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Cameron - 2. Chapter 2

Cameron - Chapter 2

Cameron was in his third period study hall spending it in the library when someone sat down at the table across from him. He looked up from the magazine he was looking at to see a very hot guy that he hadn’t seen before, sit down across from him.

“I’ve been looking all over for you.”

Cameron narrowed his eyes studying him, realizing now that he did look vaguely familiar. Like someone he had seen in a dream or something. The more he looked the more he noted a hurt look come over the other guys face.

“You actually have no idea who I am, do you?”

Feeling ashamed and not sure why Cameron shook his head.

“I knew you were drunk Saturday night, but I didn’t realize you were that drunk.”

The light dawning on him, Cameron filled with tension not having ever expected to see who he’d had sex with on Saturday night again. “You mean you and me? You were the one?” as he stammered the guy nodded.

“The basement yeah.”

“How come I haven’t seen you around school before?”

“We just moved here last week, from Virginia.”

“Wow Virginia to Maine that’s a big change.” He wasn’t sure why he was making small talk, but didn’t have any other idea of what else to say.

The guy shrugged. “It’s not so bad.”

Cameron nodded having trouble taking his eyes off the guy. He was about the cutest guy he’d ever seen in his life, in person anyways. He had dark brown almost black hair cut close to his head but not shaved. His eyes were the darkest green Cameron had ever seen and he had the body of a swimmer. Lean and long and not overly muscular yet not one bit of noticeable flab on it either.

“My name is Cole by the way.” The guy said his voice filled with annoyance.

Cameron not thinking stuck out his hand. “Cameron, nice to meet you.”

Cole rolled his eyes and half-heartedly shook his hand. “Yeah I remember.”

“Oh right.” Cameron blushed, wishing he’d had the decency to remember such a hot guy.

Sighing Cole sat back in his chair. He looked down at the table for a minute then back up at Cameron. He leaned forward again putting his arms on the table. “You know what I did Saturday night, its not something I normally do. Not once have I gone to a party and dropped my pants for anyone first time I meet them, but you seemed different. Sure I knew you were drunk, but you were so sweet. I hoped we’d be friends. Actually I hoped it could even be more. The last thing I expected was for you to not even remember me.” With that he stood up calmly pushed his chair back in and turned his back on Cameron walking away.

Cameron watched the guy’s lithe body and awesome butt walking away for him, and for the first time in his life felt guilty about a one night stand. The words ‘hoped we’d be friends, actually hoped it could even be more’ stuck out in his head. He had thought very little of ever having a boyfriend. He didn’t want the commitment, just the sex. He couldn’t really picture himself ever loving anyone. Nor had he even come close to the idea of the possibility of anyone ever loving him. The closest he thought he had ever come was moments earlier with that one statement, ‘hoped we’d be friends, actually I hoped it could even be more’, all anyone else had ever wanted, or expected from him was sex. It was all he’d ever known it could be for him.

He didn’t have a lot of time to think about it as the intercom came to life and his name was called to report to the office. Sighing and having a good idea what it was about, he stood up, pushed in his chair, put the magazine back on the rack, and left the library.

The school was only two stories, and the library was on the second floor, not a very big school, he thought, as he made his way to the stairs. For a small town in Maine he thought it was about average. His Senior class only had one hundred and seventy five kids in it. After reaching the bottom of the stairs he walked across the school’s atrium and into the main office.

A secretary smiled up at him. “The principal needs to see you. Go ahead and go right in.” she pointed past her desk to a door on the far wall, not that Cameron actually needed directions he had been to the man’s office several times so far that year. Once he got to the door, he knocked, and after being called in opened the door and walked inside.

The principal, Mr. Johns, looked up at him and half smiled as he motioned to one of the two chairs across from his desk. “Have a seat Mr. Jamison.”

Cameron sat down, his mind busy making up excuses about the reasons he knew why he was there.

“I’ve heard from both of your teachers this morning. You didn’t hand in one bit of homework from over the weekend.”

Nodding, Cameron leaned forward a little in his chair. “I’m sorry sir; I was just really busy this weekend. I had to pull a double shift at the restaurant, someone called in sick.” In actuality he had only worked five hours all weekend, but was pretty sure the principal would have no idea about that.

“You do realize that right now school is more important for you then working? Unless, of course; you intend to spend the rest of your life being a waiter.”

