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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

How Can we Be? - 2. Chapter 2

I sighed and got to my feet as my mom moved the pile of the plastic and newspaper she put under me and walked toward a full length mirror in the back near the door, entrance.

"How do you like it Lucien?" I frowned and moved my hair from my face. The hair didn't have the noticable streaks it was just tinted an inky blue color.

I smiled and brushed my hair in front of my eyes again. Perfect.

"I love it mom. It's perfect." She sighed and smiled. " Jerry come out from the bathroom it doesn't have a mirror. Come look at your new hair due."

I heard his footsteps as he came out of the bathroom. I looked behind me and gasped. My mom cut his hair into a miltary cut. No more the wavy locks that made him look boyish. Here was a man, the cut made his jaw more severe and his eyes an icy shade. He was beautiful. I felt my mouth go dry and my heart beat pick up its slow pace, as he walked towards me.

"Move Luce your blocking the mirror." His voice rumbled through me. I moved away dumbly.

"Wow" I heard his voice. " You shocked you can look so serious.?" My mom stated laughing.

"Thats what your mom wanted, she wanted a more serious look for senior year." My mom went into the bathroom that was around the corner.

" Wow Jerry you look great." My voice cracked on the last line. He looked up and smiled.

"Do I really? I think I always look great." He smirked then laughed.

" My head feels really funny." He rubbed it, frowning.

"Feel." He tilted his head down. I stared at his head for like and minute. I picked up my hand and saw that it was shaking slightly. I stood there and caressed his head. It was prickly and it stubbly, it felt wonderful.

I blushed and pulled my hand back turning my back to him. I felt him stand up behind me and he touched my head.

"Hey Luce, your hair is awesome. It looks like midnight blue. You know?" I heard him cough and I turned around and he had his head down.

"Whats wrong Jerry?" I asked concerned that the fumes from the ink had got to him. He picked his head and smiled.

"Nothings wrong bud. I'm gonna go in the house, okay?" He walked away, before I could say anything.


It was seven o'clock and me and Jerry headed out, Jerry was still acting werid but we ignored the awkwardness in the car.

" Lets go!" Jerry shouted as we pulled up the the school. I shook my head.

" Jerry I think you breathed in to much of the fumes, from my dye." He laughed and opened his car door walking out into the sunshine. I sat in the car for a minute before joining Jerry on the entrance, before we entered the school.

The school was like any other school, boring white and smiling posters that made me want to puke. The only thing that I liked about the school is the roof was see through which was pretty.

"HEYYY " I heard a voice screech. I turned and smiled it was Angel. The short girl flew into me and hugged my waist.

" Hey there Angel." I laughed hugging her tightly. She was 5'1 and mean as hell. She was a little devil, her hair was to her shoulders and she dyes it every day. She had huged glasses that hung off her face and she wore pale makeup all the time. She smirked and pushed her glasses on her face.

"Jock boy is here why?"

I bopped her on the head. "Shut up."

She laughed, shrugged and hugged Jerry half- heartedly. Angel was the only on that REALLY knew that I was gay. Other than the whole school that "thought" I was, she actually knew. She found out one day when Jerry was swimming and I pitched a tent. She hated Jerry for some odd reason ,other than him being stupid to my liking him.

" Shut up." I smothered her face. She laughed and punched my side.

Kids poured into the school there really wasn't cliques in this school. There were people who were people, and people who weren't "people" and last but not least; left me and Angel. We were well known but didn't fit in with the "people" in this schools so we just hung out with our group. Which consisted of Jerry, me , Angel, Tyler, and Jeff. That was our werido group.

Tyler was a six foot monster, that every one was afraid of, but he was a butterball. He had a sarcastic attitude that turned some people off but he was super funny. He had curly brown jew fro and large blue eyes and freckles

Jeff was a different kind of guy he was super quiet didn't say anything unless spoken to. We called him the school shooter, he had that look. He had long curly hair to his shoulders. That Angel called greasy. I didn't think so., but she was blunt that way.

" Hey Luce I got to go." Jerry said as he patted my back and ran toward a group of boys with letterman jackets. They hooted at Jerrys new hair due and I smiled and turned toward Angel.

"So you finally dyed your boring hair?" Angel said twisting her now purple hair. I nodded and headed toward the gym, for orientation. I felt a nudge and looked behind me and saw Angel gesture in front of her. I looked and winced trying to back up.

It was Ida, he was heading down the narrow path with his fangirls. He looked straight at me and smiled pushing into me, making me knock my head into the wall. He laughed and kept walking.

I rubbed the back of my head as Angel cursed at him. I think this day will be the best ever, NOT.

Copyright © 2011 I Just Love You; All Rights Reserved.
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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