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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

The Elf's Hunt - 15. A Parting of Ways

Elluin sat at a table, a mug of ale in front of him. Supposedly the tavern special. He doubted it was that special. You drink one watered down city tavern ale, you’ve drunk them all.

His finger circled over the cup idly as he stared at Hope from across the room. A small beam of frost cooled the mug for him, a magic hand of force stirring the contents. The elf's ribs still burned, a simple injury, but one that was still painful.

Hope still seemed rather shocked as he carried a mug toward the table. The elf scoffed quietly. He deserved it.

The tiefling kissed him. And not just a chaste kiss, no. He had tried to shove his tongue into Elluin’s mouth. The elf shuddered thinking about it. He was under a charm, he didn’t actually want the tiefling. It didn’t matter that Hope never seemed to use spells unless he was burning that stupid arrow.

Hope was clutching his spellbook like it was one of the most precious things in the world. It almost made Elluin laugh. Prestidigitation was one of the simplest spells to cast, a cantrip that a baby could use. Still, he remembered his first spellbook. The elf had been overly protective of that book too. He still was protective of his spells, even if he did swing them around occasionally.

The tiefling sat across from him, his mug shaking slightly. His hood was down, and Hope’s ears were twitching, swivelling nervously to listen to everything around him.

“To your good fortune,” Elluin said, raising his own mug.

Hope grunted something, going to take a sip of his ale. Elluin laughed as the tiefling made a face and spat it back into the mug.

“What, have you never had ale before?”

“I live in an orphanage. Do you really think I could afford ale before today?” Hope snapped.

It was a fair point.

“Okay, you’re a mage, right? You’re smart,” the tiefling sighed, taking a big gulp of the ale before grimacing again.

“I’d like to think I’m smart,” Elluin shrugged.

“Explain to me what the fuck just happened.”

“Are you talking about the halfling, or you kissing me?”

“Figure it out.”

“Well, you put a charm on me, I followed you to get it removed, and you kissed me, in short. By the way, if you ever do that again, I will strangle you.”

“Don’t worry, I will be over you by morning,” Hope growled.

“The halfling problem… well, that’s a little more complicated. Either she was impersonating someone, she stole money, or… well, either way, I’m thinking you were rewarded for her demise. And the rather generous offering you left behind. So, it seems your plan worked. I wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. It might bite,” Elluin shrugged, taking another drink.

“Fine. Well, thanks for your help.”

Hope drained his ale in a trio of large gulps, standing.

“Whoa, hold on. You still need to remove this charm you put on me,” Elluin said sharply.

“I can’t. Looks like you’ll be the one going to the Mages’ Guild.”

Elluin growled as Hope walked away, spellbook in hand and purse of gold tucked securely within his cloak. Gods he hated that tiefling.


Hope dove back into the slums, mind still whirling from the events of the morning. He moved through the alleys, swiftly, silently, feeling like he had finally come home. And now that the Guild had called his debt paid, his heart should feel free.

Yet it didn’t. He had killed someone, murdered that halfling in cold blood. He could still hear the click of her crossbow, hear Elluin’s grunt as he was speared by the bolt. Feel the icy grip of fear as he watched the elf fall again.

“Enough!” the tiefling screamed. “Get out of my head!”

“Hey dude, you might want to see a cleric about that…” a woman said, sitting against a wall with a wineskin in her hands. “Never good when you start talking to yourself.”

Growling in frustration, Hope continued his journey through the dark alleys. It wasn’t long before he stopped outside the orphanage again. He took a deep breath, before opening the doors.

Arran stood up from the small table where three children were hard at work, needles and thread in their hands.

“Excuse me, can I help you, sir?” the elf asked.

Hope slid his hood off, frowning slightly.

“Hope! You’re back?”

“Yeah. Where is Jeanne?” the tiefling asked, looking around.

Arran mirrored Hope’s frown.

“Uh, perhaps this would be best discussed away from certain ears,” he suggested, nodding toward the sleeping hall.

