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Cameron - 13. Chapter 13

Cameron - Chapter 13

Friday finally came and the moment where he walked into Cole’s house to spend a whole night and day finally arrived. His mother had found a small house just a few streets away from the one the Harris’s and Cole lived on. He’d found out during one of their phone conversations that, her parents who apparently had been very well off had died leaving her a large sum of money. The money that had given her all the remaining reason she needed to take off and discover life. It had allowed her to travel and now funded this new house, that was close enough to the Harris’s that he could walk to it if need be. He would rather get his license and drive, but if he had to walk at least it wasn’t too far.

He had not gone over to see the house yet, but had heard a lot about it from talking to her on the phone. Something he had done twice so far; both times her calling him, and them talking for about fifteen minutes. She did ninety percent of the talking while he just made the occasional comment to let her know he was still there.

He really wasn’t meaning to be as quiet with her as he was being, but he just really didn’t have any idea of what to say. She did such a good job of keeping the conversation going all on her own he really didn’t figure his quietness bothered her too much. So far, it seemed, the best part of talking to her was the fact that he had gotten out of church, at least for this Sunday. She had even talked to Mr. Harris to get him out of it. Mr. Harris, of course had been against it at first, but she had argued that it was really the only time they would get to spend a whole day together. And to his great surprise, Mr. Harris had conceded to the argument.

He had no idea to what exactly they would be doing all day, but he was looking forward to spending it with her either way. Even though they had only talked on the phone a few times that week, he was growing to like her very much. It seemed to be harder and harder to stay mad at her. He was convincing himself that the past was the past; that people could change, have regrets, and could make up for those regrets.

He followed Cole into the kitchen of his house carrying two of the four shopping bags they had accumulated at the grocery store on the way home from school. They had it in mind to make themselves a big fancy romantic dinner. Neither of them were sure they could actually pull it off, but they thought the attempt in itself would be fun.

Cole set his two bags down on the table, and Cameron followed suit. Taking the package of chicken out of one of the bags, Cole looked it over. “We probably ought to get this started first. It will take a while to cook.”

Cameron nodded, and rooted around through the bags until he found the can of cream of broccoli soup they planned on cooking it in. Knowing his way around the kitchen well enough, from cooking breakfast the week before, he walked over to the drawer and pulled out a can opener while Cole pulled a glass pan out from under the sink. Cole arranged the chicken on the pan while Cameron opened the can, and then stepped aside so Cameron could spoon the soup over the top of the chicken.

“That’s all we gotta do?” Cameron asked as they both looked down at the soup covered chicken.

Cole shrugged. “I think so.” He reached back and turned on the oven moving the temperature knob. “Should we do it at 350?”

Cameron nodded. “I think everything works at 350.”

“Sounds good to me!”

While the chicken cooked they made a salad, some rice and cut up some bread. They were just getting everything to the table when who Cameron figured had to be the nurse walked in.

She smiled at the two of them, and Cameron got the distinct feeling she knew they were couple and thankfully didn’t seem to have any problems with it. “Your mom should be all set for the night Cole.”

Cole looked up at her, and nodded, then took a couple steps toward her. “How did her appointment go today?”

“They just did a few tests to see how’s she’s doing. If there are any problems with the results they’ll call in a few days.”

Cole nodded again and then walked her to the door. Cameron heard him thanking her and smiled that his boyfriend was so polite. He heard the front door close, but didn’t see Cole coming back into the room right away. He shrugged it off and put the rest of the stuff on the table, lit the three candles they had set up, and then sat down. When Cole still hadn’t arrived he looked over at the doorway.

“It’s all ready Cole.” He yelled out. It was a minute before Cole walked in, but when he did Cameron’s eyes widened and his heart fluttered as there before him stood a completely and totally naked Cole. He grinned from ear to ear much the same as Cole was. “It’s a clothes optional dinner?” he asked ready to tear off his own clothes.

Cole shook his head; which surprised him.

