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  1. Tonyr

    Chapter 19

    Such a twist. And to think that i hated Robin we got to know she was related to Stefano. Anyway, i like to be surprised. Great work.
  2. Tonyr

    Chapter 19

    Wayne Gray you devil! You must have a twisted mind. Just hope Timothy is alive🙏
  3. Tonyr

    Chapter 21

    Get'em together for god's sake!✌️ Have a nice weekend.
  4. Tonyr


  5. Tonyr

    Chapter 18

    I never knew that!!!
  6. Tonyr

    Chapter 18

    I can't help but thinking that Corbin is extremely stuborn and naîve not to let Hartis know what's going on.
  7. Tonyr

    Chapter 18

    I hate the feeling that the guys are under surveilance with cameras in their houses. Crap!
  8. Tonyr

    Chapter 18

    From this point on, i'm cautiously reading the chapters not really willing to read, if you know what i mean.
  9. Tonyr

    Chapter 6

    I already did ...Anyway, i found your story today, and i'm readind it all in one seat. Live Paul and Chad also. Friends are precious.
  10. Tonyr

    Chapter 6

    The italian man in the Coffee shop line keeps comung back in my mind... anyway, this story has me completely hooked up.
  11. Tonyr

    Chapter 4

    All this mistery is killing me. Please shoot me dead or cast some light over . And hurry!
  12. Tonyr

    Chapter 2

    D loving the story.
  13. Tonyr


    By the way TimmY92, your writing improved like a lot. Congrats.
  14. Tonyr


    Great. Just couldn't help my eyes from welling up about the outcome of the intervention.
  15. Tonyr

    Friends and family

    Wow! Lots of revelations. Does uncle Tom know about his nephew Dan?

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