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  1. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 22

    'Careful Anya… careful…' 'You want me to be careful, shut the hells up…' The werewolf's hand slid over a counter, knocking off a pair of ink vials. The thick glass fell into her other hand as she ducked, one laying on the floor as Anya stowed her prize. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" Jakun exclaimed as the shop owner hurried over. He stooped down, picking up the fallen vial and handing it to the skeleton. "Wasn't there a vial of red ink too?" the skeleton asked in a clattering voice. "No? I only saw one fall…" "Tch, such disrespect. I should have your head slave." "My apologies," Jakun said, bowing low. He backed away, the skeleton glowering as he and Anya made their escape. "Explain to me why we went through all that again?" the cat demanded, ducking into an alley. "We have three scrolls. None of the spells on them are in either spellbook. If we write them down, we rewrite the scroll later and we can sell the copy. This is just… an advance on our payment. We can always come back later," Anya said, handing Jakun the ink. Sighing, the cat tucked it into his clothing, Anya vanishing into his head once more. "Amnor Sen wouldn't approve-" 'Amnor Sen left us here to die,' the werewolf snapped. 'He stole our book, left us with vague promises, and galloped off into the sunrise. Now, are you going to the Ebon Mausoleum or not?' 'We could probably find a quill somewhere else. I don't want to go in there,' Jakun shivered. 'Fine. Go ask an inn. They should have one,' Anya sighed. The amurrun hurried through the alleys, his nose picking out their earlier travelling through the city. It took a bit, but finally, Jakun was in the tavern he'd slept in the day before. "You're back? I thought you all left the city," the bartender grumbled. "No, my… master... left me behind to do a little more shopping. I was just wondering if you have a pen I could borrow? I promise, I'll return it in an hour or two," Jakun said. "Sure, but you aren't going anywhere with it," the man grunted, handing a large quill to the cat. He motioned to a table. "Can I get you anything to drink?" "No sir, but maybe later tonight." The catfolk sat at the table, summoning the necromantic spellbook. The whimpering pages were a strange comfort, showing him that others suffered too. Jakun was not alone, even if he often felt that he was. Even Anya hadn't suffered as he had. Her life had been full of hunting and killing, her death a quick silver arrow to the head. Opening the stolen vial, he searched for his cleaning spell, the pages of the book sighing sadly as he passed them. "What are you doing?" Anya demanded, appearing in the seat across from him. "Making a cleaning scroll. It is useful, Jeremy said so." "Well, yeah, but there are more useful things. What about that one dark spell we found this morning? Imagine if a vampire used it." Jakun thought for a moment, before nodding. "Yeah… I suppose that would work. But where are we going to find a vampire to buy it?" "The moroi who works here might be interested," Anya said, motioning toward the waitress who was busy with a customer. "She's not burning up? There's sunlight coming through the window," Jakun frowned. Anya shrugged. "I think as long as she doesn't go into direct sunlight, she won't be burned. It's coming through a window, so… that's not direct, I guess." "Magic is weird…" Jakun sighed, staring down at his book. "Still, the spell should allow her to go outside. That's the important part," Anya said. "She'd pay for that, right?" "I guess…" He began looking through the pages, finding the spell. The scratching of his quill filled the room, ink flowing in clear Osirian lettering that clearly spelled out just how to activate the scroll. Every word of the spell was double checked by Anya, her voice quietly translating the Elven lettering. It had never been Jakun's best language, but he knew enough to scrape by. Seeing it in the twisting code of magic made it difficult to decipher, but together, he and Anya figured it out, and two hours later, they had it written down. Letting the scroll dry, Jakun opened his book to an empty page. "We need to get that ritual down before we forget," he said. "Agreed. There are certain parts you could ignore. The sacrifice of love, that was already done. And the biggest part is figuring out how to separate your soul from your body. I think this book might be useful for that actually. It is stealing your soul using nothing but your blood. Maybe you won't need your true name, if you even have one." "So, we went through all that, and you want to ignore it?" Jakun frowned. "Ignore, no. Personalize, yes," Anya said. "Look, Ivris killed himself one way. I don't think he has a soul anymore; he's just… undead. But we could put your soul in a safe place. Hells, we could probably get Amnor Sen to help us still." "How? Tell him, oh, I need a box to stuff my soul in so I can be dead and not dead? He'd kill us." "Unless we told him it was a memorial to Aofe," Anya pointed out. "We could make it a box full of memories, and slip your soul into it later. "It's an idea. But what about you? What will happen to you if I become undying?" "I would still be interested in keeping you on the right track. So… barring some colossal mishap, I'd be hanging around," Anya assured him. "Eventually you'll leave though, right? I need to plan for that." "Well, yeah, eventually I'll want to pass on, but until that happens, I'll be here to bug you," the werewolf smirked. "Sounds like a plan to me. Let's get writing…"
  2. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 21

    I'm sure that's the only reason he won't run too...
  3. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 21

