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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

It Stays In Vegas - 7. Chapter 7 Mix and Match

Drew opened the fridge door and grabbed three beers. He was grateful that Charlie had rearranged his bellman schedule so that there was extra muscle for the move-in day.

“As promised, here’s some adult refreshment,” Drew said as he walked back to the living room area to join Charlie and Bob. ‘Hmm,’ he thought, admiring the sight of the two guys in sweaty gym shorts and sneakers, ‘under different circumstances, I wouldn’t have minded being the meat in this sandwich.’

“What are ya smiling at?” Bob asked. He grabbed the cold can of Coors and popped the top open while Drew offered the other beer to Charlie. Drew sat down and raised his beer.

“I’m smiling at what we’ve accomplished today.” ‘No reason to share my horny fantasies,’ he decided. “Guys, the place looks pretty good and all that’s left is to hang some pictures. I say we call it a day, jump in the pool to cool off and have pizza after we clean up. I can call Rosati’s and get a couple of Chicago-style pies delivered.” They had met at 9:00 that morning and it was just approaching three. Except for a break to wolf down sandwiches, they had gone non-stop in setting up the apartment.

“Great idea. I’ve got a Speedo in my gym bag. Why don’t you guys change while I get it?” Charlie suggested.

“Cool. We got plenty of towels and beer.” Bob toasted Charlie and took a hearty swig of beer. “You can use the guest room to change.” The three friends stood and Charlie departed.

“Buddy, I was really thinking how sexy you two looked,” Drew said when Bob and he walked into their bedroom. He stopped by the bed and gave Bob a sloppy kiss. “But I also decided I got the best one. You’re a keeper.”

“Ya think so?” Bob pulled Drew into an intense embrace. “You’re not going to toss me away?” he said quietly. He pulled back and stared at his new lover.

“Naw, babe. We’ve just started a pretty amazing relationship and I figure that our love is just going to grow and get stronger.” Drew placed his lips on Bob’s and darted his tongue into a willing mouth before Bob had a chance to answer. As they kissed they slowly ground their growing crotches into each other.

“Jeez, I’d say ‘get a room’ but you already have one,” Charlie said from the hallway with a laugh. “I’ll change into my suit and meet you two lovebirds at the pool.”

“See ya in five,” Bob yelled back. He smacked Drew on the butt and winked. “I’ve got some ideas about what to do with that hard cock of yours later tonight.” He pulled down his shorts, stepped out of them and toed off his sneakers before going over to the dresser.

“I’ll hold you to that promise.” Drew did the same thing and waved his dick with his hand. “I’m going to take a whiz. Toss my suit into the bathroom, would ya?”

“The sexy red one should turn on everyone at the pool.”

“Okay, but don’t blame me if I get attacked by some young honeys,” Drew replied with a chuckle. As he relieved himself Drew felt happy at getting the new apartment set up. Bob’s recently acquired hand-me-down furniture from his future brother-in-law really set off the new place. Over the next few days, he and Bob would hang pictures and get a few plants. Drew’s thoughts were interrupted when the red Speedo flew into the bathroom and landed on the vanity.

“There ya go, babe. I’ll get the towels and a few more beers.”

“Thanks.” Drew turned and smiled at his roomie as he inspected Bob’s low-cut yellow suit. A not-so-subtle bulge in the crotch certainly didn’t leave much to the imagination about what Bob was packing. He admired the trail of light brown hair that led down from Bob’s navel into the nether region beneath the suit.

“Hurry up or Charlie will think we’re doing it on the floor like dogs,” Bob said from the doorway.

Drew grabbed the red Speedo and watched Bob’s hard buns flex as he walked away and out of the bedroom. ‘That’s my man,’ he thought, while stepping into his suit and pulling it up. After a fast adjustment in the crotch to tuck everything away and a fast shake of a leg, Drew walked out of the bathroom to join Bob.

Together they set the alarms, left the apartment and joined Charlie at the pool. Drew and Bob had been advised to turn on both alarms whenever they left the apartment…even just to walk across the common green area to the pool.

“Hey, guys, over here,” Charlie yelled from across the pool as they approached the gate. He was sitting on a chaise lounge with two gorgeous women about the same age as the men. Bob waved and Drew followed as they walked around the perimeter of the pool, dodging a few kids running.

