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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Moving On - 40. Chapter 40

The trio returns home from their vacation only to have to immediately get accostomed to a major shift in their lives as Noah begins school.

Chapter 40

Developing a Routine

I spent most of Saturday trying to unwind from the busy two-week vacation – well, that and doing a crazy amount of laundry. Even Zach seemed worn out, but he also spent two hours on the phone with my parents, sparing them no details of our week in Florida. He insisted on calling his other grandparents as well, but Richard cut him off after about fifteen minutes, telling Zach that he could give all the details he wanted next time we all got together.

Noah, on the other hand was… frustrating. He was really stressing out about wanting everything to be perfect when school started. He kept running to the store for a few school supplies he might need. As he left for the third trip, I asked if he could get several colors of construction paper and some colored pencils for a project for Zach and me. He snarled back, "Get it your damn self, I'm busy," slamming the door as he left.

I was hurt by his remarks, but didn't have time to dwell on them. Zach had heard Noah's outburst, and I spent most of the time Noah was gone consoling Zach.

When Noah returned, Zach was laying in my arms. He had decided he wanted to play 'baby', and he was taking his 'nap', although he was squirming just enough to make it obvious he was still playing his game.

Noah walked over silently, and pulled several packages of paper out of his bag, along with colored pencils, crayons, and markers. He placed them on the coffee table.

"Scott, I'm sorry," he said.

I shook my head and gestured to Zach. He got the hint and put the bag down. He reached for his son, but the boy clutched on to my arm. Instead, he rubbed Zach's back.

"Zach, I'm really sorry I upset you. I said some mean things to Scott, and I shouldn't have yelled. Please forgive me," he said softly. He had tears in his eyes, and I could tell he had really been beating himself up.

Zach loosened his grip, and looked at his father for the first time since he'd returned. "Do you mean it?" he quietly asked.

"I mean it with all my heart, baby boy."

"Ok, then I forgives you," he said, and reached out for Noah, who eagerly picked him up and hugged him tightly.

"But remember, Daddy, I'm five now, I'm no longer a baby anymore. I'm all growed up."

"I hate to tell you, but you're always going to be my baby, even when you're thirty," Noah responded giving the boy a raspberry on his cheek.

"Thirty? But that's ancient, Daddy!" Zach giggled.

"Yes it is," Noah said, giving me a wink. I was still a bit hurt, but my resolve to stay mad at him, which had started to falter with his heart-felt apology to Zach, was wavering even more.

Noah put Zach down and gave him the crayons and a sheet of paper. "I need to talk to Papa for a bit, why don't you color out here, ok?"

Noah and I walked back to the bedroom, and he shut the door as I sat on the bed.

"Look, Scott, I don't even know how to begin to apologize to you. I've never in my life snapped at someone the way I did earlier. I got to the store, and sat in the car, crying for several minutes. I feel like in that single instant I undid all the great things we've been developing in our relationship, and I'm worried I really fucked things up big time," Noah said, his voice wavering as he fought back his emotions.

I rubbed his back gently. "We've had a few minor arguments already. Hell, I went off on you before I knew all the details about Zach. What you said really hurt, but I wasn't able to dwell on it because I had to comfort Zach. I know you didn't mean it, and both Zach and I forgive you, but I just don't understand why you're being so damn bitchy today."

"Yeah, I don't really know why either. I think I'm feeling rushed to get everything ready for my first classes, and want everything to be perfect. I think I'm stressing a bit too much."

"You are, babe. Tell you what; grab your laptop, the papers you got in the mail, and all the supplies you already bought. Bring them in here, and we'll go over everything one step at a time, together. We'll develop a game plan, and you'll be all set."

Noah did what I asked, and we spent nearly an hour going over supplies and software lists, making sure everything was installed correctly, and ready to go. Only one of his classes had already posted a syllabus, so we couldn't be sure he had everything he would need, but going over everything helped put his mind at ease.

"You're not alone anymore, babe; if you're feeling overwhelmed, talk to me, and I can try to help. I hate seeing you this stressed out."