    They rode through the city at a trot, Jakun bouncing in front of Amnor Sen. Zephyr held them both with little trouble, the horse even helping the amurrun sit on his back. Amnor Sen felt something had happened to the horse. He seemed sharper, more intelligent. Moving through the city, it was almost like Zephyr was guiding the group safely around any who meant them harm. He gently stroked his horse's neck, a smile lining his face. How Zephyr had learned to do that was beyond him, an amazing trick he could only assume was a blessing from Shelyn. The paladin was just grateful not to be fighting anyone again. "Weren't we supposed to get some food?" Jeremy asked. "With what money?" "Well, you have that statuette of Nalia in your bag-" "Where it is staying because there is no way I am selling her," Amnor Sen denied. There was a quiet rustle, Jakun working a scroll case out of Amnor Sen's bag. "Wha… where did that come from?" the elf demanded. "Sidira Onyx. The elf from last night. She paid me with them," the cat said quietly. "Maybe we can sell a scroll? Master… Loran… used to make me copy scrolls for him to sell in the market, once I learned to write my spells down." "That's… not a bad idea," Jeremy said. "No, but you need to leave the city first," Amnor Sen added. He frowned, pulling Zephyr to the side of the road. Dismounting, the elf lifted Jakun off the horse. He pulled out a length of rope, tying it around the amurrun's neck, before handing him the scroll case. "I hate to do this, but it's safest for all involved. You are my slave for the next four days," the paladin said. "Most casters can mark things, correct?" Jakun nodded, his ears folding. "Good. You will mark your collar with the symbol of a songbird, and it will be my mark, to tell people you belong to me. Jeremy and I are leaving the city, and you will remain behind. We will follow the road north to the Axan Wood. You will use that case to purchase the following items. A backpack, two weeks' worth of trail rations, a waterskin, and a cloak. Then you will join us on the outskirts of the woods in no more than four days' time. That will give you plenty of time to reach us with the supplies. You will arrive with no more than twelve days' rations, understood?" The cat nodded, frowning at his feet. "Good. Get moving." "But sir… my book. I need it for my mount," Jakun said quietly. "You have your bow and nothing else. Reaching the forest on foot will take no more than two days, with no need for a spell. If you want your book back, you will do as you are told," Amnor Sen said. Jakun looked like he was going to argue. Suddenly, his face shifted, and he nodded, placing a hand on his collar. A quiet word was spoken, and a songbird appeared, marking him as a slave once more. "Good boy. Run along now," Amnor Sen said, mounting Zephyr once more. "You're just going to leave him here, in a city of undead?" Jeremy asked as they rode away. "Yeah. One of three things will happen. Either he will die, and no longer be our problem, cut his collar, and no longer be our problem, or return, and be a free cat on the road to redemption. It is not an easy road to walk, nor should it be," Amnor Sen said. "For the record, I do not agree to this. you don't know what I saw last night," Jeremy frowned, looking over his shoulder. The cat was sitting against a wall, his werewolf beside him as he searched through the case. He looked up, giving Jeremy a tiny wave of farewell. One which was returned with a heavy sigh. "Other than a dragon killing people? Besides, this will give us time to go through his book, and make sure it won't corrupt him anymore," Amnor Sen continued. Jeremy turned his attention back to the paladin. "Hey, you know how I have to pray for Cayden's power every day? I'm pretty sure you just trapped Jakun in a city of undead, without the benefit of magic." Amnor Sen shrugged. "I don't have magic either. He has a weapon. And he's intelligent. He can find a way out, I know it." The elf looked over at his partner as they passed a large, ebon pyramid. "I am not putting him through anything I wouldn't put myself," he said quietly. "Then why don't you stay with him?" Jeremy snapped. "You are a paladin, devoted to protecting the weak. And that cat is nothing if not weak." "Because I am concerned for you. If Jakun died, it would be painful, sure. But if you died and I wasn't there to prevent it… that would be the end of me," Amnor Sen said. "I am trying to do what I feel is right. The food and the bag, they are more for Jakun than for us. I am giving him the means to free himself. If he decides to run, then so be it. The collar is easily discarded. But should he follow through and return to us, he will do so a free cat, and my heart will be secure, knowing that he is ready to make an effort at putting his evil spells and past behind him." Jeremy stared at the paladin as they rode. He shook his head roughly. "Fuck you, and your pretty words. Why do you have to make sense?" The cleric grunted, kicking his mount into a light trot. Pulling ahead as the city gates came into view, the man called back, "I still don't agree!" Amnor Sen sighed, nudging Zephyr after his beloved. He hadn't expected Jeremy to agree. But he had done what he needed to. And the cleric would just have to live with it, just like Amnor Sen did.
  4. "I think that's enough for today," Pasiphaë said. The Faro turned off the camera, the tablet next to it full of video he had been recording. Reinard let out a yawn as Pasiphaë picked up the tablet. Six hours of training was rough, especially since he had no real idea what he was doing. He was learning quickly, but his head hurt now. "It's a good start," Pasiphaë mentioned neutrally. "But you'll need to work on your aim a bit more. We want to focus on the groin, not avoid it." "Right… sorry," Reinard said quietly. He had just spent hours working with inflatable dolls, working on getting over the fact that their privates were on display rather prominently. And yet the Egaro wanted more from him. He wasn't sure he could deliver. "You did good though, for your first time. And most of our filming lasts anywhere from a minute to ten minutes, so your arms will have a chance to rest. A little more work, and you'll be almost as good as me. If you are still interested in working here, of course." The Faro nodded quickly, not wanting to lose this chance at a job, however unsuited he seemed to be for this line of work. "Great. Now, you'll be earning the Alliance minimum salary, which comes out to seven hundred a month. Rent on the house on Neko Island is two hundred, and is already calculated into your pay, so you really have the full seven hundred for food and whatever else you want or need." Reinard nodded his understanding, fighting back another yawn. The fox wondered if he could just deal with the rest of this later. He doubted it though. "Okay then, why don't you head to Themis' room? She's probably got all of your papers in order by now." Pasiphaë guided the fox out of the room, leading him through the building. A loud moan sounded through a door and the Faro flinched. There was so much sex here. Of course there was, it was a part time brothel. He still needed to wrap his head around that. People could just… show up, and have sex… and then never see each other again. It was disturbing. "Might I suggest you watch some videos tonight? You certainly wouldn't want to jump like that while filming," Pasiphaë chuckled. "The camera bouncing around does not help the actors look their best." "Yeah… um… what videos should I watch?" "Oh, well, I recommend The Gaia Flyers. It's an old classic from… what, almost two hundred years ago. It's not sex focused, but it does show Egarans having sex." "Two hundred years?!" He wasn't sure why he was surprised. Faro lived that long, though most of them were retired by a hundred. Of course, his clan was lucky to reach fifty years old, though that was more political than anything. Finding a younger being who enjoyed movies probably from his great-segal's time shouldn't be that shocking to the Faro. "Yeah, I like the older films. Though you're bunking with Galen, right? Maybe he'll have some better suggestions for you." "I'll… uh, I'll ask him," Reinard nodded as they entered the office. "There you are!" Themis beamed. "I thought Pasiphaë ate you for a while there." "Nah, too much fur," the other Egaro waved off. "I'll see you tomorrow and we'll continue your training, okay Reinard?" "Yeah, see you then," Reinard agreed, looking around. He found Galen staring at a screen, the tiger wearing an audio-band around his head. There was an enraptured look on his face, his hand twitching rather close to his lap. Reinard was almost afraid the tiger was about to start playing with himself right there. "Don't mind him; he's just doing some research," Themis waved off. "I have a few papers I need you to sign if you've decided to stay." Reinard nodded, his eyes moving back to Themis and the sheaf of papers. He picked up a pen, twirling it slowly between his fingers. "Okay, but I'm not signing away my freedoms, right?" "Oh no, Egara got rid of slavery centuries ago," Themis replied. "You have nothing to fear from that. This is just saying that you agree to work here for seven hundred credits a month, your rent is to be paid by the company, you are at least fifteen years of age, and a disclaimer notice that nothing you put out may be sent off planet as you are still underage by Alliance standards. It's all standard stuff for an Egaran company." "I don't get that. Isn't Galen a kid? Why is he-" "He is not a kid by Egaran standards though. And neither are you. The Alliance lets us all alone honestly, as long as we don't force our views on other worlds. I suggest you keep that in mind." "But… Faro don't fully mature until we're twenty…" "You seem pretty mature to me," Themis shrugged. "Look, you know what sex is, right?" "Yes…" "You know about consent?" "Yes, but-" "Then as long as you can knowingly, and willingly, consent, you are allowed to work here. And working here does not mean you will have sex." Reinard frowned, but dropped the matter. He needed the money and at least here, he knew Themis wouldn't let anything bad happen to him. He scrawled out a signature on the papers, Themis tucking them away. "What if I can't do it?" the Faro asked. "Well, you really should have asked before signing," the tiger frowned. "But we can let you go, should you not work out. You would be given three months pay, and assistance in finding a new job, both from the company and from myself. You shouldn't worry about that though; I'm certain you'll do great here." Reinard wasn't so sure of that. But he was certainly going to put his all into this job. There was no way anyone would think to look for him here. It was the perfect cover. Hopefully here he would be allowed to live in peace.
  5. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 20

