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Super Bowl Salsa

OK. I'm going to provide you one of my secret recipes. Don't spread it around. This salsa makes others look sad. It's not blazing hot, but it is delicious! Needed: Food Processor Dried chili peppers: 1 each Ancho, Pasilla and Mulato (Chosen to be mild, if you want hotter salsa, pick hotter peppers) 5 large tomatillos 1 Jalapeno pepper, cored without seeds 3 cloves garlic 1 medium-sized white onion 1 teaspoon salt   Instructions: 1 - with t


JamesSavik in recipes, southern

Cassarole for a Dinner on the Grounds

Many Protestant denominations have a wonderful tradition called Dinner on the Grounds. That alone is enough to give you religion but, I digress. It's often held in late summer or early fall so the bounty of farms and gardens can be shared with friends and neighbors. Many a little old church lady... ...will don her blue wig and show off her best recipes. This is why there are no anorexic Baptists. If you would like a taste of this heavenly goodness without the associated hymns and


JamesSavik in recipes, southern

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