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About this blog

Musings as I continue to write a story that I originally envisioned as being 'around 80,000 words' and which is now reaching 170,000. Thoughts on the creative process, the way feedback can bring new ideas and the twists and turns of plotting.

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Cancer sucks!

I tend to take to the blogs section to whinge, so here goes. I have been living with cancer for almost four years now (well, four years since diagnosis, but it was obviously invading various parts of my body before then.) Long story short - diagnosed stage 4 December 24th 2018. Great Christmas present. Treatment (chemo and radiotherapy) started early in 2019, knocked me for 6 and the spinal damage left me unable to walk more than a few paces and having to use the kind of gadgets normal


Mawgrim in cancer woes

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