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Jason Andrews has a shitty outlook on the world and is just waiting for high school to be over as he comes back for his senior year. While he maintained a low profile for most of it, he's quickly going to find himself to be the talk of the school and it's innerworkings. Will he be able to handle it?

Warning: Rampant Alcohol abuse and Intrusive thoughts. 

Copyright © 2021 Frank K; All Rights Reserved.

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I have not seen any comments here yet so thought I'd throw my two cents in and promote this great story. As Frank said, he has posted it in another place and for me it was the best story I've read in a long while. I thought the characters came alive in his story telling and the story, the language, the grammar etc, flowed really smoothly. They were also long chapters so suited me wonderfully.

I have not read this edited/re-worked version that he has posted here in GA but am looking forward to it once he has finished posting it. The original had some minor grammar/editing mistakes, nothing that detracts the story but just enough for the ocd, anal part of me to notice.

I highly recommend this story. And for those who doubted the character Jon (I was one of them at first), he turns out to be a gem, yay! I needed that as when I read the story I was so fed up with dirtbags. Looking forward to reading this Frank and I hope you will continue with a sequel!

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