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  1. centexhairysub

    The End

    A very nice story, and I guess it answered some of the questions with this chapter but I want some more answers. You need to do a postscript and give a little more information on all of what happened, those in San Francisco, was the Order destroyed, update on all of the team members from start to finish.
  2. centexhairysub

    The Sergeant

    I have never heard of the phenomena of someone waking up and remembering things that they dreamed up while they were unconscious, sounds different but actually totally plausible.
  3. centexhairysub

    Momento Mori

    Well, that was unexpected on several levels...
  4. WOW. a lion as an enforcer for a lycan pack? Such a good chapter, so many little delicious tidbits to digest. Can't wait for the next update...
  5. centexhairysub

    Chapter 13

    This chapter felt sweet. After so much pain, both physical and emotional, everyone needed to have some space and breathing room. Sam is just a wonder. Well written and the timing was perfect.
  6. It was very hard to be truly on your own back then. You never knew who to really trust and any type of injury even minor could turn fatal if alone. I understand why they are going their own way but worry about them both now.
  7. centexhairysub

    Chapter 28

    D'gar did good sort of taking charge and getting the dragons organized. I am still pissed at H'rek. This lack of organization and cohesiveness is going to cause major issues at some point.
  8. centexhairysub

    Decline and Fall

    The tears just won't stop...
  9. centexhairysub

    Chapter 21

    I honestly blame Fergus for this. I think if he wasn't so insecure in his own leadership; he would have brought Jimmy into the pack already and Jimmy would have found the rogue before all of this happened. I do wish we knew who the rogue was....
  10. centexhairysub

    Chapter 38

    What a wonderful chapter, so well written and the pacing was perfect; truly made my day. Granger has made sure that he has a chance to succeed in getting the Czar to at least look the other way if not forgive him for his actions in getting to Russia. Not sure how the Czar will view Daventry, was he even aware of how close to danger he truly was; or in his madness did he see himself as indestructible. So many different people involved; but all with competing interest or reasons for their actions or inactions. Can Granger and Daventry really trust any of them? Thankfully, both seem to understand how to play this game. As an amateur historian, minor in college, I can attest that the German aristocracy and royalty did have an arrogance that was not as polished and much more obvious than their counterpoints in almost any country other than France. Mark, this is truly a compelling and masterful telling of this story. A grand addition to the Bridgemont series...
  11. Well, we knew this was coming; but it doesn't make it any easier. Don't know if it would have been kinder to wait a few days to let Coy get settled down or not. Could Boone be giving up on what Coy might feel? You really don't know what is in someone else's heart or mind; and Coy is still young, even if back then people had to grow up faster. Boone is facing a hard journey and so is Coy, both will have to learn how to deal with life without each other in their lives; at least for the time being. Great update, can't wait for the next one...
  12. Great chapter, well written and flowed beautifully. Well, we got our first brief glimpse of the villain, but can anyone that truly loves Venice, really be all bad? Mace can't keep secrets from Vincent, his past makes that hard for him to deal with.
  13. centexhairysub

    Chapter 27

    H'reck is a child and he is acting like one...
  14. centexhairysub

    Meet the Humans

    Don't know about the Senator but I am sure the Congressman is a Republican by his actions and word... Loved this chapter, the interaction with the humans was so well written. Can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the excellent work.
  15. centexhairysub

    Chapter 12

    Just when you thought that everything might be back to an even keel, another tragedy. Sam just cracks me up... Well written and can't wait to see what happens next.
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