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Cameron - 9. Chapter 9

Cameron - Chapter 9
He woke up unusually early on Friday morning, his stomach filled with excitement. He couldn't believe how euphoric he was at being able to stay at Cole's house. He felt like a five year old kid on Christmas morning or something. He lay in bed thinking about spending the night with Cole, hoping they would at least sleep in the same bed, even if they weren't going to have sex. The thoughts of it woke up another part of him; and he was able to use up that extra time he had from waking up so early with a little fantasizing and playing with his favorite body part.

At 6:30 he got up, took a shower, and then dressed in tan cargo pants and a white long sleeve shirt. He pulled out the duffel bag Mrs. Harris had bought him and packed it with a change of clothes, pajamas, extra boxer shorts and socks; plus his comb and toothbrush.

Like every morning when he walked down the stairs Mrs. Harris was at the stove and Mr. Harris was at the table. Mr. Harris turned and looked at him as he sat down in his usual chair and put the duffel bag on the floor beside him.

"What's all that for." She asked, pointing the spatula in her hand to the bag.

"I'm staying at the Parker's tonight."

She started to shake her head and Cameron's gut twisted. "You can't do that hon, you've got to take it easy."

"I feel fine, honest."

"But if you overdo it you could cause more problems."

Cameron stared at her. There was no way he wasn't going now, not after looking forward to it all day the day before. To his great relief Mr. Harris actually spoke up in his defense.

"I already told him he could go. He's all right. He's rested for two days now. He's going to be fine." He looked away from his wife and over at Cameron. "I wouldn't do too much tomorrow though Cameron. At least not the work you usually do over there. I don't think it's a good idea for you to be high up on a ladder for a few more days." He smiled and even winked at Cameron who looked back at his wife, who didn't look too happy, but wasn't opening her mouth to argue with her husband.

Cameron smiled at Kyle as his friend walked into the room. Kyle looked back at him and smiled a confused look on his face. "You look uncharacteristically happy this morning."

He cringed a little bit not wanting to look too happy. To the Harris's he was merely staying over at a friend's house. They had no idea, and if he had his way would never have any idea they were boyfriends.

"He's gotten a pardon this weekend." Mr. Harris spoke up. He looked at Cameron and chuckled then went back to his paper.

"Oh yeah? Where you going?" Kyle asked.

"To Cole's."


"You know the person whose house I've been working at this weekend. He goes to our school."

"Oh, that guy you were eating lunch with earlier this week?"

Cameron nodded. He would have normally eaten with Kyle, but they had different lunch periods. Kyle had only seen them together because he was taking a shortcut to his homeroom through the cafeteria. Something that wasn't really allowed, but even Kyle was known to break trivial rules now and then.

"We've been to their house before too Kyle." Mr. Harris spoke up. "He's the one with the mother in the wheelchair."

Kyle nodded from behind his glass of orange juice. "Oh yeah, he seems nice."

Cameron grinned glad he had Kyle's approval, and even happier Kyle didn't seem to have any idea Cole was gay, which meant Kyle had never been to Cole's room. He still was pretty sure Kyle would not hate somebody just because they were gay, but he was certain there would be some kind of reaction, even if it was as small as a facial expression, if Kyle knew Cole was gay. Since he hadn't seen any reaction, Cameron was secure in his thoughts that Kyle had no idea.

After school Cameron met Cole at his car. He tossed his duffel bag in the back seat and then sat down in front with Cole.

"We have to stop at the video store to pick out movies. And do you want to stop and get snacks? For the movies?"

"I don't have much money Cole. I'm allowed 20 bucks a week, but I do have this weeks twenty."

Cole shook his head as he started the car. "I got money, don't worry about it."

"You don't have to pay for everything."

"Well you're my guest. So the proper thing is for me to pay." He grinned at Cameron as he looked past him and backed out of the parking space.

In the video store they stood in front of the comedy section looking at the movies. After a few minutes of not finding anything Cole looked at Cameron. "You don't happen to like really cheesy slasher movies do you?"

"Sure I do." He smiled finding it funny that Cole seemed to be embarrassed about it.

Cole's face lit up. "Oh cool." He grabbed Cameron by the arm and led him over to the horror section where they quickly picked out four movies that were surely guaranteed to be full of death and dismemberment.

