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    Frank K
  • Author
  • 8,071 Words
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Barriers - 5. First Time

It's finally Jason's birthday. Will an interruption ruin the day?

A door slamming woke us.

“The fuck?” Jon said shooting up.

“JOHNNY!” Someone yelled as they stomped down the steps.

“FUCK.” He jumped out of bed and threw on his Pants from last night before opening the door, sliding through, and closing it. I caught a glimpse on long black hair and a smirk from someone in their 20’s.

I rubbed my eyes as two people shouted. I didn’t know who she was but if Jon was freaking out it couldn’t have been good. I looked at my phone and saw it was somehow already a little before noon. After what felt like ten minutes of arguing he slipped back in and took a deep sigh.

“Are you in trouble?”

“Kind of.” He said coming over and kissing me. “Good morning by the way. Happy Birthday.”

“Who is she?” I asked cutting to the chase.

“My cousin Suzy. She moved out of here forever ago and this happened to be the weekend she chose to come home to see her friends.”

“Well that’s unlucky.” I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. “Do we need to leave?”

“No. She just wants to meet you.” He said nervously.

“What are you panicking about?” I asked interested. I had never seen Jon like this before.

“You need to understand Suzy before you meet her. If you think I’m bad, she’s like ten times worse.” He leaned in the doorway as I brushed my teeth. “She’s gonna ask a million questions. Fuck I’m so sorry.”

“Can I get a quick shower in?” I asked him unconcerned. This was like meeting one of my mother’s clients. You smile, you give neutral answers, you pretend to give a shit about them.

“Yeah. I should go upstairs anyways.” He came over and kissed me before she shouted for him. “Ah fuck me. Take your time ok?”

“I’ll be quick.” I assured him.

“Ok. We’ll get through this together. I won’t let her bully you.” He assured me before slipping out of the bathroom to deal with her. I’m not even sure what he’s afraid about. I guess he thinks my brain is still mush from all the shit he did yesterday. I made quick work of the shower and threw some morning clothes on before meeting the lovely Suzy Han.

When I walked upstairs, I found her texting and scolding Jon at the same time. He just stood in the kitchen drinking a cup of juice and rolling his eyes. They realized I was in their presence once I close the door and it went silent for a second as they both looked at me.

To say Suzy was attractive wouldn’t being to describe it. Her eyes were the same color as Jon’s but her double eyelids accentuated them so much better. Her skin was this perfect ivory color and incredibly consistent throughout without a single blemish. Her hair was the typical Asian black but it looked so much smoother and shinier than normal despite what little light was in the room. I know Jon said she moved out meaning she was older than us but if I didn’t know this I would have thought she was our age. The Han’s knew how to take care of themselves or had a lot of money to do so, maybe both.

“JASON! HELLO!” She said far too brightly as I still hadn’t completely woken up yet. She got off the couch and offered her hand. “I’m Suzy. I’m sure my cousin mentioned nothing about me.” She gave him a side eye before quickly paying attention to me.

“Why are you so upset that I didn’t tell anyone about him? We started dating yesterday.” He shot right back.

“Oh so you’re fresh!” She said raising both her eyebrows as she looked at me.

“Look, there’s plenty of time to talk about me.” I took her hand and lead her back to the couch. “Tell me about you though. I haven’t met any of Jon’s family yet.”

“Suzy, it’s his birthday. Can we do this some other time?” Jon begged.

“Quiet.” She shot back immediately.

“Whatever” He surrendered throwing up his hands. “I’m going to the bathroom don’t make him cry.”

“So are you just here for the weekend?” I asked getting her attention again.

“Yeah. I’ve been so busy lately and I just wanted to see my friends you know? Now what about you, what are you two doing here? Did you come here to get away for your birthday?” She asked back.

“Busy? What do you mean? What do you do for a living?” I asked immediately not wanting to talk about myself.

“I’m a personal assistant in the fashion industry.” She responded. “Its so exhausting but I love it so you know.”

“Wow! That’s so admirable, following your passion.” I feigned amazement. “Who have you worked with? Anyone famous?”

I could tell from the get-go that Suzy was exactly like all the stupid socialites that my parents know. I’ve attended so many gala’s when I was younger that I knew exactly how to act at these things. I guess it helped that my mother made my take classes in finishing school when I was younger as well. It’s really simple, you just butter them up and have them talk about their lives because that’s something they’ll never get enough of and you can avoid talking about yourself for the whole night. I let Suzy ramble on for a good ten minutes about her life until Jon came up.

“Are you done tearing into him yet? He asked annoyed.

“Actually we haven’t talked about him at all. You could learn a thing or two from him Johnny. He’s such a good listener.” She flipped her hair and looked at her phone. “Ok. This was great. I want to do this more. You’re so sweet Jason. I like you already! Alright, let me go get ready for my day.” She stood up and walked towards the stairs going up.

