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Lost Inside My Life

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Genres: General Fiction
Sub-genres: Drama

This story is one of a journey through life.

A boy discovers his homosexuality. He condemns himself for an attempted seduction of a more youthful friend. He seriously risks dying when he decides to take drugs.

The social environments described are those of Italy in the 70s.

This boy’s life is pervaded with love, lessons, hardships, deaths, and special moments. The road is not pleasant.

It is a perilous journey that deals with drug use, repentance, prostitution, pain, forgiveness, and hopefully redemption.


The descriptions of drug use are limited and very apologetic.
In the unfolding of the story there is a sexual assault scene that is not quite consensual.
Copyright © 2020 Lenny Bruce; All Rights Reserved.

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Talo Segura

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The original title of this book is Altri Viaggi, which translates as Other Trips and the author adopted Life Is A Journey as the working title, because it better described the content. Finally, changed to Lost Inside My Life, a poetic and worthy title. 

The story tells of a journey through life, the life of Paoletto and Roby. The reader does not discover the narrator's name at the beginning, but it quickly becomes apparent as we listen to his introspection, he is lost. Later, as we follow the story we discover how lost the central character is and to what depths his life plummets.

This is without a doubt a beautiful and melancholic history of a profound love amidst tragedy and disaster in a hostile world. A struggle to overcome, accompanied by desperation, solitude, and the darkness of the soul. Yet, above all, even as it broke my heart I rejoiced in the time spent discovering the life of these two boys for as long as it lasted. Their story is ultimately a triumph, a magnificent joy, which they managed to share while destiny permitted. 

The author's writing was often quite exquisite and provoked emotions and tears. The narrative reflection on life, love, their relationship, and that of those around them, as well as the world as it was in Italy in the seventies, was both absorbing and educational.

Readers' commented: " ...incredible beginning — sensitive, evocative. Strong character development and storytelling."

"You have succeeded in allowing me to actually feel the emotional rollercoaster here!  Excellent work!"

This story is a Shakespearean Tradgedy, or as close as I've ever found in an online gay themed story. It has all the elements. A tragic hero who is cursed by fate with a flaw, he's gay and loves a younger boy.

There is a struggle between good and evil. However, you look at it, a terrible fight is going on between love, desire, and what is right and good.

This struggle looks likely to lead to a tragic waste. The good risks being destroyed along with the bad, and the bad is only a perception of evil.

The external struggle with what is acceptable to society, friends, and family. The internal struggle our hero is tormented by.

There is catharsis, a lack of poetic justice, things look like ending badly for everyone, including the good guys. Their love touches the spiritual, although there are no ghosts or magic (which Shakespeare was fond of). There is perhaps a little comic relief, at least an occasional light moment. All the ingredients of a Shakespearean tragedy.

After reading this book, I feel I have lived the lives of the protagonists along with them and grown to love both characters, with all their faults and their good points. The consummation of their love for one another was moving, the end devastating, but this was a love affair that was ultimately a triumph!


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