“Charlie, looks like you’re getting pretty well acquainted with some of our new neighbors,” Drew said as he tossed towels on two empty chaise lounges. He also noticed how well Charlie filled out his black Speedo.

Bob set a six-pack of Coors in the shade and stepped forward.

“Hi, I’m Bob Harrington and this is Drew Reichardt, my roommate.” Bob switched on his dynamite smile and took off his sunglasses. “You’ve already met our buddy, Charlie?”

“This is Brenda and Scarlett. They work across the street from Nero’s at the Tropic Island.” Charlie gestured to each woman as he introduced them. “The girls live in the building across from yours.”

“Brenda, Scarlett, nice to meet you. Bob and I have been official residents for seven hours. In fact, Charlie helped us move in today. I guess he told you we all work at Nero’s?” The women were statuesque, even reclining on the lounge. The brief bikinis barely covered their ample breasts and showed off taut, flat stomachs. ‘They obviously shave,’ Drew thought, with a smile. ‘Probably showgirls in the Parisian review.’ Not to be rude, he took off his sunglasses, briefly.

“Hi. Drew, Bob. Welcome to the neighborhood. I think you’ll like the people here. No one is really too nosy.” Scarlett had some sort of soft, almost-southern accent.

“We think we’ll like it and, on behalf of Bob and myself, offer you an invitation for our first party. Maybe in a couple of weeks.”

“Always ready for a party. It’s just that we’ve got a goofy work schedule and are usually off during the week,” said Brenda.

“Same with us. The party will prolly be on a Monday. I don’t want to be forward, but if I had to guess, I’d say that you’re off on Mondays ’cause that’s when the showroom is dark.” Drew smiled and cocked his head.

“Good guess, Sherlock.” Brenda leaned forward, smiled and balanced herself on the sides of the lounge. The end result was a close, front-on display of large, surgeon-enhanced breasts that probably aroused the hetero male audience nightly.

“Aside from you two being absolutely beautiful, um, your bodies are dy-no-mite,” Drew said with emphasis. “You almost poked my eye out, Brenda.” He laughed to indicate he was joking.

“Keep that up and you might go blind, hot stuff,” Scarlett said. She grinned and casually massaged her perky puppies as she sat up. “However, we’re spoken for.”

“Then I’ll keep my distance. Seriously, you two are great to look at and I feel honored that we’re going to be neighbors. Right, Bob?”

“Absolutely. And your guys are lucky men,” Bob replied with a thumbs up.

“Actually, we’re committed to each other.” Scarlett winked and tenderly took Brenda’s hand. “We’ve been together for three years…just after we got here.”

“It’s no secret. We’ve been on the Howard Stern Show a couple of times. Even did a lesbian mud-wrestling segment for his TV show. Kinda kinky but fun,” Brenda added as she leaned back.

“Sounds like Bob and I are where you were three years ago.” ‘Might as well get everything out in the open,’ Drew thought. “We’ve just become partners.”

“Man, I knew you guys were tight. When did this all happen?” Charlie asked, showing a little surprise.

“A couple of weeks ago. We were going to tell you about it tonight.” Drew smiled and shrugged.

“Now I am jealous. I’m going to really get serious about finding a boyfriend.” Charlie placed the palms of his hands on his cheeks and sighed with an exaggerated, sad expression and big, puppy dog eyes.

“Wow, two dykes and three fags. There goes the neighborhood. You guys are breaking the hearts of a lot of women,” Scarlett said with a giggle. “Seriously, I knew that you were almost too good looking to be straight.”

“And those Speedos are filled out just right. I’m sure that the guys around here will appreciate what you’ve got as well as the single gals,” Brenda replied. “Some of the boys from the show live here.”

“Ladies, now that we’ve got all that out, I think that we can be friends. Drew and I are serious about having you over when we get settled.” Just then Bob’s cell phone rang. He checked the caller I.D., looked puzzled and turned the cell on.

“Hi, Jerry. Whazzup?” As Bob listened, a neutral expression was replaced by a frown. He kept listening to the one-way conversation and nodded silently. “Okay, buddy. Come over in about an hour. We’re having pizza with a friend and I’ll order some extra. Bye.”

“Problem?” Drew asked. He was curious about a call from Jerry on a Sunday afternoon.

“Naw, we’re going to have an extra guest for dinner. Jerry Franz is a guy I know from work. He’s a new dealer,” Bob said to Charlie.

