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  1. Itumak stared at his mate in shock. Lian… wanted to fuck him? The neko wasn’t sure why he was surprised. Lian was bisexual, he already knew that. It made sense that the Daknar would want to stick his rod inside his mate. But Itumak wasn’t sure he could handle that. Well… he could probably handle it. But Lian was bigger than him, no doubt. And probably bigger than the werewolf who had taken him when he was sixteen. “I don’t know,” the neko said quietly. “I’m not sure I can take you. But I can use my mouth, if that would be acceptable.” The dragon looked uncomfortable, his sc
  2. Yeoldebard


    That story is what inspired me to attempt a more scifi setting. It's grown a lot in the past couple of years.
  3. Part two of Cassiel and Theofrid's adventures. Now baron of Ellesmera, the former Stolen Lands, Cassiel must determine who he can trust while building his new lands. Theofrid thought he had left his adventuring days behind him after helping Cassiel kill the Stag Lord. But now he has a new adventure, one that requires a different kind of magic to survive.
  4. The room was filled with the flicker of black candles, Mythara and Anya standing in the middle of a sigil. Four months spent in the alternate dimension, the three of them working on rituals, and Mythara had finally declared them ready. Jakun wasn’t so sure. The amurrun was nervous about the room; the darkness reminding him of the vision he’d had in Graydirge. He had his fears about this ritual, but it was the only way he could see to get back at Loran. There were no guarantees that Jeremy and Amnor Sen would return, or that they would take him to Absalom with them, despite what they said.
  5. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 24

    Richard hasn't had time to return everything to the boys, and given that Margaret lost her pack privileges, his ability to walk free on pack grounds is much more limited. Halor is a character in Damian's Wolf if you want to read it. It's LJD's backstory, but I'm not sure I'll ever finish it due to personal concerns, so it has been listed as abandoned.
  6. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 24

    Definitely unpleasant memories here. But we can't judge a character by their name. Hopefully Brienne will be able to help with the air freshener issue. Fingers crossed that her help isn't mint flavoured
  7. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 24

    DEVYN It was the best thing he had ever smelled, and Devyn slumped in his desk, a glass bottle in his hands as Jason dropped into the seat beside him. The neko was rank with the smell of exercise, and as much as the wolf wanted to just breathe in the scent, he forced himself to set the bottle on Jason’s desk. “Dr. Marin said you should put this on,” he muttered. The neko sniffed at the bottle, frowning slightly before spraying the contents over his body. Near instantly his scent was masked with the pungent smell of fresh pine, Devyn sneezing at the offensive scent. He cou
  8. With Musings of a Future Baron complete, and the end of Act One reached in Cassiel and Theofrid's story, I am already hard at work on getting down Act Two. The story doesn't stop with the bad guys dead; no, there is a lot more to come. But due to the nature of the rest of the game, it will be nigh impossible to write as Act One was written, so I'll be returning to my usual style of writing without a clear victory in this journaling foray. I think the first person point of view is not for me.

    Regardless, to those who read the very short story, thank you, and you can look forward to the first chapter in Act Two come the 20th.

  9. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 26

    Dude, Eike is totally that evil, as evidenced by the alcohol abuse present in the last chapter. Oh, and feeding the bunny to his underling... I guess that was pretty evil too...
  10. Toilday 18 Desnus 4710 We broke into the fort through a loose board in the wall. Akiros was waiting for us, making me wonder. Am I growing predictable? He succumbed to us as Kressle had, through talk. Jhod had mentioned a certain hiccough in the man whenever the priest mentioned Erastil. It didn’t take a genius to realize why, and I gently asked Akiros why a follower of a kind god was following a bandit lord. While I can’t say I turned him back to his faith, I can say that I garnered his aid in the coming battle. All those times Valerie had scoffed at the notion of talk,
  11. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 26

    I have to admit, my first thought was gods I hope the fob has batteries... But all things work out, and wolves make their claims. It's fun to see Shea wrestling with his new position and all the attendant mental struggles that come with it.
  12. Yeoldebard

    Reinard- Bonded

    20/20 hindsight is not always the most useful in the moment.
  13. Warmth surrounded the fox, Reinard’s eyes opening tiredly. His body ached, muscles throbbing with a dull burn as he lay in bed. He was in his bond form, sprawled out in a pile of sheets, body on full display. Standing with a quick gasp, the Faro nearly collapsed again, his legs wobbling as his groin protested loudly. Letting his body shift back into his bipedal form, the fox slipped off the bed, landing on all fours with a pained grunt. Galen had done it. He had finally fucked him. And the tiger had left the fox a quivering bundle of burning nerves. “Galen…? Galen?!” he called, his v
  14. Starday 15 Desnus 4710 Davik Nettle. The name of the spectre who sent those dreams. I say spectre, he really is more of a wight. Undead, malicious intent giving him sentience, but the malice is aimed toward one man. The Stag Lord. We made it to Nettle’s Crossing on the Shrike River in one day, only to find it burned down, the ferry destroyed. Upon inspection, we were approached by the wight, who pleaded for our aid. Nothing less than the death of the Stag Lord will let him rest in peace. As much as I wonder if the Stag Lord’s death is deserved- as someone who was made evil by
  15. Amnor Sen stared at the small chest, two thousand gold neatly packed inside. The caravan had been decimated, six guards limping into Fort Longjaw with the caravan. It was a relief to be behind the fort walls, even if they were only wooden walls. The caravan was disbanded, Niss forced to pay out the six thousand to the surviving guards. Amnor Sen and Jeremy had more than enough gold to make it to Absolom, as soon as they returned to Quantium. The two had no intention of setting out any time soon though. Relaxation was not going to be found in a fort, but certainly helping defend the stocka
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