They checked out the movies, put them in the car, and then walked next door to a small market. They filled a basket with chips and dip, soda, and other odds and ends that could be just pulled out of a bag and eaten. They made it through the check out and then went back out to the car throwing it all in the back seat.

Five minutes later they pulled up to Cole's house. Cameron seeing another car in the driveway asked. "Who's that?"

"The nurse."


"Yeah, I mentioned her before. She stays with my mom during the day, while I go to school, and part of the evening, she doesn't really leave ‘til six."

Cameron nodded wondering why Mr. Harris was so bent out of shape about them needing help if they already had it. Maybe he didn't know. He shrugged it off as he got out of the car.

It was nearly eight o'clock before they got up to Cole's room, with the movies and snacks. His room was the only room in the house with a DVD player, and Cameron was perfectly happy with that. He was already for some heavy cuddling while they watched the movies. Not that the horror movies they got were particularly romantic, but if he was lucky Cole would scare easy and need some comforting.

He sat down on the edge of the bed and looked over at Cole as he turned what looked like a walkie-talkie on and set it back on his nightstand. "What's that?"

"Monitor, to my mom's room so I can hear if her heart stops or anything. She's got a machine in there that will beep if anything goes wrong; and with this I can hear the beeping."

Cameron nodded thinking that was a pretty cool idea. He just couldn't get over how dedicated Cole was to his mom. He wondered if he'd ever be able to do what he did. Like if he actually liked his parents in the first place, would he be able to care totally for them if they were in a situation like Cole's mom? He really didn't think he could do it. Not with the dedication that Cole seemed to have day in and day out.

"What movie do you want to watch first?"

Cameron shrugged really not having a preference. "You pick."

Cole nodded as he walked over to the TV opening the bag of DVD's, he put one in the machine turned out the light in the room, grabbed his remote and kicked off his shoes.

Seeing him do that, Cameron gratefully kicked off his own shoes while Cole sat on the bed propping up the pillows at the headboard, and then leaning back against them. He propped up the pillows on Cameron's side. "Come on, you aren't gonna sit down there the whole time are you?"

Currently at the foot of the bed, Cameron grinned wondering why he was suddenly so shy. With most guys he would already have his clothes off and a dick in his mouth by now. Of course most guys he didn't really care about either, just merely for sexual gratification. With Cole he wanted more, so much more.

He shimmied up to the head of the bed and leaned back like Cole against the headboard. Cole pulled out the bag of chips and dip as the opening credits showed up on the screen. "I'm glad we didn't get onion dip."

"Why not?" Cameron asked, not thinking.

Cole looked at him funny. "Case we want to make out!"

Cameron's face lit up. "That's allowed?" He had never really taken anything slowly before and wasn't exactly sure of the protocol.

"Course it is!" he suddenly looked not so sure of himself. "You want to right?"

Smiling Cameron nodded. "Yeah I do!"

They were both stuffed about halfway through the first movie and Cole put the food back in the shopping bag and leaned over setting it on the floor near the bed. When he sat back up he moved closer to Cameron, so they were shoulder to shoulder. Cameron inhaled his pleasant scent wanting to ravage him, but fought hard against his instincts, cursing going slow.

He didn't want to make any moves, afraid anything could be too much, he waited, rather impatiently, for Cole to do something, anything! Within a few minutes Cole's hand made its way into his own and he squeezed it gently, reveling in the warmth of it.

Cole rolled up onto his side, moving his other hand onto Cameron's chest, before he stretched his body forward moving his face over Cameron's. Their lips locked together Cole's soft strong lips enveloping Cameron's who was so elated and surprised at the sudden attack it took him a moment to get his lips moving. He brought his hand up and pressed it into Cole's back pulling him closer, so he was laying right down him, they're bodies molding together.

He could feel Cole's hardness pressing against his own and wondered through his pleasure how in hell he was supposed to stop without going all the way. They kissed until the room fell silent, other than their heavy breathing. Cole pulled his face away and smiled at Cameron.

He ran his finger down the side of Cameron's face and rested it on his lips. "Do you suppose a week is slow enough?"

Cameron filled with elation as he nodded vigorously.

Cole pushed himself up and sat back on Cameron's thighs. He pulled his shirt off in one swift movement and tossed it off into the corner of the room.

