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  1. Well, can't wait for the party and the next week or so; not sure if it is dread or excitement that is driving the desire to see what happens next. I do think that Mama is going to create some type of problems, I could see either and attempted kidnapping or an successful one; and a rescue; or well, who knows what. Can't wait to see what happens next. I am sure that this is Freyja but can't recall any Kaarel in any Norse mythology, will have to check when I have time. I do love how you are able to pull in different aspects of mythology from different cultures to enhance your stories.
  2. Nameer made me cry. I felt so many things reading his story; he seems to need to get away from the wife as much as Shivay needs to get away from his mother... I don't think that Shivay will willingly return to his mother's home, and it is clearly her home. That said, I have a feeling of dread not just about the upcoming party but about what actions she will take to force Shivay into her narrow worldview. Just so well done...
  3. I love all mythology, that said, Norse was never as nuanced nor as robust as some of the others; that said, the Norse mythology was interesting in that the Goddesses were often on an even keel with the Gods and often bested them. This was strange because of the the patriarchal society that the Norse mythology flowed from, Freyja was a very powerful Goddess that few wanted to met in battle, although she was more skilled with those that served her near, even one on one, she was fearsome. She often defied and opposed Odin, that is one reason that I find her helping Siku to be out of character for her. But as a Vanir, Freyja knows many things that even Odin and the other Gods are unaware of; but once again, the Vanir are more closely associated with the boar as an animal not the bear or even the cat.
  4. centexhairysub


    Oh Hell to the No, he didn't.... Brathay is turning out to be one interesting personage. I feel like Leonmarkh is being led into a trap; someone wants to take the keep by why and who? The old notebook may hold the key to stopping them. I am sure the skulls and the crystals are more than they seem; but what are their secrets??? Well, have caught up know, can't wait for the next update...
  5. centexhairysub


    Ah, so a spy is at work in the village; how else would something in such a sacred place be known. So glad that the meal turned out as wonderful as we all knew it would and that everyone was able to enjoy it... Bravo...
  6. centexhairysub


    I do wonder what his ties to this land will turn out to be; why does our intrepid apprentice know so little of his mother or her people? So many questions and really so few answers so far....
  7. centexhairysub


    What a truly wonderful chapter; the delights were many but the mysteries even more. I can't wait to see what happens next; and exactly whose body the hands work their magic on???
  8. centexhairysub


    Never piss off the cook; this is going to be very very interesting.
  9. centexhairysub


    This story is already developing in several unexpected ways. I am really enjoying the style of writing and the flow of the story so far. Character development has been excellent, can't wait to see what happens next.
  10. centexhairysub


    What an undertaking; and on such short notice. I do think that the gift of the recipes and spices may be much more important than he realizes at the moment. Can't wait to see what happens next.
  11. centexhairysub


    Let's hope the trick with the orange works... Excellent start to a story; we learned a lot and it was interesting enough for the reader to want to learn more...
  12. And so it begins; or ends? I am so excited to be at this point. We do know what is coming; but you know they say the trip is half the fun... LOL. As with anything unknown, a lot of gossip and conjecture. M'ta hit on it; and D'gar is one of the few to maybe fully understand. Glad that Zalna came to visit; surprised she did not know about S'brin, but I think she can help D'gar more than most. He realizes that she has gone through the same thing, or very nearly. Truly excellent chapter, flowed wonderfully.
  13. Freyja is the only Norse Goddess that I know associated with cats; her chariot is pulled by two of them. She uses them for other purposes as well. That said the animal she is most closely associated with is Hildisvini, a boar. She is the Norse goddess of love, sex, fertility, war, beauty, gold, and seidr, art of telling the future. Freyja takes half of all the slain warriors in battle; half go to Valhalla with Odin and half go with Freyja to Sessrumnir. She is considered the most feminine of all the Norse Goddess; but still is considered a Goddess of War and is known for her cunning. I would consider her a strange choice for being involved with Siku; but can't wait to find out why you have picked her... Loved how Siku handled everything about the first day on the ship. He showed his patience and willingness to work. He also understands how dangerous a job in that environment can be. Already don't like Gandira; a gossip and tattle tell. Wonder if he was send by Shivay's mother? I do think that Shivay is going to continue to have issues until he finally stands up to his mother and whole family, not sure how easy that will be on any level however. They are so sweet together... Can you have a cub and another person that is your mate? OMG, we need answers...
  14. centexhairysub

    Working Cat

    What a great job interview; and love that Charlie is going to be working on the ship as well. Sailors are more superstitious than most other people, glad they like cats... Rats can truly be a huge problem on ships, even today, so if Charlie is a mouser, then he really could help them out. Siku has such a soft heart. I loved his first date with Shivay; but like some others, I am not sure that Mama Tiger is through having her say at all. Can't wait for the party, but I do have to wonder if the reality of it will be harder for Shivay to deal with the idea of it... Great job as usual.
  15. The first three quarters of the story was hot hot hot... Loved the time on the beach, swimming nude is wonderful, although unless you are a tiger or a bear, the water in that area would be much too cold to do so, shrinkage you know... Loved how in sync Siku and Shivay are in many ways; I do not believe they are fated to stay together but Siku needs to help Shivay learn who he is and what that means. Shivay's mother may regret her actions. I have known several men from that culture, and this is much more prevalent than most realize, especially among the higher caste. Wonderful writing and flow as always...
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