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  1. vlista20

    Chapter 9

    One Moment Chapter 9 Matt refused to go to bed once they got back to the facility, and even though the police had said they would not show for at least a couple of hours, Dr. Marshall was inclined to let Matt stay up. It didn’t take long however for the exhausted boy to pass out on the sofa in his office. He looked at Mark and nodded for him to follow him into the hallway, closing the door gently behind them. They stood near the door, not wanting to be too far away from Matt but far enough away so that if he should happen to wake up he would not hear their conver
  2. vlista20

    Chapter 8

    One Moment Chapter 8 Mark Elgers had just walked in his front door on Saturday afternoon after getting home from work when the phone in his house started to ring. Quickly kicking the door closed with his foot, he walked over to the phone and picked it up. “Hello?” “Mark?” “Yes?” He said recognizing Dr. Marshall’s voice. “I hate to ask this, but can you come back here?” “Well sure, is something wrong?” There was a sigh on the other end of the phone before the man answered. “Matt tried to run away a
  3. vlista20

    Chapter 7

    One Moment Chapter 7 At two o’clock Mark walked up to Matt’s desk where he was working on a collage, the whole room scattered with cut up magazines as each boy worked on their self portrayal collages. “It’s time for your visit with Dr. Marshall.” The annoyed look on Matt’s face was unmistakable but he did not argue, something Mark had come to realize that Matt really did very little of considering he was in a place he obviously, from his escape attempts, did not want to be. “You can just leave that, by the time you get back class will probably be in a study time
  4. vlista20

    Chapter 2

    One Moment Chapter 2 “Is he sleeping?” Mary Rancourt asked Mark, as she walked up to where he was sitting in a chair between Matt’s bed and the empty one beside it, with a tray of food. Mark looked up from the book he was reading and smiled at her. “Yeah he’s been asleep since the moment he laid down.” He turned and looked at the clock on the wall near the door, stretching out his body as he did so. “Nearly four hours now. He hasn’t even stirred. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anyone sleep so soundly.” “Probably has a lot to do with the pain medica
  5. vlista20

    Chapter 12

    One Moment Chapter 12 A couple of weeks went by with Matt writing in his Danny notebook every day between classes and chores and sessions with Dr. Marshall. Slowly he began to feel not quite so miserable though he still had the feeling he’d never be truly happy again. He just couldn’t comprehend that would be possible without Danny. After the breakfast dishes were cleared on Friday morning, the last Friday in October, Mary, as she did every Friday morning stood at the head of the dining room table, the smile on her face even bigger than usual. “I have news I
  6. vlista20

    Chapter 14

    One Moment Chapter 14 By early July it was time for Dr. Marshall to start looking for another place for Matt to go. “It’s absolutely appalling they won’t let you take him,” he said shaking his head as he looked at Mark who was sitting across the desk from him. Mark shrugged his shoulders; though he was more than a little upset about it himself, he was used to the world’s shit by now. “He doesn’t have to live with me for me to be able to still see him all the time. We just have to find a good home for him right here in town.” Dr. Marsha
  7. vlista20

    Chapter 13

    One Moment Chapter 13 On his Friday session with Dr. Marshall, exactly one week before Christmas, Matt sat in his usual chair and handed over his journal. Even though the doctor kept saying it wasn’t serving any purpose to do one, he still, for some reason, had to do it. Dr. Marshall read through the few paragraphs and handed the book back. “There’s going to be an announcement this afternoon. Next week is Christmas, as I’m sure you know and the boys here, if they are level appropriate can go home for Christmas Eve and Christmas and return the morning after Chris
  8. vlista20

    Chapter 11

    One Moment Chapter 11 Matt hadn’t been back at the facility for more than fifteen minutes the next day before he was taken to Dr. Marshall’s office. It had been Mark to pick him up from the hospital so he hadn’t seen the doctor since the afternoon before. He wasn’t looking forward to seeing him, his words from the day before about the two of them having a long talk were still ringing in his head. He did not want to have a long talk, but he knew he owed the man something. After he’d taken him on his word and taken him out to the cabin, no questions asked. The man trusted hi
  9. vlista20

    Chapter 10

    One Moment Chapter 10 After three days of throwing up nearly every thing he ate, Matt grew weaker and weaker, making it even a chore to get to the bathroom, let alone take a shower. He was in bed, as he had been for over 72 hours, when Dr. Marshall and Mark both walked into the bedroom at just after 10 am Thursday morning. Both men looked down at the boy, who was lying on his back, his lips cracked and dried from dehydration parted slightly, his flushed face not looking peaceful even in sleep. Dr. Marshall leaned over the bed saying the boy’s name and
  10. vlista20

    Chapter 3

    One Moment Chapter 3 Dr. Marshall looked up and smiled at Matt as the boy stiffly walked into the room, he could easily read from Matt’s facial expression and body language that he would rather be anywhere but his office at that moment. “How are you feeling?” He asked deciding not to comment on it for the moment as he motioned to one of the chairs in front of his desk, the same one Matt had sat in before. He watched him sit down not surprised his body stayed rigid and his hands gripped tightly to the arms of the chair. He also wasn’t surprised when he didn’t receive an an
  11. vlista20

    Chapter 1

    One Moment Chapter 1 Matt looked at the building before him. It didn’t look like a prison, in fact it just looked a little like a one story schoolhouse except with a lot less windows. There wasn’t a big chain link fence topped off with barbed wire, nor any armed guards at a gate, no this place certainly didn’t look like a place one couldn’t run away from he thought hopefully. His social worker, who was babbling on as usual from the front seat of her car had said it wasn’t a prison, but the more she described the place the more he’d feared he’d never be able to escape.
  12. vlista20

    Chapter 6

    One Moment Chapter 6 Matt was more than a little dismayed that evening right before dinner when he was led to Dr. Marshall’s office, even more dismayed when he realized Andy was heading there too and giving him several dirty looks, as they walked, not that he was very surprised about that. Once they were in the office Andy sat down heavily in a chair looking plenty pissed off making Matt even more nervous about what was going on, though he was sure it had something to do with his reason for refusing to write the apology letters. He sat down in the chai
  13. vlista20

    Chapter 5

    One Moment Chapter 5 Matt did not know how long he stayed in the small room but it was dark outside by the time he was able to leave. He was still shaky and exhausted but instead of going to bed like he wanted he was led back down to the main hall and right into a room he hated as badly as the room he was just in, Dr. Marshall’s office. He was surprised when the door was opened for him and he walked in to see the man still there. He wondered if the doctor ever took a day off in the first place and now wondered if he spent the night there as well. Checking the
  14. vlista20

    Chapter 4

    One Moment Chapter 4 Within minutes of finishing his dinner, an exhausted Matt asked Mark if he could go to bed. He’d had his most active day in what seemed like months though he knew it was really only just a couple weeks. Between the tests and following Mark all over the place and learning chores and doing laundry and making his bed, he had all he could do to keep his eyes open. “That’s no problem; do you want to take your shower tonight or in the morning?” Though he felt too tired to take a shower, he knew chances were good that no one else would
  15. vlista20

    One Moment

    Matt Creighton finds himself in a locked juvenile facility at the worst possible time. He is desperate to escape but cannot explain why without breaking a promise. Hoping that it is not too late, wishing he could return to that one moment when things went wrong.
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