Cameron only shrugged. Quite honestly he hadn’t thought that far ahead. The money was good, he liked his job, and he wouldn’t be to upset to be doing that the rest of his life. Right now though, he knew he needed money, because he knew that he would never get any allowance or any thing else for that matter from dear old dad. So at the moment he didn’t figure school was very important at all.

“You do plan on being a waiter, for the rest of your life?” The principal asked incredulously.

Peeved by his tone Cameron narrowed his eyes. “Lots of people are waiters their whole lives. I happen to like it. What’s wrong with doing what I like just cause someone, such as yourself, may look your nose down at it? Just cause it’s not good enough for you doesn’t mean its not good enough for me.”

The principal shook his head. “Don’t get all defensive on me Cameron; I’m only trying to help you here.”

“I don’t see where insulting me is helping.”

“I’m not insulting you. I just think you are cut out to do something more important then waiting on people. Up until last year you got very good grades. I know you’re smart. You just aren’t trying anymore, and I’d really like to find out why.”

Cameron nodded not really caring about what he was saying, and not having anything to say in return.

“I talked to your father this morning.”

Cameron’s eyes snapped up to the man’s face wondering just what kind of reaction his father would have to the principal calling.

“He didn’t seem too concerned, Are things okay for you at home?”

Nodding, he was a little surprised his father hadn’t even pretended to care for the principal’s behalf. He grew uncomfortable as the principal’s eyes studied him carefully. “What?” He asked a little too haughtily as he shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t know, I guess I was just surprised about your father’s lack of concern. It has got me thinking that maybe he’s the reason you don’t care about your school, or what you do for the rest of your life.”

“What would my dad have to do with whether or not I care about something?”

“Well if a student’s parent doesn’t care, and doesn’t show any interest in their child’s high school career, then that child may see no reason to try. They may think ‘why bother no one cares.’”

Shaking his head, Cameron rolled his eyes and let out a sigh. “My high school career and how I feel about it have nothing to do with my father. It’s my life not his, and he doesn’t have any say in it.”

“So you told your father you don’t want him messing with your life?”

Cameron nodded. He hadn’t been planning on that excuse, but it sounded good to him so he may just as well go with it. “I’m old enough to take care of myself now. I don’t need to be answering to him.” He eyed the principal carefully as the man nodded to what he had just said. He detected maybe a hint of disbelief in the man’s eyes, as he discreetly held his breath really not wanting to discuss the situation any further.

“If you don’t start doing your work you are not going to graduate next Spring. You don’t really want to spend another year in school do you?”

“No,” Cameron shook his head emphatically. Not having thought that far ahead. Not having considered that he might have to spend an additional year in school. Something he knew he definitely didn’t want to do. He couldn’t wait to start working full time so he could get a place of his own.

“Would you like me to assign you a tutor?”

Cameron shook his head. He didn’t need a tutor he knew how to do his work just hadn’t bothered to do it.

“What can I do then to help you?”

“I don’t need any help.”

“No offense Cameron, but apparently you do; otherwise you wouldn’t be falling behind in the first place.”

“I’ll start doing the work. That’s all I gotta do, right?”

Mr. Johns nodded. “I’m going to be keeping in touch with your teachers, to make sure you are doing just that. If I find you aren’t though, we are going to have to consider either summer school, or you staying back a year.”

“Okay,” he said quickly just wanting to get out of the room. He was just about to stand up and make his escape when Mr. John’s spoke again.

“I mean it Cameron. I’m going to stay on your back.” Nodding tritely Cameron continued to stand up and quickly left the office, but before he could leave the main office the secretary called out his name ashe turned to look at her she said“You’ll need a pass hon.”

He nodded and walked back to her, in his distress he forgot all about the fact that he’d be late to his next class.

Not having gotten any invites to stay at anyone’s house Cameron made the walk home at 9:30 when he got out of work. It was a warm night for mid April and the sky was clear. The moon wasn’t full, but pretty close and as he walked he realized it was a very beautiful night. The air smelled fresh and clean and he took deep breath filling his lungs with it.

Cole flashed into his mind and he smiled picturing the guy walking along beside him. Maybe their hands intertwined as they talked about their days. A smile came to his face, but it quickly faded not wanting to feel that way about Cole, or anyone else for that matter. He didn’t need a boyfriend, and he certainly didn’t need Cole. He started to feel a little angry towards Cole for even suggesting such a thing. Now here he was, daydreaming silly dreams. Dreams he had no actual hope of attaining.