"I know, and I feel like an idiot, running around frantically when we could have done this earlier."

"You're always so laidback, I had no idea how much you were stressing about going back to school until yesterday. Trust me, you are going to do great, and I'm already so proud of you."

I wrapped my arms around him, and pulled him down on the bed, holding him in my arms. We lay like that for several minutes before he broke the silence.

"So what's this project you have planned with Zach?"

"Shit, I guess I need to start that. While we were there visiting, Mom reminded me of a project we did after a road trip when I was his age. Actually, I'm surprised she didn't show it to you. Basically, I'm going to help him make a scrapbook from our trip. It'll be a fun little project, and something he'll love to show off to people for a while. As an added bonus, we can use it to embarrass him when he gets older and brings home someone special. Do you think it'll be a girl or a boy?"

"Honestly, as long as he's happy and is treated right, I wouldn't give two shits if he brought a llama home," Noah replied.

After I stopped giggling, it was time to get started with Zach. Noah, now much more at ease, decided to work on getting our hundreds of vacation photos downloaded and organized. We may have gone a little overboard.

I grabbed my laptop and sat on the couch with Zach. It took a lot of leading questions, but slowly, I typed up his description of everything we did on the trip. It was adorable the things he focused on, often ignoring big things. For instance, he mentioned we stayed in a hotel with 'a bajillion mouses' – referring to the little Mickey Mouse logos hidden throughout the decor – but failed to mention that the monorail went through the middle of the hotel or that our room looked out on the theme park. When I asked him what his favorite ride was he said, "My favorite ride was all rides I rode, except the rides I didn't go on."

Once finished, I broke his narrative into about twenty short passages, and tasked him with making a picture for each one. I printed out what we'd written, and helped him sound out words and reminded him what each section was about. That part of the project took the longest, but I was able to do my own thing, for the most part, while he drew. I spent part of the time finding pictures and other minor things I picked up – including brochures, business cards, and even a cocktail napkin and a matchbook – that went along with his story. Once he finally finished on Monday, I recruited Noah to help me glue all the pieces for each page together. I tied the pages together with some colorful yarn Noah found lying around.

By far, the best part of being back home the first weekend was the increased privacy at night. Sure, we'd gotten a few nights alone, but on the other nights, we were pretty much forced to go to bed at the same time as Zach. I had briefly considered booking one of the family-suites, but the trade-off was accessibility, and that alone was worth the lack of privacy. We took full advantage of being alone in the room, spending as much time in each others' arms – naked, of course – as possible. We had our fair share of adult adventures as well, but we still struggled to remain quiet with Zach next door, which limited what we could do.

– – – * * * – – –
Tuesday was a bit of a shock to all our systems. I resumed working, and Noah started his classes. As expected, the first several days were very easy for him. Most classes he could do whenever, but a couple had set times where the professor streamed an interactive lesson, and he needed to avoid distractions during that time.

Zach didn't cope well with neither of us being available for his every whim during those times. He was used to being able to run into a room to show us something, or ask us to play with him, and we kept having to shoo him out so we could work. Tom helped out the Tuesday and Wednesday a bit, but he returned to his parents' house on Thursday, leaving us to fend for ourselves.

By the weekend, I was fried, and Noah was getting there. We realized Zach wasn't able to occupy himself completely during the day, and it was unfair of us to try to force him to do so. We talked for several hours Friday night brainstorming various options. There was daycare, but neither of us was very keen on that option. We considered enrolling him for kindergarten, but worried he'd have trouble being the new kid, especially since it wasn't due to a move. Finally, we decided the best choice was to hire a nanny to watch him during the day.

That weekend, we went to the zoo, the aquarium, and several local parks, trying to cram as much family time in before neglecting Zach for the next week. Neither of us had considered what this change would mean for him, and we both felt awful about it.

Sunday, I visited Steve. It had been about a month since I last visited, and I spent nearly two hours sitting on the grass beside his tombstone. No detail of the hearing or our vacation was spared. I even brought along Zach's scrapbook to show him. I tried to explain to Noah the connection I still felt to Steve before I left. Even though I couldn't put it in words, my boyfriend simply kissed my cheek and told me he understood. Zach really wanted to go with me so he could tell Steve all about the trip himself, but I really wanted to go alone. I promised a disappointed Zach I'd take him the next time.