Hope followed the elf with a feeling of trepidation. He’d only been gone for just over a week if that. What could have happened in that time?

“Stupid question,” he mumbled quietly.

The tiefling was honestly surprised the orphanage was still standing, given how often bad things seemed to happen around him.

“So, uh… Jeanne…” Arran frowned, crossing his arms nervously. “Uh, about three days ago, a wealthy halfling decided to pay a visit. Said he was looking for a housegirl, and he had his eyes on Nagiri.”

“Oh fuck…” Hope sighed, already filling in the blanks.

Even worse, he had a guess who the halfling worked for.

“So Jeanne took the fall for Nagiri, and is now stuck as some sort of servant for a halfling, probably a sex slave.”

“It gets worse. I had some of my old contacts ask around. The halfling took her to the port. Their ship left yesterday. There is no way to find out where she is.”

Hope sighed, turning away from the elf. He kicked out suddenly, sending a cot flying.


“I… I, uh, kept the kids inside since she left. We’re taking on sewing for the rats around here.”

“And food?”

Arran shrugged helplessly.

“I’m sorry. I failed,” he whispered.

“Yeah, well, at least you didn’t pay for your own execution,” Hope sighed, shaking his head. “I’m going out. Keep the kids busy for a bit longer, okay?

“I should be able to manage that,” Arran shrugged.

The tiefling left the building, taking a moment to let the grief of losing Jeanne wash over him. The woman had lived in the orphanage almost as long as Arran had, and had been great with the kids, helping Hope feed everyone and keep them safe. With her gone off to be some pleasure slave… He shuddered, a tear squeezing from his eyes.

This was pointless. He would achieve nothing from sitting here crying. The tiefling still had five hungry mouths to feed.

Moving swiftly, Hope made his way to the marketplace, already knowing exactly where the cheapest food in the city was. Skipping past the Adventurer’s Shoppe, the tiefling paused outside a simple stall, fingering the sack that was still hidden in his cloak.

“Ah, Hope, what can I do for you?” the half-elf in the stall smiled. “Love the new cloak, by the way. Green gives you a mysterious air.”

“Thanks, Elyra,” Hope smiled slightly. “I finally got a bit of coin, and I was hoping you might have something for me and the others.”

“Hmm, let me see… The fruits haven’t been selling that well. I could give you a discount on ten. Oh, and there’s some old bread that’s close to turning.”

“How much for each?”

“A copper per loaf of bread, and five for ten apples. They really are not selling well. I think it’s because someone forgot to dry them.”

“Okay, I’ll take ten loaves of bread and twenty apples,” Hope said, pulling a coin out.

Elyra whistled.

“Oh kitty, don’t tell me you’ve taken up stealing from the rich?” she said.

“Not exactly. There was a thing with a crown-”

“That was you? Man, the guards were all over town looking for you. They finally gave up the search a few days ago.”

“They never saw my face,” Hope sighed. “And I gave it back. Can we drop the subject, please? It was a mistake.”

“Of course.”

The half-elf handed the tiefling a large sack of food, taking the gold form him. She bit the coin, testing it, before handing him a handful of silver.

“Listen, you tell that silver-haired beauty that lives by you that I’ve been waiting for him to come around and see me.”

“I haven’t seen him in a while,” Hope shrugged apologetically.

“Ah shit. The good ones never stick around,” Elyra sighed. “Well, do me a favour and get yourself something nice with that coin of yours. You deserve it.”

“Thanks, Elyra,” Hope said, taking his food.

He had an orphanage in need of feeding.


He kissed him.

Elluin didn't know why that thought kept running through his head. Maybe because that was the first time anyone had kissed him. Maybe because his first kiss had come from a fiend. He felt defiled.

And he wanted more.

The elf cast an icy cantrip on a bandage, wrapping it around his slender torso. It cooled his injury, relieving some of the pain, and Elluin took a deep breath.