Letting out a small moan, loving the site of Cole's bare chest and flat stomach Cameron reached forward and ran his hand down the smooth skin. He didn't have much time to sight see though, because Cole began working on getting his shirt off. He lifted his upper body off the bed so the shirt would come off easily, and then eased back down as Cole tossed his shirt off over in the corner too.

Cole leaned back over and ran his hand up from Cameron's naval to his chest. He then spent several minutes sucking and licking his neck while running his hand through Cameron's hair.

Cameron ran his hands along Cole's back, studying every intricate detail of the warm, firm flesh with his fingertips. The neck kissing was driving him wild, he needed more, and fast. He moved his hands from Cole's back to his chest and worked his way down to the button on his jeans.

Feeling what he was trying to do Cole moved his hips forward for easier access. Once his pants were undone he moved his face out of Cameron's neck then rolled off him. Cameron was scared at first he'd gone too far until he watched Cole rip off his pants in one sleek movement. Being so busy looking at Cole's incredible body he didn't have time to take off his own pants before Cole was sitting up and doing it for him.

He lifted his hips as Cole pulled his pants down pulling his boxers right off as well. The pants went flying somewhere over near the shirts and Cameron gasped as Cole dove down on his cock engulfing half of it in his mouth in one swift, hot, incredibly intense movement. He had no doubt at all that Cole had done this before.

His hands grabbed at the bedding balling it into tight fists as Cole's sucking became more intense and his whole body became engulfed in a heat that drove him mad. Just about when he thought he may scream from the intensity Cole's mouth left his dick and his body once again pressed in tightly over him.

Wanting nothing more then to reciprocate Cameron hugged Cole and rolled over changing their positions so he was now on top. He smiled at Cole who looked a little surprised at his action, and then leaned down and kissed him full on the lips while Cole gripped at his biceps tighter and tighter and the strength of their kiss deepened.

Cameron parted his lips and moved his tongue into Cole's mouth and their tongues moved together in exploration and need. He broke the kiss a few minutes later needing something else in his mouth. He kissed his way down Cole's firm body, until he reached his goal. He spent a little time kissing around the base of his cock and sucking softly at his balls before he kissed his way up the shaft. He opened his mouth and dove down on it taking it deep into his mouth and throat. He felt Cole's body jerk on the bed which multiplied his efforts.

He brought him just to the brink as Cole had done to him then moved his mouth off Cole's throbbing cock making a trail of slow kisses until he reached his face again. Cole was reaching blindly into the nightstand, his long arm stretching out to its limits. Cameron didn't stop kissing though, until Cole pushed him back just a little and held a condom up between them.

"Whose gonna wear this?"

Cameron's eyes widened, he'd been hoping this would happen, but was still surprised, yet incredibly happy, that it was going to.

"Um, you?" he asked hopefully. He'd never topped before, and wasn't too keen on the idea of doing it.

He watched as Cole's face lit up and he filled with happiness, so glad that Cole seemed to prefer to top. He took the condom from Cole's hand and quickly ripped it open, and then leaned back and slid it down over Cole's rigid member. He moved his knees further up the bed and aligned himself over it before slowly sinking down on it, it girth making its presence well known inside Cameron's body.

He let out a small gasp as he tilted his head back and faced up to the ceiling. He didn't look back down until his ass cheeks were resting against the flesh of Cole's hips.

His own face filled with ecstasy, Cole shimmied up further on the bed, Cameron moving with him, until he was sitting up against the headboard. He wrapped his arms around Cameron holding him tightly to himself, burying his face in his neck, moving his face with him as Cameron slowly moved up and down above him.

As the movement increased their embrace became tighter. Like nothing could ever separate them, not even their own free will. They're heavy breathing filled the room as beads of sweat trickled down their bodies. The heavy breathing became accompanied by moans as their mutual ecstasy increased.

His body reaching a nearly unattainable heat Cameron stiffened in Cole's arms. His arms pressed their bodies even closer, if it were possible. A tingling started at his toes and worked its way through his whole body, an erotic tingle that made his body feel as if it were on fire. It slowly pushed it's energy forward all to one spot as his mind blanked out everything but sheer pleasure and the pressure came shooting out his rock hard dick sending his body spasming.

