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Found 29 results

  1. Continuing the game started by @Sasha Distan ...   Rain
  2. Continuing the game started by @Dark  Game 2 begins with: carousel
  3. As a reminder of how the game is played...thanks @Valkyrie I’ll get this round started by beginning where we left off from round one shotgun wedding
  4. If you're a player or planning to play a D & D role-playing game then you should know about the character named Mordenkainen. Let me tell you that Mordenkainen is one of the most powerful characters of D&D role-playing games. An ultra-powerful wizard that attains lots of magical power in it. This book contains the conflicts of Mordenkainen with their character description and powers. So, if you're curious to know how blood war got namesake, types of Elf, and horrors of gift then you can find it here. The Dungeon Master's Guide is a wealth of inspiration and advice that will ignite your imagination and help you create adventure worlds your players will be happy to explore. In its pages you will find tips for building a world, tips for designing dungeons and great adventures, optional game rules, hundreds of magic items typical of D&D and many other tools to help you become an accomplished dungeon master. And when you're ready for even more adventure, expand your collection with the Fifth Edition of Player's Handbook and Monster Manual.
  5. Congratulations to the Green One, Zombie for finally posting when he needed to. He won LPW 48 by doing so. But how long will he keep it?
  6. Can you believe this game was started on May 29, 2006 (12 years ago! ) ? Going back to the beginning as we start a new round, I thought it would be kind of neat not only to have the original game instructions in the post, but to start game 3 from the original question, too. Here goes: @BoyNeedsTherapy said Ok, so I saw this game on another board and thought it sounded fun! So what happens is I start the topic by saying 'The person below me - ' and then making a statement about them. For example I could say: 'The person below me has black hair' Then the person that replies, would say something like 'No, I have brown hair.' And then they'd make their own statement like 'The person below me likes pickles' and so on. Got it??? So: The person below me has a dog.
  7. The popular drinking game has come to GA! Its simple you say something you've never done, the next person tells if they have or not, and then they add their never have I ever I'll get started... Never have I ever been a member of the mile high club
  8. Rules: 1. Look at the 5 letters given by the previous player. 2. Use those 5 letters to create a sentence. 3. Then pick 5 random letters and add them after your sentence. 4. The next player uses those new 5 letters to create a sentence and so on. 5. Be creative but KEEP IT CLEAN! Example: YOMAD You Owe Me A Dollar. New letters: TWAGR
  9. I'll take the ribs but not the coleslaw. The person below me prefers Canadian bacon over pepporoni.
  10. A New Game! Word Ladders. Word Ladders…This is actually an old time puzzle kind of thing. In a Word Ladder, the object is to start with an Original word (I'll use HATES, for example), and turn the Original word into a new "Target word." Each poster changes exactly ONE letter to turn HATES into its target (I'll use LOVER in this example). It might run like this: Parker posts: Turn HATES into LOVER. Grumbles1 posts: HAVES Fliedermaus posts: LAVES Smugly84 posts: LOVES Grumbles1 posts: LOVER. I win. New post - turn BLATHER into SERIOUS... …and so on. General Rules – Responses must keep the letter changed in place. Grumbles1 changed the T to V, but its relative place in the puzzle remained the same. Use English language, with preference for uncapitalized, un-hyphenated words. Avoid proper names, unless absolutely necessary; non-English words used as a last resort. Obviously, keep it clean. Posters should not post twice in a row. Poster who completes the ladder sets the next ladder. Have fun…and so on to the first Word Ladder challenge: Turn CANDY into HEART (okay, so I'm a shameless romantic. Sue me.)
  11. Have you been inwardly guessing which Halloween Contest entries were written by which author. With the voting for the contest over, it's time for the GA members to try and guess who wrote what! The "reveal" will occur on October 31st, so try and get your guesses in before then. The only prize for this game is bragging rights, if you guess more right then anyone else. Remember, only one story was allowed per author. Author List Puppilull Craftingmom Comicfan Dodger Valkyrie Aditus CassieQ Carl Holiday BillW Cole Matthews Mikiesboy Story List Horrible Holiday If You Go Out In The Woods Today Shade In Between Purgatory Zombies Like Us Dom Does Halloween Calavera The Naked and the Dead The House on O'Reilly Hill Oh, the Humanity! Happy Guessing!!!!!