Removing his sword from its scabbard, the mage sank onto the bed of the private tavern room, seeking out another cantrip. His gambeson had a hole in it, not a big deal, but Elluin did not want to run around with broken gear. His mail had a few parted links from the only striking it. Those would be relatively cheap to fix at a smith.

Besides, this would give him a chance to talk to a smith, discuss an apprenticeship. A nice source of possible income, and maybe he'd find a way to enchant the metals he worked.

Not that he'd be doing anything until he got his ribs taken care of. The icy wrap felt nice around his torso, but moving still caused some pain. He could handle it, but he felt certain that swinging a hammer would not help the healing process. It was a shame he didn't have the money for a trip to a cleric.

Wincing slightly, Elluin sank onto the straw filled mattress. He felt exhausted, from the trip, the fight, and all the shit Hope had put him through.

The fiend had kissed him… all because he wanted a kiss before he died. And then the tiefling didn't even have the decency to actually die. It would have made things so much easier if he had…

Just thinking of the tiefling made his entire body tingle with nerves. Like he needed to see Hope, even though it was the last thing he wanted.

An itch grew in his gut, the elf sitting up in horror. The moon… he had lost track of the moon.

Standing, Elluin moved as fast as he could to the window, craving his head to see the sky. Just as he thought, the moon was full.

"Shit… fucking shit…" the elf muttered, yanking off his pants as the itch grew.

He took a deep breath, trying to settle into a calmer state of mind, but there was no way it was happening. There was no fighting what was coming.

Grunting in pain as black fur sprouted from his body, Elluin began pulling at his wrap, baring his gut. His body grew taller and wider, his legs forming into digitigrade paws that made standing still such a pain, even if they aided immensely in running.

Elluin was never in a city for his transformations. People who knew him tended to shun him after they knew his secret. People who didn't know him ran, assuming he was a werewolf.

As they should. If he had his way, he would chase them, bite them, destroy them and revel in the hunt. It had been so long since he'd last had a good hunt.

Elluin tensed up, his face exploding outward into a wolfish muzzle. He wanted to claw at the fur that sprouted from his skin, but he held his claws in check, remembering the one and only time he had done so, the agony his razor sharp claws had caused on his face.

He wanted to run, to hunt, but he was cooped up in the room for the night. There was no way he could go out on the town. Not like this.

No, his hunt would have to wait until tomorrow. And then he would feast on the flesh of the city's fiends.


Hope stared at the building, fingers twitching nervously. He had never been here before, had never wanted to come here before. The tiefling was at his wit's end though. He couldn't sleep. He kept thinking about the halfling dying by his hand, of Jeanne being stolen away, of Elluin nearly being killed.

He needed a distraction.

So here he stood with a rush candle burning in his hand, too nervous to go forward, too scared to go back. His candle was burning quick, and he needed to make a decision if he didn't want to be accosted by a guard on his way home for not having a light.

The building before him was tucked in a discrete corner of the city, the city wall rising high above it. The full moon shone down into a window on the second floor, giving a glimpse of a richly appointed room.

"You're really going to make me do this," the tiefling growled. "Does it give you joy, seeing me uncomfortable?"

No voice answered his question, the sounds of the city at night his only response.

"Fine! I'm going!"

Pinching his candle, the tiefling stepped up to the door, knocking on it gently. Almost immediately, he turned around. No one was there. He would just go home and deal with his mind. How hard could it be?

The door opened with a soft creak, a young woman peeking outside.

"Hello," she smiled at him.

"Hi… uh, hello," Hope frowned slightly, turning back toward the door. "You… are you closed?"

"Not for another hour," the woman smiled. "Is this your first time?"


His voice missed much of its usual snark. It was all the tiefling could do to keep a nervous tremble from his voice.

"Welcome then. Unfortunately, we do not have time to show you around."

The door was held open, invitingly, and Hope hurried inside. His hood remained on his head, his cat-like tail tucked within his cloak.

The tiefling found himself in an extravagant entrance hall. Candles lit the hall, flickering light filling the room. He felt out of place. Nine Hells, the cushions just in the entrance hall were the most comfortable he had ever laid eyes upon.