    He was up not long after dawn, a candle burning on the desk beside him. Jakun stared at the scroll beside him, his eyes burning in exhaustion. But he was awake all the same, a quill in hand and fresh ink filling a page in his workbook. A second book sat before him, filled with necromantic energy. None of the spells within were evil, as far as he could tell. And yet, both he and Anya could feel the malicious intent within the book. It was supposed to be a simple tome, one a hedge magician could use to learn true magic. A book sealed and unlocked with a drop of Jakun's blood, binding him to the tome irreversibly. 'Okay, so… it has a spell of some sort. If you die with it in your possession, the spell fires off…' Anya said, staring at the book. "Don't die. Got it." The cat heard a rustle from the bed, his hand slapping down on the book to send it to a demiplane designed solely to keep the book safe. As it vanished with a quiet, unsettling wail, Jakun turned, finding Jeremy climbing out of bed. "Did you hear something?" the cleric yawned. The amurran shook his head, returning to his calligraphy. It had taken nearly an entire bottle of ink, but he was finally putting the finishing touches on his workbook, another spell added for use later. "What are you doing? I hope it has nothing to do with dragons." "No sir. The elf gave me a spell last night to help me stay awake through the night." "Huh. I've heard of spells like that. Some paladins are said to use them for vigils. It's a bit of a sore spot for some," Jeremy noted. "The vigil spell? The master of my order said it's cheating. It takes away from the one you are meant to honour," Amnor Sen said, startling them both. "But then, we aren't standing vigil either. It will be a good tool on the road. Was that one of the scrolls that elf gave you?" Jakun nodded, relieved that he wasn't about to lose his main workbook. He stood up, moving to the stack of clothes and armour sitting near the door. A hint of power flowed from him, a gentle sentence preceding a light glow. When it vanished, the stains of battle were gone from Amnor Sen's clothing. The cat repeated the spell on Jeremy's clothing, the cleric grinning. "I guess we have our own laundry service," he said. "Don't be mean," Amnor Sen grunted. "Thank you Jakun." The cat nodded silently. It was a simple task to perform, a simple spell. Why he hadn't learned it until now was beyond him. Then again, the wording of the spell was rather loose. There was a chance he could do other things with it. Things Loran wouldn't have appreciated. Amnor Sen and Jeremy wouldn't have appreciated it either if they knew the source was a secret spellbook he'd received from the necromancer. Jakun just wouldn't tell them. "We need to get going, we've only paid until noon," Amnor Sen said. "Yeah. I'm not getting much more sleep with that candle either," Jeremy frowned at the desk. "I… know how to summon a different animal to ride," Jakun offered. "Anya said she thinks she can work me through the spell, but it might not last as long." "If it means you aren't summoning dead animals, I'm all for it," Amnor Sen said. There was a loud knock on the door, Jeremy moving to open it. A halfling stood on the other side, her eyes wide. "You need to leave ser. The clerics are after you," she said breathlessly. "What? Why would the clerics be angry…" Amnor Sen scowled at Jeremy. "What did you do?" Jakun frowned, starting to pack their bags. He moved swiftly, efficiently, Anya helping him stow things safely away. By the time Amnor Sen and Jeremy closed the door, the room was empty, their bags full. "You know, he is damned useful to have around," Jeremy chuckled ruefully. Amnor Sen shook his head in wonder. "Good work kitten," he said. "Kitten? Isn't that a little belittling?" Jeremy asked. "I like it…" Jakun shrugged, lifting the bags with a grunt. "Hold on, I'm carrying my bag. And we're leaving armoured. Suit up Jeremy. Jakun, if you're not going to do your vanishing trick with your book, you should probably keep it in my bag so you can use your bow," Amnor Sen suggested, removing his chain shirt. Frowning, the mage slipped his book into the paladin's bag, tucking it behind a block of wood. He assumed it was the block originally used for the wand that had appeared. It wasn't the first time the cat had seen the wood or even seen Amnor Sen whittling with a dagger, though most of his work was spent on the small bird tucked safely in a side pocket. "You saw the marks, right?" Amnor Sen asked. "I have no idea what language it is, but they are beautiful. How did a slave learn that?" Jeremy shrugged, handing the quiver of arrows to Jakun. "Lots of punishments for failure, I suppose. The necromancer… Loran? He had to have Jakun working in a book for a reason. If the writing wasn't neat enough for him to read, it would be useless." He strung Jakun's bow, handing it to the cat. "Don't go shooting me in the back, okay?" the cleric joked. "No sir," Jakun agreed quickly. "If someone tries to hurt you, I give you permission to defend yourself," Amnor Sen added. "I feel like that shouldn't have to be said, but honestly, I have no idea what you've been taught, beyond how to write and create undead." "And create wands. Can't forget about that." Anya sprouted from him, the werewolf rolling her eyes at the holy warriors. "Look, I'll be happy to give you two a list, but we should get out of the city first," she said sharply. "Like how you came to possess Jakun?" Jeremy asked. "It's not possession. It's barely even a haunting," Anya scoffed. "Either way, we need to leave. Now," Amnor Sen said, lifting his bag onto his shoulders. Grabbing his glaive, the paladin left the room, the others following quickly.
  6. Themis set a sheaf of papers into a folder, smiling at Galen. "Congratulations, you are officially in the films. Let me explain how this works. Tomorrow we will place you with another actor, depending on your preference of course. We all know you aren't a virgin, but people like to pretend. So, we'll introduce you through a sort of… virgin breaking video. Daphne and Iason are both good at these videos, and Iason actually has a reputation among certain circles as a virgin breaker." Galen nodded his understanding. "So I'm starting with a video with Iason?" "If that is who you choose. If you'd like, I can give him the afternoon off and you can get to know each other. Outside of the bed, that is." "I think I would enjoy that. And Reinard?" "Reinard is off the table in every conceivable way. He is under my protection," Themis warned. "I understand that. I was just wondering about the housing situation. That house is in need of repairs, but I would love to work on it when I have the chance." "Are you sure? The rent is a little higher there than in the city proper," Themis said. "How much more? I figure as long as it's under a thousand, I should be okay." "Oh fuck no, it's seven hundred every twenty eight days. Since I haven't heard a Faro screaming, I'll assume Reinard will be living with you." "What's his deal anyway? What is a Faro doing in a porneo?" "That is for him to explain," Themis frowned, standing. "Why don't I go find Iason and we can introduce the two of you? I think you'll enjoy him. Oh, and off the record, relationships are encouraged here. It leads to better chemistry on camera." "Shouldn't I meet the tiger before you hook me up with him?" Galen snorted. "Of course not. The novelty is half the fun," Themis laughed. She stepped out of the room, the door clicking closed. A couple of minutes passed before the door opened again, revealing a white and gold tiger Galen recognized instantly. "No way!" He leapt up, staring at the tiger wide eyed. "No fucking way…" Iason chuckled quietly, taking a seat himself. "I'm guessing you're a fan?" Galen stared slack jawed, his eyes drinking in the tiger's physique, the body of a pankratiast. Iason had been his fantasy since he was old enough to masturbate, videos of the cat fucking his way through dozens of other Egaro Galen's biggest source of entertainment at night. And now he was standing in the same room as the tiger. More than that… he was going to have sex with the tiger. "Fuck… I can't believe it…" "Calm down, I'm just an Egaro," Iason smiled. "Why don't you sit so we can talk a bit?" Galen nearly fell back into his chair, rubbing his eyes. "I'm not dreaming? You really work here?" "Yeah. Mainly in the films, but I take my turn in the brothel just like everyone else here," Iason shrugged. "So… you obviously know who I am…" "Oh shit… sorry, I'm Galen," the blue tiger blurted, his face burning with embarrassment. "Well Galen, it is a pleasure to meet you. And don't worry about masturbating to me, lots of people do," Iason smirked. "Uh… yeah… sorry." "Like I said, don't worry. Do you mind if I take a look at you?" Galen nodded, rising as Iason stood. He stared at the tiger uncertainly, his breath quickening as Iason approached. "Relax, we're not doing anything just yet," Iason said gently. His hand touched Galen, feeling his chest. "You certainly have a toned body. Do you work out?" "Swim. I was the Delphi Isles champion three years ago. Er… not that I'm trying to brag," Galen added quickly. "That is quite the accomplishment," Iason smiled reassuringly. "And your heat?" "I just finished it a week ago." "Excellent. I'm not making you uncomfortable, am I?" Galen shook his head slowly. "No… I like this," he whispered. "Good." Iason pulled at Galen's shirt, studying the tiger's response. Galen relinquished the shirt quickly, suddenly bare chested in front of the older tiger. "So, usually when people start here, we have them list kinks and limits. Do you have any of those?" Iason asked. "Um…" Galen's ears twitched, a nervous chuckle escaping him. "Hey, you can tell me. There's no judging here. Did you know I'm into watersports?" Iason asked. Galen stared in shock. "Yeah, a lot of the people around here avoid that. But there's nothing quite like a golden shower to let someone know they are yours." "I… think I would enjoy that too. And… that thing you did, where you bound Ryan up?" "Oh yeah, knots are fun to play with. They can be a pain to set up though," Iason added. "Well, perhaps we can try a few things tomorrow. But I want to give you an afternoon to get used to the idea." "Oh, um… you're not going to be inside me, are you? I've never been taken like that." "If you don't want me to be, then that's okay. I can still break you the other way," Iason chuckled. "Well, it was a pleasure to meet you. I'm going to send Themis in again, okay?" Galen nodded, watching Iason open the door. Everything Iason did was like a light, drawing his eyes like a diávolos tis thálassas, that devil fish of the deep. He was gone in a moment, Themis taking his place before long. "So, what do you think?" she questioned with a knowing smirk. "I can't believe he's going to let me fuck him…" "You might be surprised," Themis warned. "I will say that he is a very thoughtful partner. Oh, but that brings me to another point. Congratulations on your first film." "What? But I'm not…" "We staged it all beforehand, a bit of a ritual all performers go through. Supposedly it helps you handle being in front of a camera when you know you've already been in front of one before. Of course, it won't go live unless you want it to. But I have to say, you did a good job," Themis smiled. "I did? Can I see?" "Of course. Try not to cringe too much. Seeing yourself can be a little unsettling. I promise, for someone who's never met you, you come off as the perfect submissive." The tigress handed a tablet to Galen, pressing a button. Galen flinched slightly as his voice came over the device. But he forced himself to go through the whole thing, trying to find a reason why it shouldn't be sent out. "There was no sex though," he said, looking up. "Not yet. But it gets you out there, lets people check you out. Now, if you give permission for us to use this video, it will be staying planetside. You are still too young for off-world shooting. But this is a great way to start." Themis hummed thoughtfully, looking at Galen. "Of course, after you have a few films under your claws, we'll start you on brothel duty. But we want to make sure you have the necessary skills for that first." Galen nodded, staring at the tablet. "Okay. You know what you're doing, I suppose. So… if you think it was good, go ahead and send the video out."
  7. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 19