Once he regained some sense of his surroundings he could feel Cole's cock throbbing inside him could feel in the tight embrace Cole's body shivering, as moans came out of his mouth. He held him close loving the feeling of Cole's orgasm as he held him.

Once their breathing returned to normal Cameron let go of Cole and sat back on his thighs. He had a smile on his face that he figured could only be matched by the one on Cole's at that moment. He reached out and wiped some of the sweat off Cole's brow gently with his hand. "I don't think I've ever enjoyed sex so much."

Cole smiled at him. "Yeah," He said breathlessly, "That was incredible."

Cameron started to smile until a terrifying thought struck him. "Umm," he said pointing over to the monitor on the nightstand. "That thing doesn't go both ways does it? I mean she can't hear what goes on in here through it can she?"

Laughing Cole shook his head. "No silly. I made sure of that, when I got the thing!"

After a brief clean up they settled in under the blankets opting to leave any clothing either on the floor or where ever it happened to be at the moment. Cole started another movie and they wrapped up in each other's arms, content to just be lying there together.

Cameron woke up the next morning with his face pressed into Cole's chest. His neck hurt from the strange position, but it felt so nice to be waking up like that he paid little attention to it. He slowly lifted his head off Cole's chest wiping away the small amount of drool that had escaped his mouth over night. Not quite ready to want Cole to know he drooled in his sleep.

He'd always drooled in his sleep for as long as he could remember. When he was younger he didn't' care too much about it and as he got older he just kept figuring he would grow out of it. At seventeen though he figured it was too late to grow out of it and it would be something he was stuck with the rest of his life.

He had never woken up in another guy's bed before. He'd woken up on a few floors, even in the back of someone's car, but each time that had happened he had had little recollection of the events the night before. This time though he remembered the night before in crystal clear detail. The incredible orgasm they shared. The way Cole had felt in his arms, and they way he had felt inside him. Everything had just been so perfect. It did not compare at all to the many drunken one-night stands that he'd had.

He looked over Cole's sleeping form. He was on his back with one arm up on the pillow, with his hand facing up, up near the top of his head. His head was turned just slightly to one side and Cameron noticed just a hint of a smile on his sleeping face. His other hand, which had been on Cameron's head before he moved was now lying flat just above his naval. God he was cute. Even first thing in the morning!

The feeling of waking up beside someone, knowing who they were, and knowing you truly cared deeply for them was an incredible feeling. He couldn't ever recall waking up and feeling this happy, or this good. He could easily fantasize about himself waking up just like this every morning.

He was still staring at him, when Cole started to stir a few minutes later. Cameron watched as he slowly stretched out his arms and his chest expanded as Cole took a deep a breath. He watched closely never knowing the joy before in seeing someone waking up. It made him feel happy, like a little boy or something about to open a big present.

Cole's eyes slowly opened and focused. He smiled up at Cameron seeing him staring back at him. "Morning." He said groggily, but undoubtedly happily.

Cameron smiled down at him. "You're very sexy when you sleep." He said as he traced his finger along Cole's well defined chest. The grin that lit up his face nearly melted Cameron's heart.

"I don't snore, or talk, or fart, or anything embarrassing?"

Laughing a little Cameron shook his head. "Not that I heard…or smelled." His eyes wandered for a minute before he looked back at him. "Do I?"

"No I don't think so." Cole answered grinning. "You're a real good snuggler though. I'm not gonna want to sleep alone come tonight."

Cameron nodded wishing he could stay another night, but he didn't want to take advantage of Mr. Harris's sudden leniency. He'd do anything just to get back there the next weekend and if that meant being the good little church boy the next morning, then he was going to go it! "Maybe we could make it an every Friday thing."

"Why not a Friday and Saturday thing?"

"I don't to ask for too much too fast. I was shocked he let me come over here at all this week. I think, at first at least I should ask for as little as possible then work my way up."

"You know Cameron if things are real bad there you can always come stay here." He put his hand on Cameron's arm and wrapped it around it. "I mean I'm not asking you to move in so we could be a happy couple. Just I don't want you to live there if you're miserable."

Cameron's heart melted at the offer, other then the Harris', people just didn't normally care enough about him to make such an offer. "Things are getting better I think. Mr. Harris even admitted he was being kinda a jerk. I don't think I'm going to be as miserable."