“No, it’s a no clothes dinner! Get naked!”

Cameron stood up and peeled off his clothes, laying them in the rocking chair that was set up in the corner of the kitchen. He felt silly as hell just standing there bare assed naked, but found it quite erotic at the same time; especially when he looked over at Cole’s incredible body. The problem was with no clothes is that there was nothing to hide his sudden erection; which he noticed Cole studying closely.

Seeing his embarrassment Cole smiled and pointed down to his own stiffening member. “Seems to be catching!”

They sat down across from each other at the table, both of them so horny by now that neither really felt like eating; but since they had made such a big fancy meal they gave it their best effort.

Cameron nearly choked on his last piece of chicken as Cole’s foot suddenly landed gently and directly on his crotch causing his half a hard on to become fully erect. He grinned uncontrollably as Cole disappeared from across the table his head disappearing below it. He lurched forward dropping his fork as his cock was enveloped into Cole’s hot warm mouth. He spread his knees apart and moved his hips forward while grabbing onto the edges of the table, feeling like his stomach just may get sucked out through his dick with the ferocity that Cole was displaying below the table.

Minutes later just as he felt he may explode, he groaned need-fully as Cole’s mouth left his rock hard cock. He trembled uncontrollably, needing Cole’s contact again. Cole’s head popped up between him and the table, his mouth leaving a trail of kisses from Cameron’s naval up his stomach, over his chest across his neck, and finally to his lips.

Cameron pressed his hand against the back of Cole’s head gripping his hair gently between his fingers as he sucked on Cole’s lower lip. His other hand rubbed up and down his soft smooth back and across his firm round butt cheeks.

Cole moved upwards yet again leaving Cameron to leave a trail of kisses on his neck, chest, and stomach as Cole slowly stood up. Once fully standing Cameron lowered his head a little more, and slowly wrapped his hand gently around the base of Cole’s cock. He opened his mouth and took in the end of it, licking around it with his tongue as his lips went further and further down it.

He worked his mouth over it until he felt Cole was unable to take anymore. He pulled his mouth off slowly, licking his lips savoring the taste as he slowly stood up rubbing his hands along Cole’s body on his way up until he was standing up, then he where he wrapped his arms tightly around Cole melding their bodies into one form their rigid members rubbing together.

He spent some time kissing Cole’s neck before they separated again. Cole turned him around so he was back against the table then moved him down to the half that wasn’t full of plates and food. Being gently pushed back, Cameron sat back on the table wrapping his legs around Cole’s waist while Cole leaned over and pulled a condom out from under his plate; which got Cameron grinning.

“When did you put that there?”

“When you were taking off your clothes.”

“You big sneak!” he said as he took the condom. He unwrapped it, and slid it down over Cole’s erection. Cole put his hands under Cameron’s thighs and pulled them up into the air causing Cameron to lean back on his elbows while his ass was moved forward half hanging off the end of the table.

He put his ankles up on Cole’s shoulders, the back of his thighs resting against his chest. Cole wet his fingers with his tongue then reached down and slowly massaged Cameron’s hole, getting it wet, and getting it ready for a most welcomed visitor.

Cameron moved his head back and gasped with pleasure as Cole’s dick slowly impaled him. Filling him up, making him feel whole. His eyes rolled back in his head as Cole began his slow back and forth movement each time moving deeper and deeper inside him.

He bit his tongue not to scream out in ecstasy as Cole’s warm hand massages his balls. If he let it happen, he knew he could blow his load at that second, but he fought it off not wanting his feelings of ecstasy to end. The sweat poured forth from his body. He could feel Cole’s body break into a sweat as his ankles wanted to slip from Cole’s shoulders. He held them in place though, not wanting anything to change in that moment. Loving just where everything was and everything that was happening to him at that moment.

Several minutes later he could feel Cole’s dick pulsating with orgasm inside him. He let himself go, feeling incredible release and euphoria as his own dick spewed forth its frothy load. His whole body shuddered, his ass ring spasming around Cole’s cock, causing Cole to groan loudly with pleasure.

