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  1. centexhairysub

    Chapter 33 - Is that a no?

    Loved this update, can't wait to see what happens next. Have to admit, I am liking this new group almost as much as the original, of course, a few more intermingling's would not be unwelcome. I agree that Dusty needs to stay around...
  2. centexhairysub

    Chapter 10

    Starting to think this quartet might be too much of a match for the three triads...
  3. centexhairysub

    Chapter 26

    A truly joyous chapter filled with much hope and promise. No growth or change comes without pain, in some form or another. Wonderful writing and pacing, can't wait to see what you do with this story next.
  4. centexhairysub

    Chapter 8

    Have to admit, that Worthington needs to realize that after the earlier attack; that he would be vulnerable at this location. Should have already had more resources in place.
  5. centexhairysub

    Chapter 25

    Mother knows best, at least in this regards. I bet money that Henley did not bother to tell either of the kids that he basically fired Drew.
  6. centexhairysub

    Chapter 32 - Help arrives

    Love the new direction to this story. Like Gwynn, and maybe she and Dusty will get added to the new little family. Can't wait to see what happens next.
  7. centexhairysub

    Chapter 7

    It can be amazing how often people from totally different backgrounds can find things that will pull them together. Worthington understands more about the world but if they listen those twenty kids will too by the time he is through with them.
  8. centexhairysub

    Chapter 25

    And the truth will out...
  9. centexhairysub

    Chapter 24

    Wonderful chapter the writing and flow was just perfect. Sort of wondering why Rory did not just turn Milan, is there something more to it because of Milan's condition? Can't wait to see what is next, glad the next chapter is up...
  10. centexhairysub

    Chapter 14

    Glad to see an update, hope you already have another chapter coming down the pike. I hope that Kelly doesn't try something while so many are out on this walkabout. I can say that I think she should have been confined in some way before they left. Can't wait to see what happens in the next update. Wonder how many are in the market? Will the herd just leave if they can't get inside, or will they meander around making it hard for them to get back out. Obviously, the police station was attacked, but by whom?
  11. centexhairysub

    Chapter 24

    Pissed on so many levels, not just at Henley, who has no idea what is really going on; but at Drew as well. Can't wait for the next update; I knew we would get to see Wales.
  12. centexhairysub

    Chapter 31 Don and Marco

    Loved this new chapter; the new direction will make for some interesting new encounters. Can't wait to see what happens next.
  13. centexhairysub

    Chapter 23

    Great chapter, but I have a feeling all hell is about to break loose. So much reveled but more still to come. At least Rory now knows who is behind all of this. Wonder if Dolon was really kidnapped or did he go missing on purpose. Can't wait to see what happens next...
  14. centexhairysub

    Queen of Alduin

    Truly enjoyed this story from start to finish. A sequel would not be amiss. However, whatever you turn yourself to next; keep this up...
  15. centexhairysub

    Chapter 22

    Another wonderful chapter, keep up the great work. Surprised the Milan just passed out like that; would have expected him to be a little bit stronger person that that. Actually shocked that Lloyd was knows by Kiyo, and exactly who is Nisin's father?

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