– – – * * * – – –
I spent a few hours Monday calling companies that offered nannies. Tom told me later I could have saved some money by hiring directly and ordering the background checks ourselves, but it was worth paying a company to at least limit our options and prescreen applicants for us. I quickly discovered there were three types of companies. The first only cared if my check would clear, and were willing to send potential nannies out to interview with us immediately. The second type of company I wish I had the patience for; they required us to undergo extensive background screenings before even beginning the process. When I explained our current situation to one company, I was told, "Our services are intended for parents who care enough about the welfare of their children to plan in advance," before being hung up on. Finally, I found a couple services who wanted to perform background checks, but were willing to work with our situation and place a nanny with us while doing so.

Over the next three days, Noah and I interviewed seven different potential nannies over Skype. Three were immediately eliminated; two seemed preoccupied by something else, and another was put off when Zach ran into the room to show us a drawing he'd made. That was actually Noah's clever idea to see how they would act to interruption. He told Zach to draw something simple just before the interview began, and instructed him to show it to us as soon as he was done. Only one, a recent college graduate named Terry, asked to see the drawing. She complimented him on it, but gently reminded him that he shouldn't interrupt 'his dads' while they were busy. Terry was clearly our favorite.

Finally, Friday came, and we had our top three choices come to the house to meet Zach. He seemed to bond well with two, taking them on a brief tour of the house and showing them his toys. The third woman was a retired teacher, and we thought she would be a good match, considering how quickly he bonded with his new grandmothers, but his shyness never really wore off. I was sure she'd be perfect for someone, but apparently not our son.

When we sat down with Kyle, it became clear he expected this to be something of a babysitting gig – he would be paid to sit on the couch while Zach did his thing. Terry on the other hand, was full of ideas for projects and things to do that would keep Zach occupied. She made it clear she would not clean or cook, unless it was specifically for Zach, but that was fine with us; if I wanted a maid, I could just hire one. She even brought up the idea of taking Zach out of the house, as long as we footed the bill, of course. We would be responsible for making sure she had access to take him to the zoo or the aquarium, and strongly recommended we join a few other museums as well. She had a spotless background, and a clean driving record, and we knew she was definitely the right choice. We agreed to set hours, with overtime pay, and a few other minor details, and agreed for her to start Monday.

Shortly after Terry arrived, Noah's phone rang. He silenced it, but checked the message after she left. "It's the DA prosecuting Willow," he told me, his brow furrowing at first, before he yelled out, "Yes!", and broke into a big grin.

"What is it? Good news, obviously," I said.

"The best; Willow took a plea, and not a very favorable one, I might add. He didn't leave any details, but he said she won't be able to bother us for many years."

I gave Noah a hug, happy this whole ordeal was finally behind us. I had thought repeatedly about how it would work with Zach testifying, and the thought of him having to relive the hell his mother put him through was more than I could bear. Even though he did not know what was going on, Zach wanted to get in on the hug too, so we enjoyed a nice Zach sandwich for several minutes.

"Damn, it's after hours. I bet I won't be able to find out the details of the plea deal until Monday, and I'm dying to know right now," Noah said.

"Daddy, no-no," Zach scolded.

"There goes your perfect record babe. I'm impressed you made it as long as you did," I teased.

"No, I was the first one to cuss in front of him after Tom and Sarah taught him about no-no words."

"Were you? I'm sure that would've been me."

"Yeah, but that's because you curse like a sailor. At least I know when to turn it off. Besides, you can barely make it a day without being chastised, so still I win!" Noah proudly announced, sticking his tongue out at me.

"Yes you do," I said as patronizingly as I could, giving him a kiss. "Oh, you know who might be able to tell us all the details? Jason. Want me to give him a call?"

"Would you? I'm gonna call Will; he wanted to know any details as soon as I got them," Noah replied.

