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  1. Daddydavek

    The Beginning

    I laughed at The uncle Nikita comment. Interesting start.
  2. CHEES Carlos has extravagantly elaborate stories LOVEM
  3. light frost (it's in the forecast)
  4. ...you can't steal nothing, so I'll take the shiny!
  5. Daddydavek


    That house will never be finished....sounds like a self fulfilling prophecy. Avery has shown and explained the facts of life to Lee. And Lee actually seems to be beginning to understand.
  6. Sorry to be so late to the party, but today was hectic. I loved the Michelle surprise and the text from Sasha was funny. Will's parents seem typical and the surprise meeting of Ritchie's aunt was revealing. Somehow I expect Ritch's opinion of his dad and grandparents took another hit which is a downer. As usual, good job....and I want more!
  7. Having takeout five or six times a week looks like it's in my future for some time yet.  :(

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    2. ancientrichard
    3. Daddydavek


      @Marty With my wife's knee problems she can no longer stand for any length of time which precludes much cooking.  I don't really cook except on the grill outside. Since we've retired we enjoy eating out at many of the dozens of local restaurants in our area.  Unfortunately many dishes don't work as well on take out even if we can be home in 15 minutes or less.  And we miss getting out most of all.  With our State (MO) still trying to vaccinate health care workers, first responders and those in nursing homes, it could be some time before we fit into the queue even though we are both in our seventies...

    4. Marty


      @Daddydavek My original comment wasn't intended as a criticism of either you, or your wife, and my apologies if that's how it may have come across. And I fully understand what you are saying about vaccinations. I live in Ireland, which on Monday last was showing the highest 7 day Covid-19 infection rate in the world. Although vaccinations have started here, current predictions are that I shall probably not receive mine before April, even though I am over 70 and have a qualifying health condition. Fingers crossed we all get out of this current crisis sooner rather than later. ❤️

  8. It must be a girls camp song. I never heard it in all my years of camping as a scout or as a parent of a scout.....
  9. Daddydavek


    Addiction, withdrawal...dependence, all displayed in gritty detail. It's not pretty, nor pleasant but it is true. The idea of having to hit bottom before you can start over is crap. Too many die before they realize they passed the bottom. Too many suicide with an overdose because they can't take the pain of going through another withdrawal. Addiction is a mental health problem that is totally out of control in this country. While there are some who get lucky and find their way out of the maze with some help, there are far too many that exist day to day before they too end up a statistic.
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