    Jeremy's eyes widened as Jakun fell. The cat had just shot a dragon point blank in the face. Without any alcohol to calm his nerves. He was fast becoming a legend in Jeremy's eyes. As the cleric watched, the dragon roared, destroying the pyramid as he thrashed about. Suddenly, the dragon vanished, as though teleported out of the city… or summoned… "I just saw that… right?" Jeremy demanded. Amnor Sen was too busy catching the falling amurran, Jakun collapsing in his arms. Jeremy didn't blame the cat for passing out. He was close to it himself. Seeking his wand, Jeremy conjured some water, transmuting it into a bland alcohol. He gulped it all down, his heart slowly calming from the events of the night. Amnor Sen slapped Jakun lightly, the cat waking reluctantly. Sighing, Jeremy refilled his mug and poured it into Jakun's mouth, the cat coughing as the weak alcohol hit him. "You know, that was stupidly brave. If I didn't know any better, I'd say he was a pal-" "Don't start," Amnor Sen grumbled, gently setting Jakun on his feet. Jeremy shook his head sadly. "That used to make you laugh," he groused. "Ivris… where is he?" Jakun shivered. "Gone. He vanished after you shot him," Jeremy said. "Vanished?!" Jakun flinched, while Amnor Sen looked sceptical. "He was summoned away?" the cat asked. "Or teleported," Jeremy offered helpfully. "Can dragons teleport?" "He was destroying the city. Why would he teleport away?" Amnor Sen asked. "I shot him in the eye," Jakun said. "Maybe he'd had enough? Fuck… he's going to kill me if he finds me…" "Then perhaps we should get out of the city," Amnor Sen offered. "As much as I want to rest… this place is rather trying on the soul." An elf hurried up to the group, a giant smile on her face. "You are the ones who unleashed the ravener, correct?" Amnor Sen frowned, staring at the black robed elf. "That was me. These two had nothing to do with it," Jakun said instantly. "Don't punish them for my failure." "Punish? Oh no, on the contrary, I wish to reward you. Your… 'failure' has made me unimaginably wealthy. See, I've been buying indentures from the locals, young humans who crave the opportunity to learn magic. Their indentures were about to run out, but now they're dead. It will be no big issue to raise them again, and their indentures will be forfeited. They are now my slaves" the elf laughed. Amnor Sen and Jeremy both recoiled, though Jakun just nodded, as though this was common for him. Amnor Sen supposed it was. "Perhaps you would be interested in learning magic under me, free of cost, as a sign of my gratitude…" The elf set an arm around the amurran, leading him away slightly. "I don't like this," Amnor Sen said. "Yeah, I agree, we can't let him go with her," Jeremy replied, staring after Jakun. "He is still free… I don't see what we can do to stop him." "Don't you own him? Like… legally, you bought him," Jeremy pointed out. "I don't want to own him-" "No, of course not. But you can just tell Jakun that he is yours and he is not permitted to learn under a necromancer," Jeremy pointed out. "Yeah… that is true…" The elf turned after Jakun, frowning as he walked toward the cat and the necromancer. "-didn't realise you already knew magic. Obviously there isn't much I can teach you, but take this," the necromancer said as Amnor Sen approached. She handed a scroll case to Jakun, the cat adjusting a book in his arms to accept the case. "These should help you on your travels. If there is anything I can help you with… within reason of course… let me know," she added. Amnor Sen glared at the case, trying to figure out what was inside. He didn't detect any evil content within the case. The book was… the neko's workbook? Hadn't he sent that to… wherever? "Thank you… though I'm not sure this is good?" Jakun said uncertainly. "Well, not for them," the necromancer laughed. "But I assure you, four scrolls in exchange for a hundred new slaves is a very good deal. Maybe if I'm lucky, some of them will still remember their lessons." Amnor Sen shook his head in disgust. "Come Jakun. We need to rest. Tomorrow, we're leaving this place." He put a guiding hand around the cat, moving Jakun away from the elf. Amnor Sen honestly didn't know what he was going to do about Jakun. The cat had summoned a dragon. How were they supposed to deal with this? "Let's get some sleep. Jakun, you're staying in our room," Jeremy said. "You've lost the privilege of privacy." The cat nodded, not seeming too upset. Amnor Sen had the distinct feeling it wasn't that harsh of a punishment for him. "If you ever do something like this again, there will be harsher consequences." Amnor Sen and Jeremy shared a look at the elf's words. "Oh fuck, we have a kid…" Jeremy sighed. "I'm too sober for this…" "Well, we don't have the silver for drinks, so you're staying sober," Amnor Sen said. "Am I the beer daddy? I don't really have the belly for it though…" Jeremy joked. Jakun just stared between them in mild amusement. "You know, we did just fight a dragon-" Amnor Sen started. "Jakun fought a dragon. At best, the dragon fought you," Jeremy scoffed. "I didn't see you fighting." "Maybe because I was out of spells. You know I can't cast constantly. Besides, I was trying to save the people the dragon was hells-bent on murdering." "Yeah, well, don't expect me to kiss you. You still have blood on your face." Jeremy shook his head as they entered the inn, a trio of exhausted men passing a rather alarmed bartender. "What in Geb's name happened out there?!" the man demanded. "Death, despair, a dragon…" Jeremy shrugged, moving toward their room. "It's been dealt with," Amnor Sen added. "We'll be out of your way in the morning." He held back a yawn as they stepped into the bedroom. Stripping to his bedclothes, the elf fell onto the bed with a groan. "Fuck… don't unleash a dragon again," he grumbled at Jakun. The amurran let out a nervous smile, sliding down against the door. The three all passed out quickly, their minds thoroughly exhausted.
  8. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 18