As Cole pulled out Cameron was filled with a shot of loneliness and quickly sat up wrapping his arms around his very sweaty boyfriend. He pressed his head into his shoulder and kissed at Cole’s neck. “That was incredible. You are incredible.”

“You know what we have to do now don’t you?” Cole asked, as he stroked his fingers through Cameron’s now much shorter hair.

“Dishes?” Cameron nearly groaned out.

“Well…I was thinking first… We probably ought to take a shower.”

Cameron pulled back his head grinning at Cole’s mischievous eyes. “Together?” he asked hopefully.

Cole huffed and tilted his head to one side. “No you stay here and do the dishes I’ll go shower!” He shook his head. “Of course together silly!”

Cameron took his hand schooched himself off the table and the two naked boys made their way up the stairs to the bathroom.

Not wanting to get fully dressed after the best shower either of them had ever had, they just put on T-shirts and boxer shorts before going back downstairs to do up the dishes.

Cameron filled the sink while Cole took the dishes off the table and stacked them up near it.

“Oh you know what?”

“What?” Cameron asked.

“We forgot, we got brownies to make.”

Cameron smiled. “I already had my dessert. Twice!

“Do you want to make them for later? Or maybe tomorrow for a hard earned painting break or something?”

“Okay I’ll do these.” He said nodding down to the dishes. “You make those, okay?”

Cole nodded. “Sounds like a plan.”

After another incredible night of being snuggled deep in Cole’s arms, Cameron woke up feeling warm and happy all over. He wished, as he laid there staring at Cole’s peaceful sleeping form, that they could just laze away in bed, in each others arms all day long. He knew even painting a house would be fun with Cole though.

Like the week before Cole woke up shortly after him. Again Cameron watched as he stretched out his lithe body before he even opened his eyes. Something he thought was incredibly sexy. Not as sexy though as when he opened his eyes, looked at Cameron and an incredibly sweet smile filled his face.

“Morning sexy!” he said, Cole’s smile seemingly infectious as he had one just as big on his face.

Cole sat up and kissed him softly on the lips, rubbing wrapping his hand across the back of Cameron’s neck. Pulling his lips away he then pressed his forehead into Cameron’s. “I LOVE waking up like this! It makes every other morning suck though.” He said with a slight chuckle.

Cameron sighed, what Cole had said was very true. He felt incredibly empty in the mornings when he didn’t wake up in Cole’s bed.

Cole looked at the clock. “It’s only six. We got half an hour to lay here and snuggle if you want.”

Cameron laid back down pulling Cole down with him in his arms so they were laying face to face, their legs and arms intertwined.

“You excited about spending the day with your mom tomorrow?”

Cameron shrugged. “I’m a little nervous, but at least it’s better then church.”

Cole laughed a small laugh. “Wouldn’t it be great if you got out of going to church every Sunday?”


“What do you think Kyle would do, if he found out?”

“About us?” Cameron asked, brushing Cole’s hair off his forehead. “I really don’t know. That’s why I haven’t told him. I feel awful I’ve never really kept a secret from him, especially something this big. I’m just really scared I’ll lose him all together if he finds out.”

Cameron sighed, and snuggled in closer to Cole. “I talked to him a little about how he feels about gay people in general. He doesn’t all out hate them, but he still thinks we’re all going to hell.”

Cole nodded, not at all surprised about that. “Did you ever wonder how anyone could let a book dictate their entire life? I’ve been online, and I know I shouldn’t, but I’ve been to some sites that are all evangelical Christian and they only ever have on argument. ‘Marriage is for a man and a woman. The bible says.’ Basically that’s the entire base of their hate. Oh but don’t call it hate with them. They can petition to take away rights, say we are descipable and going to hell, but they don’t hate us. They just hide behind their bible and use it to justify their hatred.

