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  1. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 23

    Is it really Ren who needs the hug, or was it you all along?
  2. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 27

    Eh, I'm honestly not sure how Shelyn would feel if the beauty that was made came from drugs. Probably okay with it, as a source of inspiration, but she would definitely appreciate if her followers looked to themselves for creativity, instead of the highs of pesh or some other drug.
  3. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 23

    To be fair, how many evil people would travel with a follower of a good deity? Besides, the knights of Lastwall are crusaders, out to destroy demons and undead themselves. I don't think Amnor Sen has much to worry about if this group has one of them.
  4. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 31

    Ah, but you see, the cat is only MOSTLY undead. A ritualistic cleansing by a competent cleric (sorry Jeremy) could see him right as rain, most likely.
  5. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 28

    Chalk it up to years of crafting and casting under Loran's hand. Those scars on his back aren't just for show.
  6. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 27

    Oh, he's okay with boning the cute amurrun. Just not okay with catching feelings. And Amnor Sen's religion is rather strict on the whole happy marriage thing, as strict as a god of art and creativity can be.
  7. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 26

    Here's a little secret. You know the Daniel that @Tsukihanaand I talk about all the time? You just met him
  8. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 25

    Yep, now all they need is for the possibly undead kitty to agree and they have liftoff Typical Jeremy, buttering people up to get what he wants. Too bad that doesn't work so well on paladins.
  9. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 24

    *Bites my tongue*
  10. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 23

    Jeremy is kinky as fuck. And really, if you can't trust the living in a land of the dead, who can you trust?
  11. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 22

    Oh, Ivris gave them the exact ritual he used, mixed with an unhealthy dose of the realities of death and murder. It just didn't make Jakun as crazy as he thought it would. I mean, after Loran, the amurrun has pretty much seen it all.
  12. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 21

    I think you underestimate Anya's pull on him.
  13. Yeoldebard


    I can already see the cracks forming. Probably would be a bad time to mention that [REDACTED] gets [REDACTED] not long after [REDACTED]
  14. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 16

    Psst! It's the XP!
  15. Yeoldebard

    Chapter 20

    *Cue Obi Wan voice* "I LOVED YOU LIKE A SON JAKUN!"
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