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Why The Chicken Crossed The Road - 1. The Answer

“Flee you clucking biddies, flee or I’ll send the foxes after you!” The Prince stood in the middle of the hen yard in his boxers clutching a baseball bat as the squawking birds half flew and half ran through the open gate, over the gravel path, and out into the open field.

“Oh my!” gasped Cinderella as she watched her prince chase the last of the birds out of the yard.

When he saw her, he drew up short and reigned in himself regally. “I guess now you know,” he stated.

“Know what?” she asked, one eyebrow quirked questioning.

“There is no reason that I can not have beef,” he said with dignity.

“Except the doctor said you should not have it. He said you may have chicken. Now why are the chicken across the road?”

Prince Charming picked up the baseball bat and shook it at the birds, then swung and connected with the hen house again brooking no argument from Cinderella. “I want beef,” He muttered, “and that’s why the chickens crossed the road.”

Copyright © 2010 Lugh; All Rights Reserved.
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LOL! I don't know if my post about the new system changeover, and Myr's response, inspired the posting of this story but I love it none the less. Great reflection on life's biggest questions!

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A clever and engaging - and disturbingly plausible - account to an age old question :D

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To understand the author's answers to this crucial question we must first analyse the author's childhood and youth. The story clearly shows a life-changing event occurred between the author and feathered animals during the author's younger days in the last century. This clearly dramatic event still haunts the author in his later days.


Hence the story can not be seen as the general answer to this vital question. It must be seen as an individual attempt to solve a puzzle that could not be solved since the appearance of mankind. But although the story does not answer the question properly it shows an unique way to think about the problem and may encourage everyone to find the true answer.



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