There’s not even any point in arguing with them. They can’t fathom a world beyond their precious bible. It’s like trying to tell someone there is no sun. You are so strong to be able to go there and sit through it every week. I mean I kinda know you have to, but even so I don’t think I could do it.”

“I Just feel bad for Jesse.”

Cole groaned. “God me too, he’s very strong though. He doesn’t seem to be letting it get to him, but I’m sure it must.”

They had sat with Jesse every day at lunch that week. Cameron himself had seen that Jesse wasn’t easily riled. Something he considered must be a necessity living with the tyrant of a preacher that was his uncle.

“I guess I just wish people would mind their own business. If you don’t like it fine, but don’t try and tell me how to live my life, and don’t tell everyone that will listen what a grave sin it is. I just don’t understand why people have to butt their noses into my business. I mean it’s not like we require spectators.”

They both fell silent as they snuggled deeper into each other’s arms. Happy to be with each other and glad for that moment they didn’t have to face any of the narrow minded people that would look down on them for simply being there, wrapped in each other’s arms, finding much love and solace.

Cameron was shocked the next morning when Mr. Harris actually allowed him to walk to

his mother’s house. He wasn’t even going to ask figuring he would have known what the answer was going to be. Mr. Harris sure was surprising him an awful lot lately.

After eating a full breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast he walked out the front door at the same time as the Harris’s left for church. His heart swelled with elation again, so glad he was escaping church that morning. The morning was bright and sunny, but thankfully quite cool. He wished the day before had been as cool though, but he had to admit seeing Cole in a sheen of sweat all day long, as they painted the house, had certainly been arousing.

It took him only five minutes to get to his mother’s street and he started taking note of the house numbers. Seeing they started at number 10 he only had to walk a little ways down it to get to number 16. He stood on the sidewalk outside the one story brick home thinking it looked very cozy. It had a small porch with a wrought iron gate and a couple of black wooden chairs on it. He saw a couple of flower boxes on the windowsills but didn’t see any flowers coming out of them. He figured that would be something his mother did once she got more settled. If his memory served him correct she had always loved flowers.

He remembered his childhood home being filled with plants and flowers in his very younger years. And he also remembered them dying one by one after she’d left, no matter what he tried to do to save them. Them all dying at the time had been painful for him. He remembered feeling that the plants couldn’t even take being around him. Being 6 years old and not even being able to keep a plant alive when your mother left you, and your father hated you, certainly was a blow to self-esteem.

He was still standing at the end of the driveway staring at the house when his mother opened the door and smiled out at him. Seeing her, he was lifted out of his daydreams, and he smiled back, suddenly more nervous then excited about the day ahead. What if he did something wrong and she left again? What if she just decided after spending a little time together that she didn’t like him? What if she remembered that he was part of the reason she left in the first place?

Despite his nervousness he walked up the path and onto the small porch. “Morning.” He said, with half a smile. He wasn’t sure why he suddenly became so reserved around her. Like he couldn’t show her how happy he was she was around. He supposed he wanted to appear indifferent, that if he showed her wanted her around too badly she’d freak and leave. If he acted like he didn’t really care maybe she’d not feel smothered and stick around.

“Morning.” She replied her smile deepening. “Come on in I’ll show you around my new place.”

He nodded and followed her past the threshold into a pretty large living room that had several boxes strewn around on the beige rug. The only furniture in the room was a long couch and a T.V.

He followed her through the living room into a kitchen that looked much more lived in and not just moved into. He noticed a batch of fresh muffins on the counter and his heart warmed thinking how incredibly ‘motherly’ that was.

“I’m going to need to do some redecorating in here.” She said standing in the middle of the kitchen looking disdainfully at the dark brown wooden cabinets. “It’s much too dark. I like light colors.”

He nodded agreeing whole heartedly as he’d always liked lighter colors as well. Had always figured he thought enough dark thoughts that at least the colors around him shouldn’t be dark.

