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  1. Frank K

    First Time

    A door slamming woke us. “The fuck?” Jon said shooting up. “JOHNNY!” Someone yelled as they stomped down the steps. “FUCK.” He jumped out of bed and threw on his Pants from last night before opening the door, sliding through, and closing it. I caught a glimpse on long black hair and a smirk from someone in their 20’s. I rubbed my eyes as two people shouted. I didn’t know who she was but if Jon was freaking out it couldn’t have been good. I looked at my phone and saw it was somehow already a little before noon. After what felt like ten minutes of arguing he slipped back in a
  2. Frank K

    On My Way

    My dart flickered against the wind as we drove down the highway. Familiar tunes played from Jon’s phone as we enjoyed the ride down. Astrin is exactly halfway between Scranton and Philadelphia and it ends up being an hour either way so I wasn’t sure why we were spending the night at his uncle’s place when we could just hang around my place and just head over whenever. “You have like food allergies?” He asked as he looked over briefly. “I don’t want to bring you somewhere and you can’t eat anything.” “Not that I know of. I’ve traveled a bit so you don’t need to worry about me being gr
  3. Frank K

    Have Faith in Me

    A dart is a cigarette. Sorry for the confusion
  4. Frank K

    Have Faith in Me

    As soon as I woke up the panic adrenaline kicked in. I attempted to get up but my hangover made sure that wasn’t a possibility. I tried to recollect my memories from last night but all I could remember was that feeling Jon gave me when he held me. There was no use denying my real feelings for him anymore, we were definitely past the point of just being friends. “You awake?” I heard ask Jon from the stairs. “We have an hour before school. I grabbed some stuff from the deli. Let’s eat.” “I’m not hungry.” I groaned as I rolled over. “You had a pint of soup last night.” I heard behi
  5. Frank K


    “Bro. We could have been at Eric’s party tonight.” Ken complained as we watched the crowd at a concert. “Shut up. You didn’t have to come.” I said as I shot a look at him. “Come Onnn Kennny. We’ll have a great timeeeee.” He responded mocking me. “They don’t even come on for another hour and this band blows. I don’t know how you listen to this stuff.” “I like it alright? Don’t come next time. Whatever.” I begged off the topic. I dragged Ken to a concert tonight because I didn’t want to be at one of these things for my first time alone. I took a liking to the music back in fr
  6. "Good morning and welcome back everyone." My Homeroom teacher Mr. Kelber put down a stack of papers on his desk, I assumed it was our schedules. "You've been here for three years, you know the deal by now. When your name is called come grab your schedule and locker number. I don't care what you do after that just don't get me into trouble. Jason Andrews." Always a pleasure to be the first person called. "You're out of here by noon every day. Easy year." He chuckled looking at my schedule. I shrugged, not in the mood to talk due to the combination of a bitter hangover and d
  7. Frank K

    I'm Already Gone

    I blew my smoke out the window as I looked out of it. In five days I was going to be on a plane to spend my entire summer in Scotland. Normally I looked forward to it as It was a nice break but this time was different. Jon Han sat at the kitchen table studying me like he always does when he comes over. It's been a fun couple of weeks of getting to know each other. It was juvenile really, we would just annoy each other and refuse to give up any ground as we tried to figure out what we were. At this point i knew what he wanted but I just refused to believe it. “Something bothering you?” He
  8. Frank K


    Jason Andrews has a shitty outlook on the world and is just waiting for high school to be over as he comes back for his senior year. While he maintained a low profile for most of it, he's quickly going to find himself to be the talk of the school and it's innerworkings. Will he be able to handle it?
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