I stepped out on the porch and made the call. When Jason answered his phone, I skipped the pleasantries and got straight to the point.

"Do you know the details about Willow?" I asked immediately.

"Well 'hi' to you to," Jason said with a laugh.

"Sorry, Noah got a message from the DA that Willow took a plea, but we don't know any specifics yet. He's already gone home for the weekend, and I was hoping you might know. It would spare us the agony of waiting."

"Yeah, I know a lot of the details, but you're gonna have to wait. I'm in the car right now. Actually, I'm spending the weekend with Will. I'll ask him about me coming over to tell you once I get in town."

"That works. Bring Will, too. Noah will tell him immediately anyway."

"I'll bring it up. It's a little early for me to make plans involving him without at least talking to him first. We're both interested in each other, but we're taking it slow and establishing a friendship before we enter into anything serious."

"I'm glad you're taking it slow. Hopefully we'll see you tonight."

I hung up and walked back inside. Noah was hanging up on Will as I did.

"Turns out Jason is on his way to Will's now. Will said they'd come over once he got in. I invited them for dinner; I hope that's ok," Noah said.

"I was just about to tell you the same – except for the dinner part. Jason didn't want to make any plans without running them by Will first. He felt it was still a bit early in their relationship to do so. I hope they're on the same page as to what they want."

"Me too; Will has a tendency to jump the gun a bit, but rarely to the extent he did with you. I get the impression they're going about it the right way, though. Will said he felt bad about not checking first, but knew it was important to us."

"Well, that's good. Now I just need to figure out what to feed everyone."

It wasn't hard to do, and my timing was just about perfect; the doorbell rang about thirty seconds before the lasagna was ready. We ate and made small talk. Zach really wanted to show off his scrapbook while we ate, but there was no way I was going to let that happen. We had worked far too hard on that to get tomato sauce all over it. As soon as we finished, however, he dragged them to the couch and happily 'read' the book to them. Maybe about half the time he was actually sounding out the words and trying to read, the rest of the time he was adlibbing. I was impressed at his recent efforts to read, something we hadn't focused much on, and I know Willow hadn't even attempted. After he finished, he was more than happy to make pictures for everyone while the grownups talked.

"Ok, so we've been patient, now spill it," Noah said anxiously once we were all seated at the table.

"Well, you were right about the lawyer being one of her johns, I'm certain of it, but they were too clever for us to be able to prove it in court. Under the guise of interviewing Willow again, I put some pressure on the lawyer, hinting we knew he was paying her for sex. He immediately demanded a few minutes alone with his client.

"This next part you can't repeat to anyone, because it would be my ass; not even Maria knows. When I walked out of the room, I may have 'accidently' left the monitor on for a few minutes when I shouldn't have. The lawyer went off on Willow, saying he wasn't going down with her, and reminded her there was no way she would walk. He threatened to quit if she didn't take a deal.

"The deal they worked out with the DA was probably a little sweeter than if she was convicted, but it wasn't that great. She agreed to twenty-five years, but will be eligible for parole in ten."

"So Zach will be nearly fifteen the first chance she has to get out?" Noah asked.

"That's correct," Jason confirmed.

"That's fantastic! I was worried she'd walk, and then she'd try to take Zach back or something."

"I hope for her sake she cleans up her act and gets herself together while she's in prison," I said. "But what do we tell Zach? He should know what's going on."

"I think I know how to do it. Zachy, come over here for a second," Noah called.

"Remember all the things Mommy did right before you came to live with us? You asked about the big house?"

Zach nodded in response, but was oddly quiet.

"Well she's going to have to live there for many years."

"So she can't hurt me or be mean again?"

"Nope, she’s going to be in jail until you're a really big boy. You might even be as old as Papa by the time she gets out!"

Zach giggled at that. "Don't be silly, Daddy. No one is as old as Papa!" He thought about it for a second, before amending, "Except for Grandpa, and Grandma, and Grandpapa, and Gammy, of course!"

Zach's face turned more serious. "What's jail like, Daddy?"

