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  1. Philippe


    Oh the pain, and the agony, from all...turning on and maiming a friend, ignoring and neglecting a brother, never facing that darkness ...standing in that alleyway and hearing the bearing of Kalian’s soul, must have forced Eon to look into the the mirror of his soul for the first time; and that image was weaker than his brother had ever been, and the vile darkness was more twisted and scary than people believe the alleys and shadows of the shifts to be. The shadows of Kalian and Talon’s souls seem to be pushing and tugging, but the training of powers have lead the duo to cross beams...ahem
  2. Philippe

    Chapter 22

    Awww, so do we call it an intergalactic, blended species, family? Hahahaha As the claims of Timor being a true scientist, and warnings aside, it is the very nature that had our young interloper Essel exploring a forbidden planet; hmmm 🤔, so an interesting mirror on the relationships developing whether professional or personal. What a huge step in trust to set increasing freedoms for our young interloper and his bonded velociraptor...ahem,...adolescent ceros, Bouncer. 😆
  3. “Hi guys, i am sure you've noticed that i take too long to update a chapter and i am sorry for that. The reason is that I have no idea if you're following this book or not so sometimes I just forget I am even writing this book and sometimes I feel lazy to update. Please, if you're following this book just be leaving comments so that I know people are following. Thanks“ All I can say is YES: I am reading, I am very much enjoying, I am eagerly awaiting updates,...SO DON’T GETTING LAZY @vanalas 😝! Please.... Seriously, I’m enjoying the book and this last chapter serves well to ratchet
  4. Philippe


    Please let Eon be true and honest about his support of late, as the lives of these two are very much at stake, and to betray his brother Kalian too, after contributing to Talon’s destruction would be an unforgivable sin. Ironic that Talon’s parting sadness was probably not that Talon believed the barbs spoke in anger, but that it was possibly a good time to remove himself from the relationship before suffering another personal tragedy or being denied a forbidden love. Yet, there is hope as Eon mentioned, for Talon has been drawn far from his comfort zone and has even experienced joy
  5. Philippe

    Chapter 31

    As she goes into nag overload just stand back enough for the house to clear you when it falls; don’t forget to grab the ruby slippers! OMG @Krista, it’s so good to have you posting on this story again. The gang is every bit as fresh and full of teen life as I remember; that is the powerful character identities you’ve created and we so adore, the realism just makes us want to be a part of their group.
  6. Philippe


    It’s nice to see Kalian finding his strength...in spirit if not physical. 😝 Lex is definitely a douche but Kalian’s family is propagating this tradition on Kalian without even asking or explaining their actions. So sad to they were products of that system and now they would choose to propagate it to the next generation. What was it that Talon saw or felt as Kalian held the golden energy in suspension? Argh, when is Talon going to start trusting Kalian with more explanations of what he knows or thinks is possible? I’m really enjoying your tale @Demiurge, it’s suspenseful and so myster
  7. Oh the pain and frustration. You dropped this posting at a time I was loading up and driving 8 hrs to take care of mom and property; oh the agony of knowing it was there but could not touch, it was much worse than waiting as a kid for the holiday cookies to cool! Then at the time of final reward...exhaustion had me waking to a dead iPad and thankful there were no unintended comments submitted from the shadows of my untimely haze. This is not the end! Book 1 has built the story, the characters, and the brotherhood. We’ve embraced a whole new world of magic and mystery, a world of wolf myth
  8. Philippe

    Chapter 21

    Muriel...what a fricking witch! Ironic that she recognizes Spencer is more hurt being sent home home with pay, but her phycological games are more important to her, than uses his last days there to maintain continuity and training! Yes you’ll be expected for three months....nope, one month without that promotion. "That's going to put me and the rest of the staff here in a very difficult position at one of our busiest times of the year. Do you think that's fair, Spencer, after everything we've done for you?" ...ha! Well then get out, leave now! CRAZY 😜 hahaha Marshall...um,um,um! Lo
  9. Philippe


    Everyone was enjoying crack, except Avery and the crack addict... 🧐
  10. OMG, I didn’t get the posting notification on this chapter! I’ll be back to comment after reading but thanks for posting 😀.
  11. Hopefully you’re right as this is a cliffhanger for sure. The relationship issues have affected the purity of Ronnie’s powers by not having honesty with his dad, requiring him to focus to purify and strengthen his energy. Now Taran has accepted or been more honest with himself, the energy was building with emotions, this seems to be connected to a sudden unleashing of power. Then....cliffhanger! Argh 😡, please post again soon; I really like your tale!
  12. Philippe


    What a pleasant surprise to find this update! Kalian suffers in a dismissive environment; it seems to describe his life so far. Despite having shown the family a surprising gift, they continue to act as they’ve granted mercy to an orphaned child; poor Kalian got his hopes up to see their excitement that he would not remain un-gifted. The relationship between Talon and Kalian is awkward as they deal with a curious attraction in the environment that says they should understand class status and social boundaries. Yet underlying that awkwardness seems to be a driving force of nature
  13. Awww, our Beta, Kaplan, has himself a teddy bear....ok, Panda Bear. Growing up in the ole days when a teddy bear was very common, and the favored ones would let out a little roar 🦁 when bent forward, my brother had the panda version but I don’t recall the giggles! 😝 Hmmm, the Panda seems much more comfortable and moving at a faster pace than ever expected. It may be the Panda will even out pace Kaplan, but it’s a nice growth in relations that just leaves observers smiling. Growth in relationships can be even better when it’s the topsy turvy world of two newly acquainted wolves, Alpha Wolv
  14. Philippe

    Chapter 56

    😱 I laughed at this as we are training people to be so gender neutral that we also ignore real differences. My interpretation on this was more along the lines of earlier context that some of the kids, especially girls, may not be interested and therefore other activities need to be offered. If I put the most masculine traditional activities out there along with the most feminine traditional activities, there will be cross flows of interest; the sexiest issues to me only enter if the cross flows are prohibited or discouraged, not because I recognize that boys and girls are more likely to migrat
  15. Philippe

    Chapter 56

    The sad reality is that the very system that’s supposed to provide and protect the kids all too often keeps them in near juvenile detention; imagine reaching 18yo without hugs, without compassion, and without a car, a license, and little savings; then pushed out into the world unprepared. They are too frequently not treated as kids needing family, life skills and career guidance. Instead they are children held for the rewards of state contracts based on occupancy, and frustrated by bureaucratic desires to find a “perfect” forever family; the system should have to justify rejections of people w
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