He just wasn’t cut out for love. His life thus far had taught him that. If his own parents couldn’t love him, who else possibly could? He was just a loner, had told himself that plenty of times. He had a best friend and that was all he needed. As long as he got sex a few times a week he would be happy.

Reaching the door to his house, he pulled his key out of his pocket and unlocked the door. Making sure to be quiet as possible, he opened the door and crept inside closing it gently behind him. He walked up the stairs and made a quick stop in the bathroom before going into his bedroom. He had just sat on the edge of the bed and was just pulling off his shoes when his bedroom door opened.

He looked up in surprise as his father stepped into the room.

“Your principal called today.”

Cameron nodded as he dropped his shoe to the floor, not able to look his father in the face.

“If you want to fuck up your life, that’s your choice, but don’t you think for a minute if you stay back that you are staying here another year. Come next spring when you are supposed to graduate you are moving out of this house. So if not doing your work is some kind of plan to sponge off me for another year, then you better think again.”

Confused Cameron nodded his head just to appease his father. Did the man really think he wanted to hang around there for another year? That was bad enough, but he would also have to go through another year of school. He didn’t want either of those things to happen, but he definitely didn’t want to stay anywhere near there at all.

“Good, long as we understand each other.”

Cameron nodded again as his father turned and quietly left the room. He kicked off his other shoe then lay back on the bed. He reached out and turned off his lamp and rolled onto his side, falling asleep within a few minutes.

Not having to work the next afternoon, Cameron left school and started down the road to the park. He didn’t want to go home; he hoped he would meet up with someone there he could hang out with for the night. He hadn’t gotten stoned in two days and that was his main goal. He hadn’t even made it to the park when Josh’s car pulled up beside him.

He stepped off the curb and opened the passenger side door. Sitting down in the passenger seat he smiled over at Josh. “Boy, am I happy to see you.”

Josh snickered and handed him an unlit joint and a lighter. “Thought you might be after spending a whole day with the bible thumper.”

Cameron put the joint to his mouth and lit the lighter taking several small puffs to get it lit. Once satisfied it was sufficiently lit he took a long haul and handed it over to Josh while he held the smoke deep in his lungs. After exhaling, and a quick cough he looked back over at Josh. “He’s not that bad.”

Holding his own breath Josh just rolled his eyes as he handed the joint back.

Long after the joint was gone they continued to ride around in the car. Cameron sprung for a couple burgers for them from McDonald’s when the munchies kicked in. Not long after the sun set Josh pulled into the driveway of another friend.

“Matt’s pissed off about something. He wanted me to come over tonight. You want to come in too?”

Cameron nodded not having much choice as he was really too far from his house at this point to walk. Josh never seemed to think early enough to ask such questions when Cameron would still really have a choice.

He got out of the car and followed Josh up to the door of the house. They went in without even knocking. The house was small and very messy. Cameron scrunched up his nose as the smell of rotting food hit his nostrils when they passed a door to what he assumed; from the smell was a really messy kitchen.’

He kept on following Josh until they walked into the living room. Where they were greeted with a… “It’s a bout fucking time you showed up asshole.”

Cameron looked around and saw three other guys in the room. All he recognized from school and parties.

“Oh; hey Cameron.” Matt who’d greeted them added.

Cameron nodded and smiled to him pretty sure the three in the living room were well on they’re way to completely drunk. Jimmy who was sitting in a chair closest to where Cameron was standing handed him up a bottle of Jack Daniels. “Have a drink, take a load off.”

Taking the bottle Cameron walked over and sat on the couch where there was a free seat. He tilted his head back and took a long drink off of it. It tingled as it went down his throat and it made his heart and legs feel warm; just the feeling that he loved. He took two more drinks before handing the bottle back, and then leaned back against the back of the sofa comfortable in his beginnings of a buzz.

“So that fucking dick, Mr. Marsh, called my dad today.” Matt hissed from beside him. “My dad was pissed. Where the fuck does that asshole get off being a tattle tale?”

“Why did he call your dad?” Cameron asked thinking it must be ‘call the parents of bad kids week’ at the school or something.

Matt glared over at him. “Cause I told him to fuck off when he accused me of cheating on that last test.”

Nodding Cameron decided maybe it was best if he didn’t ask any questions and gratefully took another haul off the bottle that was handed back to him by Jimmy who was grinning at him.

“So what do you need me for?” Josh, who was sitting in a chair on the other side of the room asked after taking a large drink out of another bottle, asked

“I don’t need you; I need your car asshole.”

“Well you ain’t taking my car anywhere.”

