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  1. Unless they happen to be Indian, not the native American kind, but the Pakistan and India kind, who shake there head in agreement. But yes, you are right, most of the world nods yes and are not nauseous, nauseating perhaps! 🤣
  2. I would read all TJ's scenes and note briefly in two seperate columns his reactions, his mode of speech. From this list you should (easily?) see TJ's common traits and how he is with people and situations. You should see how he talks, his common expressions and way of talking. That should get you knowing about and feeling who TJ is. If you start writing from that background and you are thinking to yourself, have I got it right? Don't worry, people do change, they aren't always the same forever. Actually, people changing can put pep into a story. Example: "TJ, you never used to think like
  3. Talo Segura

    Chapter 1

    It is amazing how much the author has written in so few words! A very deep emotional piece described with perfection.
  4. Talo Segura

    Chapter 9

    @Marty plans and politics, do they ever work out, maybe it simply depends what twist you put on it?
  5. I have a good friend who is sixty-five now, he was nineteen or twenty in 1975 and living in London, and that's exactly what he did. Left school, left home, found somewhere to live, and hoped, not to get a gay life, but simply to discover himself and be free to be who he was. He did! At least that's what he told me. So it wasn't all dark, dour, and bleak in the seventies. Judging from some of his other tales there were opportunities which existed forty years ago, that have disappeared from today's world. I guess the universal truth is it is all about living your own life however or wherever you
  6. @Zuri it is a very good portrait of someone emerging from a coma and your translation into English is as good, if not better than a lot of English speaking writers. Okay, there are a few errors and an occasional translation difference. I say difference because it comes down to a choice of words. The story offers an intriguing start and it was enjoyable to read. I was wondering if you have posted this on any German site, only you are not the only foreign author or the only German to post here.
  7. I think @W_L is bringing a lot to GA by publishing his series of stories which as well as being works of fiction, also explore another way for relationships and interaction to work and give an insight to different aspects of sexuality. It's ambitious, courageous, and enlightening.
  8. Talo Segura

    Chapter 11

    @JeffreyL thank you, I'm very pleased you enjoyed it, nice of you to say.
  9. It was a little window into another epoch and felt very real. If it was boxing day this year it would certainly be very different. It's interesting how the family were connected around the film, today they would be totally disconnected, the kids would be on their phones, if they were even all together in the same room. So, even if the family interactions were at odds with each other, they were still a family in 1975. It must have been difficult for Karl, but he was emerging into a burgeoning gay world, next year would see Sebastiane, Derek Jarman, (Google it), although still too young to see a
  10. Talo Segura

    Chapter 11

    @KayDeeMac the painting, that is a crucial part of the picture (couldn't help the pun!), but it is. @Marty that seems to be that, or is it? Arran's dad is in the clear, or is he? Arran has definitely let Tom know his feelings, or has he? @GanymedeRex the story ended abruptly. I rather agree with @GanymedeRex and I'm writing the sequel as we talk. Which will pick up where we left off. It's going to show how things go between our two protagonists, Arran and Tom, who definitely have their problems. What happens next is a rollercoaster, with a twist, or two. It will answer @Marty's
  11. Talo Segura

    Chapter 11

    Chapter Eleven Arran's father stayed home the next day, saying he needed to talk to an old friend who was a solicitor. Arran presumed it was the same person he had spoken with yesterday evening. The weather had turned very cold with a northerly wind which stung his face as he waited at the bus stop. He had decided the only thing he could do was see Tom when he got to college and find out if his mum was going to talk to her brother, or Vicky's mum. Perhaps he could ask Tom to get her to phone if she didn't want to go around there. If not, he would go and see Vicky himself. Althoug
  12. @Cia what do you do if you have a chapter already in the post dating queue to be published in the future?
  13. Talo Segura

    Chapter 10

    @GanymedeRex I love your comments, thank you.
  14. Talo Segura

    Chapter 10

    @KayDeeMac thanks for your comments, Vicky certain is someone to watch out for, kind of spiteful! @Marty let's have a look at those points you make. As to the rape charge... I really can't say. Things moving slow between Arran and Tom, well, as someone said, they both have baggage, or let's say stuff to get past. And your opening point, which has come up before, one chapter left, how will everything get resolved. Of course, I'm not going to say, but what I am going to tell you and all the other readers is this: I am conscious that there will be some loose ends, although the b
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