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  1. He watched the tiger pushing into Daphne, taking her, filling her. Iason groaned loudly, his hips slapping against the tigress, hands holding Daphne down. The whole scene disturbed Galen, the moans, the soft murmurs, the high growls. The tiger tried to ignore Daphne, focusing more on Iason. He couldn't. He couldn't watch this. There needed to be another dick there… and less boobs. Shutting off the video, Galen let out a heavy sigh, heading toward the door. He stepped outside, watching the chelöna swimming down in the waves, its shield-like, boney back making the tiger wonder if anyone
  2. They took him to the courtyard at dawn, a gallows permanently erected, a fresh rope waiting. Jakun stared up at the eye, the cat's tail limp in resignation. A crowd was gathered around the gallows, elf, dwarf, and man all eagerly awaiting his death. He didn't know what he had done to anger them all. He had only tried to stop a robbery like he'd been told they were supposed to. "Anya… please help me…" he whispered. Hands bound behind his back, the cat couldn't do anything to help himself. The world was going in slow motion around the amurrun, his breathing shallow, measured. 'It
  3. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 43

    When you see someone brutally murder a member of your own race, the case tends to seem pretty cut and dry.
  4. Amnor Sen watched the jailer's wagon rumble away, Jeremy kneeling next to the mauled dwarf. "What in the gods' names happened?" Jeremy demanded. "Did he get attacked by a wildcat?" "A wild catfolk," a man said, covering the dwarf's corpse. He tossed it into another wagon as Jeremy and Amnor Sen looked at each other in horror. "Jakun did this?" "This catfolk, did he have dark fur and a book on his hip?" Amnor Sen demanded. "Yup, that's him. We have reason to believe he was breaking into this store and was caught by the dwarf." Amnor Sen shook his head roughly. "T
  5. Yeoldebard


    The key here is fierceness. There's nothing saying a predator has the be fierce 😜
  6. Yeoldebard


    The smell of mint filled the kitchen, Reinard standing on a stool and stirring a mug. A solitary leaf steeped in the boiling liquid, the fox staring at it in interest. "It doesn't smell that strong… are you sure they gave me the right stuff?" he asked, looking at Themis. The tiger was busy setting up a pasta, humming quietly, a strange bouncy tune. "Oh yeah. Nepáta is a controlled substance. Noreen used an entire plant bred for smell in the office. The stuff you have was designed for the taste. They're entirely different effects. Smelling nepáta is for energy, excitement. Eating ne
  7. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 42

    To be fair, the deal was to help stop a string of robberies. They're just a pair of adventurers doing what they're being paid to do. Sort of.
  8. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 42

    There is a level one spell called secluded tome. Casting it stores the book in a pocket dimension, ready to be brought back with a recall word. At this point, Jakun has two books, the one that he has stored is the one he received in Mechitar. He leaves that one hidden because it is dark in nature. The one he carries is his regular workbook.
  9. Jakun walked through the dark alleys of the city, his eyes picking out the barest light, taking advantage of what he could get. He hadn't realized Methusda's home was so far from the shop, but the gnome was home now, and the amurrun needed to find his way back to the shop. Book and blade sat on his hip, a spellcaster's harness holding his spellbook. The amurrun was loathe to leave the book anywhere, lest it be stolen, or worse, destroyed by Amnor Sen. He had done all he could to keep the contents neutral. But he had no idea how the elf approached such questions of morality. A quiet rus
  10. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 10

    DEVYN The werewolf was pissed. He wasn’t allowed to help take Jason home because he had school. It was another black mark on the place, one Devyn almost couldn't take. At least Jason would be free of that prison. If Devyn never went back into those nose destroying halls, the wolf would consider his life well spent. Clicking down the road with his cane, Devyn looked over at Dylan. "How long are you wearing that thing?" The calico pulled at his mask uncertainly. "I don't know. Now that I'm in it, I kind of like it. I feel like one of those masked villains," he said,
  11. Amnor Sen wrapped a bandage around Jakun's hand, letting out a soft grunt as he tied it off. "There. All better," he said, patting the amurrun's back. "This is why we don't start out fighting. Learn to defend before you fight." Jakun shrugged, a bit of blood already staining the bandage. Amnor Sen was sure he had dealt with worse injuries; it had only been a minor stab, caused by trying to catch a falling blade. It would sting for about a week before slowly fading away without healing magic. "We'll work on something safer. Why don't we get started on your box?" "How can I help?
  12. Furred fingers wandered over Galen's thigh, the tiger panting quietly. His rod was spent, his body limp. The tiger was cautiously happy, Iason looking well fucked himself. "That… that was amazing…" he breathed, looking at Iason. "I know," Iason chuckled, stroking Galen's inner thigh. "All you have to do is do what we just did, in front of the camera. You just did, but it was off. When it is on, forget about it. It will be no different." "But I thought you wanted me to pretend-" "And you did. You were gentle, caring, letting me take charge even as I bottomed." "That wasn't p
  13. I would like to wish everyone a happy New Year. Here's hoping this year will be filled with good stories and many other delights :)

    1. chris191070


      Happy New Year 

  14. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 30

    KOTIK WHAT IN THE MULTIVERSE ARE YOU DOING SHOUTING DOWN THE KING IN HIS FUCKING REALM?!?! Fucking barbarian... no sense of self preservation.... *Grumble*
  15. The forge filled with the ring of metal on metal, Jakun's ears folded over in an attempt to protect his hearing. The cat was sweeping the floor, bits of steel shavings and dust flying out into the streets. The action was almost soothing, repetitive, allowing him time to think, and yet keeping him busy enough to avoid being restless. 'An alarm spell of course… and an illusion spell when the box is opened. In case you need to see your childhood again, to regain conviction,' Anya said in his mind. 'You assume that we can even get my soul in the box. And this assumes that I'm going to be k
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