    No one is ever truly indestructible. Something people should really remember more often.
  9. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 18

    "You're holding it wrong." Amnor Sen frowned as he watched Jakun. The paladin was helpless here, with his reach hindered by his weapon. And Jakun clearly had no idea how to use the bow he'd been given. The amurrun strained at the weapon, his arms burning as he nearly pried the bowstring away from the arms of the weapon. He focused on Ivris, even as his arms shook desperately. With a cry, of pain and vengeance, Jakun let the string loose, screaming as it tore across his forearm and ripped the flesh away. The cat dropped the bow, the arrow lost among a cloud of other missiles aimed sporadically at the dragon. There was a loud bellow of pain, Ivris finally damaged under the fire. The dragon redoubled his assault on the city, breathing icy vengeance on the ants that dared stand against him. All around, buildings froze and people screamed in terror, the city defences dwindling dangerously low. Amnor Sen grabbed the bow before it could hit the ground. He winced at the sight of Jakun's arm, blood oozing from a burn after the bowstring's assault. Grabbing a bandage, the paladin worked on the cat, knowing that his limited magic would only make the cat's injuries worse. It would take a while for Jakun to heal. But they didn't have a while. "Try again," the elf urged, pressing the bow into the cat's palm. "Amnor Sen!" They looked around, Amnor Sen letting out a cry of relief as he saw Jeremy hurrying toward them. "Are you okay? You're covered in blood! What happened to you?!" the elf demanded, throwing his arms around the human. "Not mine," the cleric grunted as he was crushed in Amnor Sen's embrace. "Calm down, we have more pressing matters. That beast is killing everyone. This battle is hopeless. I think it's best we retreat and find reinforcements." "No. This place is evil, but what kind of paladin would I be if I just let it freeze?" "A living paladin, and a smart one at that," Jeremy pointed out. "I never thought I'd put smart and paladin together like that, but there it is…" Jakun shook his head, watching the two argue. He was glad Jeremy was unharmed. The cleric didn't deserve to suffer for what the cat had done. And Jakun was not going to let anyone else pay for his mistake. He had what he needed. And if he lived through the next five minutes, he would use what he had learned. 'Anya, shield me please,' the amurrun said, moving toward a giant pyramid. His claws extended, digging into little cracks as he scaled the large home. The cat moved swiftly up the inclined plane, a minute passing before he was standing at the top, nearly a hundred feet above the ground. He removed the bow from his back, pulling out an arrow nervously. Watching Ivris wheel through the air, Jakun flinched as the dragon emitted yet another cone of icy breath on the city below. A plan was forming in Jakun's mind, one that would likely end in his death. But he had to try at least. 'What in the Nine Hells are you doing?!' Anya hissed in his head. "Finishing this. If I die…" Jakun paused, realizing his death would mean Anya's death too. 'Well… hopefully those two below will avenge us,' Anya grumbled. Jakun pulled at his energy, feeling a hint of it drain away as Anya cast a spell to shield him. Directing a finger toward the ravener flying through the skies, Jakun cleared his throat, before casting his own spell. "Ivris! Face me you coward!" The words were blown from his mouth, carried away on the wind. High in the sky, the dragon's head twisted, his eyes gleaming at the sight of the amurrun with the bow. He flew like an arrow, until he was hovering in front of the cat. "I gave you a way to escape, you know. A way to live. And you call me a coward," Ivris chuckled, his eyes transfixing the cat. "Do you really think you can face me? Not half an hour ago, I had you laid bare to the world." "I don't need to beat you. I only need to try," Jakun growled. Ivris laughed. "How noble of you. It will mean nothing as the gods toss you into hell for your necromantic ways." Ignoring the dragon's taunt, Jakun pried at the bow again, an arrow fitted to the string. The weapon shook, barely pulled back to the cat's chin, and Ivris laughed. 'His eye. It's the only place.' Jakun couldn't spare the attention needed to reply. He focused on the dragon's eye, an icy blue orb obscured by a heavy lid. The arrow shot forward, flying swiftly at Ivris' throat, and the cat's heart sank. Suddenly the missile shifted, blinking up to slam deep into the orb. Jakun stared in awed revulsion as the eye erupted, goo flying in every direction. Ivris' laugh stopped dead, replaced by stunned silence, followed by an agonized roar. He struck blindly, claws slapping Jakun off the roof. Jakun screamed in terror as he fell, the ground rushing toward him. His hand grabbed at the pyramid's side, claws catching minuscule cracks in the stone. His arm snagged, his body wrenching as he slowed abruptly, barely thirty feet above the ground. And there the cat hung, his arms aching, his lungs squeezing as his heart pounded in terror. "Drop! We'll catch you!" Amnor Sen called up to him. Jakun shook his head, his body laying nearly flat on the incline. A simple slide would likely see him safely to the ground at this height, but he didn't trust that. Suddenly, without the immediate threat of a dragon looming, Jakun realised… he was terrified of heights. He felt Anya stirring, a string of arcane words passing through his mind. Grease formed on his fingers, Jakun slipping slowly from his perch. "No…. No no no!" He squealed as he fell, sliding down the building and into Amnor Sen's waiting arms. Safely wrapped in the elf's embrace, Jakun let the trauma of the past hour get to him finally, and he passed out.
  10. I don't do a lot of these, but I have to do this one for my own peace of mind. As a writer, I wrote about things that can be disturbing, or downright disgusting. Some of the things I write may go against certain beliefs. Often, they'll even go against my beliefs and comforts.

