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  1. D'gar sort of understands what is going on and how he should feel, have to feel a little sorry for Rina. Wonder how she will take M'rell and S'brin being together. Wonder if S'brin sensed M'rell's dragon was close and helped his dragon choose him...
  2. centexhairysub

    Chapter 33

    OMG, Doris is my new hero... What a wit and a wonder.... I honestly can't believe that Fergus would be stupid enough to strike out at Sawyer, that is the one thing to insure that Jimmy will never willingly follow him like a good little soldier. This chapter was just perfect, can't wait for the next update...
  3. Even with the discussion of certain messy issues; this was just sweet. With the exception of maybe the love of a parent for a child, nothing beats true love for making you feel that everything will work out and everything is just as it should be... Wouldn't mind a book two for this story either...
  4. centexhairysub

    The Full Story

    Oh, all hell is about to break loose... I just hope nothing else happens before they get there...
  5. Really enjoyed this book, there will be a second one coming per the author. It was well written and the pacing and flow of the story was first rate. The character development was better than average and there was some unique takes on were creatures that I had not found in other stories. My one issue with the book was that a couple of the story lines got mentioned and then just never resolved; but perhaps they will be in the second book. Recommend for anyone that enjoys were creature stories or those with mages and magic.
  6. Well, the end of this book came out of no where; good to shake things up some though. If Yakob is the one that taught Stefan, have to wonder how old he is. Glad this book ended with a get together, of course a few were missing, but most of the main group were in attendance. Flowed well, and the ending to the book actually felt right. Now we get to look forward to Yakob training Vincent; as well as Vincent going to New York and the three challenges that await him there. Keep up the great work.
  7. Could Taran be coming into a new power, after having his others for so long? Keeping secrets from those you truly love is never an easy thing. In this case there is a reason, but that doesn't make it any easier. Taran's right though, and letting Ronnie's dad know about the two of them would make it easier to explain why Ronnie isn't at home as much. Excellent update, can't wait for the next one...
  8. centexhairysub


    Good chapter, flowed well and very well written. That is one think that I don't understand, why doesn't those in charge limit the ones that can rise and chase after a dragon when it is a really young rider. It seems like it would be like raping a child, even if the child wants it in the midst of the mating flight. That is one thing that has always bothered me...
  9. A wonderful chapter, filled with many delights. I am so glad that Cyrus and Kaplan have found each other. I can't wait to maybe see them in New York dealing with issues there; plus, isn't Vincent suppose to visit New York? Love how Mason and Vincent interact and how their wolves interact with them. The thought of Mason going under Vincent caught me really off guard, but sort of hot. I love how Vincent is able to take ideas from so many people and put them into practice with his abilities. But I do think he needs much more practice and needs to integrate his wolf and even the
  10. centexhairysub

    Chapter 32

    The whole time that I was reading this chapter, the following quote kept running through my mind... “The idea of bringing someone into the world fills me with horror. I would curse myself if I were a father. A son of mine! Oh no, no, no! May my entire flesh perish and may I transmit to no one the aggravations and the disgrace of existence.” ― Gustave Flaubert
  11. Really enjoyed this chapter; and Corker was a hoot. I don't think I trust Mr. Lemon, and I would advise the boys to watch out, he might prove to be a sidewinder was well. Trained horses were always in demand in the old west. Glad to see they are thinking and not trying to bite off more than they can chew in getting ready to start this life. A man with a plan succeeds much more often than those that just try to wing everything.
  12. centexhairysub

    Half the Story

    I really wish that D'gar would have completely opened up with Lessa about what he knows. F'drun might not be in the all alone, could be more involved then anyone realizes. Forewarned is forearmed. This is going to upset some; but I think it will be for the best. Some of the old rules need to be back in place. Great job, this chapter just flowed so well.
  13. I would think that the loss of reason and being forced to act only according to instinct would be very hard for someone like Vincent that works to make his life orderly. At least we know that Vincent can access his magic on all of his forms.
  14. centexhairysub

    Chapter 31

    I can't believe you did that to us.... I cannot fathom the amount of tension and even anger that these two are feeling. The fear of losing your mate, someone that you were destined to love forever must be impossible to comprehend.
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