“Well, boys, we’ve got to get ready for the early family show. I really look forward to getting to know y’all better,” Scarlett said. She and Brenda stood up and started packing their pool towels, cell phones and plastic glassware.

“Or maybe we should say ‘auf wiedersehen’?” Brenda asked. “Your black, red and yellow Speedos resemble a walking German flag. Well, maybe a flag with lots of three-dimensional topography,” she added with a laugh.

“Wow, a beautiful dyke with brains and a sense of humor. I’m impressed,” Drew said. Ladies, we’ll have ya over soon.” He was privately amused when the two beauties, at least 5’ 10”, put on their five-inch platform shoes and walked away. ‘Gotta take Bob to the late topless version of the show,’ he thought.

“I’m going to jump into the pool and cool off,” Charlie said, standing up.

“Join you in a minute.” Drew admired his friend’s muscular frame as Charlie got up from the chaise lounge and jumped into the water. Turning to Bob, he said, ”Just for the record, Charlie’s a hot stud but you’re the only one I’m interested in, babe.” He put his hands on Bob’s shoulders and lightly squeezed them for emphasis.

“Ditto.” Bob smiled and put his hand over Drew’s for a moment. Just long enough for the two to secretly communicate a message of endearment. “Let me give you the rundown on Jerry’s visit. His girlfriend got the pictures of Bosco’s little sex party and threw him out. He said that the pictures are at angles that never identify Bosco…but there’s no doubt about Jerry sucking and fucking. He’s found a studio apartment but wants a little moral support. You don’t mind that I invited him over?”

“Buddy, I’m proud of you. Certainly sounds like Jerry needs some friends.”

“Friends and a shoulder to cry on. Let’s join Charlie in the pool for a while and then get back to the apartment. This should be an interesting evening. When Jerry arrives, you can entertain Charlie while I talk with Jerry. “Okay?” Bob asked.

“We’re a team on this and everything else. Last one in is a rotten tomato.” Drew jumped up and did a cannonball into the near-empty pool. Bob was right behind and playfully swam under water to goose his buddy. For the next thirty minutes the guys horsed around and did some lap swimming.


As planned, the guys returned to the apartment, showered and dressed in clean jeans and tees for dinner. Bob thought the living room looked pretty sharp with the inherited, black leather stuffed furniture and granite coffee table set against the ubiquitous white walls and beige carpet of the rental apartment. The only thing that didn’t quite pull together was the old dining room table and chairs. ‘Kinda cheesy,’ he observed.

“When you first saw Bob at the gym, we had just met. One thing led to another and we just clicked,” Drew explained to Charlie.

“You dawgs. I haven’t ‘clicked’ for a while,” Charlie replied. “Gives me somethin’ to shoot for.” The group laughed at the double entendre.

“Clicked as in partners, asshole.” Bob grinned as the doorbell rang. “That must be Jerry. Babe, I’ll bring him in to meet Charlie. Then we’ll go out to the pool area to talk over a few things. Okay?”

“Got it. Take a few beers with you.”

“Good idea.” Bob walked over to the front door, checked the visitor through the peephole and opened it. Bob thought that Jerry looked great in a new short haircut. The muscle-tee was partially covered by a red windbreaker but the tight 501’s left nothing to the imagination.

“Bob, thanks for letting me come over.”

“Hey, Jerry. Come in for a second and meet the guys.” Bob was curious how Drew would react to seeing Jerry. They had not met before.

“Um, sure,” Jerry replied. Bob and Jerry walked over to the couch as Drew and Charlie stood.

“Guys, this is Jerry Franz.” Bob proceeded to introduce everyone and mentioned what they did at Nero’s. He was interested in the unspoken interaction between Jerry and Charlie. Not only was his gaydar in overdrive, he swore that there was some sort of metaphysical connection between the two. ‘Hmmm,” he thought, ‘where there’s smoke…’

“Seriously, Jerry. I look forward to knowing you better.” Drew seemed to take extra care to make Jerry feel welcomed.

“Listen, Jerry and I have a few things to discuss. We’re going out to the pool for a few minutes.” Turning to Jerry, Bob continued, “Let’s take a brewski with us.”

“Yeah, I’d like that,” Jerry replied and accepted a cold can of Colorado’s finest.