    Please remember that I am merely writing a story, not giving advice or telling others how to view life. My characters' views may or may not align with my own or yours. It is a story, and at the end of the day, I write for my entertainment. If this makes anyone uncomfortable, I apologize in advance.

    1. Zombie


      An obvious analogy must surely be acting. 

      David Tennant’s most recent TV role was playing Dennis Nilsen, one of Britain’s most notorious serial killers who murdered at least twelve young men and boys in the 70s and 80s in London before disposing of their bodies in a particularly grisly way.  

      David Tennant is a really nice guy.  

      He is not a serial killer :lol:


  11. Lian curled up against Itumak, the neko snoring gently behind him. The guilt kept eating away at him, his mind forcing him to relive the failure of the day. And every other time he had said that word. They hadn't had sex. For Itumak, that was almost unheard of. His wolf was always hungry for the touch of his mate. Yet that one little word had made him back off. He still poured affection and love on Lian, but that only made the Daknar feel worse. Like the neko had given up his enjoyment so Lian would be happy. The neko grunted suddenly, wrapping his arms around Lian. "Good morning…" he grumbled, yawning widely. "It's morning?" Lian asked, surprised. "Um… I think so?" Itumak stood up, crossing the room to get his tablet. "Yeah, it's four in the morning. Are… are you okay?" "Yes Master." It rose to his lips automatically, a preconditioned response to a question. "Lian… be honest with me," Itumak frowned. "You know I'll listen." "You… you didn't have sex with me last night… I didn't mean to upset you…" Arms suddenly wrapped around the Daknar, Itumak holding him close. "Your happiness means more to me than all the sex in the world," he said, kissing Lian's cheek. "Why don't we take the day off and I'll make it up to you?" "You don't have to do that-" "Maybe I want to," Itumak smirked tiredly. "Oh, and don't be afraid to ask for what you want. The worst that will happen is me telling you no, right?" He was right. Lian trusted Itumak, and knew the neko had his best interests at heart. "Why don't we think about it over a cup of coffee in the mess?" Itumak smiled, pulling on his clothes. Lian nodded silently, already dressed himself. It was the one comfort he had. As much as he loved sex with Itumak, he didn't want the neko to just… take him while he was sleeping. Not that Itumak would ever do that to him. But this was a good precaution anyway. Especially since most Daknar slaves didn't have clothes. It was another thing marking him as a free Daknar, bound only to the catwolf beside him. His hands found Itumak's arm as they moved through the ship, a finger tapping on the inside of his wrist. "I love you too Lian," Itumak smiled. The mess hall was surprisingly full, Egaro ordering food from replicators or chatting with other fleeters. Itumak hadn't expected to see so many bangles and necklaces. He wasn't sure why he was surprised though. The was the Egaran homeworld, and they were at one of the largest cities on the planet. Obviously a lot of Alliance traffic came through here. The neko picked up a pair of plates, making sure there was no meat on them. Carrying them to where Lian was waiting nervously, the neko smiled. "They had some of that salad from the restaurant. It won't have that handmade quality, but it should still be good," he said. "You could have gotten meat," Lian said quietly. "But it would have made you feel bad if I got one of those lobster things. Besides, maybe I wanted to try the salad," Itumak pointed out. "Thank you…" Lian smiled slightly, starting to eat. A pair of tigers walked by, frowning at Lian. Itumak stared them down, until they hurried away, intimidated by the short neko. "I think we need to wash you again," the neko said, looking at Lian. "Okay," Lian smiled, his heart warming slightly. The Daknar enjoyed those days when he was washed with Itumak's essence, the werewolf claiming the dragon as his. There was a problem though… "We'll have to work on our shower first though," Itumak added. "Egaro may be open, but I'm not sure how open they'd be to us using the communal bathroom for this…" "A lot more open than you'd think. Assuming you're referring to peeing on your friend." A white tiger sat down next to them, a black necklace dangling over her shirt. "Mind if I join you two?" she asked. "Uh… I guess not," Itumak frowned. Lian shrugged, eating slowly. He never added much to conversations and Itumak didn't foresee that changing anytime soon. "I've never actually seen a Daknar before. We always hear about freeing them, and taking the fight to the Empire, but who knows when that will happen?" The tiger frowned suddenly. "Oh, where are my manners? I'm Rhea… Cadet Rhea, I suppose.." "Corporal Itumak. This is my mate, Lian," the neko replied. "You're in the science fleet?" "Yes, I'm planning to go into physics," Rhea smiled happily. "But the fleet wants me to get a broader knowledge base, so I'm here learning about ships and engineering." "Oh, perhaps you'd be interested in helping me out then? I need to get an engine into my ship." Rhea nodded. "Are you just looking for muscle? Pan might be better for that. He's lousy with wires though." "There aren't any wires in an engine," Itumak frowned. "Then Pan's your cat! One moment, I'll go see if he's busy-" "Uh, we don't actually have the engine yet. It's one of the more expensive parts," Itumak added, stopping the tigress. "Well, maybe he and I can help with your shower problem then," Rhea suggested, hurrying away. "Eat quickly," Itumak muttered, wolfing down his food. Lian picked up his pace, the two hurrying to dump their bowls in the recycler less than a minute later. Itumak dragged Lian back to the ship, letting out a heavy sigh. "Shouldn't we let her help?" Lian asked quietly as the ship door closed. "I don't like her. There's something off about her, even for an Egaro," Itumak grunted. "She was looking at you like an experiment." "But that's better than how most people stare," Lian pointed out. "Better is not good enough for my mate. You deserve only the best." The neko grabbed Lian by the back of his neck, pulling him down slightly so he could kiss the Daknar. "I… I feel like we were rude," Lian breathed against the neko's lips. "Probably." Itumak sighed. "What do you want to do about it? Find her again so she can stare at you some more?" Lian shrugged, a slight flinch to the motion. "Fuck." Itumak groaned quietly, stepping away. "Well… it's up to you, I suppose. I'm going to work on the bathroom. If you want to help, you know where to find me." Lian stood in the cabin, sorting through Itumak's clothes. He felt uncomfortable around the neko right now, and didn't want to get in his way. And he knew nothing about plumbing or ships. There wouldn't be much he could do to help his mate. Sitting on the bed, Lian let out a quiet rumble, closing his eyes. Life hadn't been easier with Thaelin, far from it. But he still wished… What, that he was enslaved with her still? That he hadn't met their other mate? No… no, he loved Itumak. Nothing would ever change that. But maybe the neko was forgetting what he had once told Lian. The Daknar was his own being, and only he could be responsible for his actions. Standing, Lian felt his stomach lurch slightly. He slowly made his way to the bathroom, finding Itumak bent beside a toilet. The Daknar reached down cautiously, running a hand over his mate's unguarded back. "Lynestra's tits!" Itumak yelped, spinning around. "Oh… Lian… are you okay?" Lian shivered, stumbling back at the outburst. "I… I want…" He couldn't say it, he could not ask for it. The Daknar's courage fled as quickly as it had come. He fled from the bathroom, body flushing deeply. "Lian?!" Retreating to the cargo hold, the Daknar ducked behind a barrier, sitting heavily. How could he dream of suggesting such a thing? Itumak had never once made him think it would be acceptable. "Lian? Damn it, where are you?" He shivered as Itumak passed his hiding spot. The Daknar couldn't face him with such thoughts. "Come on, don't do this to me. Talk to me, please," Itumak called, looking through a door. "I can't help you if you won't tell me what's wrong. Lian shivered, the motion catching the cat's eye. "There you are. Why did you run off like that?" "It's… I can't tell you…" Itumak's hand touched Lian's arm. "Sure you can." Lian gulped, looking at the neko. "Can we mate?" "Of course," Itumak chuckled. "You never have to be scared to ask that." "But… I… I want to mate you."
