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  1. It seems kind of funny these days. Back when we were in college, girls and guys living together in the same dorm room was forbidden. Those that wanted that type of arrangement would get an off-campus apartment and live together monogamously in peace. No one ever considered that if you were a same sex couple, you could actually live together in the dorm without any restrictions. Kind of a bummer for heterosexuals, but a windfall for gay couples.
  2. It was very uplifting to see how quickly my parents and Ginny and Bill became family. I guess when you are parents and you children are part of the same family, it gives you something in common to base things on. My parents and Ginny and Bill (I would say Parker's parents but Bill is actually his step-dad) became very friendly and started going on cruises together every other year to Bermuda or Aruba or any other Caribbean location during the colder months. Even Helen and John got in on a trip or two. They really hit it off even though I saw my parents as being very different from Parker's side philosophically, but nonetheless it all worked.
  3. Rip Skor

    College Wrap Up

    The controversy happened exactly as told. The thing that infuriated me was that my advisor, who was also Chair of the English Department, was the person directing my course choices. I was there the day she called the Dean’s Office and they told her that because of my enrollment date, I was grandfathered on the changing requirements. I’m sure that today that Dean has his own place in hell.
  4. Dear Readers, Due to a grave illness in my immediate family, my mother, I am forced to suspend further writing until an undetermined point in the future. Much time and added responsibilities will be required of me leaving little time for certain activities such as writing. I hope to return to writing at a later date. Thank you for your understanding and prayers. RS
  5. Rip Skor

    The “G” Word

    Very good catch. It's fixed. There's a good reason for my error and I thought I caught them all.
  6. Getting to Know You “Do you think we should take a break and move to the bed?” I asked. Shawn smiled. I took hold of his right wrist and led him to the queen size bed. He immediately lay down before me with everything on display. He was absolute perfection. It’s difficult to explain to a beautiful boy that putting clothes on that body is doing the world a disservice. He was certainly in the correct field where he could share the magnificence of his body with the public.
  7. All it took was one bad experience to make a convert out of me. I didn't even know there was such a thing as anal douching before. You wouldn't invite company over if your home was a mess, right? And they probably wouldn't tell you to your face to spare your feelings. So you gotta be proactive.
  8. Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way Great, now I can go back to the hotel room and feel sorry for myself. I should have known this would never work. “But you know what?” Shawn began. “When I get out of work at 1:30, I’m going to be really hungry. I think I’m going to go to the donut shop on the corner across from the little park. You know, the one that’s open ‘til 3:00 am?” “Yeah, Monsieur Donut.” I thought a moment. “Ooooh, I see. I think I’m going to find
  9. OK, so you all know where this is going.
  10. The Best Laid Plans… What made the Shawn situation so mindboggling was that it was so improbable. I’m not always up for sucking cock and I’m rarely into eating ass, so when I'm completely into it, it’s a special circumstance. Plus, overall, I’m kind of picky about who I have sex with. Some gay guys I know will suck any cock that’s offered to them. It doesn’t always matter whose cock it is, like the good old anonymous men’s room sex made popular by George Michael. They end up s
  11. One advantage of writing in the world of nonfiction is the depth of real emotion that can be transmitted in the text.
  12. Rip Skor

    Sunday, Sunday

    It really is awful when geography comes between two people who seem to have the hots for one another and not the proximity to let it play out.
  13. Sunday, Sunday The next day was Sunday and would be our last full day and night in Montreal as we planned to head home Monday after hotel checkout. One of the things that most of our group liked to do when in Montreal was to see some local music at one of the live music venues around the city. One of our favorites was called Les Foufounes Électriques (which loosely translates to Electric Buttocks) or just Électriques for short. From the outside the club looks a little l
  14. Secrets of The Back Room Noticing my nervousness, Shawn led me by the hand to the “back room,” which is only meant for customers receiving private dances. His hand was smooth and warm and he had a firm grip on mine. The entrance to the back was a double-sized doorway with no doors or curtains, just an opening to a fairly good-sized rectangular room. There was a staff member standing in the doorway who allowed us to pass. The four corners of the back room were set up for dance presentations.
  15. Rip Skor

    Saturday Night!

    What does go on in those private dance rooms at every stripper bar? Does it vary by club? Does it vary by country? Does it vary by dancer? Does it vary by client?
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