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  1. “Hey, I heard about Reinard.” Galen glanced up from his posca, catching his breath after a rough round with a rather forceful tiger. Iason sat across from him with a sigh, studying the blue Egaro. “How are you doing? I know it’s hard letting a lover go,” the white tiger said gently. “It’s only been a week, and I’m already looking forward to seeing him again next year,” Galen sighed quietly. “Have you seen Ryan?” The other Egaro winced, nodding slowly. “He’s not adjusting
  2. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 54

    DEVYN The wolf panted as he came down on Jason’s back. Devyn’s weight pressed into his brother, his hips still thrusting into the neko’s mouth as cum splurted out of him. His ears twisted suddenly; did he just hear his father come in? Jason seemed to be struggling under him, and Devyn climbed off the neko, the base of his penis twisting around as it resisted the change of direction. It was still stuck in his brother’s mouth, and Devyn huffed quietly, puzzling this out. Maybe it
  3. Hands wrapped the base of Sasha’s tail tightly, the Faro biting down on one of the spare dowels. His bone was held in place, the motion of his tail stunted, and honestly, he couldn’t be happier. Maybe he’d start wearing a wrap all the time, just to keep from showing so much emotion. “I don’t know if you’re just stupid, or actively suicidal,” Radek grunted. “You’re lucky Pan wasn’t around to hear Pan Evžen playing the piano.” “I got him to play a few notes on the violin,” Sasha replied.
  4. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 3

    AARON The crown prince of Astara pulled off his clothes, not bothering to hide himself from Itumak’s searing gaze. The neko still wanted him, and Aaron understood the neko would probably always want him. They would have to set some ground rules. Aaron let out a sigh of relief as he stepped into the warm bath. “Are you sure you can’t join me? This feels fucking amazing.” The elf almost purred, sinking into a seated position. He could see the desire written clearly on It
  5. Reinard’s feet trudged slowly down the Astéria’s promenade, his mind in too much torment to even appreciate the fact that for the first time in his life, he was going to live in luxury. Galen had borrowed heavily from Themis and Aegle to get him this spot on the ship, and he would enjoy the comforts of high class later, but for now his heart felt too raw. Three hours had passed since he’d watched the tiger vanish from the shuttle’s window, three hours that should have been enough for him to
  6. Yeoldebard

    The Visit

    The car light turned on as Sasha opened the back seat. Reaching in gently, the Faro scooped Evžen up, closing the door quietly as he tried to juggle the sheathed knife resting on the Lidikrys’ chest. A souvenir of the arena bought by Honza, Sasha wasn’t sure Bohdan would be happy with his son’s gift. But that was a problem to save for when Sasha didn’t have his arms full of sleeping Lidikrys. Radek hurried toward them from the house, the Daknar hissing quietly so he didn’t wake Evžen.
  7. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 54

    What's hilarious is that Dylan and Jason look nothing alike, aside from being nekos.
  8. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 30

    You hit the nail right on the head. There's a story about both Blake and Erith after they leave Quarian Academy, Systems of a Wolf, that's rather controversial, but you're always welcome to read it if you'd like.
  9. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 55

    JASON “Devyn, are you okay?” The question startled Jason. They were sitting at the dinner table, Devyn leaning against the table with a strange smile on his face. He was pushing his food from one side of the plate to the other, something unheard of for the hungry wolf. Richard was watching him, his worry worn on his face for the others to see. “The food’s spinning,” Devyn giggled. Now all of them were staring at the wolf as his head lolled around in a circle. Patr
  10. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 2

    ITUMAK Someone was about to be taken by the queen. There was no doubt about it. Rumours spread through the orphanage; the choice had already been made, the man from the palace was only looking to find another elf, the queen was dying and that was why an elf would be chosen early. Itumak ignored all the quiet warnings through the next week. It didn’t matter if the man came back. He knew Aaron wouldn’t hesitate to tell the queen he was not leaving without Itumak. And that would be
  11. Yeoldebard


    Yeah. There are scenes I have written for this site that still make me cry years later. This is one of those scenes.
  12. Yeoldebard

    The Faro

    The world may never know. It's as good a guess as any though.
  13. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 1

    AMBER A pen scratched over paper slowly, shaky lines signing out one last order. The queen of Astara was done for the day. Early, far too early for the world’s leader, but she couldn’t help the fatigue settling into her bones. Clearing her throat, she drew in a ragged breath, slapping the pen down right before a hacking cough shook her body. A relieved sigh escaped her. No blood; that was a good sign. Her eyes took in a picture on her desk, the tiniest smile breaking the li
  14. Yeoldebard

    Amber Waves

    A queen fighting for her life. An elf struggling with life as a royal. A neko handling his disease under the scrutiny of being a palace guard. Queen Amber faces mortality as her own body turns against her. But the world never takes a day off, even for a monarch’s illness. Aaron Etaro has been chosen as the new prince of Astara. That would be enough of a struggle for anyone, but he must contend with his mother’s illness, and his own disease. Itumak Nareen always wanted to be a guard. But he never expected to be selected as a palace guard. And he never thought he would be responsible for turning his best friend into a beast.
  15. Yeoldebard

    Galen- Promises

    There are another four chapters after this, but this can be the end if you wish it to be.
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