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Real Life (is being a bitch)

My Mom is in hospice care. I'm glad someone else is doing it because I just couldn't. I'm going to lose her, but in truth, she's already gone. I keep going to her bedside and reading to her. She smiles. I know she hears me. It won't be long now. She has Dysphagia, an inability to swallow, and is losing weight rapidly. If I vanish for a while, I have much to do.  


JamesSavik in writing

Experimental Writing (or Thanks for being my Guinea Pigs)

I have two rather large writing experiments that I've been running for a while now. I have been running them at GA because I can access them directly and don't have to go through an intermediary to post or do hot online edits. These are highly experimental, and I'm trying a lot of new and different things. I'll share my findings here. I had several goals that I wanted to achieve: Get proficient with self-editing Work on the process of outline => draft => revision


JamesSavik in writing

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