She looked at him and smiled and he half smiled back again. He wished he could come up with something to say, but truth was being around her made him nervous, happy, but nervous none the less.

“Do you want a muffin?”

“Sure.” He’d barely touched his breakfast that morning because his stomach had been a jumble of nerves. He had been surprised that Mrs. Harris hadn’t questioned him on his half eaten food, but was glad as he really didn’t want to go into the reasons for his lack of appetite in front of the whole Harris family.

“What would you like to drink?” She asked walking to the fridge and opening the door. “I have milk and orange juice, or water.”

“Water’s fine.” He said as he pulled out a chair to the table and sat down. “Did you just go out and buy all this furniture or did you have it shipped from your other place?”

“I bought it. I didn’t have any furniture of my own before. I traveled too much.” She answered as she filled a glass then brought it over and set it down in front of him at the table. She filled a glass with milk for herself then grabbed a couple napkins, the tray of muffins and sat down at the table herself.

“Where have you been?” He asked taking the banana muffin she offered him. “I mean what places?”

“Well I’ve been all over Canada, and most every state in the U.S.” she took a muffin for herself and pulled it apart but made no move to actually eat it as she spoke. “I’ve been to Mexico, Greece, England, Italy, Spain, Scotland, Ireland, and Switzerland.”

The more places she named the more excited Cameron got, not even able to imagine how exciting it must be to travel all those places. He nearly forgot his nervousness as his desire to find out more about her travels took over.

“What place was your favorite?”

She thought for a moment moving her head from side to side like she couldn’t really decide. “I liked them all for different reasons. The prettiest place by far was Ireland. Green as far as the eye can see. The most exciting place was probably Italy, and they definitely had the best food.” She chuckled and Cameron found himself chuckling himself finding he really liked her laugh, found it almost infectious. “Do you like Italian food?”

Having just taken a bite Cameron nodded while he swallowed. “I love spaghetti.”

She chuckled again and nodded. “I’ll make you some genuine Italian spaghetti, you’ll love it.”

His smile wasn’t half a smile that time. He felt his lips spread into a full smile at the mere thought of his mother making him a meal. That was something a mother did. Something he’d surely missed over the years. It made his heart feel good to hear she’d be making him a big meal. He figured it may seem a simple gesture to most people but for him it meant a whole lot more. He wished he hadn’t had to wait so long for it, but had to be happy it would happen after all these years of dreaming of it.

“Did you stay very long at any of these places? Or did you just live out of hotels?”

“Longest I stayed in any place was Switzerland. I lived there two years actually. It was living with someone else though; I never really had a place of my own.”

He nodded as another question came to mind though he wasn’t so sure he dared to ask it. Knowing it would gnaw at him until he did; now that he had thought about it he figured he’d just spit it out. “Were you in any relationships?”

She looked at him for a moment and he thought he’d asked too much but after a moment she opened her mouth and answered. “I did, the one in Switzerland was the only serious one though. I had a few ‘flings’ I’d guess you’d call them, other then that.”

“What happened?”

“What do you mean?”

“Why did you break up with the guy in Switzerland?”

She paused again for a moment before answering. “Just wasn’t working out. Wasn’t meant to be I guess.”

Cameron nodded. “Do you want to be with someone?”

She smiled sweetly at him and set her still uneaten muffin back on its napkin. “Right now the only relationship I want to focus on is ours.”

He smiled back, again a full smile. He couldn’t believe how happy her words made him feel. Only thing that even compared was how Cole made him feel every time they were together. His reserve was fading. He was finding himself being more trusting then suspicious. He hoped it wasn’t a mistake, but he couldn’t help how he felt. His mom was back! She was acting like she was really going to stay, and he couldn’t be any happier then he was at that moment.

Copyright © 2011 vlista20; All Rights Reserved.

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Hopefully she is there to stay and won´t leave soon and break Cameron´s heart again.

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This re-union is unbelievable. I wouldn't give her the time of day.


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