  12. Congratulations Comicfan on winning LPW #39.
  13. There's a new game running for the newsletter! Today we're going to get the ball rolling, and next week I'll announce the fun twist of the game. This will involve writing, so if you don't want to play, don't add the game information to your reply (feel free to talk/discuss otherwise). Don't worry, though, it's not a long or hard challenge. Take Two Game: Choose two nouns at random. Pull out a dictionary (if you own one!) or randomly search for nouns online. Take the first two you pick/see/get results for and add them to your post here. What are you going to do with them? Well... the answer for that comes with next week's newsletter. Game details: Game announcement 4/30/17 & 5/7/17. Game will run through 6/3/17 with newsletter feature on 6/4/17. Example: I want to play! This sounds like fun, and I can always use a creative nudge. (hint, hint authors!) Nouns: park & cereal
  14. An ingenious mapmaker has posted a map of Europe, featuring well known paintings as the graphic for each territory. Can you name the paintings belonging to the European countries? Maybe it's more a game for fellow European GA-members. But I know, at least the countries are no problem for @Drew Espinosa Original page, where you can make the picture larger. But be warned, on that page all the paintings are listed below.
  15. I have a fun game idea for GA readers, and, as an incentive to play, I'm going to give away a free copy of any one of my eBooks to one person. You can find a complete list on my Amazon author page. Winner does not have to have an Amazon account to win. The winner will be chosen via a drawing on random.org from the list of players who complete the scavenger hunt before the game ends on April 23rd at 11:59 PM, PDT. Winner will be announced April 24th. Rules: Find any of the following listen of items in a story written by any author here on GA. To prove your find, place a link to the page where the item appears beside the item on the list. You can quote my post and add it here or work off the Word form added as a downloadable file below, but anyone just copying instead of playing won't be entered into the contest. There are no single right answers, so the goal is to have fun racking your memory or searching for stories containing any one, or more, of these items! Word file: GA Stories Scavenger Hunt.docx GA Stories Scavenger Hunt April 13th-April 23rd 1. A character with a red shirt 2. The scent of vanilla 3. A peanut butter and (whatever else) sandwich 4. Fish 5. A character says “Holy crap” 6. Crackers 7. A character with a mustache 8. A silver car 9. A character smoking 10. Two men dancing 11. A planet with aliens 12. A dog barking 13. A baby crying 14. A love triangle 15. A character says “No means no” 16. A story description that mentions death 17. A leak 18. Stained-glass windows 19. A story that mentions souls 20. A story with 3 Beta Readers/Editors (any combo equal to 3) 21. A red-haired character 22. A limousine ride 23. Flying 24. An elf with pointed ears 25. A picnic
  16. Have you been inwardly guessing which April Fools Contest entries were written by which author. With the voting for the contest over, it's time for the GA members to try and guess who wrote what! The "reveal" will occur on April 1st, so try and get your guesses in before then. The only prize for this game is bragging rights, if you guess more right then anyone else. Remember, only one story was allowed per author. Author List MacGreg Puppilull W_L Valkyrie Parker Owens Aditus jfalkon J.HunterDunn Cole Matthews AC Benus Story List Happy Birthday! Outwitted Served Cold Fool's Gold Suffer No Fools Fool Me Once The Real Me Getting Caught Downhearted Chasing Jayce Happy Guessing!!!!!
  17. Have you been inwardly guessing which Secret Admirer Contest entries were written by which author. With the voting for the contest over, it's time for the GA members to try and guess who wrote what! The "reveal" will occur on February 13th, so try and get your guesses in before then. The only prize for this game is bragging rights, if you guess more right then anyone else. Remember, only one story was allowed per author. Author List Aditus Thorn Wilde Cole Matthews jfalkon J.HunterDunn Graeme AC Benus W_L Robert Rex Timothy M Valkyrie Puppilull Comicfan Story List Who Is It? Making Sense of Secret Gifts A Gift For the Quiet One Two's Company Cupid Central The Cupid Complex Sunshine Last Run to Mosul Jager Nobody's Valentine The Lady In The Flames Take A Chance Lupercalia Happy Guessing!!!
  18. First, AC has kindly given me permission to bring this game here and expand it. So, some basic rules: Choose a quote from a person, book, poem, film, etc and "text message" it. What counts as texting? Acronyms like OMG, netspeak like "B4" or simply removing vowels "people --> ppl" Others will then have to decipher what it is. Solve all of it, or a part of it. (leaving the rest for others to crack)* The person to solve all of it (or the last piece of the "puzzle") wins the round, and begins the next one. Keep the length of the quote/passage reasonable. I mean, don't text something like the entire Odyssey for us to solve As for an online guide, Netlingo has a large list to choose from. *What I mean is this, you can work with others to solve it, making it a team effort All right! With those pesky rules outta the way lets begin! "Sht ll th bl jys u wnt, f u cn ht m, bt rmmbr tht ts a sn t kll a mckngbrd."
