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  1. centexhairysub

    Aid: 5.6

    Tsuru is the bomb... War is always great for someone or some group. It allows horrible things to occur with few people noticing; it allows people to make boatloads of money; acquire power and property; and so many more horrible things. Not sure what the next move will be; but I do feel that Caleb will get some help from this group. I know that Tasha and Hideyoshi don't really trust or care that much about Caleb, but with that last announcement; everyone needs to be up to date with this new group.
  2. WOW, really lost all respect for S'brin in this chapter. What happens on a mating flight is one thing; but to bring the other rider back to the weyr he shares with D'gar is just way to much.... Maybe I won't care as much when he dies...
  3. centexhairysub

    Aid: 5.5

    Okay, I understand why 23 might not want to escape, look what happened before; but if she doesn't know what is going to happen and decides to fight it, could cause more problems for everyone. How much older is 23 than Caleb? Okay, so glad that James apologized to Casper and glad that Casper came clean about getting a teacher. That being said, is he considering Father one of his teachers? Casper used the male pronoun when talking about the teacher but both we know of are female? I do wish everyone would be more open, I know it is not really realistic in a story and setting like t
  4. centexhairysub

    Aid: 5.4

    Let me say that I truly hate Father; but that said, there are those people, usually men, that truly do not understand that their attraction and feelings for teens or adolescents are wrong. I have had to deal with just a few like that over the years, usually in court mandated therapy but some in private practice as well. They sincerely believe that what they are doing is okay. I guess that Father could be like that; and then on top of his gift, which causes euphoria in most; it simply reinforces what he truly believes. While I am glad that Casper has told somebody; he would have been be
  5. centexhairysub

    Aid: 5.3

    Heartbreaking but never underestimate the cruelty of the human animal.
  6. centexhairysub

    Embers 10

    You just don't f#&k with Mother Nature. The planet tends to know what really needs to happen; while the fires are horrible and homes and lives are lost; humans have moved into areas that really were not habitable for a reason. We have screwed with water tables, rivers, deserts, and so much more and then wonder why nature bites back at times. Good interaction through out this chapter, writing was excellent and flowed well. God help everyone if Lachlan gets hurt bad; Brandon will come unglued.
  7. centexhairysub

    Chapter 24

    Another great chapter, sorry to see the message at the end of the chapter that this wonderful story may be drawing to a conclusion. The writing and character development has just been remarkable. Another wonderful chapter, I thought that Andiya handled Lady Baiza as well as could have been expected. I do hope that Lord Temu doesn't forget himself and give something away, like Kastan, he can't see what is right in front of him because of the past and familiarity of it all. Jihan knows that Rashan is the future; he wants to make sure that he is as prepared as possible to deal with
  8. centexhairysub

    Chapter 23

    Great update, so glad that Kastan has started to realize some of what Jihan has had to deal with his whole life. I can't wait to see how Lord Revi and the damn Empress deal with Kastan taking that many men into the Iron Lands. But with Kastan sending the note to the Emperor about declaring peace when he reaches the palace, while going there through the Iron Lands; it may neutralize some of their side plays but not all of them. Glad that Jihan is starting to realize how potentially dangerous Lady Baiza is; even if Kastan really doesn't. She is like the viper waiting in the grass, unno
  9. Really enjoyed this chapter; it was almost a break from the stress and drama of the last few. I thought that Natalie handled the session with James almost picture perfect. She is slowly getting him to see how the rapist actions don't reflect on him or his potential feelings but only on the rapist himself. She was always able to draw him out about Casper really well, I think she realizes how much they both need each other still. OMG, with friends like Liz, who needs enemies... Great chapter...
  10. centexhairysub

    Chapter 13

    No matter how many of the newer generations prove interesting; this chapter just reminds me how much I truly adore JP. His character development from the first story going forward has just been exceptional. I know he truly has not been the focus of a story for some time; but each time he shows up it just tugs at my heartstrings and memories so deeply. Stef is always a delight as well, and while I enjoy each of his appearances, nothing can top JP showing up in a story for me, even if it is just here and there. Will handled the situation with Connie leaving so well; he is so much more le
  11. centexhairysub

    Aid: 5.2

    Well, would rather that James discussed this with Peter, his father, but at least he is discussing it with someone. The training was awesome; well until it wasn't. I have to wonder if there is a way for James to shield the form that he takes when he loses his shape? Maybe learn a spell that acts as a forcefield or shield? Several people seem to have a version of that; but is it tied to their ability or to a spell? Flowed really well, really good chapter...
  12. Going to assume that no one has any idea that the mercenaries responsible for the Crown Princess death were at least nominally controlled or acting under orders from the Imperial Commander/Duke? Elena seems just a tad to annoyed with the Duke without enough of an explanation; there has to be something more there. Michael is going to have his hands full with this all the way around...
  13. centexhairysub


    Well, I may have to come up with a scorecard to try and keep everyone and their connection to everyone else straight. Dates would be nice, how long since the prologue has it been since this occurrence? This chapter flowed much better and the writing was very descriptive.
  14. centexhairysub


    Okay, not sure how this is going to go; but enough of a mystery for me to at least move forward. Writing was good but the pacing wasn't smooth as I would have expected. Just enough of the background so you know sort of what is going on; but not really sure how the players revolve around each other. Could be the start of a grand adventure.
  15. centexhairysub

    Aid: 5.1

    Okay, wow, I just don't even know how to handle this one. It is f&%#ed up on so many levels. Just when you truly believe you might have possible seen the worst of humanity, you realize you are not even close to that. The people that bred Caleb need to be wiped from the face of the earth along with all of their progeny. No one with their genes should be allowed to live. I truly do hope that James doesn't try to help Caleb and his partner on his own; this is one of those things that he needs to involve someone else to make sure everything is handled properly.
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