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  1. Oh my, this chapter has my emotions all knotted up! Hmmm 🤔, dogs love to chase cats…and their tails, will Damian’s Wolf be constantly sniffing out his Neko? Sensing, and scenting, but never meeting his Neko.
  2. Thank goodness Dani didn’t overreact to the Deadnus grandstanding arrest of Vincent; and kudos to headmistress Boeriella Trusting for finding her courage to face Arani Deadnus. Even when you’re correct the repercussions can be severe and the bully gets their way through intimidation. Interesting that Arani would invoke such arrogance as to brag on being party to the execution of Vincent’s family; especially the brother Gianni, and Deadnus thinks Vincent is the monster 👿! Check the mirror you witch 🧙‍♀️! Dialog between young Vincent and Vinicius has me wondering…VIncious, a human, forcibly changed… Vinicius is know to be extremely intelligent and a path finder for scientific breakthroughs. Could it be that his bloodline is… most curious indeed, I still question if Vinicius is truly dead or if he foresaw Deadnus hyjacking him with State Law infractions worthy of dead; so a strategic dead for a strategic response. Convenient that Vinicius had touched so many and the only evidence of death is no evidence by way of sun vaporization. Dani needs for Dreamscapes…which means we needs more chapters to witness this journey; a fantastic one too @C. Henderson!
  3. Philippe

    Temper, Temper

    And introduced through conversation that a 15yo Aussie orphan named Cal was at Greenstone… Now it seems the apartment will be unaffordable as Hunter will be out of circulation for a while. It’s likely time for a new roommate or resigning to ask help of mom and dad; a move back home?
  4. Oh man, Dani has lifelike dreams…of the look alike grandfather of a love interest. 🤦 Then he has to remember to be a detective while experiencing dream voyeurism. Yikes, that’s hard…ahem, tough! Demetrius’ exit is likewise tough. Why? Is it just Demetrius? Or because of Dani? Then why farewell to the other Special, but not Dani? Is it for what he did or for what he didn’t do at the Specials Summit? Or just more simple in that Demetrius had to move to the desires of his puppeteer? Neo is a detector of Special powers…at least for the one for which he has been touched, but will this lead us to a Special we know, or could it be an off the books Special with other interests at heart? Either way, one side or the other will take this betrayal to heart…but hopefully not to the pure of heart. 🙏 Demetrius doesn’t need to fit but one line in the prophecy thank you! It would be nice to know how common knowledge that dog allegiance trait is, and is it 100% accurate? The dreamscape likewise gives other prophecy possibilities too. Is Vincent the present Crowne Prince of a kingdom in exile, or will he be the Crowne Prince when the intended ascension occurs? @C. Henderson, wow, you have twists in motives; for power, for politics, and for species, all at play. Deceit abounds and Dani can certainly understand that life is an onion…we have many layers and a lot of tears in this one.
  5. Philippe


    I’m thinking more simplistically. Noah and Seth have been through major growth issues with three steps forward and two steps back; so that can account for no time to share with Noah, but Seth is also getting therapy and dealing with the past. They may have had monies held in trust, benefits or awards by the court from family holdings or from death benefits. If dad knew about them he would have probably withheld that info. He likewise would not have had access to those benefits held in trust for the kids. Even at 18 Seth’s sister is/was entitled to benefits from dad’s estate and/or state assistance. So now that Seth is resuming normal contact, normal employment, and getting help from people that can help him realize he isn’t alone, he can finally resume normal life, employment registration, and receive benefits due. As prickly as Seth is, again he would have a hard time benefiting from someone’s death or from benefits as a result of someone he knows didn’t accept him/them in life. That difficult acceptance would explain his hesitation to share that info with anyone or as to why he can’t accept spending it yet.
  6. @C. Henderson, I’m very much enjoying your story here, as written and presented. The storyline is mysterious, as desired, and bring options in plot, with plenty of intrigue. The personal views on character flaws and pronouncements with repeating condemnations is illogical, in my mind, and ARGUES for a manuscript that would be void of those very elements that bait us with that anticipation for what’s around the corner; or what is the larger plan. Is Deadnus leading or a puppet that has not figured out that she is only a pawn? 😝 Is Vinicius really dead?; after all, nothing remains of a sun-baked vampire, so who can validate that? Or is he now free to choreograph a response with a better understanding of the bad actors as they now believe themselves free to act and those actions can be tracked more easily than their hostile plans in waiting. I hope the abundant and verbose comments, are not keeping you from your writing; as a single contributor has 60% of your chapter word count in their comments alone, that’s quite a lot. We don’t need you too distracted, or changing course from your original storyline; focus your scribing and posting on your storyline, that we love and await…for our next Special scene! Thanks again for this wonderful tale and for sharing it with us.
  7. Philippe

