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  1. For once, something decided to break when Hubby was home to fix it! 

    1. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      We got home earlier tonight to a bunch of water on the kitchen floor.... 2 of the pipes under the kitchen sink had practically disintegrated in spots.... Hubby could press on them with his thumb and his thumb went right through them.

  2. Renee Stevens

    Writing Prompts #718 & #719

    Geez, I must be losing my touch as once again I just about forgot about the blog! So, before I head off to bed, here are this weeks prompts. Hopefully they spark some ideas for you! Prompt 718 – Creative Tag – Embarrassing Interview You finally have the interview of your dreams. Before it begins you rush to the bathroom, take care of business, wash up, and barely walk back into the waiting room when your name is called. As you head into the interview you hear the other three applicants begin to laugh. Part way through your interview you glace down only to see a long piece of toilet paper stuck to your shoe. As you blush in mortification you look down only to see your fly isn’t completely closed either. What happens with the rest of your interview? Prompt 719 – Creative Tag – First Line “Your turn is coming and then we will see!” Did you write a prompt last week? Share a link in the comments!
  3. Wow. I’ve been on the site for over 9 years now. So many things have changed throughout the years, people come and go, but one thing seems to remain constant...I always miss my GAnniversary!

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    2. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      Thanks all! Maybe next year I’ll remember, but probably not! Lol

    3. wildone


      Happy GAnniversary :D


      I was thinking with yours, I must be close to hitting 9 years too!!


      Much to my surprise 0:) LOL

    4. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      @wildone yeah, you’re approaching 13.... maybe you’re worse than I am at remembering 😛 

  4. Renee Stevens

    Renee's Info Dump!

    Well, hello there. Nice of you to come see exactly what a blog info dump entails! Hopefully you'll find it quite informative. I've got a few things to cover, so let's get right into it! First off, thank you to everyone who voted in the anthology poll. There were a total of 42 votes, and spacing out the anthology stories was the clear winner with half the total votes (21). The other half was divided between posting all at once (6), and didn't care either way (15). We'll be giving this way of posting a shot with this upcoming anthology. Now, when am I going to start posting all these stories you ask? Well, you'll just have to wait and see! Speaking of the anthology, don't forget that the deadline is tomorrow!!! Yep, that's right, it's here and you only have another day to get your stories sent to @Valkyrie for her to pair you up with a member of the proof team. Once you receive your stories back, you'll need to fix anything that needs fixing and get it uploaded to GA stories pronto! From what I'm seeing, we're going to have a great group of stories. Next up on today's agenda, blog features! Yep, that's right! Have you checked out the new features that I'm offering in the GA Blog? First up, we have the Guess the Author feature. I've already got some great content from our site authors, and this feature will start at the beginning of the year. New year, new feature, great idea, huh? If you're an author that wants to participate, just PM me and I'll send you all the info! If you've already done that, then you just need to get those answers in to me (if you haven't already done so) and then sit back and wait for your turn to come up. Won't it be fun to sit and watch people trying to guess that it's you, and guess wrong? Another new feature, is the Q & A feature! We have three different ones. One each for Authors, Editors, and Readers! No matter what category you fall into, there's something for you. The first Q & A questions are expired for new responses, but there's a new one. Go check it out and get those next answers to me by December 5th! Let's see, anything else I need to cover? I think that's about it, but I'll also drop this little tid-bit, in case you missed it. @Cia has a new newsletter game planned for all y'all, which she'll unveil sometime after the anthology deadline is past. I know what it is, and I won't spoil the surprise, but I will tell you this much....It's a doozy of a challenge and I can't wait to see who undertakes it! Well, that's it for today! Have a great day and don't forget to join in on all the various opportunities. I look forward to hearing from you!
  5. Renee Stevens

    Q&A Blog Feature

    Thank you to everyone who messaged your answers for the first Q & A! New questions up top!!!!
  6. Baby J had his 4 month appointment today. 14 lbs 13 oz and 25.5 inches long. His doctor wants us to take him to a neurological specialist in Utah. He’s okay, his doctor just wants to be proactive with a couple things that are more than likely nothing, but she wants to be sure. No matter what, he’s still our perfect little boy.

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    2. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      Thanks all. We really like this pediatrician. She’s not one of those that tends to brush off any concerns. It was actually two of our concerns and one of her own that prompted her to do the referral to neurology. 

    3. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      Oh, and in other news.... Baby J got his first taste of cereal today after his appointment. He really enjoyed it!

    4. Puppilull


      Better to check and know! 


      As for solid foods, I got the kids one of those plastic smock/apron things. Very handy and easy to rinse. Or just had them eating dressed only in the diaper. It gets soooo messy when they want to get their little hands in there... 😂

  7. Downside to small town living... no 24 hour vet clinic. I should be asleep but up with poor Sully. Something is going on with him, but no idea what, except that he whimpers and yelps when laying down or moving just wrong.  Message left for the vet's office asking them to call me first thing in the morning. Crossing fingers it's nothing serious.

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    2. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      My boy is home. Not necessarily good news, but not bad either. Something is wrong with his back, but vet is hoping just a pinched nerve, pulled muscle, or something of that nature since the x-rays were inconclusive as to exactly what is wrong. For now he’s home and on meds.