“You aren’t going to wear that to lunch?” I looked at her white crop top and black slacks and thought it was more than suitable for lunch.

“Oh god no! I’m going to meet up with everyone for some drinks right after and I’d be caught dead looking so basic! I’ll be right back.” With that she disappeared upstairs and into one of the many rooms we passed last night.

Jon stretched his neck out to make sure she was out of sight before he brought me in and kissed me.

“What was that for?” I asked blushing.

“I’m sorry you had to deal with her. She’s a lot I know.” He answered sullenly.

“Jon. I deal with people like her all the time with my parents. That was nothing.” I poked him right in his temple before walking over to the orange juice container still out. “I just let her talk about herself the entire time.”

“Well that’s a relief.” He hopped on the couch and turned on the TV.

“This is going to be our day isn’t it?” I asked after drinking a glass. I flipped open my pack of darts and found myself disappointed once again.

“Unfortunately. I don’t think she’s gonna come see the concert but I wouldn’t put it past her.”

“Whatever. I’ll be outside for a smoke.” I waved off as I walked past him and out the front door.

I scrolled through Facebook as I sat on the front steps. I really should delete the blasted thing but it’s easily the best way to keep up with all the artists I listen to. To my surprise, Jenna changed her status to into a relationship with Mark this followed with a shit ton of comments from people I didn’t realize she was friends with. Guess she really did get to know everyone over the summer.

Then there was me and my sudden blossoming. Despite my attempts to cull the numbers, I just kept getting friend requests. I just couldn’t be bothered today especially. I’m the son of two very wealthy people and I can go to any school I want. Fuck if I needed to know anyone around here let alone be friends with them. Nobody wanted to help me when I was alone in middle school. Why should I let them in now?

“It keeps growing.” Jon rested his head on my shoulder behind me and looked over it. “Ooh. Tina Chen. She was fun in bed.” He flicked the deny button for me as he mentioned that.

“I didn’t need to know that.” I said as I nudged him away. “Now when we’re in bed I’ll think you’re thinking about her.”

“No you won’t.” He got up even closer to my ear to whisper. “You won’t be thinking about anything except my rock hard dick slamming into you.” The thought sent shivers down my spine and the follow up kisses on my neck didn’t help. “Don’t worry I’ll go slow.” Was the last thing he said before getting up and laughing.

“You’re such a shit.” I said as I took the final hit from my dart and got up.

“It doesn’t actually bother you does it?” He asked humorously.

“Just know you’re going to be waiting a very long time.” I shrugged wanting to be honest.

“I figured. SUZY! ARE YOU DONE YET?”

“10 MINUTES” She shouted backed.

“YOU CAN’T JUST EXPECT THE WORKERS TO MAKE US FOOD JUST BECAUSE YOUR DAD OWNS THE PLACE.” He shook his head. “The brunch service ends in like half an hour and she always does this. It’s so disrespectful to them.”

We laid around the entry floor watching TV while we waited. I only knew the time because Jon would look at his phone every other minute and shake his head when the time changed. After about twenty minutes of this Suzy came downstairs talking on the phone. She really scaled up her look opting for an incredible short baby blue top and a white skirt. Something she said really ticked Jon off enough to get off of me and yell loud enough so the person on the other end could hear it. This caused yet another argument and I found myself dragged out of the house at the end of it.

“She’s such a fucking spoiled brat.” Jon slammed on the gas as soon as it was in drive. “She literally told the staff that they HAVE to extend dimsum for an hour because she wants to.”

“She can do that?” I asked confused.

“Baba does anything she asks because he loves us so much. If she didn’t take two years to get ready it wouldn’t of been an issue.”

“Who’s Baba?” My eyes went wide as I realized that I might be meeting a grandparent today.

“My dad’s oldest chef. He runs the place when my uncles not around and he does a very good job at it. It’s why we don’t have to worry about this place so much.”

“Christ. I thought I was meeting your grandfather or something!” I leaned back relaxing.

“Oh. Yeah sorry.” He brushed up an apology before his phone rang. He hit a button on his steering wheel after seeing who it was on the dashboard. “Key’s where it always is. You can go help my mom for some extra cash if you want to.”

“Thanks!” was all that was said on the other end before the call ended.

“What was….”

“Ken gets kicked out of the house on weekends after he picks up his mom so he usually hangs out with me. If I was working, he would just chill behind the counter and deliver a couple of meals for some cash but I’m out here so he was calling to make sure.”

“I didn’t realize you two were always so busy.” This added a new level of friendship between the two. Jon even supported his best friend financially.

