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  1. The splashdown in the gulf reminded me of all the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo splashdowns in the 60's and very early 70's.  Of course then it was very grainy video in black and white.  I was astonished they didn't have better camera's and better uplinks to transmit better quality video today.  And yes I was watching on May 5, 1961 when Alan Shepard went up for a short suborbital mission and splashed down in a Mercury Capsule.  

    1. drpaladin


      Now days almost everyone is carrying around a better quality video camera in their phone than available in those days.

  2. The attorney did not give them any good news. It seems a vindictive US Attorney is trying to make political capital and make an example in the case.
  3. Daddydavek

    Chapter 15

    All the talk of food is making me hungry! Seriously, these guys have it good. I just hope our author doesn't throw any roadblocks in their path.
  4. Daddydavek

    Chapter 3

    What a nice start to their shore leave!
  5. Daddydavek

    Chapter 2

    I wonder if the shore leave will further Colin and Billy's education?
  6. Daddydavek

    Chapter 1

    Colin sounds like he is wired for success, so it seems his possibilities are for now, unlimited. I assume as a cabin boy, he will have to study even harder.
  7. Daddydavek


    It sounds like prisoners are totally isolated from earth. Prisoners don't get visits from family or friends as it's not possible. It sounds like even virtual visits would be problematic due to time lags which could vary between a little over four minutes to almost 25 minutes for Mars. The moon is less but still very apparent....
  8. For some who don't actually have this phobia, it is a lucky number....
  9. I think Laura has something more complicated in mind. It's obvious that Toby and Rhys had arguments and fights in the past. It's also obvious that Toby and Levine didn't see eye-to-eye either. My suspicion is that Ary still knows more than he has revealed despite Rhys saying that he can't keep secrets...
  10. Daddydavek

    Chapter 24

    Emily seems to think TJ is still the same guy that escaped his family some five years earlier. Obviously, he became a man over the intervening years. It seems she thinks she still knows best and that it was his fault that certain things happened. People that blame others and fail to take responsibilities for their screw-ups seem to be fashionable. I hope TJ gets through to her just how screwed up that is. I still think he'd be better off divesting his interest in the security business.
  11. Daddydavek

    The aftermath

    Great questions and observations, most will be answered...eventually!
  12. Yeah...they typify opposites attract.
  13. Daddydavek

    Chapter 23

    Both Brayden and TJ's (now Jack) mom have a lot of fault and I suspect when he gets a private minute with his mom he will let her know just how disappointed he has been. I truthfully think he would be better off selling or giving his interest in the company away! I mean, who needs that kind of drama and danger?
  14. Daddydavek

    Chapter 14

    I had the same thought!
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