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    Rip Skor
  • Author
  • 2,664 Words

Boy Story: Go North Young Man - 8. Getting to Know You

Getting to Know You



“Do you think we should take a break and move to the bed?” I asked.

Shawn smiled. I took hold of his right wrist and led him to the queen size bed. He immediately lay down before me with everything on display. He was absolute perfection. It’s difficult to explain to a beautiful boy that putting clothes on that body is doing the world a disservice. He was certainly in the correct field where he could share the magnificence of his body with the public.

I crawled onto the bed. I was now punching my ticket to the pleasure park. It was like I was entering an amusement park…certain for my amusement. Do I start with the thrill coaster, the old tried and true wooden coaster, the dark ride, the flume, or one of the smaller spinning rides and work my way up? It was impossible to decide. I could kiss him all night long and not feel cheated, yet there was so much more of him for me to enjoy.

I decided to finish what I had started several times, but never had the chance to complete. I wanted to give him ultimate oral pleasure and find out what the seed of a perfect 10 tastes like. As I previously alluded to, I sucked a few cocks in my time, but rarely to completion in my mouth. Usually the guy would finish himself off and squirt it on himself or me or sometimes a more interesting choice. But Shawn,
I wanted to taste his essence.

As I began my offensive, he swung around under me and we moved into the 69 position lying on our sides. My gag reflex has a hair trigger, so I tend to stay mostly near the head and occasionally visit the lower half and the balls with my mouth. Shawn started off on the upper half too, but then worked into deep throat mode. This forced me to verbalize with strings of unrepeatable language, and drove Shawn to suck even harder. Then he moaned and surreptitiously exploded into my mouth. I could feel the warm shots hitting the roof of my mouth. When he was done, his cock was getting sensitive, so he pulled out. I took my tongue like a rubber scraper and ran it across the roof of my mouth, gathering up the spunk that was deposited there. Never a big fan of semen, I uncharacteristically enjoyed this experience.
I continued to roll his output over my tongue to savor the taste of an incredibly hot boy while Shawn continued to blow me.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to come!” I warned after a short while. He maintained the onslaught. Ten seconds later, I announced, “Oh shit, I’m coming! I’m coming!” I felt my cannon release and I looked at Shawn eagerly extracting my load. I let out a long moan, and it was over. I watched transfixed as Shawn stuck out his tongue to reveal my cream on it. Then he made a dramatic swallowing gesture and stuck out his tongue again to show the deposit was gone.

“Tasty?” I asked.

“Let’s see, yours has…a nutty flavor to it,” he explained licking the inside of his mouth.

“Well, we all know how you like nuts…and sausage,” I joked.

“Two of my favorite food groups!” he shot back.

He dipped his head and kissed my flat stomach. He wrapped his arms around my waist and lay his head on my abdomen just north of my pubic hair. He went silent, and I followed his lead. We had both been satisfied. I closed my eyes and drifted off.

I woke up after a few minutes and Shawn hadn’t moved. He had fallen asleep as well.

“Hey, Shawn,” I said softly as I tried not to scare him.

“Mmmm?” he responded.

“Why don’t you come up this way and make use of the pillow. He stirred and I helped guide him beside me. He rolled onto his right side and I slid the front of my body into the back of his. I wrapped my arms around him and held him like a large stuffed animal. We slept blissfully through the night.

I stirred and noticed there was a small slit of sun peeking through the edge of the curtain. Without moving, I could see the clock reading 7:34. I soon realized I was in a heap of body parts. I could hardly tell in the dimly lit room which parts were his and which were mine. I ran my tongue across an arm and I could feel it, so I knew it was mine. I kissed the shoulder immediately in front of me. I knew it had to be his based on our current position. I’d have to be a pretty good contortionist to get my shoulder directly in front of me. That’s when I recognized, I had to pee.

I held off as long as I possibly could. “Shawn,” I whispered, “I need to get up to pee!”


“I need to piss,” I repeated. “And we’re…stuck.”

“Oh, hi.”

“God, you’re beautiful,” I said looking at his angelic face as it came to life.

“I’m no God, but I’ll take the compliment.”

“Dude, I need to pee.”