“Grab a jacket, Bob. It’s getting a little cool. I’ll order the pizzas, so try to be back in 20.” Drew nodded and picked up the phone as Bob went to the coat closet to retrieve his jacket.

The two waved and walked out the door to the pool. As they walked across the grass, Bob was thankful that he put on the jacket for extra warmth. The October Nevada evenings cooled off rather quickly when the sun dipped down beyond the desert.

“Let’s sit over here,” Bob said, gesturing to a table with chairs. “So the asshole sent the pictures?”

“Yeah, general delivery in a big envelope. Fuck, talk about a change in my life.” Jerry sat down and took a swig of beer.

“So there’s no hope that you and your girl will get back together?”

“Christ, after seeing Bosco’s giant cock up my butt and down my throat…I don’t think so. She made it pretty plain that she didn’t want to have anything to do with, and I quote, ‘a cock sucking fag bitch’. Endearing, huh?”

“Whoa, I guess that is kinda final. Jerry, I’m sorry. This probably wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t gone with me to security. I had a funny feeling that we were being watched.” Bob placed his hand over Jerry’s and held it for comfort.

“I have no regrets. After you and Mr. Duncan gave me the rundown on Bosco’s activities, I didn’t want to have anything to do with his little setup. I wouldn’t have wanted to be an accomplice to heavy shit like that.”

“Thanks, I appreciate that. The fuckhead is definitely dangerous for all concerned. It’s the shits that you and your girl are history, though.”

“Yeah. But the funny thing is that I’m almost relieved. First of all, I couldn’t believe all the hate she was capable of spewing out. But second, I’ve really been evaluating where I stand, sexually.”


“Really. I didn’t want to admit it at the time…or with you…but I kinda got off on what Bosco did to me. Not him, but the physical stuff. He may be evil but he knows how to use that tool of his…everywhere.” Jerry shrugged and took another sip. “After the initial pain, I was in heaven.”

“Know the feeling. I’m just happy it wasn’t Bosco,” Bob replied with a low chuckle. “Seriously, pal, some guys go through experimentation. Being ‘bi’ might be part of it…just two, horny men getting off. I know a couple of my fraternity brothers, straight as arrows, that were plugging each other.”

“I went through that when I was in middle school with some buddies. And a few times in college. In fact, the night before graduation a couple of years ago, my best friend and I had one final fling. I was best man at his wedding last summer,” Jerry said in almost a whisper. His leg was nervously jerking up and down.

“So, you’re saying…?

“I’m saying that I’ve been living a lie for a long time. Even when in bed with my girl, I would start thinking about my college buddy. This whole incident with you put everything in perspective.” Jerry paused and looked directly into Bob’s eyes. The low pool lighting was enough for the two men to see each other.

“How so?” Bob frowned and shifted a little. ‘Don’t tell me that this guy is coming on to me?’ he wondered.

“No, Bob, nothing like that. I can almost read your mind. From what you’ve told me, Drew is your guy. Having just met him, I understand your chemistry. I was just hoping that maybe you guys could give me a little help as I seek out the real me? I’m pretty sure that any real love is going to be with another guy. I just need to figure things out.”

“You’re right about Drew and me. We are a team. We’re lovers and committed to each other. Although it’s a brand new relationship, I’m pretty sure it’s going to last for a long time. But I speak for Drew when I say that we’ll help in any way as you put the pieces together. I’d like to be friends even if we met under unusual circumstances.”

“Phew, I hoped you’d say that. Friends? That’d be great. And a sounding board for questions I have along the way.”

“Absolutely. Let me ask you one question: when you saw me in Badlands, did that just happen or were you following me?”

“Just happened. I was checking out the scene. Bosco really flipped my switch and I decided to kinda see what the gay action in Vegas was all about. When you showed up, I was only an observer…nothing more.”

“I believe you,” Bob replied. He squeezed Jerry’s hand for emphasis and took a sip of beer. “Why don’t we go back and join the crew before they think we’ve drowned. If you’re okay with it, I’ll share our conversation with Drew later tonight?”

“Sure. I understand you guys are a team. His ideas would be helpful.” Jerry stood and seemed relieved that the conversation went well.

Bob got off his chair and pulled him into a hug before kissing him lightly on the cheek. Jerry leaned into his new friend and hugged tightly. They just stood there for a few moments before breaking loose.

