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Sexual Assault and the aftermath

CAUTION: THE FOLLOWING BLOG ENTRY TALKS ABOUT SEXUAL ASSAULT AND MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS. PLEASE PROCEED WITH CAUTION. Hey everyone , How’s everyone? I hope everyone’s doing good. I haven’t been doing that great. I might say, I have been doing quite awful suffering from both depression and anxiety for the past two months or so. I have been kind of absent from the site due to being extremely busy with the university for the past couple of months (dissertation is not the most favourite t

Victor Gutte

Victor Gutte


Stories Update

Hey y'all It's been a while since I have been properly active on GA. I was not being able to talk to my GA friends. It is mostly because I don't have a computer for now. I used to share one with my mother but they moved to a different place the past month. I do miss having deep and light conversations with the people here and it's been a while since I have done any reading . But I am actually writing this blog to give an update on my stories. If anyone if following my stuff, they'll notice tha

Victor Gutte

Victor Gutte

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