“Hmm, me too. OK, let’s go.”

It took the two of us moving in unison to break free from our entanglement. I got up and he followed me to the bathroom. We were both clothes-free, so there was no hindrance to the task at hand.

“Here, you take that side and I’ll take this one…and for god’s sake, aim for the bowl,” Shawn said with a laugh.

We were standing at either side of the toilet when my stream sprang forth with force. It felt soooo good, I gave a long sigh of relief. Shawn got his gusher going too. I’d never pissed into the same bowl with another human being, yet it felt so natural. He started to write his name into the water with his stream and the narration, “S-H-A-W-N.”

“Marking your territory, eh?” I joked.

“Good idea!” he said as he pulled his pecker up and tinkled on my leg.


“I’m just marking my territory!” he insinuated.

Then a short piss fight ensued. We both marked our territory with the utmost accuracy. “Now we belong to each other!” Shawn declared.

Oh, if only.

We grabbed the towels still damp from the night before and wiped the urine from our legs. We kept giggling at the thought of the poor maid who would have the distinct pleasure of cleaning up this bathroom. I grabbed the plastic bottle of mouthwash and took a swig. I handed it to Shawn and he took a mouthful. We both swished for a while, spit the remains into the toilet bowl, and flushed. We kissed to test the results and he was minty fresh.

Heading back to the bed, Shawn got on at the foot of the bed and crawled up toward the headboard. I saw that hot little bum of his moving away from me, so I dove onto the bed and grabbed him at the waist. I pulled his hips, so his butt was pointed upward. I couldn’t resist as my face went full deep sea diver into his ass crack. Shawn couldn’t disguise the fact that he loved getting his ass rimmed. He was moaning throughout and his Johnson became as stiff as a board. After I was sure I got all his ass could give me, I came up for air, flipped him over, and pinned him face up on the bed. I guess my face didn’t smell like his ass because he locked lips with me again.

“Hey Shawn, do you like to fuck at all?” I asked taking a pause.

“Of course,” he replied like my question was totally illogical.

“Are you more of a top or bottom or do you like to mix it up a bit?” I queried.

“What would be your best guess?” he replied.

“Hmm, with that body, I’d guess you are a bottom,” I stated.

“You’re pretty close. I mostly bottom, but sometimes I like to, as you say, mix it up a bit too.”

“Well, that’s convenient because I’m fairly versatile, but I tend to top most of the time,” I disclosed. After a short silence, I asked, “Are you good to bottom right now?”

“I thought you’d never ask. But let me get you ready first,” he said as he went face first into my pubic region. It didn’t take long for me to go from firm to rigid.

Still on the bed, I got on my knees and Shawn reclined back. I reached over and got a small tube of lube and a condom out of my shaving kit on the night stand. I proudly presented my full-on boner before
my captive audience of one.

“Wow, did you grow since yesterday? That looks huge,” he determined.

“Are you backing out?” I queried.

“No, no, I was planning on you backing in!”

I tore open the condom wrapper with my teeth. “Would you like to do the honors?” I asked holding out the opened condom packet next to my stiffie. He took the wrapper in his hands and looked it over.

“Do we have to use this?” he asked sheepishly.

“Uh…you want to be protected, don’t you?” I advised.

“Protected? From who? From you?”

“Well, isn’t it like common courtesy?” I tried.

“Do you have any diseases I should know about?” he asked.

“No, of course not!”

“No gonorrhea, syphilis, crabs…”




“Herpes? Hepatitis A, B or C?”


“Chlamydia…or is that the clap?”

“No, I don’t have any diseases or infections at all,” I declared.

“In that case, we won’t need this, will we?” he said placing the opened condom back in my hand.

“Um, well if you put it that way...I guess not,” I said unsure how to respond. I watched him lube his fingers and willingly stick them up his butthole.

To be perfectly honest, my ultimate fantasy was always anal sex with no encumbrance, but I’d only managed to experience it twice when I was sure of the other party involved. When I’ve had anal with a condom in place, it wasn’t nearly as pleasurable. And that’s not me somehow getting off on the danger aspect. From my experience, a condom decreases the sensitivity felt during the act. If you’re bottoming with a condom employed, it may as well be a dildo? However, it is impolite to even suggest not using a condom during anal, but Shawn removed all the barriers on this one. Sure, I could be lying to him about having something like HIV and Hep C, but I think he had a very good read on me.