  19. GA members were talking about trying to guess on which Secret Santa Contest entries were written by which author. With the voting for the contest over, it's time for the GA members to try and guess who wrote what! The "reveal" will occur on December 25th, so try and get your guesses in before then. The only prize for this game is bragging rights, if you guess more right then anyone else. Remember, only one story was allowed per author. Author List Mikiesboy Thorn Wilde jfalkon Johnathan Colourfield Greg_A Cazpedroso Timothy M Kitt wildone Graeme craftingmom Valkyrie J.HunterDunn Aditus The Eminent MGK Cole Matthews Albertnothlit LitLover AC Benus Headstall Puppilull Story List All I Want For Christmas Chrisis Eve Cruising For Love At Christmas Elves From Santa Habibi Julebukking La Gracier Et La Paix (The Pardon and the Peace) Meeting Santa Mistletoe Balls My Very Own Secret Santa Myrthcottle’s Memories Operation Wonder Santa's Little Helper Seven Swans The Baker's Helper The Letter: A Christmas Tale The Modern Magi, or Miracle at the Angel Tree The Old Ways The Secret Santa Game Twenty-Three Days of Advent Happy Guessing!!!
  20. A couple of days early, but I decided to have a little fun with Halloween on the horizon. We haven't done a word search for a while, but rather than do something site specific, I thought it would be fun to do one based on Halloween. Also, I wanted to make it a little harder, so not only is it a word search, but it is also a word scramble. In order to get the hidden words, unscramble the word list and then find the words in the Word Search. As always, I've included the excel document as well. Have fun!!!
  21. It's been a while since I've done a crossword or a word search, and thought maybe it was time to do another. In honor of the current "Anthology Theme Suggestions", I decided to do a word search using all the past Anthology Themes. Due to the sheer number of past themes (47 in all), this word search is a bit bigger than normal. Enjoy, and good luck! Anthology Themes Word Search.xlsx
  22. Who's ready for the next Word Search? Today's Word Search features the Promising Authors here at Gay Authors. Each Promising Author appears once as well as one of their stories. As always, I've included both the image of the Word Search as well as a downloadable excel format. If you have ideas for future Word Searches or Crosswords, feel free to send me a PM! Promising Authors Word Search.xlsx
  23. Hope everyone has gotten their thinking caps on cause this one is going to be harder! A big Thank You to Graeme for all the great clues he sent in! Now, you might have to do a little digging to come up with the answers on this puzzle. Some, you have to be familiar with the story. Others, you might have to scan through story descriptions. The answers can be found, somewhere, it's just a matter of where and how easy they are to find. Remember, everything in this puzzle has to do with Signature Authors and their stories. There's also an excel file for those that would prefer to download it. Have fun!!! Signature Crossword.xlsx
  24. Last month I decided to have a little fun and introduce crosswords to the GA News Blog. This month I've decided to introduce word searches! There are two ways that authors can be prolific here at GA, story count and word count. Today's word search is all about the top 30 most prolific authors based on their story count! I've done both the image directly in the blog, but there is also a downloadable excel file for those who want it! Enjoy! Prolific Authors Wordsearch.xlsx
  25. I've been trying to come up with some new things to do for the site blog. One thing that I thought might be fun and different is doing some different crossword puzzles. I'll be including both the JPEG crossword for those that want to visually complete the crossword as well as a downloadable excel document. The answers will be revealed in the Weekly Wrap Up! I'd love to hear what you think of including more crosswords like this as I have some thoughts on some other ones, but if you include the answers, make sure they are in a spoiler. This first one shouldn't be too difficult, though you might have to visit some profiles to figure out the answers. ADMINS & MODS Across 2. This mod is a 'typical shakespearean fool' and 'peanuts fan' 4. This little blue mod can be found on a storm cloud. 6. Whenever you have a technical issue, this Admin comes to the rescue. 7. This Admin likes rollercoasters and the colts 8. This mod is also the Author Promotion Team Libra...er, Leader Down 1. You'll find this Admin playing around the site blog and the anthology forum. 2. Are you waiting for your story to be approved, this Admin is who you need. 3. This Canadian Admin is lost in a Herd of Capricans 5. This Aussie mod proudly claims the title of 'Gay Dad' 6. This mod comes to us all the way from England. 8. Lead Administrator who had a vision...
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