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  1. Philippe

    Strength Of Faith

    Your stories and the journey you take us on are amazing! I’m not normally an avid reader but anyone observing me reading your stories would find me captivated. I too may have used the expression of it takes too long between chapters, but would explain that as a restless anticipation for the next step in this involved journey you’re able to develop. So in that sense, I beg of you, please accept that hasty expression as a true compliment. I will definitely be waiting for the next installment of this adventure! Until then, I re-read the previous chapters or revisit your other stories to gleam a better understanding of those complexities you weave throughout your books. Thank you so much for the commitment and dedication you put forth and share for our entertainment. Philippe
  2. Philippe

    Life Goes On

    LoL, poet I’m not, but perhaps it was unique enough to bring forth a smile or a chuckle; too small and humble a reward for the entertainment your stories provide but a sincere thanks none the less. I have truly enjoyed the series thus far and look forward to it’s continuation.
  3. Philippe

    Life Goes On

    I’ve enjoyed the (changes) stories very much, to this I give no jibe, but now I must endure a pause, for the author needs to scribe, before I lose his storyline, of which his words provide the ride! I hope the author accepts my thanks, from sincere they do derive.
  4. Philippe

    Chapter 7

    Love the story. Just re-reading for the first time since perhaps the early days of Codey’s World web links. Thanks so much for all your wonderful stories and the many contributions they bring to the readers. Not sure where or how to submit edits but this is what I believe was intended. Sorry for the cut and paste font. “Good news, huh.?” my mother asked smilingly. “Oh God, Gary!” My mother was stunned. She covered her hand mouth with her hand mouth and gasped at the news I had just delivered.
  5. Philippe

    Chapter 24

    My comment was in response to your comments, lol. Improper quote...lol Just happy they’re back!
  6. Philippe

    Chapter 24

    Hey, no casting shadows! I’m enjoying this too much to let you rain on my parade. It’s much like Mardi Gras...a few trinkets throw about as rewards after the long years wait in anticipation. Thank you so much for that opportunity and hope to to more soon!!!!!
  7. Welcome to my friend list. Hope you find stuff by me you like.

  8. Love Derailed, your writing is captivating, hope to see more exciting stories and posts from you.

  9. YES, ....feel over excited, BE OVEREXCITED.....POST, POST, POST! Loving your stories!!

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      Nephy and Cia both have great stuff. Don't let Cia fool you.

    4. Philippe
  10. How come your story doesn't have a listing or pointer from your profile? Do you know?

  11. Philippe

    The Answer

    LOL! I don't know if my post about the new system changeover, and Myr's response, inspired the posting of this story but I love it none the less. Great reflection on life's biggest questions!
  12. Hey! Thanks for visiting, I've been following all your stories on Tickie; LOVE THEM!!

  13. Philippe

    The fog begins to lift

    Chapter 2 & 3 word count comes up as just 1 word each; no text.
  14. Philippe

    Chapter 24: Pick a side.

    Nooooooooooo!! Your soooo cruel......hurry up with chapter 25!!! LOL Loving the story, Andy, you Rock!
  15. Great Status!! LOL .....AAHHH the afterglow!


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