“Would you mind getting me one of those damp towels from the bathroom? I think I might need it,” he stated.

I did as he requested and placed the damp towel next to him on the bed.

He was lying there with a greased-up butt and rock-hard erection. “Oh thanks!” he said as he wiped the lube from his fingers. When he was finished wiping, he simply said, “I’m ready when you are.”

In my mind, Shawn had just fired the starter’s pistol, and I was off and running. I knelt between his legs and greased up my weapon. I raised his legs and wrapped my left hand around both ankles holding them high in the air while I led my cock to his boy hole with my right hand. When I got a little bit inside, he gasped. I grabbed his ankles with both hands and spread his legs in a big “V.” Then I pressed forward and began banging him.

Some guys make a lot of noise when they are getting fucked, and it seems like they are not in any way enjoying it. If you’re the top, this breaks your concentration. How can you ramp things up if he’s yelling “Ouch!” and “Argh!” and making faces like he’s being tortured?

Just as disconcerting are the guys on the other end of the spectrum who are completely silent during sex. This is a 2-person job, so the bottom has to participate verbally to give the top
some direction. The top might think that he needs to pound harder and harder until he gets some response. That can result in the bottom finding it hard to sit the next day, which usually indicates injury.

Shawn played it perfectly. He squealed with every major thrust and, just to let me know he was enjoying it, he’d add some verbiage here and there: “Oh yeah, fuck me!”, “Yeah, harder, harder”,
“Fuck me deeper,” etc. His butt hole opened up enough to allow me to penetrate but remained tight enough to give me a good squeeze with each pump.

Shawn remained on his back jerking his nice big dick faster and faster as I banged him. "Oh yeah, baby, just like that!" he groaned.

"Yeah! Say it in French . Talk dirty in French!" I urged him.

I think I heard it said that French was the language of love or something to that effect. That couldn't have been more true. I had no idea what he was saying, but it sounded so incredibly hot.

I pulled out and flipped him over so he was on all fours. I reinserted my member doggy style, and soon the familiar “slap, slap, slap” filled the air as my thighs smacked against his ass.

Shawn reached over, grabbed the damp towel, and opened it up beneath him on the bed. He soon announced, “Oh fuck I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come.” And maybe 10 seconds later, he called out in French, “J'arrive!” His shots spurted out into the towel as he moaned.

I lowered my body so my chest was sliding across his back as I continued my assault. Then I straightened back up as I got close and began moaning. Shawn urged me, “Oh man, give me your load!”

“Yeah, you want to take it?” I confirmed with him.

“Yes, yes. Shoot it in me.”

“OK, here it comes!” I managed to utter before I grunted a half dozen times. I gave him every bit of my seed deep into his guts.

We both collapsed in a breathless heap flat on the bed with my willy still in him. It isn't often that one gets to say a sexual partner “rocked my world,” but that's exactly what happened on that night. And here I am 20 plus years later to declare it was the best sex of my life.

After the requisite period of regaining my senses, I finally pulled my dick out of him and said, “I think we've made quite a mess here.”

“Time for another shower?” Shawn asked.

“I think so,” I said in return.

Our deed accomplished, we both climbed out of bed and staggered to the bathroom once again. There wasn't much washing at first. We just hugged each other for structural support more than anything while we let the warm water roll over us. We finally did soap up to clean any lube or semen that remained.

As we dried, I said, “Shawn, will you permit me to take you out for breakfast this morning? My treat.”

“Aw, you don't have to do that. I can pay,” he replied.

“Look, you're saving for college. So I would feel honored if I could make a small contribution to your college fund by buying you breakfast,” I explained.

“You drive a hard bargain, but I don't want to deprive you of your...philanthropic...uh...pursuits,” he countered.

“Fine, call it what you will, but I'm buying the breakfast.”

“On one condition,” he added, “let's go back to bed to get some more shut eye first.”

“I couldn't agree with you more,” I confirmed.





©Copyright 2017 Rip Skor; All Rights Reserved
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