Cole nodded as he rubbed his hand up and down Cameron's arm. He looked over at the clock and sighed. "I gotta get up. After my mom's all set we should watch the rest of those movies. I don't think it's a good idea for you work today. You did just get out of the hospital."

"I don't think I could over exert myself anymore then I did last night."

Cole let out a laugh and shook his head. "Well that was more worth it!" he sat up and gave Cameron a quick peck on the lips. "Go ahead and take a shower and stuff if you want. I'll make us breakfast."

Cameron shook his head. "I can make us breakfast. You just see to your mom."

Before he went downstairs to start breakfast he did take a quick shower and put on the clothes he had packed in his duffel bag. He was looking forward to the day. Thus far every day he spent at Cole's had been spent working. He didn't mind work, but was really looking forward to a day of just goofing off.

Once he got to the kitchen he opened up the fridge and leaned down taking a good long look inside. He was pleased to see it well stocked which gave him a variety of options for breakfast. He wasn't exactly a great cook, he hadn't even really done it for years, but figured he remembered enough to throw something together even if it wasn't too fancy.

He pulled out a pound of bacon, and four eggs. He rummaged through the cupboards until he found a couple of frying pans and a loaf of bread. While searching he found a big box of oatmeal and figured he should cook some of that up too as that was what he remembered Cole feeding his mother the last few Saturday mornings that he was there.

By the time Cole wheeled his mother into the kitchen everything was just about cooked, and luckily not burned.

Cole pushed his mother up to the table and walked up to the stove. "Wow, a regular Betty Crocker huh?"

"Don't know yet." Cameron said, pulling the bacon out of the pan and laying it on a plate. "We'll have to eat it and see." He dumped the oatmeal into a bowl grabbed a spoon and handed it to him. "I made this for your mom."

Cole took the bowl, cocked his head to one side and smiled warmly at Cameron. "You're so sweet." Before turning away with the bowl he leaned forward and pressed his lips softly into Cameron's they lingered there for just a moment before he pulled away and went to the table sitting down in front of his mother's wheel chair.

Cameron put the eggs and bacon on two separate plates, buttered the toast, added it to the plates, and then took them both to the table setting them near Cole. "What do you want to drink?"

His eyes not leaving his mother who had the spoon at her mouth he shrugged slightly. "Umm I don't know, do we got any more V-8 juice?"

"Yeah I think I saw some in there."

He filled two glasses with V-8 then joined Cole and his mom at the table. Cole didn't take a bite for himself until his mother's oatmeal was all gone. Once he had a mouth full of eggs, his eyes lit up. "Damn you can cook for me anytime! I never get the yolks still runny, drives me nuts!"

Cameron's heart filled with warmth. For some reason making Cole happy with the food he'd made was the most important thing in the world to him right then. Like no other honor could ever even compare. He watched Cole as he ate. Studying how his eyes lit up with every bite. How his left cheek had a small dimple in it that showed up every time he bit down on that side.

He'd never been in love before. Couldn't even remember what the love he had felt for his mother and father had once felt like; it seemed so very long ago. But the feelings, the emotions, everything that had to do with Cole made him realize that if he weren't in love there would be no other way to explain the way he felt about Cole.

He wondered if Cole had any of the same feelings; wondered if he was even capable of being loved. It had been so long since anyone had paid him any attention, other then a quick suck and f**k, or someone to go out and get blind drunk with. Was there really anything about him that could warrant love? He knew he had it in him to be loved, he just wasn't so sure if there was anything about him worth loving.

After all, his own parents couldn't manage to love him, or even like him for that matter. And if your own parents can't love you, the two people that are supposed to unconditionally love their children, then who could? Was it even possible? Was he going to be able to handle Cole not loving him back? He knew Cole cared about him, but love was an entirely different thing.

Seeing Cameron's face grow more and more serious from across the table Cole asked, "You okay?"

Cameron blinked and shook slightly trying to clear it of his racing thoughts. "Yeah fine just thinking."

"You sure?"

He nodded idly, and then smiled as best he could. "Yeah really I'm good."


Copyright © 2011 vlista20; All Rights Reserved.

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Movie night as friends and taking things slowly.....didn´t quite go as planned :rolleyes:

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