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  1. Philippe

    Chapter 10

    Driven by Drew? As only she can witness!
  2. Philippe

    The Next Step

    Lol, yeah, I should be more sensitive toward our youth.
  3. Philippe

    The Next Step

    If I may borrow thoughts of old, understanding teenagers is nearly as difficult as understanding women, but the errant thoughts of teens are usually of the day and not of the ages.
  4. Philippe

    The Next Step

    LOL, not my intent at all; just thinking out loud. @Aceinthehole has talents far beyond me to be weaving his stories. I have faith that regardless which direction it takes a us it will be an adventure. He is an amazingly young talent. I do get vested with the characters though and can only hope to have that gang all survive the tale. Perhaps because of the young characters and having lost a young friend/crush in high school, it was truly a shocking lost when Jamie didn’t survive Velocity. To build that connection of a character and their bonded characters with the audience and then have that character violently and unexpectedly snatched from the audience is more difficult for me but I still appreciate the talent regardless.s
  5. Philippe

    The Next Step

    Unfortunately I understand the problems with trying to find a proper balance between protecting the child and allowing them to find their own truth/identity; it’s a tough nut to crack. But the child, like water seeking it’s own level, will find their own path. I have a fantastic relationship with a former neighbor child. He lost his dad to suicide as a sophomore in high school. He came to me seeking guidance. I became a mentor and father figure during some difficult and challenging times. The relationship grew to be best explained to outsiders as a god-father role but I feel as if the boy is my true family. He was however adopted by the only dad he had known and lost to suicide. Since that time he has been contacted by his bio-dad. Bio-dad’s reputation was sinful by reporting family members. Thankful I never assumed or tried to impose a position on the issue. But as he was learning to challenge assumptions and deciding how much exposure he wanted to chance, I was there it support safe and sound thinking. He was hoping for the best but proceeded with the worst assumptions for his bio-dad to confirm or disprove. Well this all brought about many disclosures from those previous reporting family members and a better understanding of the family dynamics. Now my god-son has a relationship with his bio-dad. That relationship is not a deep rooted bond but now more honest and open for growth. Most importantly he has a relationship with two younger half siblings that he so cherishes. The added family relationship between those kids has brought them peace and mutual support in difficult situations. While all this drama would lead you to believe our bond has lessened but that is not the case either. He still sees our relationship as the support he can trust and depend on. The relationship with bio-dad closes gaps on some family timelines and commonalities but doesn’t carry the trusted bond, support, and guidance he seeks from me. I so rejoice for each text updating me test scores, accomplishments, and ideas for new goals and dreams. My conclusion to this tale is though Ezra may be exactly as Adam believes him to be, there may also be more important lessons to be had from Ezra’s explanations. I don’t doubt there could have been death threats or others pressures from Sarah’s parents. Ezra’s parents may have put increased pressure to hide to protect him. Either way there seems to be others involved too and I would rather know who and what to trust before putting this issue to bed. Could and should Ezra have made contact before now? Yes! Should Adam have already made contact before now? Yes! Should everyone in Artie’s life been more forthcoming? Absolutely! Sometimes life makes us believe you can’t rebuild bridges once burned, sometimes it teaches us the replacement is even stronger than any before, then at other times we realize that bridge was burned to insulate us from the dangers of the other side. I love this story and look forward to seeing where it’s taking us next.
  6. Philippe

    The Next Step

    As he sat at his terminal so perplexed by such an unusual characterization. He could not fine an explanation, nor could he understand the logic, as he swayed his head totally baffled by such occurrences.
  7. Philippe


    You should know by now....it would be the Dizzy Defiant Death Dance! 🤪
  8. Philippe

    Second Chance

    An American friend was with me in Japan in the mid-1980s. He begged me on multiple occasions to go with him to do a little shopping and touring the sites. He had been studying Japanese with more success than myself during our limited time there. So while he was able to speak the Japanese language a little better, he was adamant to not be left alone. I was very confused by his reluctance. He finally turned to me and said what do I look like? Well of course he looked just how I had always seen him. He says what does my name (Matsumoto) tell you? THEY LOOK AT ME THEY SEE JAPANESE, THEY HEAR ME TALK THEY THINK I’M AN ARROGANT STUCK UP JAPANESE GUY TRYING TO MAKE THEM SPEAK ENGLISH TO MAKE FUN OF THEM; I NEED WHAT A JAPANESE BELIEVES AS A STEREOTYPICAL AMERICAN WITH ME AT ALL TIMES! 😂
  9. Philippe

    Date Night

    The rice cooker is a definite necessity when eating a majority of Asian meals. Even having grown up with red beans, rice and corn bread, gumbo, etc., I cooked it the old fashioned way. Now, I haven’t been without a rice cooker since living in Japan and I hate having to cook rice in a non-believer s kitchen! 😖
  10. Philippe

    Chapter 5

    My then soon to be first boyfriend gave up on flirting and just said what he was interested in; lol. I was still processing that while he pulled me into a kiss. Message received with much surprise and joy! If flirting and recognition were courses my GPA would be slammed.
  11. Philippe

    Chapter 10

    Sometimes people scare me...WHY, WHY, WHY, do you know these things? 😱🔪🗡💉🦠✂️ I use to enjoy late night swims in the Gulf of Mexico too, then JAWS was released. 🚦After that I just enjoyed the beach, then they said skin cancer was increasing dramatically; I won that lottery. 🚦Now I read and try to enjoy GayAuthors..STOP IT! lol 😂
  12. Philippe

    Chapter 5

    Yup, you may have something there and unfortunately I can relate. I’m personally up to Y2K with my re-evaluations: it’s been a foggy life I’ve lived! 😳 it makes some reunions rather funny too though.
  13. But Aidan keeps insisting that it is strictly business. He doesn’t believe Heath saying he is beautiful, capable, and worthy. I think the harder proof for Heath to bare to Aidan is that Aidan is his one special and never experienced before interest; this wooing is not his standard sexual exploits as Aidan believes.
  14. Now it will all be milk and honey, wine and roses, and all that, right? If you hurried to say 'yes', you don't know me, he-he-he. READY ON SET...ACTION! I’m loving the twist and turns of their lives; in and out of the private settings. Thanks for the great chapter! 🤸‍♀️
  15. Philippe

    Chapter 5

    9 mil gloves? lol Them boys would be running it like a paint booth!
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