“It was my mom’s idea to be fair but it helps his family out so I have no issues with it.”

The rest of the thirty minute drive was spent on the highway with me looking at my phone and Jon rambling about how spoiled his cousin was. We eventually pulled off into the parking lot of the place we would be eating. Jon quickly hopped out of the car and made his way in without me and I rushed to keep up.

“Baba!” Jon shouted getting the attention of an old man behind the register. I quickly found myself lost in the ensuing conversation. Jon was very animated and the older man shook his head and assured him that what Suzy did wasn’t any trouble. Suzy followed in after about five minutes of this the two children we lead to a table to the back and I followed suit sitting next to Jon.

“How can you treat family like that?” Jon said angrily as soon as Baba was out of earshot.

“They don’t care. Only you care.” She responded as she called over a cart. “Jason!” Her tone changed immediately. “Are you allergic to anything?”

“Not that I know of.” I said almost afraid to get between the two.

“Let ME order for him.” Jon huffed as he got up as the cart approached.

“All yours.” She rolled her eyes as she looked at her phone. “Wait. We have a friend in common on facebook?”

“Who?” I asked bewildered not thinking there was any way our social circles crossed.

“Vincent Flores!” She continued to get more excited. “Oh my god I haven’t seen Vincent in years! What is he up to? Wait, his name is Vincent Andrews now?”

“Oh. He got married to my uncle a little over a year ago at this point.”

“VINCENT’S GAY? OH MY GOD!” She screamed before Jon chastised her and they bickered for a few minutes.

Today was just a day full of discoveries it seemed. With my urging Suzy rambled on about how my uncle in law and Suzy went to the same college in New Jersey. I managed to piece the bridge together. Vincent decided to go for his master’s in business in the UK on a scholarship and managed to find work out there after he graduated. He had met my uncle a year or two after that and from there it was history.

“God, he was always so much fun to party with, if you know what I mean.” She said winking.

“No, I don’t know what you mean. Care to explain?’ Jon finally got a word in that wasn’t about me trying whatever he picked up from the carts.

“You’ll find out when you’re older.” She said right back unable to ignore the question. “I’m telling him I met you. Oh my god this is so crazy!”

I knew what she was talking about. For all the morals my uncle stood for, he was a blatant cocaine user and didn’t hide It very well. It was the dirty secret of the Andrews and I guess Calvin found someone to….enjoy the ride with. To hear Suzy was into the stuff too was a bit awkward, especially for first time we met.

“You know, it makes so much sense that Vince is gay in hindsight. He didn’t date a single person in our four years of college. Anyways, it’s fime for me to go.” She picked up her purse and swifty walked from the table. “We have to do this again Jason. Let me know when Vince is back in the states! I’ll make the time.” With that she gave Baba a hug and was out the door.

“I. Am. So. Sorry.” Jon sank back in his chair and took a deep sigh of relief.

“For what? That was actually pretty funny.” I asked as I took another shrimp dumpling.

“She never shuts up, it’s actually the worst.” He picked himself up out of the seat. “Are you good to go?”

“Yeah. I guess.”

I watched as he cleaned the table. I attempted to help but he insisted I would only get in the way and he made his way back and forth and was done in three trips. After thanking Baba and leaving a admirable tip for the doting staff, we were off.

“You know, that wasn’t as bad as you’re thinking.” I commented as he drove.

“I wanted it to just be us. I don’t care about her college days or who she knows.” He whined.

“What did you want to feed me mood and get dumb reactions out of me?” I asked jokingly.

“Yes! I wanted to do stupid couple shit!” He answered surprising me. “I like when you’re cute and need affection. I want to see your reactions when I show you new things. It’s your birthday. I wanted it to be about you! Not about my stupid cousin.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle as i took it all in. This moron really had fallen for me. He literally fantasized about doing dumb couple shit with me. How the actual fuck did we manage to get to this?

“Stop!” He whined. “I’m serious here. I wanted to wake up at noon, then drag you off to lunch where I showed you a bunch of dumb food you hadn’t eaten before.”

“I’ve been to dimsum before Jon. Come on now.” I continued my laugher as he parked. “Wheres this?”

“Well I wanted to walk to the river and chill there with you but apparently that’s too damn sappy!” Huffed before he got out.

“Come on, you’re being a child.” I said lightheartedly as I followed.

“No! Apparently it’s too damn much to actually give a damn about you.” His voice got louder making me realize he was actually upset and embarrassed about the entire ordeal. “Whatever I guess I’m just a fucking loser.”

“Please stop.” I grabbed his arm and used my entire body to get him stop.

“Why? Apparently im just an idiot for thinking that maybe I could enjoy this weekend with you.”

“Can you stop being so fucking unreasonable? God it was two hours and you weren’t the focus of anything.” I pleaded trying to get through to him.

