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  1. Philippe

    Chapter 7

    Wow, imagine when you call up the grandparents to inform them it’s quadruplets; with a combined delivery weight of 280-400 pounds, he is a very special father! Hahaha
  2. Oh Travis, Praveen, money can’t by you love but surely it could have hired you a good burglar (hobbit?); or maybe the iPhone backup/wipe stolen phone feature?? lol Now with the raw emotions about to reach critical mass, in the presence of Granny, will she become herself? Will the Diablo(devil) couple finally be exposed? What should truly be the correct solution for Antonio; as he doesn’t deserve forgiveness for the evils of his ways, and especially for the things he has done to Praveen. Yet, how do you explain to a child that his father was beyond mercy; and does any mercy warrant the risks and exposures that child would undoubtedly suffer? There is no doubt that Antonio has been internalizing his anger and stress, but his lack of honesty, even with his mother and before Praveen was the precursor to his relationship disasters. Even as a baby crawling in front of the bus, Antonio has always been dangerously independent. Now as the scene is set to explode in the presence of all the family, perhaps the icing on this cake would be the misterous coma patient to return and expose the secrets I believe they carry; ah, could it be the latest revenge from the Diablo twins will backfire into the self inflicted wounds they deserve? So much mystery and intrigue yet to be unveiled...
  3. Philippe

    Decline and Fall

    As sad as it is to say goodbye, they had befriended and prepared the young riders for increasing support and then the inevitable. Even with the end so near, what class it is to see a Gold giving aid to the wounded while they could still support from home. But then as the time to make the final flight arrived, issuing the call to those trusted friends who they knew they could call upon for their own aid, so they could be together as bonded. So as that final page could then show them together one final time, as they lived, and as they fought, and so too did they pair once more to their final flight; so majestically and prideful of the life they had together. Tears, tears, and more tears...
  4. Philippe

    Chapter 5

    Hey now, Italian families are supposed to be big! So what if it happens overnight..... hahaha
  5. Philippe

    Halfhearted Love

    A long, long time ago, my little sister being 6-1/2 years my junior was working on a puzzle laid out on the floor. She had all the pieces turned face up and was progressing a fair bit, but her frustration was oblivious. At that point I noticed scissors nearby; asking her why she had the scissors out, her reply was simple, “some pieces don’t fit!” Imagine my urge to bust out in full laughter! But of course, I pointed out that I had never known the puzzles to not come with all the correct pieces, and none left over. She sighed and asked if I was sure. Hahaha All the senses of every echo, flavor, odor, texture, and brilliance are not to be overlooked with @Laura S. Fox, they usually have a place and only truly fit correctly when observing with all available senses. Though perhaps new to the genre, those constructs are integral to your stories and style. I’m enjoying this story with all the same enthusiasm your stories always seem to capture. Bravo, now andale andale arriba arriba; write, write, write!
  6. Philippe

    Chapter 21

    Yes, we need answers; though I believe you’ve given a pretty big hint within the chapter. Either way, the ordeal is definitely not over and in fact I believe it is working up to a crescendo of conflict; internal to Jimmy and Sawyer both, but external with Fergus. Fergus is unaware of the human relationship Jimmy has, a gay, human, male, relationship; and now a rogue turned gay human wolf abomination; and Fergus is still unaware, and his pack rogue is too close especially given his night of family stresses and those rogue activities. Of immediate concern is this night of recovery, of survival, and the strength test of the magic gift within the turn; only the blessed few make the full turn to wolf. So we now sit on a tough night, a night delivered of weekly tales, that of a seven days night; an expression that revisited me as I thought to calming my inner wolf to wait and observe this normal behavior. Dang, seven days night, a sennight; arrrgh, this is frustrating! in the OED's definition, it means “a period of seven (days and) nights; a week.” So a “sennight” is the same thing as a week. The term is derived from the Old English words seofon (seven) and nihta (nights), and it was originally written as two words.
  7. Philippe