    3. Valkyrie


      I'm glad it's not something worse.  Hopefully the meds will do the trick and he'll feel better soon :hug: 

    4. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      Thanks @Valkyrie. Just glad to have him home, now just have to attempt to keep him quiet..... :unsure:



  8. Renee Stevens

    Featured Story: Twelve Gays of Christmas

    Who's ready for another story review? You're in luck then, as Puppilull has prepared one for lomax61's Twelve Gays of Christmas! Before we get to the review though, we would really like if a member of the community would be willing to provide a review for the December slot. The review team is working on a special treat for everyone and if someone could sign up, that would be awesome! If you're interested in getting one of your favorite stories some attention, send a message to @Timothy M. Now, onto the review! Twelve Gays of Christmas lomax61 Reviewer: Puppilull Status: Complete Word Count: 53,556 I can’t believe it! It’s that time of year already. The holiday season, where all shall twinkle along with the tinsel and stars, all happy and cozy, fa-la-laing in joyous harmony as fluffy snowflakes gently blanket the world outside. Except not all Christmases live up to those standards. When your husband has left you, for a woman no less, your circle of friends is falling apart and nothing seems to be going the way you planned – what do you do? You get on with it, of course! What else? Trevor is not about to let a deserting husband, friends away in far off places, breakup of his best friend, and death of another dear friend stop him from celebrating Christmas as they have been for the past years. The plans will go ahead or he’ll be forced to admit defeat. And he is not defeated. Sticking to their plans, the remaining gang with a few add-ons departs to a remote location in Scotland for the holidays. Off they go, this motley crew of old friends, new acquaintances taking the places of others, among them Trevor’s ex and Mary, the new woman. Yes, his rival will be joining them for the celebrations. Does this sound like an excellent idea? No, I didn’t think so either… Of course, there are arguments already from the get go, when Mary turns out to be a bit demanding to put it mildly. But in the midst of all the drama, the son of the landlord shows up. Enter the delicious Rudy. Trevor is instantly smitten, but what will Rudy think? And what is lurking in his not so distant past? Twelve Gays of Christmas is a fun but heartfelt read. You get the Christmas feel and also the romance to warm your cold evenings. The characters are well written, both the ones you root for and the ones you mostly want to hit over the head with a snow shovel. I found the villains also have some redeeming traits, even if I was pretty much alone in feeling sympathy for the Supervillain of the story (read to see who that is…). This keeps them from being cardboard cut outs and instead are people you can somehow understand. Most of all it’s a nice read, perfect for an evening in with some tea, a warm blanket and a crackling fire. It will set you in the right mood for Christmas. And perhaps add a slight longing for just a little more romance and drama in your own life… So unwrap this story as your own special Christmas treat. You are worth it! Category: Fiction Genres: Romance Tags: mature adult, gay, rural, anal, serious, celebrity, modern, christmas Rating: Mature
  9. Renee Stevens

    Guess the Author???

    Better late than never! This is an open ended feature which will continue as long as I have content for it (so far, at one a year, I have enough for a year), so feel free to PM me if you want to get a spot in the queue
  10. Absolutely LOVING the new machine... Might be able to start my own small crafts business after all. These are what I did today (machine embroidery lace ornaments)



    1. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      Oh, and I should say, I've already sold 10 of them! (Once they're made)

  11. Renee Stevens

    Writing Prompts #716 & #717

    Are you looking for yet another writing opportunity here at Gay Authors? Luckily for you, we offer weekly writing opportunities for you. And if you don't know what to write, or just need that little push to get started, then the Writing Prompts are for you! Also, while talking about writing opportunities, don't forget that the deadline for the Fall Anthology is fast approaching. Make sure to send your stories to @Valkyrie no later than the 15th. Now, let's look at this week's prompts! Prompt 716 – Creative Tag – The Lie It is a beautiful day and you call out of work saying you are sick. Deciding you will enjoy the day you head out to the city and take the train. Going down the stairs to the track, you are struck from behind and fall down the stairs, slamming your shoulder, breaking your collar bone. The accident is caught on camera and is shown on the local news. How do you explain when it is shown all over? Prompt 717 – Creative Tag – Vampire You’ve been reading everything you can get your hands on about vampires. You read about sparkly vampires, white chalky vampires, ugly vampires, and seductive ones. None of them seem to fit the creature you seen last week or again last night. What is the vampire like? So, did you take advantage of the writing opportunity last week? Don't forget to share your prompt responses in the comments!
  12. Finally got to play with the new machine today!!!



  13. Ack! Gotta look through my stories, got an idea for a story but it would be revisiting two of my characters...I just gotta remember which of my stories included a forest ranger....

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      @Mann Ramblings Not quite what I'm looking for :P .  I think it's Puppy Love, but I need to actually find the reference and make sure that I'm using the right two characters....

    3. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      It was Blaine from Puppy Love. He was a park ranger. We may be revisiting Blaine, Levi, and Ruff for a short story.

    4. Slytherin


      Bear story sounds good :P 

  14. Head's up, Sir, we have white stuff falling outside, and maybe it's headed Your way!

    1. MacGreg


      Not right away. Wednesday evening we may get hit with some. you can keep the white stuff for now!

  15. Renee Stevens

    Q&A Blog Feature

    Thanks, molly!!!

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