“I set up this great weekend and she just waltz’s in and ruins it.” He continued on.

“It’s still a great weekend you idiot! You literally have the next day and a half do all that dumb shit with me!” I couldn’t stand his antics anymore so I raised my voice.


“Like FUCK dude. What do you want me to say? That I appreciate it? That I feel like I can trust you? Do you need to hear those words come out of my mouth to believe this is real?”

“No I….”

“I don’t know why you think you need to make these fucking grand gestures all the time. Like jesus fucking christ I’m a shitty fucking alcoholic who holes himself up in his room all day and you think you need to constantly impress me.”

“It’s just…”

“It doesn’t matter! Stop freaking out! I fucking like you and that meal was more than most people have done for me in the past five years in my life? Do you fucking understand?” I was finally out of breath and it was apparently successful as he whimpered as I held his hand. I let go and took a sigh of relief and decided it was time for one of my last two cigarettes.

“I just wanted everything to be perfect.” He mumbled as he tried to gain some composure back.

“Nothing is ever perfect. At least when I’m involved at least.” I joked as I took in my dart.

“I know that’s why I just wanted nothing to go wrong.” He admitted.

“You’re just thick in the head. It’s fine. Just ease up you know? I’m still excited for tonight and my birthday isn’t ruined.”

“Fine.” He grabbed my hand as I tossed the dart. “Can we go to the overlook now?”

“I guess.” I shugged as he dragged me alone.

It was nothing remarkable if I was being honest. My grandfather’s land had nicer natural wonders but not everyone owns thousands of acres of land I suppose. We settled on a bench and I laid down with my head on his lap.

“Sorry for yelling.” I said with a sigh.

“I needed it.” He shrugged brushing my hair out of my face.

“So whats the plan after this?”

“Probably head back to the house. We can also go get bubble tea.”

“Why are we even here then?”

“I donno. I just drove here mad.”

“You’re an idiot.”

“Your idiot.”

“Fine. I’m breaking up with you.” I hopped up and walked away. “An uber home can’t possibly be more than three hundred.”

“Ah you. Get back here.” He ran after me and grabbed me swinging me around. “You don’t get to break up with me that easily.”

Before I could even respond his lips were on mine. I found myself helpless as he massaged my neck making my eyes roll into the back of my head and my mouth open as I moaned into him. I could feel the corners of his mouth tick up as he pressed his tongue against my teeth. He grabbed my ass giving me the leverage he needed to press into as he wrapped his tongue in mine. I had no idea what to do with my senses were enveloped in Jon.

“You’re mine now.” He whispered before kissing my neck. “And I’m going to everything I can to make sure it stays that way.”

A brief moment of despair hit me before he moved back to my mouth for one brief kiss which made it all go away. I opened my eyes to see that dumb grin on his face that made me want to smack him and kiss him at the same time. God, if I wasn’t smitten with the fucking devil.

“You’re not too bad yourself.” He shot right back.

“What?” I asked stunned.

“You’re doing the thing again.” He grabbed my hand and dragged me back towards the car. “I saw it in your eyes I guess.”

“This is a bit much don’t you think? We’ve been dating for a total of 12 hours.” I asked looking at my phone to confirm the time.

“Don’t be like that.” He released my hand and made his way over the driver’s seat. ”You’ve been on my mind since June and I know we wouldn’t be in this situation if you didn’t feel the same way. It’s not like we’re strangers.”

“I don’t know. This is weird.” I threw up my hands in frustration after getting in.

“It’s not weird. You’re just refusing to accept that we’re dating.” He grabbed my hand out of the air and brought it down looking me straight in the eyes. “And if I have to tell you a thousand times that you’re worth it I will.”

“Ok.” I sighed obediently wanting to give in.

He kissed my hand and threw me his phone. “Play the opening DJ. I wanna hear them.”

“We’re not going for the opener you amateur.” I said rolling my eyes.

“Come on, I don’t go to these things much. Let’s go to the opener.” He begged as he got onto the highway.

“If I don’t like them we’re not going.” I affirmed as I put them on. They were some dreadful local act straight out of Philly and I couldn’t stand it after thirty seconds. I threw on the Chainsmokers for the rest of the ride back. After stopping at a gas station for a couple more provisions(and a cashier that didn’t care that my license was a fake), I laid back comfortably for the ride back and found before I knew it we were back at our temporary home.

“What’s the plan for dinner?” I asked as I following him into the house.

“I figured nothing fancy. Grab some slices around the corner from the venue.” He grabbed my hand and lead me downstairs after putting everything away.

“What are we doing?”

“I figured we’d take a nap before we head out. We didn’t exactly wake up on good terms this morning.” He tossed his shirt as soon as he opened the door to the bedroom.

