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  1. Philippe

    Chapter 3

    My personal opinion says no. Given the techno and app driven environments of the present, these guys have exceeded all expectations of real quality time; hours and hours of face time ( without iPhones or apple 🍏 devices), so giving credit where it truly is due they haven’t rushed at all. Sex doesn’t imply nor secure a lifetime commitment of a relationship, nor does getting to know each other better before having sex help insure a satisfactory sex drive or performance. The old fashioned abstinence until marriage insures nothing but surprises that are not always good. But that’s just my informed opinion. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Philippe

    Chapter 39

    Perspective, too many variables as we are standing on the shifting sands of the hourglasses. Ranevargar is processing 600 years of locked away memories and abilities; will this change the perspective of himself, and perhaps more importantly at this juncture, his perspective of the High King Aglaron? His respect of the King could be challenged when his regained knowledge reveals paths and/or aid the King may have had all along but refused Ranevargar. Likewise, Ranevargar has thus far coached Kieran as a friend and fellow lord, in recognition of his stone and talents, but with renewed health, abilities, and now his all powerful construct, will perspectives remain true toward that relationship and their allegiances. Kieran and his companions have stayed the course and have been true to themselves and all alliances. But now, at this critical time of the High King Aglaron’s need, he is to be judged from the human perspective; of Subjects of the Realm unknowingly banished to the human realm and manipulated by the High King and High Council. If and when Kieran is returned to Keryth, will his perspectives as a son betrayed be forgiveness or of rage for him and his friends? Rhys’ Healing Hands have physically renewed Ranevargar, Maurice, and all others so touched, but why does the healings not reveal Keryth as Elf? Ranevargar’s memories were locked away and not restored by healings, does this mean Kieran’s memories are not locked within but stored elsewhere? Will his full memories be restored and to where might they draw him? Gate Realm? Maurice’s Realm? Human Realm? Will the High King Aglaron survive this battle for the Realms? If he should be saved from personal disaster, will he be allowed to remain King with so much to answer for? Can he atone for his failures as a father and as King?
  3. Philippe

    Chapter 39

    Cliffhangers all! lol
  4. Philippe

    Chapter 39

    Patience my man! 🤭 I know the feeling and agree with you that it is so surprising, but I attribute some of those delays in the comments to be time for thoughtful reflection of the updates. 🤔 This story and it’s creator are amazing and have my appreciation for the joy they bring.
  5. Philippe

    Chapter 100

    As CIA gives us the Centennial chapter of Denied, the celebratory chapter also ironically gives us the true Sentinels of the crew, new and old, but perhaps more prepared and coordinated in tasks. However, being preparing for the unexpected is a very, very difficult task when the unexpected is coming from within; hopefully this will end the treachery of Lakshou. Captain, it seems, has tried to protect them by keeping the trap known to only a minimal few. Now hopefully the bond Captain, Kohen, and Chomper have will serve absolute and put an end to the power and manipulations of a traitorous basta&#....No, no, no. Bite, bite. Bad man. Bad man!
  6. Philippe

    Chapter 24

    I think brother Kyle is far from done with Alex. Tyler needed support, just to make it through the day and yet still be independent enough to feel he was not incapable of dealing with his own life, Kyle gave him what he needed at the time. Kyle recognizes his need for enough space to be independent and yet his desperate need of support to bridge the dark chasm Alex opened; one that threatens to consume Tyler’s will. Kyle found his purpose when he dealt with Jacob’s broken body on that dark night of their prom; to help people who either can’t or won’t defend themselves from the monsters that haunt them. Alex has not seem the last of Kyle and it will be as exactly as Kyle promised him went he had fair warning to vacate and do no further harm.
  7. Philippe

    Chapter 24

    Wow, what a P-O-S Alex is. I hated that he was even a part of this chapter too until it provided the opportunity for Tyler to see more magical strength and support from the family he’s been invited in to; another great chapter to this wonderful tale.
  8. Philippe

    Chapter 38

    With Kieran’s mutual aid agreement partially fulfilled, Kieran still sees the remaining obligation to Ranevargar as paramount. Ranevargar stated the case and need to prevent the fall of the High Castle defenses, and of protecting the High King for the security of the Realms, but Kieran only knows of betrayal to himself and the companions. Kieran and Ranevargar lack contact with lords other than Maynor since learning of the challenge to the king and of realm rule. The.High King is “believed” to be honorable and loyal to the Realms but he allowed Maynor’s deceit to compromise his integrity; with his own son no less. Was/Is his desire for Keryth to be Non-widderkin forgivable, or is it an indicator of his willingness to compromise himself and others to retain absolute rule. Maynor will be launching his brutal attack on the High Castle soon. Kieran will either bear witness to his fall or empower him with aid beyond justification. The energy flows alone should highlight the dangers to realm order but will, and should, aid be given before the High King suffers the binding of his mind and the assault on nexus controls? Will Kieran be able to protect the Realm if he himself is under attack from those whom should be worth of trust? Kieran needs his full memory and awareness to stand in judgement of the king, as his father and a king, and of others within the Realms, but at what cost to himself and the companions. The companions are amazingly resilient, but timing is critical; for the king, for Ranevargar, and for the Realms. With Ranevargar “Rhys.renewed,” will his ambitions of the past compromise his integrity of today? If such conflict arises, will Maurice concede to the maker or stay true to his realm? Will Maurice be capable, or capable of evolving, to subjective deliberations of the greater good for the Realms/Worlds? Will the High King seek the same renewal? at any costs? Was the right of Keryth’s succession the real cause of the King’s deceit?
  9. Philippe

    Chapter 38

    Given that environment, it makes those restraint “growths” all the more exciting. 🤗
  10. Philippe

    Chapter 38

    I thought it to be a...fuzzy cockpit?? 🤷‍♂️
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