“I KNOW THAT!” Matt literally screamed causing Cameron to flinch at the sudden loud voice blaring through the room, which got Jimmy chuckling and handing him the bottle again.

Shrugging and grinning at Jimmy Cameron took it and took another long drink glad Jimmy seemed intent on getting him drunk. Hopefully he planned on taking advantage of him too.

“Sooo,” Josh stated calmly seemingly unaffected by Matt’s rage. “You do need me.” He paused a moment while Matt sputtered then continued. “What are you planning?”

Matt leaned over the side of the couch and produced a large shopping bag, which he set on the floor in front of him. He pulled out several rolls of toilet paper, two dozen eggs, and a couple spray paint cans.

Josh grinned. “Isn’t that a little Junior High?”

“Oh fuck you.” Matt spat. “Come on it, will be fun. The asshole deserves it anyways.”

Cameron looked at Josh who shrugged indicating he would do it. He wasn’t so sure he wanted to take part in it, but as he took another haul off the bottle he figured what the hell. He was hoping to spend the night at Josh’s and the best way to do that was to stay with him, wherever he went.

Minutes later the five of them were in Josh’s car heading back into town. About two houses past the school Josh pulled to the side of the road and shut off his lights. “We’ll have to walk from here. I don’t want anyone to see my car.”

They walked down the dimly lit street lined with cozy little homes on either side. No one talked on the five minute walk to Mr. Marsh’s house. Matt handed out the toilet paper and eggs then headed straight up to the house with the spray paint. Cameron in his drunken haze watched him for only a minute before he got to work with his toilet paper and eggs.

He looked around quickly as he heard the sound of breaking glass and heard Jimmy swearing a few feet away. Jimmy turned and looked at him. “Oops, didn’t know the eggs would break windows.”

Cameron snorted out a laugh not really having figured that himself. He figured the egg would break before the window, but apparently Mr. Marsh had really cheap windows.

He froze for half a second as the porch light came on. He heard several swear words then the running of feet which got his own feet running following the rest of them back out onto the sidewalk and back to the car. They ran past a couple houses then slowed their pace not wanting to draw attention to themselves; to just appear to be casually walking down the street.

“Who the fuck broke a window?” Matt whispered through clenched teeth.

“It’s not my fault.” Jimmy whispered back. “How was I supposed to know his windows were paper thin?”

“You totally ruined it Jimmy. He wasn’t supposed to wake up. He was supposed to get up tomorrow and find the mess. When we’d all be home in our beds.”

“It’s not my…” Jimmy started but was cut off.

“Oh just SHUT UP!” Matt scowled punching him in the arm.

They didn’t say another word and a few minutes later they were safely back in the car. Josh started it up and pulled away from the curb. “This was so stupid Matt. I hope you at least feel some gratification. But I’ll tell ya right now I just feel stupid. If we get in trouble for this I’m gonna kick your nasty ass!”

They had just pulled out onto the main street when the car was filled with blue light. Turning around Cameron swore under his breath seeing a police car closing in behind them. He looked at Josh in surprise as he felt the car accelerating.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“I’m not getting in trouble for this.”

Cameron’s eyes widened at the look of determination on Josh’s face as the car continued to gain speed and the sounds of the police cars sirens being turned on filled the air


Copyright © 2011 vlista20; All Rights Reserved.

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Chapter Comments

I really enjoyed the contrasts in this chapter. We get some foreshadowing when Cameron enjoys the sweet smell of the clean air on a moonlit night and this brings to him unbidden thoughts of Cole. Then later on, Cameron notices the rank smell of rotten food over at Matt's house. Cole shows up around the same time Cameron gets pulled into the principal's office, but Cameron feels more chastised by Cole, who doesn't say much.

Just like last chapter, the author has a skill for detailed character portrayal without being obvious. Cameron is worried about being late to class, but has been ditching his homework lately. He wants to graduate and get out from his under his dad's lazy eye, but he wouldn't mind being a waiter forever.

Compared to other gay-themed stories where the protagonist isn't out yet, it's also refreshing to see the big shift come along to his life so early in the story. It's not that I mind when a writer gives us chapters and chapters of set-up wherein we are immersed into the daily life of the protagonist before it changes, but that seems to be the rule and the exception fits in well here.

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No wonder Cameron´s a mess, mother leaving him when he was very little, father not caring at all and friends who throw eggs. Hopefully Cole comes to rescue, unless Josh gets them killed driving off the road.

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