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  1. I've been avoiding GA because it guts me that you're gone. Today opened a book and the birthday card you sent me fell out.  Even gone you're still touching my life.  Miss you so much!!! 💔

  2. Well it is July. Not sure if we can let it go, but Hurricane Elsa made it to the USA. Stay safe everyone. Anyway, new prompts for the interested. Prompt 892 - Creative Tag - List of Words Use the following words in a story - a storm, a broken fence, a scared dog, a flash light, and an old typewriter. Prompt 893 - Creative Tag - Viral Video Most people who make it big on Tik Tok or YouTube work hard to become viral. Unfortunately your video went viral for all the wrong reasons with two and a half million views. What is your video about? So those are the new prompts. Hopefully, one catches your eye and gets you to write. Until next time. Remember to read, write, comment, and like. Stay well.
  3. Welcome to July. Did you miss me? Hopefully, you enjoyed the anthology. Time for some new prompts. Prompt 890 - Creative Tag - First Line You touch a hair on his head and I will break your hand! Do you understand me? Prompt 891 - Creative Tag - Stanger There had been filled with electricity all day. As evening fell, the storm finally arrived with heavy rain, lightening, and thunder. From the darkness he strode out, a large hat that hid his face. Nearly seven foot tall he walked like a phantasm with his coat billowing in the rain. The stranger had arrived and everything would change. Why? So those are the new offerings in the prompts. Hopefully, something appeals to you. Until next time. Remember to read, write, comment, and like. Stay safe.
  4. 0k, so I'm a little late to this. A few of the stories about author's names I knew. Others were new to me. It happens when you are here for a while. My own nickname isn't all that interesting. Comicfan is just that. I am a fan of comics, whether they are newspaper comics like Peanuts or Garfield, or comics like Wonder Woman or X-men.
  5. I'm writing. Granted it is in a notebook, but I'm rewriting a story I lost. Wish me luck.

  6. comicfan

    A Loss

    Thank you. Mostly it feels like I'm failing somehow but I keep going. Just going to see where life takes me.
  7. comicfan

    A Loss

    Like most people, I lost my father and it turned my world upside down. It is hard to deal with the death of a parent. It was when my mom passed. I stepped in and for 12 years I have taken care of my dad. No dates, no life, just work and helping him. With his passing it was rough. It hurt worse in February when my job cut 5,000+ people due to Corona. Sent me into a depression. There were days where getting out of bed was the accomplishment of the day. I finally have pulled everything together. I am finally executing my father's will. It hasn't been easy. My brother didn't come when my dad was sick. He didn't come when my dad died. All he has done is complain about how long this is taking. So now I turn the page and wonder what am I supposed to do? Who am I? Only time will tell as I begin again at 51.
  8. It has taken a while but finally going to the lawyer to settle my dad's estate. The last 10 months has seen so much loss. Maybe now I will have time to figure out who and what I am since caregiver and son are no longer daily things. Stay well.

    1. Zombie


      loved one, companion, friend and purpose

      the loss is overwhelming


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