“I guess.” I walked into the bathroom to relieve myself then joined him under the sheets.

“Eh nothings on.” He handed the TV remote unable to find anything on Netflix. “You wanna try?”

“Nah.” I threw the remote behind me and slipped under his arm.

“Oh. Hello.” He gripped me tighter as I kissed his pec. “What brought this on?”

“Shut up.” I said before placing my hands on his abs getting a shiver out of him.

“Cold Hands.” He took my hands off while clenching his teeth.

Before I could apologize he rolled on top of me with that predatory look he gave me last night.

“Come on grab me.” He demanded before putting all of his weight on me and coming in for a deep kiss. I instinctually grabbed his incredible ass and his eyes shot open. “Fuck Yes.”

“Relax ok?” I asked ask I played with the thin fabric between my hands and his tight muscular ass. “I’m not sure what I’m doing.”

“You let me worry about that. I just needed you on board.”

Within one breath he was on top of me again…on top wasn’t the right word. I felt him in every sense. His hands were slipping my shirt off. His mouth was enveloping mine with a force I hadn’t experienced making it hard to breathe. The pockets of air I was able to find were filled with the scent of that combination of aftershave and sweat I’ve learned to enjoy. I gripped him and brought him in even closer causing him to be even more forceful.

My mind was racing while I enjoyed Jon. Even in the middle of making out with one of the hottest guys in school, I couldn’t help but think ahead, think what was going to come of this. My lack of experience nearly petrified me.

“Stop thinking.” He pulled off of me and looked me in the eyes.

“What?” I asked already stunned.

“Just do it. Grab me. Don’t think about it.” He demanded thumbing his boxers off.

“Jon I…”

“For fucks sake.” He grabbed my sweats and nearly ripped off my remaining clothes and dove right back in. With his mouth on mine he grabbed our dicks in a vice and I nearly passed out from the sensation. “Just don’t fucking think and enjoy it.”

I couldn’t believe it. I was rolling in the sheets naked with Jon Han. His rock-hard dick was rubbing against mine sending me to places I never even imagined. I closed my eyes and groaned as he roughly jerked us together while staring at me.

“That’s it. You’re so fucking sexy when you moan.” He growled before going down and kissing my neck.

“Ahh.” Is all I could get out as he sucked on my neck. He repeated the same as he went down, jerking my off at the same time. Next was my collarbone, then my right nipple. He threw the blankets back so I could see him kissing my abs all the way down until he stopped long enough for me to open my eyes.

I looked down to see him with a shit eating grin on his face. He seemed all too pleased with himself as he had me breathless while he stroked my dick. I wasn’t nearly as big as Jon at a solid cut six inches hard but that didn’t stop him from enjoying it. He licked the underside of my shaft slowly, working his way down to my balls.

“Jon…I’m close.” I cried as he took one of my balls and sucked lightly.

“What was that?” He chuckled as he grazed my hole with his finger.

“Come on…” I begged.

“You’re just too cute when you beg.” He said as his mouth hovered over my dick.

“Please for the love get me off.” I begged. He knew I needed friction to get anywhere

“Whatever you want babe.” With that he took my head into my mouth. He hummed and he worked the bottom of my shaft and that was enough to send me over. I grabbed the sheet and sighed in relief as I shot right into his mouth. It was clearly too much for him as he coughed me out along with plenty of cum to spare.

“Fuck Jason how wound up were you?’ He went for a towel as he coughed a little more up.

“I’m sorry.” I said sincerely as he came back over.

“It’s fine.” He crawled back on the bed and cleaned up the mess before pulling the blanket up and spooning against me. “When was the last time you jerked off though?

“Like two weeks ago?” I answered honestly.

“Well, if I go two weeks without getting you off that’s on me.” He chuckled before kissing me on the neck.

“Wait, what about you?” I asked trying to turn around not realizing how tired I was.

“You don’t have to get me off.” He assured me as he held me in place. “I can wait until you’re ready for that too.”

“Jon…” I looked away embarrassed again.

“There are plenty of people with sexual experience. I enjoy you more than all of them. I promise.”


“Alright,” He yawned. “Let’s get some sleep before dinner.”


“De Nana. You’re worth it.” He nestled into my back and before I knew it he was asleep. I laid there thinking about it all, was I going too fast? What was next? When would I be ready to be fucked? I decided it would all have to wait as I definitely needed to sleep before what I was sure was going to be an eventful night.


“We need to get up.” He mumbled as he held me.

“No we don’t.” I countered him as I laid easy in in arms.

“Come on.” He groaned. “I paid for the tickets.”

“I’ll pay for them so we don’t have to go.” I rubbed my eye and turned around to see he still had his eyes closed.