"Do you know what you are looking for?"

"Something for the night?"

It came out uncertainly, as though he was asking permission.

"That is rather expensive."

"How expensive?"

"Depending, between two and ten gold. What kind of person are you looking for?"

Hope's shoulders shrugged helplessly.

"Hmm. Well, why don't you step into this room over here and I will send someone in to speak with you."

The tiefling followed the woman's gesture, moving through a door into a small, comfortable room. A loveseat sat against the far wall, beeswax candles burning merrily on a table beside it. Two statues sat on either side of the entrance, one a rather busty Elven woman, and the other a well endowed human man.

He sat on the seat, fingers tapping nervously. This was not the place for him; he shouldn't be here.

A different woman entered the room, dressed in a velvet robe. Her fiery hair was swept back against her shoulders, bright green eyes smiling at him.

"Hello. I'm Anne," she said, closing the door. "May I sit?"

Hope nodded, and Anne crossed the small room, sitting rather close to the tiefling. He tried not to stare at her, his eyes sweeping the room until they landed on the statues.

"You seem rather nervous. Or do you just prefer the mystery of hiding your face?"

"I… there aren't many who feel comfortable with my appearance," Hope swallowed drily.

The woman reached for his hood, pausing just shy of touching the fabric, with a questioning look. Hope took a deep breath, and nodded slightly. His hood was pushed back, the woman gasping slightly as his cat ears swivelled in the open air.

"That… that is an unusual… effect," she said. "You're a mage?"

"Uh, yeah," Hope replied, his ears twitching.

"Am I making you uncomfortable?"

"A little," the tiefling admitted.

"You seem rather intrigued with our statues. Which one do your eyes favour?"

"Um… the one on the left…"

Anne let out a small smile as she stood up.

"Then, if you will wait here a moment, I will send in someone who might accommodate your needs better."

She left the room, and a few minutes later, a young half-Elven man entered, his body on display. A tight sleeveless shirt accentuated his chiseled torso, his deep red hair tied back to show off an angular face with just the hint of a beard. Silk trousers bulged with a not inconsiderate package, one that Hope's eyes were inexorably drawn to.

"Hey there," the half-elf said, his voice light and warm. "I am Samuel."

"I… I'm Hope…" the tiefling stuttered.

Fuck, if this didn't cure him of his crush on Elluin…

He lost that train of thought as Samuel took his hand, pulling him to his feet.

"Will I suffice for tonight?" the half-elf questioned.

"Y… yeah…"

He could feel the warmth of Samuel's body, the half-elf smiling at the tiefling with a sparkle in his eye.

"Then shall we head upstairs?"

He was led out of the room and up the stairs. Following Samuel into a dimly lit room, Hope stood in the doorway, staring wide eyed at the large bed that took up much of the room. His stomach was churning with nerves, his tail flicking uneasily under his cloak.

"Maybe this was a bad idea…"

Samuel paused, searching Hope's eyes.

"Is this your first time?" he asked.

Hope nodded silently.

"Don't worry, we will take this as slow as you want."

"I don't know if I can have… have sex… Not with you."

"Okay. If you want, we can just lay in bed together. Or you can leave. You are in control here."

Hope swallowed drily. He was definitely attracted to this person. But he couldn't stop thinking of Elluin.

"Is there someone you're thinking of?"

Even with the nervousness that filled him, Hope still managed to roll his eyes.

"Very subtle," he muttered, looking up.

It broke the moment, and his nerves started to leave him, slowly.

"Yeah, there's… there's this elf."

"Ah. And does this elf know about you coming here?" Samuel questioned, tugging the tiefling to the bed.

"We aren't actually together or anything. I'm pretty sure he hates me."

Hope sat beside the half-elf, staring at his lap. His fingers played nervously with each other, thumbs tapping on his thighs.

"But you have feelings for him."

"I'm trying to get rid of them," he admitted. "I kissed him today, and he told me if I did it again he would gut me."