"Remember when I made you sit in the car? It's a lot like that, only for a lot longer."

"Oh, I don't want to go to jail then. Will I ever see Mommy again?"

"If you want to see her, tell me or Papa. We may not be able to take you right away, but we'll make sure you can see her."

"But I don't hafta, right?"

"No, you don't. We'll only go see her if you want to see her."

"Good. I don't wanna see her ever again," Zach said firmly. He didn't seem upset or angry.

"That's your choice. If you ever change your mind, just let us know, ok?"

"K. But I won't."

Noah had finished the conversation, and none of us had anything to add. Zach stood around for a moment before Noah sent him back to coloring.

Will and Jason didn't stay much longer. It was obvious they were both into each other, and they made a great-looking couple. The four of us made vague tentative plans to double-date at an undetermined time in the future as they left.

That night in bed, I asked Noah about the recent upswing in jokes about my age, specifically coming from Zach.

"I mean, I expect the occasional teasing from you, but they're beginning to come a lot, and even Zach's making comments about it. Does it actually bother you that I'm older than you?"

"Not at all, actually, I should've put a stop to it immediately, but the idea of thirty being ancient is really cute from Zach. At one point on his birthday, Zach asked how old I was. After I told him, he said I was really old, and asked how old you were. His eyes got huge, and he said, 'I didn't know they made people that old'. I should've told him then that it wasn't nice to make fun of someone's age, but he really doesn't mean anything by it."

I don't know what had me laughing harder – what Zach said, or Noah's near-perfect impression of his son's voice.

"No, I know he doesn't, but someone has been encouraging it, I think. I try not to mind. It is very adorable the things he says. I should buy a video camera and follow him around for a few days. That way, when he becomes an awkward and rebellious teenager we can relive the days when he was adorable and not a little shit."

"Hell, we can play the tapes for whoever he brings home. That'll be hilarious."

"Nah, that's just cruel. That doesn't mean we can't threaten to, just to make him squirm."

We continued to go back and forth, joking about things we could hold against Zach as he got older before we gave into slumber. As I drifted off to sleep, I realized Noah and I had begun to talk about a distant future that included each other so casually that we barely realized we were doing it. That thought led to some amazing dreams.

– – – * * * – – –
We spent the weekend cramming as much family time in as we could, much like the previous weekend. We even took Zach to the local amusement park, which was an epic disaster. The lines for rides made Disney look vacant in comparison, and despite the exorbitant ticket price, there were very few Zach was even big enough to go on. We did have fun, but I think all of us would have rather walked to the neighborhood park and pushed Zach on the swings all day instead of going there. Saturday, we also got a really cute letter in the mail from Mickey and the rest of the Disney characters thanking us for visiting them. After showing it to Zach, I quickly added it to the end of Zach's scrapbook.

As promised, I took Zach with me on Sunday when I visited Steve. Zach may not have understood why I visited a stone and talked to it, but he certainly enjoyed rambling on and telling stories about everything we'd done from his perspective.

I think we were all a bit nervous when Terry showed up her first day. The tension didn't last long, as I had a phone call to make, and Noah had to log onto a webcast lecture. Occasionally, I'd here giggles from the living room, but Zach didn't run in and interrupt me a single time while I was working, and it was a nice change from the past two weeks. When I took a lunch break, I made sandwiches for all four of us. Zach was quick to show me the macaroni necklace he made with Terry, and count the noodles for me, to show how he'd been working on his numbers. Terry told me how Zach had wanted to show me, but she explained to him how I'd like the necklace a lot more if he waited until I came to him. When I told him she was right, he offered me the necklace, which I proudly put around my neck. Moments later, I realized I'd been had, since Noah emerged, and received a necklace of his own. That didn't stop me from wearing the pasta around my neck for the rest of the day.

The next day, Terry took Zach on their first outing together, and both Noah and I were a little nervous about it. Our fears were ungrounded and Zach excitedly told us at dinner that he read every single sign at the zoo, except the ones that had too many words. He recited animal facts one after another, and it was clear just how perfect this arrangement was working out. I was getting work done, Noah was able to focus on his school work, and Zach was happily distracted and learning.