    Chapter 5

    This is looking a lot like Twitter posts! lol
  8. Philippe

    Halfhearted Love

    I think you’re suspicious of Ary, but while I agree too, one can be innocent of the crime and still carry much guilt; so I’m betting he knows more as either witness or innocent contributor. Then comes his fear or guilt, or both. But no doubts we’re in total agreement on Levine, he is worst than a low life, he is a low life with too much money; making him a very dangerous predator (creepazoid maximus). 😂 I lean towards Levine showing his colors by compromising Toby for blackmail, either actual compromise or by creating the smear, just for the sport of divide and conquer for him to win Rhys. We have lots of speculation until we know a little more; sooo...I eagerly await stepping to the next cliff! lol 😂
  9. Philippe

    Chapter 17

    The long dark tentacles of the burning feather need to be pruned back to the root. Hopefully the plotting by Nisa and the Empress will finally reveal the dark forces threatening the kingdom and manipulating the kids.
  10. Absolutely @Mollie!! In your summary, @vanalas, you stated “I know this wasn't the ending you probably were expecting but i had to follow my plan for the story.“ I believe you forced the storyline to that original plan without allowing the story you developed to flow to a more logical ending that the characters and storyline demand; it’s not a good story with this ending, it was ruined by this abrupt and senseless loss without at least a little fight against the dark and evil that gathered around poor Praveen. As it is written, it is way too dark, with continuous references to higher powers being present but then failing the main character, a devotee, allowing him to just end the story in a poof. This ending is disregarding the strength Praveen was finding and a building relationship that was of true and honest feelings with Sebastian and his long lost father. As it is, the story drags us in to Praveen’s despair and then the story itself joins Praveen in committing suicide. Prehaps the almighty should allow his mom to reject his attempts to join her and instead introduce his father, telling Praveen to fight back and return to shore, to forgive her for accepting the marriage that tortured her beautiful and pure son who’s destiny is yet to be fulfilled.
  11. Woah, totally disappointed to see THE END. That is an abrupt ending with so many open questions of consequences for the people involved: the priest stated his confidence that Praveen wouldn’t be allowed to go to the almighty (due to prevention or restrictions of suicide), Santiago was begging for the almighty to restore his faith by saving Praveen, the adulterer Antonio goes without guilt and accountability, the marriage recking Bruce gets his prize?, The houses haven’t fallen on Emma and Andrea yet, the Devine plan of the mom w/baby that saved Antonio’s life to then drive that baby later to commit suicide, to allow suicide to claim a devotee with all the above items just begs to ask, what do you have against religion, because your storyline loses much of the central theme with a disconnected and abrupt BYE PRAVEEN!
  12. Lmao 😂, so true, but Andrea is not traditional and puts herself above all else. So now we have the ultimate “TRUTH OR DARE” and it is hilarious that now the evil deceit she has practiced has finally come back to bite her with vengeance! I believe Santiago is safe but Bruce, Andrea, and Antonio will have lots of dirty laundry hanging on a shared line. Antonio has succeeded in making Praveen unhappy in marriage but he has made himself unhappy in life. The lack of full commitment and acceptance of his marriage may have also put him in jeopardy of family inheritance as there are usually protective clauses or periods of demonstrated sincerity of intent. My second nature says there are bigger surprises than Santiago in store for our spoiled collective of rich kids, and the remaining sons, blessed as Santiago and Praveen by the Garcia matriarchs, may have renew lives when the naked truths are exposed. An exciting chapter with several new twists. Thank you for sharing Praveen’s journey to bring family enlightenment.
  13. Philippe

    Chapter 20

    Great chapter; that tackles the issues and frustrating processes of working with family services. Hopefully this tale will be a journey of success and reward; opportunities to experience family by the child(ren) and the hosting family, joined by fate, can be a wonderful growth experience for all when they open their minds and hearts to the possibilities.
  14. Philippe

    Chapter 15

    Hahaha, yup, unfortunately the baking and making pies of your story had me under a spell. So just after midnight I was collecting persimmon pulp from 6 large persimmons to make a home cooked persimmon pie; I chose a graham cracker crust as I think that crunch and cinnamon adds to the pie, but unfortunately it adds to the body too! Ahhh, to be young and a furnace of metabolism! This is a great love and comfort story that brings out the comfort of both the relationships and the food; love it!
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