    Chapter 14

    This story is great. It’s heartwarming and captures beautiful the angst of young relationships.
  8. Deadnus is a monster, and her panel of judges are no better; whether puppets or partners in this charade of legitimacy. No Special should have to question whether their high-school “training” may result in their expiration. Poor Dani, unable to recognize the assistance he received in handling the dogs; as one yelped and went limp, and another had the eye roll of paralyzing pain ☠️. Demetrius would be the obvious suspect as pain was the apparent affect. Likewise, the public association with Dani in the quick personal suggestion to exit together,…and NOW, would seem to imply a level of protective isolation; and perhaps avoiding possible answers to questions yet to be asked was protective for them both. The informational Dreamscapes are invaluable for Dani to get context of lessons past as they relate to him and his future. Demetrius knows more than he is sharing, but like the unspoken assistance with the dog challenge, the unspoken seems to be viewed as necessary to protect the plan, the players, and…Dani? Unfortunately, Dani’s unguided curiosity and his needs for understanding has him exposed; hopefully the Dreamscapes will soon help identify the friends from foes. The tough part is that Dani will still have to interpret the meanings of these reveals.
  9. Philippe

    Twenty Nine

    Hey now, who says that a physical side of deconstructing yours emotions is not therapeutic too?
  10. Philippe

    Chapter 9

    Great to see Bastion and Sage step back from Gillian Hmmm 🤔, headstrong with crazy blind love 😜, Jin does like living on the edge. Jeez Merlin, you might give a little more instruction or take Levi more removed from others before unlocking the hidden ancient bloodline affinities.
  11. Philippe

    Chapter 19

    What a great chapter as we get to see the chess pieces tabled; the blood alliance between the Vampire and Lucan/Wolf worlds is quite unique but maybe commonplace for generations to come. The awakening of the wolf clans to this high crime, whether it be the Alphas or the Pack Members, will be increasingly shocking as this comes to light. Bastian has become most significant in the eyes of all, as he has brought unity and commonality. Ironically the rogue creator never envisioned this reality while holdings such illusions of control and manipulation blinding them. @ASH PHOENIX, it’s so good to see this story actively posted again. Welcome back!
  12. Woah, there is a fine line between ultimate confidence and arrogance. That in itself breeds absolute power that absolutely corrupts. Vinicius had foreseen much and had kept a very powerful Special more humble and perhaps more sensitive; which ultimately is the very qualities Vinicius seemed to be instilling in his conversations to coach Dani. Many of the conversations aired on the philosophical and an ethical higher thinking, independently at that, not of council consensus or concessions. So the fact that this humble young vampire (unknowing nuclear weapon) stood among strangers of unknown alliances and unknown powers and defended human and vampire subjects of torture, equally, serves as strong testimonial to Vinicius’ methods of instilling values to a entity that could easily adopt savagely arrogant bullying. These events all happen within a short period of his Godfather/creator Vinicius being a victim to a government cover-up murder and then the next most trusted individual murdered in another publicly and violent method to send a personal message to young Dani. All while the nurse screenings support the notion that Dani his been possibly drugged to suppress his powers. Again, without training and to the amazement of his new ‘mentor’ Dani did so develop his skill set, and with enough humbleness to win allies. I think Vinicius was caught up in an attack that accelerated even his own forecasted timeframe to get prepared. But the methods have possibly prolonged Dani’s life and allowed him social skills and compassion to build alliances that will be necessary to answer the threats.
  13. Philippe

    Twenty Eight

    This is a nice chapter of growth for all. The comfort zones are growing little by little and the demons seem to be more predictably kept at bay. Hooray for Noah on the promotion, but Mr. Landry’s health is bothersome; this is especially so with the strange changes with Max’s behavior and with the yet to be resolved ledgers for the store. Things seem too coincidental and all in Max’s favor…at least on the surface. @Demiurge, thanks for the make-up s__… Scenes! The catch-up post is most welcomed. How can you put so much into a single sentence; from the pain and angst to love embraced all wrapped within the discovery of themselves and each other…wickedly warm. 😆
  14. The greatest threat to the State seems to be the leadership itself. The academic training of the Specials in no way should be construed as practiced combat training; therefore, this testing is totally out of character of anything ethical. Perhaps this is the first but a blatant example of why Vinicius was so brutally murdered. Good for Dani, Good that he spoke up to challenge the lunacy of torture and murder for the young Specials; he may have made more enemies, but he may also have stood strong as a new call for reason when others have bowed too quickly. We may now have a more public line in the sand that seems to have been long overdue. Unfortunately it seems the ethics of some Specials are compromised as much as the State leadership; that too is problematic. Poor Dani is growing up fast and without a clear knowledge of alliances or even an understanding of the threats.
  15. Philippe

    Twenty Seven

    Seth may not be in control of his wild emotions embedded from years of abusive conditioning, but I’m thinking Brock better wise up quickly. He is the present day nemesis of Seth’s love, and therefore of himself. He wasn’t capable of defending himself proper as a kid, but that’s far from the present day truth as he finds himself emerging from the dark crawl spaces of his own mind. He and his love are not to be toyed with; to do so so beyond dangerous to the tormentor, Brock beware!
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