“Buddy, I’ve got one idea that we might work on, immediately,” Bob said as they started walking to the pool gate.

“I’m all ears.”

“Our other guest and good friend is very single, if you get my drift.”


“You gotta figure that one out on your own. Let’s just say that he would probably enjoy knowing you better.” Bob laughed and patted Jerry’s back while they retraced their steps back to the apartment.

As they opened the door, the aromas of the recently arrived pizzas hit their olfactory senses. Bob took off his jacket and Jerry did the same. He laid both jackets on the couch arm before walking further.

“Hey, guys, you’re just in time. The pizzas arrived five minutes ago and I’ve got them warming in the oven,” Drew said from the kitchen area. “How’s the beer supply? I was just opening a couple more for Charlie and myself.”

“Make it two more. I think that we’re both thirsty and hungry. Charlie, come over to the table and get settled with Jerry. I’ll help Drew in the service department.” Bob winked at both and joined his partner.

“Jerry, since we’re going to be working together, maybe we could go out for a few beers some evening? Probably during the week when I don’t work and don’t have a heavy study schedule.” Charlie waited for Jerry to sit, then sat down next to him.

“I’d like that. You’re still in school?”

“Yep. Plan on getting out next spring. Then, maybe go through a training program in the hotel operations department.”

“Cool. So you’re going to be staying in Las Vegas for a while?” Jerry’s broad smile clearly signaled approval. Bob was privately pleased that the two guests seemed to be hitting it off. He and Drew were casually observing the social interaction as they cut the pies.

“This is going to be my home for a long time. How about you?”

“It’s too early to definitely say, but I think I want to follow a career path in management on the casino side. Gotta prove myself first.”

Bob and Drew returned with four plates, one Chicago-style pizza on a large platter, napkins and four cold beers.

“Here’s a toast, guys. To new friends,” Bob said when he and Drew were seated.

“Yes, to new friends.” Jerry smiled and extended his beer can for a toast.


After the guests departed, Drew and Bob made haste to clean up the living room and kitchen.

“I think that we’ll get a thank you note from Charlie very soon,” Drew said as he turned on the security alarm.

“As long as he understands that this lifestyle is very new for Jerry. I’m sure that there will be a few soul-searching, hand holding sessions between those two if they get beyond the sex stuff.”

“I agree. Speaking of ‘sex stuff’, I think that I’m ready to hold something of yours and I don’t mean your hand.” Drew smiled and licked his lips.

“Okay, lover, but here’s the rules. By the time we get to the bedroom, we both have to be completely stripped. Deal?” Bob asked with a shit-eating grin as he started unbuttoning his jeans.

“Oh, that’s an easy one.” Drew pulled off his tee in one sweep. By the time they reached the hallway, both men had toed off their shoes and removed their pants.

“Only one thing left.” Bob pulled down his briefs and kicked them aside. “This sucker has been bound up too long,” he said, stroking his hard cock. He smiled when Drew duplicated his actions. As they entered the bedroom, hand in hand, butt-naked, they calmly walked over to the foot of the bed and pulled away the covers.

“Babe, you first,” Bob said. “I never get tired of seeing your body sprawled out before me.”

“You got it. And remember, no hand holding.”

“The only thing I’m going to hold is that cock of yours…and maybe your balls.” Bob stood and slowly stroked his raging erection with one hand while he pinched his nipple with the other.

Drew climbed onto the bed and wiggled his butt before turning over. He spread his legs and slowly stroked his hardness. Bob joined Drew and got on his knees. He kissed his lover’s toes and feet before he licked his way up Drew’s left leg and thigh. Arriving at Drew’s crotch, Bob gently nibbled on the nut sac that was looming before him.

“Oh, shit…” Drew groaned with a shiver. “Bingo.” He slowly raised his legs and brought his knees up to his shoulders.

“Mmmm,” was all Bob uttered as his tongue darted beyond Drew’s balls. He licked the hardened perineum before arriving at his target.

Drew squirmed when Bob began rimming the puckered hole. ‘Oh, shit,’ Drew thought through his dreamy haze, ‘I am the luckiest man alive.’ He reached under the pillow, grabbed the lube and tossed it down to Bob’s knees. He rocked his back further, and growled, “Fuck me, lover.”

Copyright © 2011 Jack Scribe; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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