“I paid like two hundred.”

“Oh that’s not that bad.”

“Each.” He opened his eyes to see my reaction.

“Yeah no problem.” I said before sticking my tongue out.

“Fuckin Richie Rich.” He grumbled before kissing me on the lips softly. “Can we please go? I’m way too excited about this.”

“You’re the one holding me.”

“You like when I hold you.”

“I do.” God what the fuck am I doing? When did I become so fucking soft?

“When you finally let your guard down.” He kissed me one more time before turning around and getting out of bed.

“You’re just lucky your perfect ass makes up for your smartass mouth.”

“All I’m hearing if that you love my ass.” He grabbed a towel out of his bag and walked to the bathroom. “Come on let’s shower while you admire it more.”

As I walked into the bathroom my reflection was unavoidable. Scrawny was an understatement. No development anywhere, hell my rib is sticking out. What the fuck did he see in me?

Jon grabbed me and kissed me under the water. I know he was doing it to distract me from my self-deprecation and it was more than welcomed. Having him claw me as our tongues danced brought me to life. It felt like I was actually awake for the first time.

Eventually I needed air so I broke off and opened my eyes to see him smiling softly as he held me. Seeing his usually meticulously sharp hair soaked made him look just a bit more believable which is what I needed right now.

“Don’t go putting me on a pedestal now.” He chuckled as he turned around to get the body wash. “it’s what I like about you.”

“You’re gonna tell me you pull out all the stops and you don’t want me to appreciate it?” I asked confused.

“Pedestal is a bad word I guess.” He shrugged as he lathered his hands. “I know you don’t think so but you’re absolutely worth my time and energy.” He grabbed me and started washing my back. “I’m gonna keep telling you this every day until you’re sick of it.”

“You’re too much.” I scoffed as he took his sweet time on my back.

“I see the dark clouds in your eyes.” He continued unphased. “If this is what I have to do to pull you away from them, then so be it.” He suddenly turned me around and forced my eyes to his. “I mean this when I say it. You’re worth it.”

The embarrassment I felt made my skin burn under the warm water. His gaze felt great but it was just so hard to accept. After a deep breath I leaned in and pressed my lips against his briefly before pulling off before he could react.

“Hey wait a minute.” He said with humor in his voice as he grasped my quickly retreating chin.

“Shut up.” I pouted continuing to be embarrassed.

“Ok babe.” He let got and turned around for more body wash.


“What time is it?” I asked as I looked around for my phone after getting dressed.

“A little before ten.” He said look at me through the mirror as he fixed himself with it.

“Parking’s gonna be a nightmare then.” I groaned as I finally found my phone dangling off the side of the bed.

“We’re like four blocks away.” Jon chuckled as he came over.

“Wait seriously?” I opened my map to find out he was telling the truth. “Holy shit.”

“Yeah it’s a pretty easy walk from Chinatown.” He finished up his hair and walked out. “So what do you think.”

“You look great.” I answered impressed as I looked at his dress shirt vertically striped with red and black. It fit him incredibly along with his black slacks. It was just another case of not being able to believe this guy would pull out all the stops for me.

“You think it’s a bit much?” He asked as he looked over the details in the mirror. “I can probably get away without the dress shirt.”

“I mean look at me.” I pointed to my usual outfit. “It’s not like you need to dress up for these things.”

“I’m just excited. Ya know?” He said giving it more thought.

“Just ditch the dress shirt. It’ll be over your shoulder in a couple hours anyways.”

“I guess.” He said before buttoning it off and tossing it back on his bag. The remaining black undershirt was silk smooth. “You ready?”

“Oh before I forget.” I went to my bag as he changed into some Jeans. “You don’t wanna ruin your hearing so use these things.”

“Ear plugs?” Jon asked as I game him two in a clear plastic tube.

“Yeah, the sound screws up your ears. Trust me, I always hear ringing now. You don’t want that.”

“How am I going to hear everything though?” He asked looking at them through the tube

“They don’t block out everything, you’ll still hear.” I walked over and looked at him getting his attention. “If I’m gonna snow you my world, I want you to be safe at the very least. I know it’s lame but It’s better than your ears buzzing in your head every night….”

“Alright. I understand.” He interrupted. “Thank you. Let’s go.”

After a quick stop for pizza we made our way to The Electric Factory. Normally I didn’t bother with VIP because I liked being in the middle of it all but I wasn’t about to complain about Jon’s efforts. I just feel alive when I’m in the crowd. The sounds of people screaming a bit too loud, the bass changing my heartbeat, the lights shining way too brightly in my face. The concert hall was my escape from it all. After taking a quick look at the bar, I made it to the rail and looked below us and couldn’t help but feel a bit superior to everyone. I had to admit it was nice not having to shove our way up to get a decent view. I guess this would be fine for my birthday.