  12. A hug certainly would have been nice. But a hug from a strange tiger, however nice she seems... a Faro has to be on guard, always.
  13. The boat pulled up to a pier, Reinard scrambling out ahead of the others. He stretched as his head swiveled, taking in a palatial building, white walls shining in the midday sun. "One thing about porneos, they're generally only one story tall. That way you don't hear the thump of tigers mating over your head," Themis pointed out. "Yeah… that would be bad," Reinard agreed. "To each their own, but when we're filming, we don't want extra noise we'll have to edit later," Themis continued Reinard watched Galen unfold from the boat, a quiet smirk on his face. Clearly size wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Not that Galen was big. His body was a little gangly, the tiger's adulthood still growing on him. Fifteen years old… Reinard thought it was ridiculous that Galen was going into porn. He was far too young. "What? Is something wrong with my clothes?" The tiger straightened his shirt, the clothing hanging off a shoulder. "Relax, you look fine," Themis sighed. "You already have the job, the two of you just need to sign release forms. After we have introduced Reinard to Pasiphaë." Reinard nodded, following the tigers into the building. He found himself in a rather open room, a golden furred Egaro working on a computer behind a counter. "Good morning Themis, are you here to fill in for Cassie?" he asked, glancing up. "Aegle didn't say anything about that," Themis shrugged. "Actually I'm here about these two. Galen, Reinard, this is Achilleas, our receptionist." The tiger smiled at the two newcomers, his smile turning into a slight frown as he had to bend over his desk to see Reinard. "Themis… is this a joke?" he demanded. "Not at all. Do you know where Pasiphaë is?" Themis asked. "With Iason and Daphne." "Wasn't Daphne on brothel-" "She decided she wanted to film for an hour. Don't know why, something about a Xanar?" Themis groaned, shaking her head. "Okay, well… can you explain cameras to Reinard? I need to get Galen signed up so he can start tomorrow." Achilleas frowned, but nodded. "Hold on, let me close down the studio for a Faro…" he said, standing up. Themis copied his frown. "Well, if you're going about it that way, maybe you should take the day off and I'll show Reinard how to do your job." Reinard looked between the two tigers in alarm, slowly backing away. "I don't want to be a problem-" he stammered. "No, it's okay. I'll just put up the sign. Penelope's the only one on duty right now anyway." Achilleas moved to the door, setting a placard up. He turned back to Reinard, a bemused look on his face. For his part, Reinard tried not to scowl too much under the tiger's scrutiny. "Play nice!" Themis called, ushering Galen away. "Well… Reinard, right?" The Faro nodded. "You're going to be filming sex? I always thought Faro were asexual…" "Then how would we have kits?" Reinard pointed out. Achilleas shrugged. "Regardless… you're okay with watching tigers fuck each other, moaning in bliss, biting, scratching, breeding the ever living sex out of each other?" Reinard scowled. "You're just trying to sicken me, aren't you?" "Oh no. That's normal behaviour for Egaro in heat," Achilleas smirked. "Not quite a couple of foxes daintily touching privates. This is the real universe." "I think I can handle a little blood in bed." "Well, we'll see. You've never seen tigers mating before, have you? Of course you haven't…" Achilleas shook his head dismissively, motioning Reinard into a rather large room. A human sat at a table, eating a pastry. He looked up from his food, frowning. "Achilleas, what the fuck is a Faro doing here?" "Oh, he's supposed to be the new cameracat. I just wanted to make sure he knew what he's getting into." "Oh, sweet, really?" The man stood up, grinning at Reinard. "Ryan," he introduced himself. "It's nice to meet you." "Likewise… but I'm supposed to be learning about cameras, right?" Reinard frowned. "That will come later. No sense teaching someone who's going to freak out at the first sight of a naked Xanar," Achilleas smirked. "But… Xanar really are asexual?" the Faro said in confusion. "Yeah, we still get a couple in here, pay for an hour of cuddling. This place is sex focused, but that doesn't mean it's all we do," Ryan shrugged. Reinard blinked in surprise. "I'm surprised you didn't know. We actually produced the occasional cuddle film. They're supposed to be big in Oyhaf." "I've never heard of them." "Which is why it is important-" "That we ease you into this," an orange tigress said, interrupting Achilleas. "You, get out of here. Ryan, break's over." Achilleas scowled before leaving the room Ryan's face showed a hint of annoyance, but he left, sending a small smile at Reinard. "See you around, hopefully," he said. "I think you can count on it," Reinard replied, tail flicking with constrained nerves. "So, you're Reinard. Pasiphaë. It's a pleasure to meet you," the orange Egaro smiled as the room emptied. "Would you mind telling me a bit about why you want to work here? Themis said that you were going through some difficult times." "I… lost my Segal, three weeks ago. And my house shortly after," Reinard admitted with a sigh. "Oh. I won't pry," Pasiphaë frowned. "Thank you," Reinard replied. "Well, one of the first things I need to ask is how you actually feel about this. You don't need to film porn, we could try to find something else for you to do." "I feel like I have to do this for myself," Reinard admitted. "I don't know that I can consider myself Faro anymore. For certain, I am clanless." Pasiphaë hummed sadly, looking at the fox. "Has anyone given you a hug? I know contact can be a touchy thing with Faro, but there's really nothing like knowing someone else is there to help you through your struggles." "I don't think anyone can really help me through my struggles," Reinard frowned. "I see. The hug is still on offer, should you change your mind. But about the filming, why don't we go out and see how you do with a camera?" She led the fox out of the room, Reinard taking a fortifying breath. They entered another room, the smell of sweat and… something else… filling the space. Reinard was certain he didn't want to know what that smell was. And he was certain he would find out regardless.
  14. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 17