"Doesn't sound like a good match for you."

"He and I went on a journey together, and we were constantly arguing. He is so… infuriating. But I can't stand not being around him. I don't even know where he is."

A hand gently rubbed Hope's back. Nails scraped over his cloak, scratching him, and the tiefling let out a quiet sigh.

"I'm not sure this is the best way to get over him. You intended to remain here for the night, correct?"

He nodded, eyes drooping slightly.

"If you would still like to stay, perhaps a massage would help you relax."

"Okay. How… how much do I owe you?"

"Three gold for the night."

Hope stuck his hand into the pouch of gold hidden in his cloak, removing the coins. He handed them to Samuel, who deftly pocketed them.

The half-elf stood, moving toward a washtub in the corner of the room. A blue glow swirled around his hand, the sound of splashing water filling the tub. A red glow followed until a thin wisp of steam rose from the tub, and the half-elf set a bar of soap beside the tub.

"Why don't you take a bath, clean yourself? I can draw a screen for you if you do not want to disrobe in front of me."

"Thank you," Hope said in surprise.

He stood and stepped up to the tub. With a quiet rasp, Samuel drew a screen between himself and the tub, granting Hope some privacy.

The tiefling removed his cloak, setting it over the screen for extra security. He stripped quickly, and stepped cautiously into the tub. The water was warm even to his heat resistant skin, an unfamiliar feeling to one used to bathing in the rain. He sank slowly into the tub, shivering as water slipped up to his chest with a wet sloshing.

As much as he wanted to enjoy the water, the tiefling was overly conscious of Samuel moving around the room. Recalling the motions of the spell Elluin gave him, Hope cast it, flinching as his torso heated up to a temperature too hot even for him.

Shrugging silently as he splashed some water over his chest, Hope picked up the soap. Maybe it was time for him to figure out how to use this stuff.

Ten minutes later, he stood up, taking a towel Samuel had placed over the screen. His body was as clean as it was going to get, his tail dripping back into the tub.

Another towel was provided, Samuel leading the now-dry tiefling to the bed. Positioning Hope on his stomach, Samuel laid out the towel under Hope's tail, before straddling the tiefling. There was a quiet pop and the sound of wet hands rubbing together, and Hope tried to look around.

"Relax," Samuel whispered, his weight shifting forward.

Hope was glad the half-elf was still dressed. He could feel Samuel poking against his ass, but as a pair of gentle hands pressed into his scapula, the tiefling forgot his worries in a loud moan.

Samuel dug into the tiefling, gentle but firm in his task. As his oiled hands ran over Hope's back, Hope allowed himself to drift, relaxing fully for the first time in weeks, no, months. This feeling of being cared for was alien to him, and he was in love with the sensation that was running through his body. Even as Samuel slowly thrust against his hole, teasing him, Hope found he could focus more on the massage, the gentle humping just adding to the scene.

A hand slipped around his tail, the appendage slapping slightly against Samuel's leg. Soft palms dug into his ass and the tiefling let out a quiet whimper, melting deeper into the feathery softness of the bed.

His eyes blinked blearily, Hope taking in the light of a new morning. He fell asleep?

"Ah fuck. A cut away? I missed most of the night…" he sighed, rolling over.

The towel fell off his body, baring the tiefling to the room, and Hope flinched, covering himself with his hands.

"Relax. I've seen all sorts of groins," Samuel said, standing near the empty tub.

The half-elf tossed Hope's clothing into the bed, Hope scrambling to dress himself.

"Um, thank you," he said, standing up.

His body felt refreshed. Even his hand wasn't hurting as much as it had the day before.

"Thank you for your money," Samuel shrugged.

He motioned toward the door, Hope hurrying to leave the room. Taking up his rush candle from the night before, the tiefling nodded to the woman watching the front door, and stepped outside. His shoulders clenched slightly as he looked around, but there was no one nearby to pay attention to him, and Hope relaxed, before making his way back to the orphanage.

Copyright © 2020 Yeoldebard; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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