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  1. Rest in Peace my friend!

  2. Happy Birthday! HOpe you have a wonderful day!

  3. Happy Birthday Jack, I hope you have an AWESOME day and a FANTASTIC year :)

  4. Hey Jack, I know you're working on another novel. Wanted to let you know you've still got fans ;)^_^

  5. Good article in Huff Post from an old friend of mine who has handled P.R. for several celebrities: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/howard-bragman/miles-to-go-before-we-sle_b_1678301.html It's cool to see men like Anderson Cooper 'officially' come out...but we've got a long way to go.
  6. Yikes, another one down! Had a pleasant day . . . kinda quiet after celebrating the BIG DAY on Sunday. Went out a shopped for myself. Here's to a great 2012!
  7. And a big thank you! I'm definitely working on bringing Brock back (and Aaron) in a new novel...just in the thinking stage.
  8. Jack Scribe

    Short Story

    The characters will be a big part of my next novel. Yes, Brock had a 'come to Jesus' moment and slipping from sobriety will be not an issue. I'll find time this weekend to read your story.
  9. Jack Scribe

    Short Story

    Always nice to have feedback and nice comments from a fellow author!
  10. Jack Scribe

    Short Story

    No editing problems at all. BTW, one of my editors has asberger syndrome and is a very valued member of my team. Thanks for the support.
  11. Jack Scribe

    Short Story

    Hey Connor, always great to hear from you.
  12. Jack Scribe

    Short Story

    Glad you enjoyed it. We'll revisit these guys in a novel very soon.
  13. Thanks, fmd, for your comments and support. We'll see more of these characters next year. The story has been well-reviewed and I appreciate the reader's time to communicate that.
  14. Here's an alert that my story for the Fall Anthology. Please let me know how you like it; there are characters I plan on using in a novel.
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