Jon followed behind and grabbed me before giving me a kiss on his neck and I responded by leaning back into him and rocking my head back gently.

“Damn what a view.” He shouted into my ear. He wasn’t used to the earbuds yet so it was fine. “This is incredible.”

“You’re so dumb.” I said as I looked up at him and enjoyed the moment. “Everything you expected?”

“So much more.” I could see the glimmer in his eyes. That first time you’re experiencing the excitement of a concert and can’t believe it’s real. It sucks that he can’t hear it all but my hearings already screwed up after not using protection and I don’t want him going down the same route. He looked down and me and continued to shout nonsense and all I could do was shake my head and turn around.

I pulled the earbud out of his left ear and told him to stop talking and relax.

“What?” He shouted in response.

“Just enjoy it. I can barely hear you anyways.” I put the bud back and his ear right as the beat dropped. “God Fuck Yes.”

I left Jon’s arms and started moving my feet. My uncle thought the music I listening to was a bit too sad for his tastes so he took me to a festival my freshman year and that’s where I learned to love the stuff. From there I spent my summers trying to figure out how to dance. I guess it’s kind of my hidden talent that nobody’s aware of. It’s not like it’s hard if you practice enough and it’s not like I had anything else to do in Scotland.

I was surprised Jon didn’t try and wrangle me in after a few minutes so I turned around and saw him staring at me with his mouth gaped. I thought about stopping but the beat was just too good to go to waste. Eventually everything slowed down and I took that as the queue to get back under him.

“Come on” I started as I dragged him to the bar slightly out of breath. “I need a drink.”

“There’s no way this will work.” Jon yelled as he followed along.

I laughed as I walked up to the bar and found my favorite bartender. “Adele! How’s it running tonight?”

“Jason Andrews.” A woman in her early twenties said rolling her eye jokingly. Adelle works between the concert hall at Scranton and this one and is my usual source for drinks. She puts up with my dumb ass because I tip so generously. “Lemme see it.”

I handed her the fake and she shook her head.

“I would get in so much trouble.” He continued on. “What do you want?”

“Two Tequila Sours?” I asked with pleading eyes.

“That’s it tonight. I don’t wanna hear it.” She answered as she pulled everything out.

“Just think Adele, only three more years until we don’t have to do this anymore!” I joked as I handed her a fifty. “You know the deal. Thank you!”

“Dumb brat.” She said waving me off. “No more!”

I walked back to Jon triumphant with his shaking his head. We found a place in the back behind a pillar away from the speakers to get a moment the chaos.

“You’re insane.” Jon started as he pulled out a plug so he didn’t yell.

“Alright calm down.” I joked as I took a sip. “So I can dance. It’s not that big of a deal.”

“You can dance. You can sing.” He brushed up against me bringing me in tight. “You’re the real deal.”

“You gonna drink that?” I asked trying to distract him with the sour behind him.

“Ah shit. I forgot.” He got off me and walked back over to it.

“Thanks again.” I said as I looked out to the floor. “It’s been the best birthday ever.”

“Hey it’s not over yet.” He replied.

“Actually….” I held up my phone and showed him it was past midnight.

“Ah shut up.” He came back over and kissed me suddenly. “Your birthday isn’t over until we walk into school on Monday.”

“I guess.” I mumbled inaudibly.

“Fucking stop it.” He kissed me deeper as he came back in. “You’re so fucking incredible. I just wished you would believe it for a damn second.”

“I’m trying alright.” I smirked as I looked up at him. “You make it easier”

Before he could respond I popped the earplug back him and lead him back to the floor. Things were winding down unfortunately and the DJ was putting on some slower tunes to give everyone a breather. I decided fuck it, if there was a time to have some confidence in myself it would be now.

After making it back to our spot I backed into him and grinded my ass against his crotch. I could feel his breathing changing as I danced on him so I kept pushing it. The little things got more reactions. The way I pushed my hair out of my face, the way I rolled my body against him. I don’t know where this side of me came from but I liked it and I loved the reaction I was getting out of him. Before I knew it the show was over and the lights came on and we were walking out.

“Damn. That was incredible. I can’t believe the DJ played all their hits!” I shouted exuberantly as we took the patch back to Jon’s place. After a concert is when I feel alive. The energy stirs in me and I think I’m invincible. “What did you think for your first time?”

“You wanna know what I think?” He asked aggressively as he stopped in place in front of me.

Shit. Did I fuck up? Did I miss something?

“Yeah I had fun I just wanted to know it….” Before I could finish my sentence I found myself against a wall of a nearby building catatonic as he sucked on my neck. From there he stared directly at me with his eyes which had somehow gotten darker since I had last seen them.

