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  1. Wow. This week has been crazy, but we made it to another Friday. You know what that means? No, not a night out and no work tomorrow! It means I have prompts for you. Prompt 774 - Creative Tag - Doppelganger It has been a long week and you decide to treat yourself to a nice meal. You spot this nice restaurant as you go home and decide to give it a shot. As you walk in the door the loud noise in the place becomes suddenly silent. You pause as you fear the place might be in the midst of a robbery. You notice everyone shooting glances at you and then toward the back of the place. Wondering what could be going on you follow their glances and find … yourself? Only your doppelganger seems completely different somehow. What happens when you meet? Prompt 775 - Creative Tag - List of Words Use the following words in a story - a pair of glasses, a torn tee shirt, a cup of coffee, a crying child, and a slice of pizza. So do they give you any ideas? Please feel free to share your stories on the prompt page. Until next time. Remember to read, write, like, and comment.
  2. We made it to another Friday. That is reason to enough to celebrate, but it also means I've come with new offerings for you. Prompt 772 - Creative Tag - First Line The rain has been falling for hours, soaking my skin, and wiping out my tracks as I do my best to leave the pain behind me while I try to escape before anyone notices I'm gone. Prompt 773 - Creative Tag - New Day You went with your friends to see the fortune teller that they had booked as a evening's entertainment. However, when the fortune teller spotted you she ignored everyone else and demanded your hand. It freaked you out a bit, but when she grabbed your hand you tore it from her grasp, catching your finger on her ring scratching it deeply. As you looked at her, a drop of your blood fell onto her deck, hitting just one tarot card which she immediately flipped over. When she looked at you she said, "It will all begin for you when you next awaken to a new day." Your body shook and you felt like a an electric pulse went through your body as you rushed outside into the rain. You left your friends and hurried home only to collapse into bed. The next day you woke to a whole different life. What happened to you on that new day? So that is this week's new prompts., I hope one appeals to you. Until next week, read, write, comment, and like. Be well.
  3. Never been sprayed by a skunk. (Have no desire to be sprayed either!) Never have I ever picked up someone at a bar. (So not a bar person to begin with.)
  4. Been a long time since I've worn the shiny. All mine. Lol
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAOdlgFJDAI&list=FLEb0icsns41ot58RmIVCRZw&index=30
  6. comicfan

    Chapter 52

    I'm very pleased to see Jay healing. The whole thing was messy, scary, and one hell of a ride. I am so grateful to have been allowed to follow such a wonderful story and will happily wait for the second tale told by Jay.
  7. comicfan

    Chapter 50

    Sorry, Nephy. Just love your work and it never hurts to ask for more. I find the worst that happens is someone says no. Lol
  8. Been a long week. Realizing the dreams and hopes aren't coming true and past time to face reality. Time to adjust to what is true.

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    2. Headstall
    3. Daddydavek


      No one can ever get enough :hug:

    4. comicfan


      Thank you all. Just a lot going on and it's hard when all you have is yourself. Oh well, I just keep going.

  9. Well, ladies and gents we have made it to August. The year is just flying by. Hopefully, you are finding time to write, and because it is Friday time to offer up some new prompts. Prompt 770 - Creative Tag - Fallen Everything about him is wrong. He is too much of an opposite, and you fight with him every chance you get when you do see each other. However, if you see him near anyone else you feel angry and possessive. You can't deny it anymore, you've fallen, and fallen hard for him. What happened and how did you fall for this guy? Prompt 771 - Creative Tag - First Line The screams of terror drew you like a moth to a flame, but while everyone else ran away you ran to save the one bleeding on the ground before you. So that is this week's selection. Did one of them interest you? James Savik took a shot at 769 - and new comer Talo Segura took a shot at 764 - https://gayauthors.org/story/talo-segura/short-stories-inspired-by-prompts/1 Hopefully next week we will have some other stories to highlight. Until next time. Remember to read, write, comment, and like
  10. Can't wait to read them.
  11. Wow, another week is nearly over. Mother Nature has been baking Europe and sending storms everywhere. I have lucked out with moderate temperatures today, but I hope everyone is okay. If you have been lucky enough to be able to relax, well I have some new prompts to entice you to write. Prompt 768 - Creative Tag - The Arrow The arrow lay on a pillow under glass. You remember it always being on the mantle of your grandmother's fireplace in her den since you were a child. No one in the family would tell you the significance of it, but it always fascinated you. Last week, you buried your grandmother and today, along with the rest of your family, you've gone to clean up and close down her house. As you walk into the den there is a flash of light and the arrow is suddenly embedded in your chest. What happened? Prompt 769 - Creative Tag - First Line The sound of moaning drew my attention, but the last thing I expected to see was the beaten half naked body facedown in garbage behind my job. So, did one of them catch your attention? Hopefully, you will share it in the Prompt thread. Until next time, remember to read, write, comment, and like.
  12. Congratulations Northie! Sorry, I'm late but so happy for you.
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