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  1. I’m glad to see Aidan get the story of his family’s sacrifice; gifts or not they gave Aidan the greatest gift they could a family. Luis and Aidan were unfortunately manipulated and their bonds of trust broken; one can never take back what has already been spoken. But Luis and Aidan have both been very pig headed about their feelings. Aidan should have been told after the reactionary emotions calmed that Luis did want to believe him. Aidan may not like the complications but Luis did deserve to know of his son. Now as fate would serve, the absence of Aidan his given extra confidence to the arrogant and evil lord, but this is also an advantage that Aidan can now know the intent before manipulation attempts by the warlocks or the evil lord himself; they are exposed.
  2. Philippe

    Chapter 15

    I’m open to the interpretation on this one,. Does the burden fall to Kastan literally to relieve the emperor, and father of Rushi’s children, or is it more figuratively as Kastan may be burdened to arrange the act of removing that cancer. Either way, Kastan is then destined for more challenges with possibly another border war, with the kingdom of Rushi’s birth. The strained relations between their kingdoms were cause for her political marriage to the Emperor; now the rightful call for death of the Empress Rushi, following the recent execution of Lord Villes, the Empress’s father will bring the ere of Rusho’s brother and other powers to be in her native lands. This is even more complicated by the all to present maneuvers of the money purse and muscle of Lord Revi; was which was the very impetus for Jihan’s servitude to the empire by royal marriage. Oh what a wicked web we weave...
  3. Philippe

    Chapter 52

    I’m glad to see you agree and are ready to damn those saddle sores, toss the saddle, and lasso a few of those wild and untamed loose ends! Thank you so much for sharing a peek at the first brush strokes of the masterful portrait and colorful world of Widderkin; I hope the supplies are adequate to see you paint the entire landscape and portraits for this great bunch of chosen friends, unyielding companions, and bearers of enlightenment to the greater Realms.
  4. Philippe


    How cherished the memories of our loved ones passed. The gathering of the youth in mourning; so touched by this community grandma, is a powerful scene and is told with the full impact of a real loss. It was great to bring them together impromptu as many of their community family events were spontaneous yet filled with that sense of irreplaceable bonds. It’s great to see those bonds expanding even while suffering the losses of nature. Young Lukas seems to be the tie to the next generation of baiting and casting.
  5. Philippe

    Truth Comes Around

    I think a hotel renovation with a nice restaurant front may be a better approach!
  6. Philippe

    Chapter 51

    Just a rounding out chapter? We have Faire Lords and King dancing and laughing with nary a worry of the evil lord having conducted from a score of war. Now we entertain with floating blue orbs fueled of mystical white power (Glenda, the good witch of the north arrives in one on those), and we confirm the Lord of Chaos is not the wicked witch of the west! Kieran is capable of tossing powers of origins unknown, but yet still finds himself masking appearances of real with unreal toads. hmmm 🤔, your rounding out chapter shows us some characters in a new light but the growth of the companions remain somewhat veiled. ThIs chapter brings forth many images reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz; hahaha But then: "A researcher has discovered a section with references to portals which is intriguing but very hard to understand, and Uirebon is going to fly his Griffin to the study centre to see what he can figure but he suggests we might be able to help." This cliffhanger has the irresistible power and characteristic of a hidden wizard 🧙‍♂️ rumors abounds of such a Palantir, should this all powerful wizard let us discover the hidden origins of the Realms and then point out the simplest of solutions that was and/or is before us...where are those ruby slippers?
  7. I’m liking how the relationship of Taran and Ronnie is building but the riff with Dad definitely needs some patches. Mom is focused in one direction, dad is focused in another, neither truly focused on Taran, or Taran as he exists outside their superhero assumption of shared goals. Maya can possibly understand if he lowers the blocks but it seems Ronnie is the only one Taran sees being able to understand him. Ronnie is quickly gaining full access and is the only one meeting the real a Taran. How true is Taran’s perception of the events surrounding his brother’s death? Are the superheroes in denial themselves?
  8. I enjoy when the authors shared the character list, characteristics, relationships and abilities. As the story progresses the expanded traits should have chapter relevant spoiler alerts or perhaps the list and abilities can be expanded periodically within the chapter timeline by posting as an interlude ; of characters, back stories, or emphasis on relationships, or powers, that better support that character without bogging down the main storyline. Huh 🤔 mind vomit ... pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Hahaha
  9. I enjoyed your shared thought processes and explanations. Likewise, I’m enjoying the Syndicate and look forward to seeing how you craft this universe of mutants.
  10. Philippe

    Chapter 11

    I wonderful chapter of establishing relationships as they should appear and learning them as they truly exists. The return of Kas to Silver Shore with the familiar “life saving” Consort should be smoother than most merged families. Hopefully, the Emperor and the prince will identity the threats before they become a problem.
  11. Hmmm, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but perhaps when youthful tossing puts the apple under another tree the seedlings may confuse even those responsible for their placement. So if a fallen apple is moved beneath another tree, and no one is there to witness, did it fall not far from the tree? Sid knows more, as does Tom, how many possibilities are there for the emotions Tom holds for “do right by that child” when he doesn’t explain himself or his perspective; did he do right for himself or did he do right for someone else? In doing the right thing in his mind did Tom deny himself his destiny, yet he now wants Jett to do the same? Or is the bigger twist remaining veiled, as Tom is known to be Jett’s father. Tom’s emotions say Jett has to be with Carina as the mom is the traditional and natural place Jay should be; was Jett just as Jay, history repeated, requiring a man to do the right thing for that child, as a child needs a mom and a dad? I say some of this from my own knowledge of my father checking on and supporting a single mom and child, as a friend had been separated from his wife and fathered a child. My mom didn’t know the full story as dad wouldn’t talk bad about people, but mom knew there was some reason why the friend was no longer within dad’s circle. The friend had rejoined his family, my father tried to steer him to do right, but he refused any responsibility to the pregnant mother of his “taking a break” child. That resulted in my father of limited means trying to help the mother and basically no longer associating with a man previously known as a close friend. Ironically, after the passing of my father, the mother of that child paid respects to my mother and my father lying in wake. She explained the full story and thanked mom and dad for helping her keep her child when the father abandoned her. The lady’s son was then being encouraged by mom to make contact with his half siblings and their mother. He has now become part of the extended family that knew not of his existence until well after the passing of his absentee father. So my question to Tom is were you “Yourself” trying to “do the right thing” by that child, Jett, or for someone else that failed to step up as a man should? Are you now afraid the history repeats? The thinking is flawed by traditional thinking but is understandable from a historical perspective.
  12. Major, Attention! About, face. Double time, MARCH! Farewell, SIR!
  13. Philippe

    Broken Roads

    Nothing rebalances the equations like a brash little old lady 👵 speaking and commanding in words others are too afraid to speak and few are willing to challenge! 😂
  14. Philippe

    Broken Roads

    Hmmm, tall, slim, dark hair, dyed streak, born of hippie parents,...does young mister (Green) Sage West sound somewhat like the introduction of a young college kid known as Mr. Blu Waters. Sage also appears to have a double meaning here; though sage and thyme implies green herbs, the sage that seems to impress upon Lincoln is the sage of a Wise Mr West. Ahem, anyway, should we venture to the West-Waters it would appear we’ll find the forecast to be for calmer waters; unless a storm reveals the Jock baby daddy is the prepetrator of Levi’s traumatic Injuries. Then family ties will never allow such breaches of morals or allegiance to an imprisoned attempted murderer.
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