By the end of the week, everything seemed to be falling into place for us. Noah was already gaining confidence in his school work, and I could tell he was a natural at it. Zach looked forward to Terry coming each morning, but wasn't upset when she went to leave at the end of the day. The three of us spent the evenings in each others' company, playing with Zach and having a blast as a family.

That weekend, Tom moved into his new house. Tom wanted help picking out furniture, and Zach was a good little trooper as we went from one store to another with Tom. We offered to do more, like help paint or unpack, but Tom insisted he had everything under control.

– – – * * * – – –

As the weeks rolled on, we had settled into a great routine that worked well for us. Every day, Terry took Zach out for at least an hour, even if just to the park, and Noah and I nearly always took advantage of the opportunity for a little 'afternoon delight'.

Lydia loved the apartment she had at Tom's new house, and spent at least one night a week. Each of these times, she insisted on watching Zach, giving Noah and I a chance to go out to dinner, get drinks, and enjoy a romantic night on the town. Jason's frequent trips to visit Will must have inspired Maria as well, and Zach slept over at Nana's at least once a week. We invited the boys to spend the night with Zach, but Nana always insisted we come over for dinner then leave Zach in her care.

Despite the fact that we settled into a routine, life with Noah and Zach continued to be exciting. Our feelings for each other continued to deepen, and I knew unequivocally I loved Noah just as much as I had loved Steve. The shadow Steve cast over our relationship had almost completely dissipated, and although I still missed him and thought of him, I found myself thinking of him less and less while with Noah. Noah continuously surprised me with cute little romantic gestures – bringing home flowers along with the groceries, filling the bedroom with candles and rose petals, and things like that. It was sappy and I loved every moment of it.

One night in late October, after a particularly intense love-making romp while Zach was staying with Lydia, I found myself wrapped in Noah's strong arms while we discussed plans for the upcoming holidays.

"Well, we have to make a decision, babe. Your parents have been trying to find a time to come visit, and I think Thanksgiving is perfect. I know Richard and Lydia invited us over, but they'll understand," Noah said, clearly getting a bit frustrated that I couldn't make up my mind.

"I know, I know," I conceded, "but I really want to host everyone for Christmas. I want to have my parents and Emma and Ethan come for it, and maybe go all out and invite Richard, Lydia, and Tom as well. This'll be our first Christmas together, and I want Zach to have as much of his family around as possible."

"Wait. We're both forgetting an important holiday next week. Have you talked to Zach about Halloween?"

"Shit! I've been meaning to bring that up to you. Terry asked me what we were doing, and I told her we'd probably just get a couple bags of candy in case anyone came by our door; I completely forgot we can dress Zach up and take him trick-or-treating."

"Well maybe if we get our act together, and figure out what Zach wants to be, your parents can come down at the last minute."

"That's actually a great idea. I'll call home in the morning to run it by them. If they can't come, we're not handing out candy; only two or three kids knock on our door anyway. I think both of us would rather go with Zach. Any ideas as to what he'll want to be?"

"Your guess is as good as mine. Knowing him, he won't be able to make up his mind and we'll have to get creative," Noah said with a laugh.

"So try to get my parents down for Halloween or shortly thereafter, Thanksgiving with the O'Neil's, and huge Christmas at our place. Did I make enough decisions for the night?"

"You did great, babe," Noah said kissing my forehead. It felt a little patronizing, and I'm sure he meant it to come across that way, at least a little, but being tired and wrapped in the arms of the man I loved more than anything in the world meant I didn't give a damn.

I'd like to thank Bobby again for the help on the Disney section last chapter. I have images of the birthday button, sample autographs, and the letter from Disney world on my website. The first two are at the end of 39, and the letter is at the end of 40.

I'd also like to thank Trish for (unintentionally) helping me out of a crisis regarding what to do with Zach when she asked if they would be getting a nanny. Originally he was going to start Kindergarten after labor day, but stupid Georgia begins in early August (school starts Wednesday in Atlanta!).

