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  1. “G” is a manipulative prick. Beyond being a prick, I’m thinking he may be the very focus for Zeke’s investigations and the strong reasons for Zeke not trusting him; G is running both sides of the board, he is the enemy within and Zeke is too close to exposing this. Zeke is being set up and Tyler is being used to perpetuate the crimes of G. This whole setup is bad news, but I have hope that Zeke is implementing is own safeguards and exposures this prick. Ironic that G’s patsy could be the key to his demise.
  2. Lol, yeah, pretty much console phones. I occasionally see an old movie where the detective or the rich guy pulls that tree branch out to listen as if that couch shell holds the secrets of life. 😝
  3. Philippe

    Chapter 24

    OMG, a true story. Back in the day, I was tasked to help my granddad removing old trees from the orchard; this was the old fashioned felled and limbed with nothing but an axe. My granddad had been a young worker and lumberjack at the old country lumber mill in the days prior to WWII; the man knew all too well how to sling an axe. We had been workin hard all morning leading up to lunch; he was chopping faster than I could collect and stack the burn pile, somewhat humiliating to not be able to keep up with grandpa. Meanwhile grandma had been visited by “ding dong...Avon calling.”
  4. Oh geez 🙄, the dynamics and emotions of the young friends. The emotions of wanting best friends, but one will stand out. But then that perceived best friend also wants best friends, and the one that stands out to him may not be the recipacated bonds offered. I do sense Sasha desperately needs friends, but that Billy is the one that makes him extend his circle of friends as unwitnessed before, I wonder if Sasha sees Billy as just a friend; or even best friend, it seems to be a stronger pull for Sasha; yet something that Billy doesn’t fully understand either. Even as Billy initially sh
  5. The Alpha Anti-hu appeared to just want brawlers; so punks, probably, but that leads to dirty fighting and opportunities even for a weak Alpha, but especially for one that appears to be totally unethical. Though Lord Vagner may have been stripped of his nonexistent lands of false claims, I believe Vinsy could have pledged to Ty continued alliance with his NY Pack, but when his eyes returned to the shamed Delta, I would have loved to see, even at the expense of dropping another bead, for Vinsy to go into the Alpha Morph Mouth to say the last...he does not have a friend in me. Oh, and someo
  6. Philippe

    Reinard- Bonded

    Oh wow, the heat of the moment gives way to unquestioned desires. While the actions afterwards indicate one thing, I believe there is a deeper emotion that scares Galen too much to admit. Likewise, Reinard’s commitments seem born of isolation, desperation, and maybe the overarching fox 🦊 nature. Though the paths may diverge initially, I believe we may have an interesting journey before reaching a destination that may very well see both more interdependent than ever thought possible; maybe they are destined to save each other.
  7. I’m on my long road trip between central Florida and LA (Lower Alabama); so the proper responses are constrained by, don’t text and drive, and then something about reading and commenting on gay erotica in a rest area...well, that just ain’t alright y’all!
  8. Oh no, no, no; the fecal oscillator is running at optimal parameters for total fecal distribution to any and all within the area to experience saturation of all senses; this is serious fecal modulation and shall leave none untouched. With the rage and revenge the Alpha Power Couple will bring for this breach of Pack territory and the attack upon not only it’s people but it’s leadership, will be ruthless. With the present Pack alliances, the offenders will find it hard enough to hide, but lingering in the shadows can truly be scary, as there are very scary things that live in the shadows.
  9. Philippe

    Chapter 23

    LMAO, well, now that the doctor spilled the mate beans, I’ll just piss on your clothes to protect my interest. Hey, hey, you’re stealing my scent with that horrible soap bar, stop it! Brother or not, you’re mine.
  10. Philippe

    Chapter 34

    My, oh my. 🥵 Alien abductions, and anal probing explained from a whole new perspective and with a new found appreciation; a much deeper understanding of first contact. Hmmm, alien implants? Where do we sign up to be in the next cadre to serve as one of these new special ambASSadors @Cia? 😝
  11. Philippe

    Chapter 2

    What better way to demonstrate leadership, than to negotiate an agreement between disinterested parties, for a settlement that will insure a better existence of all concerned. Likewise, he is already choosing his royal confidants before standing alone and distracted in the presence of the royal court/council. Even in brief observations he already knows the basic ethics and motivations of both brother and sister; Alex, a community builder, others over self; Alexandria, refusing to parade in false presence, at a possible cost of someone else’s feelings and expense. Some pretty good starting
  12. Life is full of irony. We may envision our life within the expectations and norms of our society, ours parents, or our peers. But the reality often reverts to the more immediate environment and friendships we find ourselves living; nature has it’s own way of shaping our life for us. Two boys of different worlds, seemingly total opposites, find themselves thrust together in accommodations and in jobs. Sharing each other’s lives, learning their fears and their limitations, gaining perspective and understanding, can have a way of overriding the expectations of others; the naivety of unders
  13. Yes, spar for real and gain that perspective and experience. While VinnieM has expanded magic but the speed of the dance, VinnieW has the speed of the hunt with his own teeth to bare; now imagine when they practice their own hunting dance, with rapid switching between the two, until then the MageWolf seems to become one. Though Little Lord Vagner seems to have soiled himself, the damages from his own corrosive environment may be a lasting scar. I was hoping Vinnie would get a more hands on opportunity to defend the little people. 😝 Could it be a relapse may still allow his probation
  14. Philippe

    Chapter 21

    Oh my, while the hints were there before, learning the sad reality of the cost Jerric pays for treating others is shocking; that it costs him life and that he gives it so freely. What a day it has been: learning of a freed royal court assassin, and receiving the hatred of Elfs; you learn you have a mate, brother, friend with which you share a crazy mom that slaps you down the stairs; your paralysis was reversible, as is your loss of speech, but at the cost of accelerating a healers death. Poor Jason has yet another sad chapter in the storybook of his life. This day is enough to take years
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