fuck. Both of us were moaning loudly in ecstasy. Once again, Noah slowly worked his way down my body. I was writhing beneath his ministrations as he occasionally gave my cock a slow stroke and fondled my balls. My hands were grasping and stroking at every piece of flesh of his I could find, but to my frustration he kept removing my hand from his cock after only a stroke or two.

Finally nearing my groin with his face, he ran his nose through my pubes inhaling my scent. He wet my hair with his tongue and pulled gently on it with his teeth. Noah bypassed my throbbing cock and kissed my inner thigh, his chin resting on my balls while my dripping cock smeared precum across his forehead. Slowly, he ran his tongue over my balls before running it up the length of my cock. He gently swirled his tongue around the head before lightly running it over the tip. He pulled back to look at me, and when he did a strand of precum stretched between my cock and his lips. It took all the strength I had to not shoot my load at that instant.

"Damn you taste good, baby," he said with ragged breath. Looking at his face, I could tell he was just as close to the edge as I was, and he hadn't even received the same level of torturous stimulation I had.

My cock twitched out of control as he slowly lowered his face back to my groin and parted his lips. I let out an animalistic groan as his lips closed around my cock head for the first time. His tongue swirled around like he was licking a lollipop. I gripped the sheets as tightly as I could as he began to move his mouth up and down, watching as more and more inches disappeared between his warm velvety lips. I tried to continue to watch, but the pleasure was so great, I closed my eyes and threw my head back as I felt his nose press into my pubes and his lips lock tightly around the base; every bit of my throbbing cock buried in my boyfriend's mouth and throat.

Despite how badly I wanted Noah to make me cum, I also wanted to return the pleasure to him. I grabbed him by the head and pulled him up for a passionate kiss before flipping him over. Like he had done to me, I fervently attacked his neck. I avoided biting or sucking too hard so as not to mark him. Slowly I kissed and licked my way down his hairless chest until I got to his nipples. I sucked and gently bit one while flicking the other with my fingers before switching back and forth.

Continuing further south, I used my tongue to trace the contours of Noah's abs; a task made more difficult than intended, since with each ragged gasp of breath and thrust of his hips, they continuously undulated under my ministrations. As I reached the top of his pubes, I licked and kissed along the contours of his Apollo's belt before kissing down his inner thigh. I inhaled his manly scent coming from his balls before moving my tongue to his smooth orbs, soaking them with my spit. Slowly, I sucked one of his large balls into my mouth. My eventual goal had been to suck on both at the same time, but I could barely manage to fit one in. As I sucked gently, I teased it constantly with my tongue. Noah was squirming in pleasure.

Finally, I could no longer restrain myself from going after the prize. As I licked my way up the length of Noah's shaft, it seemed like I would never reach the bulbous head. After an eternity, I finally reached the glans and after a quick flick of my tongue across his slit, I got a taste of his sweet precum directly from the source at last.

I moaned in pleasure at the taste and quickly engulfed the head of Noah's cock with my lips. I began to bob up and down on his thick member. I tried my best to wrap my lips around the base, but no matter how hard I tried, my gag-reflex kicked in with about two inches still protruding from my lips. I gave up on deep-throating him for the night, but promised myself to keep practicing in the future until I had perfected the task.

I continued to bob up and down, taking it as deep as I could into my throat without gagging. Noah's moans filled the air as he thrashed his head back and forth, running his hands over my head and shoulders, encouraging me to suck harder and faster. As I did so, I rolled his balls around in one hand while running the other over his hard abs and gently pinching his nipples.

Suddenly, Noah's moans intensified. I could feel the head of his cock swelling as his nuts tightened up in their sack. Encouraged, I moved my lips up and down his shaft even faster. His entire body tensed, and for a second nothing happened, before massive spurt after spurt of molten cum burst forth from Noah's cock. I was in the process of swallowing the first shot when the second filled my mouth. I tried my best to capture it all, but it was a losing battle from that point on. His seed leaked out of my mouth and down the length of his cock. I lost count after the sixth shot of cum entered my mouth, but I know several more followed.

After Noah's orgasm subsided, I continued to milk every last drop of cum from his cock, before running my tongue up and down the length of his shaft, over his balls and through his pubes, trying to rescue any stray spillage. By the time I was finished, my face was covered in his cum. Noah pulled me up and licked a patch of cum off my chin before shoving his tongue into my mouth. He rolled me over onto my back, and without any pretense went straight for the prize.

Starting with his lips barely around my head, Noah quickly impaled his face on my throbbing cock, before lifting back up to his starting position. As much as I needed to cum, I wanted to last as long as possible. As Noah lifted his face from my groin the third time, I thrust my hips up and let lose a torrent of white lava into his mouth. I was so lost in the waves of orgasmic bliss I never thought to count how many shots of cum I unloaded into Noah's mouth as he tried, with only a little more success than I had, to swallow it all. All I knew is it seemed like the orgasm continued on for an eternity.

As I began to come down from my orgasm, I pulled Noah up and we kissed and held each other for a while, enjoying the post-orgasmic bliss. Our sweaty, naked bodies so intertwined I felt like we had become one. At some point, one of us pulled the sheet over us, and that's how we drifted off to sleep, whispering sweet nothings to each other.

Thank you all so much for the reviews/comments/ratings etc! It means so much to me!

This was all supposed to be part of chapter 25 originally, since I'd promised many people that Scott and Noah would get intimate in 25. As the chapter grew longer, and longer, I questioned whether or not to divide it up. David, my editor, suggested dividing it for pacing issues, which was all the motivation I needed!

Hope everyone enjoyed, but now it's time to get back to writing chapter 27!

Moving On is © Copyright Fitz, 2011-2013. All Rights Reserved.
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Awesome date, I like the way they made it their own. It was a night of fun and learning about each other. With everything that had happened between the men I, between the end of a partnership to being full time fathers they have ran the full gamut but we're still able to have a first date that started them on the road to their memories. Can't wait to read on

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On 03/08/2013 03:09 PM, Daithi said:
Awesome date, I like the way they made it their own. It was a night of fun and learning about each other. With everything that had happened between the men I, between the end of a partnership to being full time fathers they have ran the full gamut but we're still able to have a first date that started them on the road to their memories. Can't wait to read on
Exactly! They have been so busy dealing with everything, that it was about time they took a step back, had a nice evening, just the two of them, and focused on the basics of being a new couple.
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I am so happy to read this chapter;to finally have someone to share their life and love with is overwhelming. Both have been victims of life's carnage and each could have just said "to hell with it all", but took the chance to open themselves again. Beautifully written and choreographed....maybe they can truly work together as a couple to solve issues of being a couple as well as being parents.... Great job Fitz!!!!!!...........Mike

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On 03/09/2013 07:35 AM, flamingo136 said:
I am so happy to read this chapter;to finally have someone to share their life and love with is overwhelming. Both have been victims of life's carnage and each could have just said "to hell with it all", but took the chance to open themselves again. Beautifully written and choreographed....maybe they can truly work together as a couple to solve issues of being a couple as well as being parents.... Great job Fitz!!!!!!...........Mike
Thank you very much!
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