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  1. Oh my. How is it that one can find themselves drafted into service even on GA? lol I laugh at the Mexican food dilemma with a bit a mirth as just recently I found the convenience of one ingredient that is difficult to stock for those cravings that so often come in sneak attacks; it is too frequent to be underripe or overripe when the spontaneity hits in surprise attack. I absolutely love tacos but do so wish I had the pepper garden we shared in Tucson; finding the perfect blend of dried ground peppers is an explosion of zesty flavors that makes the heart of the taco come alive. Some peppers provide a deeper roast flavor that’s perfect with beef, while others may provide just enough to not overpower the chicken or fish. It’s a balance light taste heat and darker roast flavor. So I have several containers of peppers I may blend to season the meat of selection for the taco build. If making it a night of Mexican cuisine, I recommend a pork and beef variation of a Santa Fe style burrito. The meats being stewed down to a tender chew in sweet onions and poblano peppers; reduced to have only a limited thicker broth. This is served in a large flour tortilla with the meat, Mexican seasoned rice and tomatoes, black beans with fresh diced onions and poblano peppers adding crunchy zestiness. I like mine with a little sour cream and a hint of cilantro too. Wrap this 10lb (big, lol) baby up and top with salsa verde and queso chihuahua. This beast goes well with a side shredded lettuce topped with guacamole sauce.
  2. Dang that’s all huge. That’s good for a study session and two meals! Damn.
  3. Oh that’s a date sharing items for those young at heart!
  4. How could I forget photos...duh Black-eyed peas and cornbread
  5. That a bridal pancake! Is there a cutting photo that comes with that?
  6. Is that what works good to keep the deer from eating your saplings?
  7. It’s ok but l’d serve that with hot butter biscuits
  8. Collect the bacon from the skillet, add collards and a little water, cover and bring to a simmer. Meanwhile make your bacon bits to stir in when the collards start to tender, then cook until tender.
  9. But if it’s a sausage biscuit then either syrup or mustard will do fine.
  10. If the Midwest is known for steak and taters then Kentucky must be bacon and cheddar! lol
  11. No pickles in this version of tater salad, look it up, it’s so good and a pot luck hit for sure as it is very tasty and colorful.
  12. If serving the patties cold, or for dinner, then another option is a side of potato salad...with a twist...search for; Japanese Potato Salad. It has cucumbers, corn, carrots, onions (soon like red but I suggest sweet) then when making it slightly moist with Mayo, also add just a little yellow mustard for a touch of sour tart.
  13. I’ve had people call it that but it is usually a failure to understand proper salt and water for the critical cook time of the perfect grits. Trust me, I’ve had grits cooked by a yankee, and there is no doubt in my mind why so many of them hate them; yuck, that’s fricking glue!
  14. You ain’t even mentioned my favorites of shrimp and grits, jambalaya, gumbo, and red beans, sausage and rice ; most all go well with cornbread!
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