    His head was throbbing, even after a murmured prayer to Cayden Cailean. Jeremy supposed that meant he needed to be louder about his faith. But he preferred life, actually, and announcing that he followed a good deity was just asking for a mob to attack him. The cleric moved through the streets, following the sounds of the dragon. He kept running into dead ends, growing ever more desperate. Anya had assured him Amnor Sen was safe before vanishing, but anything could happen to the elf while Jeremy was away. A voice growled ahead of him, a woman yelping loudly before the noise was suddenly cut off. Jeremy ran forward, sliding to a stop at the corner of a house. "If this is how it ends, I'm getting what was promised," a man snarled in an alley, leaning over a halfling woman as Jeremy looked on in growing revulsion. The woman was repeating a sentence frantically in a strange language, her dress marking her as a foreigner, possibly Osirian. She tried to pull away, but the human's grip was far too tight. "Hey! She doesn't want you!" Jeremy said loudly, drawing his rapier. The man turned, fangs bared in the night air. Now that Jeremy thought about it, there had been no cloud of breath coming from him either… "Back off Quick. This has nothing to do with you," the vampire warned. "No, you back off," Jeremy growled, a hand seeking his mug. He could have sworn he had a flask of holy water on him, but the cleric couldn't find it. There was no time to look either, as the vampire dropped his potential victim and lunged. Thrusting his mug toward the undead, Jeremy yelled out a prayer. The vampire flinched, his lunge turning into a swift tumble back. The symbol wouldn't keep him at bay forever though, and Jeremy was already busy casting. A wave of positive energy forged a shield around the human, before he began channeling more energy into an attack against the vampire. The undead creature screamed in pain as his skin blistered under the assault. Striking at Jeremy, he cried out as his hand drove through more positive energy. Clouds of black gas erupted from the vampire, his body collapsing into the shape of a bat before fleeing. Jeremy watched him fly warily, before helping the halfling to her feet. "Get away from this place. It's not safe," he said urgently, knowing fully well that she wouldn't understand him. There was something to be said for tone though. The halfling nodded, scurrying away quickly. Jeremy let out a shaky sigh as he sheathed his blade again. Looters and rapists in a city not even an hour into a dragon attack. It did not bode well for the human condition in Mechitar. Then again, neither of them had been human… He hurried from the alley, continuing his chase of the dragon, even as his feet slipped on an icy road. Finally he neared the battle proper, moving nimbly around fallen bodies and rubble, nearly all of which were frozen solid. The cleric yelped, diving for cover as the dragon flew over his head. The ground crunched under him as he landed, ice shattering. There was no way Jeremy could fight that thing. But he could try to mitigate its damage. The man began looking through the fallen, seeking out the injured from the dead. He started binding wounds where he could, and casting healing spells when mortal healing wouldn't work. Through it all, spells flew, voices screamed, and a dragon roared. Here and there the cleric stumbled upon undead, his spells only seeming to exacerbate their injuries. He helped where he could, starting to withhold his spells until he was certain the one he was healing wouldn't be harmed by the spell. Around him, clerics of Urgathoa attended to the dead, their spells raising them as zombies and skeletons to serve the city's defence. The very acted disgusted Jeremy. He ignored the vile proceedings, certain that if he gave them any attention, he would be at war with the largest temple in the city before long. It became a private war between them, Jeremy finding the living and healing them, snatching them from the jaws of Urgathoa's faithful. Many of the priests scowled at him as he channeled his healing spells, and Jeremy knew with every spell he cast, he was sealing his fate. But he couldn't just let the living die, only to be raised into eternal, undead, slavery. Far too soon, his energy failed, the repeated channeling taking a toll on his body. The cleric took a moment to catch his breath, listening to the dragon continuing to raise havoc. How was that thing still alive? Nearly every caster in the city was fighting it, every undead being scrambling to grab it. Surely the ghost king Geb wouldn't stand to let a dragon destroy his city. What would the notorious undead do to this dragon? Jeremy found he wasn't interested in seeing the inevitable showdown. Standing again, the man moved on, searching the bodies once again. He couldn't call on Cayden Cailean for more spells, more miracles of faith; the god had helped him more than enough already. To ask him for more would be presumptuous. Jeremy resolved to do what he could on his own. A life of caring for the drunk and destitute ensured that on his own, the man was still an accomplished healer. Yet he wasn't a god. And slowly, the tide of the battle swayed in the favour of Urgathoa, as more bodies died. It frayed at the cleric's nerves. For every life he managed to save, three were spent, their corpses raised in a horrific desecration. Still, he had a job to do, and the cleric refused to let his failures prevent him from trying again and again. He'd save who he could. And as he moved from injured to injured, his clothes staining with blood and guts, the cleric found he could still serve his god, even without a mug in his hand. It helped put his mind at ease, even as another human expired under his hands. If he couldn't save them all, no one could blame him for trying.
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    Chapter 5

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