As always, thanks to David for editing. All errors that remain are mine, and mine alone.

Moving On is © Copyright Fitz, 2011-2013. All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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It seems everything is planned perfectly.I nearly missed the part you updated. Thanks for the sweet chapter.

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Good news about Willow and Zach took tbe news so well.

Terry seems like a sweetheart and by the looks of it Zach loves her to bits. Great chapter.

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On 08/05/2013 11:28 AM, nostic said:
It seems everything is planned perfectly.I nearly missed the part you updated. Thanks for the sweet chapter.
I'm glad you caught it! Chapter 41 starts right out with Halloween costumes and you would've been SOOOO confused!
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On 08/05/2013 11:37 AM, Daithi said:
Good news about Willow and Zach took tbe news so well.

Terry seems like a sweetheart and by the looks of it Zach loves her to bits. Great chapter.

I wasn't about to have a second drawn-out court scene for Willow. Originally, she was to take a plea immediately before her trial, but I really just wanted to get it over with. I never intended her to even have a chance to walk free and didn't have the evilness to pretend with extra cliffhangers, etc. Although book 2 starts a few years in the future and covers MANY more years than book 1, so don't think this is really the last you've seen of her!


Terry is based on a nanny by the same name in a story I read years ago called 'Watching Brad'. Unfortunately, the focus in these last few chapters is much more on Scott and Noah than on Zach, so Terry has a fairly minimal role.

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Wow, school starts already in Georgia? Thank God we have another three weeks to go.


I was wondering what time of the year the last chapter was b/c I didn't know when Zach would be going to kindergarten. After all, he's five now, not a baby anymore - he's 'all growed up', like the Rugrats. :) Getting Terry seemed to be a great idea. Now Scott and Noah can get all their "work" done. That's what they're calling it nowadays, right? (wink, wink) lol


Zach is just too adorable with the age thing. Oh, and the explanation of his favorite rides. I laughed out loud at that one. lol

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On 08/05/2013 02:52 PM, Lisa said:
Wow, school starts already in Georgia? Thank God we have another three weeks to go.


I was wondering what time of the year the last chapter was b/c I didn't know when Zach would be going to kindergarten. After all, he's five now, not a baby anymore - he's 'all growed up', like the Rugrats. :) Getting Terry seemed to be a great idea. Now Scott and Noah can get all their "work" done. That's what they're calling it nowadays, right? (wink, wink) lol


Zach is just too adorable with the age thing. Oh, and the explanation of his favorite rides. I laughed out loud at that one. lol

Based on my memories of last time my mom busted out MY scrapbook of our road trip (I would've been about 6 months younger than Zach at the time), I'm pretty sure that's exactly what I wrote about a theme park we went to. We also went some botanical gardens where the paths weaved back and forth kinda like ~~~~. I said 'it went smiles and frowns forever'.


Actually the first day of school in 2012 (when the story is at) was the day of the custody hearing to give a little context in the story.


And since I can't edit my replies, last chapter, I meant to say 'everyone is always quick to share their stories of their trip there'. Not too many people have to resist the urge to flick off the disney camera guy who takes your picture when you stumble over the trolley tracks while marching in the parade!

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I just got started on this novel and I'm loving it. I'm not really one for chapter to chapter reviews and since I read the 40 chapters in one sitting, I thought I'd just save up all my gushing for the end.

I thought it was really sweet. I'm just overall a puddle of gooey sappiness right here what with Scott and Noah.

Thanks for sharing.

I'm going to be heartbroken when it ends. :,(

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On 08/05/2013 10:15 PM, totallyy said:
I just got started on this novel and I'm loving it. I'm not really one for chapter to chapter reviews and since I read the 40 chapters in one sitting, I thought I'd just save up all my gushing for the end.

I thought it was really sweet. I'm just overall a puddle of gooey sappiness right here what with Scott and Noah.

Thanks for sharing.

I'm going to be heartbroken when it ends. :,(

I hear you on the reviews! Don't be heartbroken, since there's much more on the way in book 2!


Thank you so much!

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