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  1. Tonyr

    The Pieces Move

    Pun intended?
  2. Tonyr

    The Pieces Move

    Ummmm, that is my biggest concern. But no, i don't think so. I think he is just pretending to bet, testing his strenght to remain out of it. Hope so...
  3. It's been almost a year...😖😱
  4. Tonyr

    Chapter Twenty-Five

    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy...
  5. Tonyr

    Meeting Max

    Good chapter. Don't take that long to post another one. Have a nice weekend.
  6. Tonyr

    GMA IV

    I knew from back then that the letter Liz, Owen's sister, left the guys, told them that she had had her eggs collected and that those were suposed to be fertlized by CJ. Now it is about to come to light, that is what the guys are plotting with Gina, who's gonna be the surrogate mother. I remember that i even comented with Mr. Hazday that i was quite sure about the contents of "the" letter. I'm wondering if anybody else knew it too?
  7. Tonyr

    GMA IV

  8. Tonyr

    Chapter Twenty-Four

    Ethan are u applying for sainthood?😇
  9. Tonyr

    Chapter Twenty-Four

    Noooooooo, no drama pls!
  10. Tonyr

    Chapter 33 - Is that a no?

    Yes, yes, yes. Many more chapters focusing on them. Love Marco!
  11. Tonyr

    Chapter 31 Don and Marco

    That was great. Don't take that long to post again.
  12. Tonyr

    Family Reunion

    Happy new year MrsGnomie. When are you going to start posting something new?s
  13. Tonyr

    GMA I

    OMG. Don't tell me Ozzie fainted! EPIC.
  14. Prologue not available!!!

    1. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      I don't know why I bother with the stupid post-dating system; I always screw things up. Prologue and chapter 1 are now available, Tony. My apologies for the snafu.

    2. Tonyr


      No problem. Happy new year, by the way.

  15. Tonyr

    Chapter Twenty

    So no progress, everyone is back where they were before the hollidays.

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