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  1. Philippe

    Chapter 24

    My comment was in response to your comments, lol. Improper quote...lol Just happy they’re back!
  2. Philippe

    Chapter 24

    Hey, no casting shadows! I’m enjoying this too much to let you rain on my parade. It’s much like Mardi Gras...a few trinkets throw about as rewards after the long years wait in anticipation. Thank you so much for that opportunity and hope to to more soon!!!!!
  3. Welcome to my friend list. Hope you find stuff by me you like.

  4. Love Derailed, your writing is captivating, hope to see more exciting stories and posts from you.

  5. YES, ....feel over excited, BE OVEREXCITED.....POST, POST, POST! Loving your stories!!

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    2. Nephylim
    3. comicfan


      Nephy and Cia both have great stuff. Don't let Cia fool you.

    4. Philippe
  6. How come your story doesn't have a listing or pointer from your profile? Do you know?

  7. Philippe

    The Answer

    LOL! I don't know if my post about the new system changeover, and Myr's response, inspired the posting of this story but I love it none the less. Great reflection on life's biggest questions!
  8. Hey! Thanks for visiting, I've been following all your stories on Tickie; LOVE THEM!!

  9. Philippe

    The fog begins to lift

    Chapter 2 & 3 word count comes up as just 1 word each; no text.
  10. Philippe

    Chapter 24: Pick a side.

    Nooooooooooo!! Your soooo cruel......hurry up with chapter 25!!! LOL Loving the story, Andy, you Rock!
  11. Great Status!! LOL .....AAHHH the afterglow!

  12. LOL, don't feel bad. I plan to do some shopping tomorrow on the 24th as well. I'm going at 6 am, hopefully it won't be too bad. Obviously I am NOT going to the mall! Good luck with your shopping!

  13. Thanks for adding me as a friend, and as a favourite author! :)

  14. Thankx for the add!

  15. Thanks for adding me as a friend :)


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