“You’re a fucking asshole.” He growled before making out with me hard. I was near the point of choking with the way that he was handling me. His arms pinned mine as he continued his assault down my neck. Any part of my body made contact with his tongue. Any time I got too loud he would make out with me again keeping me at his mercy. After what felt like an eternity he finally let me go and held me as I caught my breath.

“The…fuck…” I panted as I looked at him in bewilderment.

“Let me be perfectly clear.” He picked up my chin and looked me in the eye once again. “You better make sure you’re ready the next time you dance with me like that because I’m not going to hold back next time. I’m gonna make your first time one you’ll never forget.”

“Jon…” I moaned not being able to feel my face.

“Good.” He winked and dragged me along as if nothing had happened. “This was fucking great. I can’t wait for the next one.”

AS he dragged me along I couldn’t help but think about what he said. I wasn’t ready for sex and knowing his…history I knew this would come up eventually. I hadn’t even tried to take his dick in my mouth yet and he was talking about fucking me. I took a couple of deep breaths to push the thoughts to the back of my head.

“Ah fuck. She’s here.” Jon stopped as we turned the corner seeing that Suzy had in fact returned.” Babe, can we head back to your place? I don’t want to deal with her in the morning.”

“Are you ok to drive?” I asked looking at my phone. It was 2am and with Astrin an hour away I didn’t want him pushing himself after the great night we had.

“Yeah. I’ll get us home don’t worry.” He sighed as he walked up. We just need to get our things.

After gathering our things we headed back up north. As we approached home I decided to ask him one last question that was on my mind.

“Jon?” I started.

“Yeah?” He yawned. “What’s up?”

“Your cousin wasn’t that bad. Why do you hate her so much?” I asked with sincerity.

“It’s not about her babe. It’s about the possible interactions with her.” He answered.

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t want anyone hurting you anymore. Suzy definitely could of said something to set you off and I just didn’t want it to happen.”

“It’s gonna happen Jon you can’t protect me from everything.”

“I’m gonna try though.” He parked his car in my driveway and looked straight into my eyes. This time it was the lighter color I was used to. “I meant it when I said I’m gonna protect you with everything that I have.”

“You’re so dumb.” I moved in and flicked his nose before giving him a quick kiss. “I know I keep saying it but today was great. Thank you.”

“We still have tommorow.” He reminded me before turning around and getting out. “Let’s get an actual lunch without anyone getting in the way. I’ve been craving sushi anyways.”

“Even if I said no you would still drag me.” I relented.

“You’re getting it now!” He said a bit too loud for 3am.

“How do you still have energy?” I asked as he dragged all of our things behind me.

“I just think about all the stuff I can’t wait to do with you.” He said struggling up the steps.

“Christ.” I took my carry on from his right hand and opened the door. “You could of just let me get my own bag.”

“It wasn’t that bad.” He laughed as he threw his bags next to the door before following me downstairs.

We shucked our clothes until we got comfortable and got in bed like we always do. Jon was still wide awake so he kept kissing me and grabbing me to keep me up with him.

“Stop.” I grumbled as he kissed my neck again.

“One last thing before we go to sleep.” He rolled on top of me and got me to open my eyes to see him fiddling on his phone.

“What is it?”

“I wanna post this on my story.” He flipped his phone around to show a video of me dancing.

“Absolutely not.” I protested.

“Come on.” He begged with the dumbest look on his face. “You’re incredible here. I just want people to know you’re really cool.”

“Must we do this? Can’t we just be happy down here together.?” I asked looking away.

“I want to have the best year possible with you and that won’t be possible unless you come out of your shell a little bit.”

“If I come out of my shell people will…”

“Have to answer to me if they wanna hurt you.” He interrupted proudly bringing my eyes back to him. “This means to world to me and I would never intentionally hurt you.”

I sighed knowing that this was going to be an endless loop if I didn’t give in. “Can we go to bed if I let you?”

“Absolutely.” He answered kissing me on the lips. “Is that a yes?”

“It’s a bloody fucking yes now get off.” I demanded turning to my side.

‘Fuck I love you so much.” He said getting off of me and bringing me in. “I’m telling you! everyone’s gonna be talking about cool you are.”

“Whatever. I’m sleeping. Good Night.” I rolled over and closed my eyes. Wait. What did he say?

This one took a while for a few reasons, the main one being that there was a Rona scare at my job so i had to work quite a bit to keep my job afloat.(I didn't end up catching it thankfully.)

I'm not promising a deadline on the next one. Just know theres already 6k words written so hopefully won't take another month.

Thanks for reading! See you again in a bit.

Copyright © 2021 Frank K; All Rights Reserved.

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