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  1. Mawgrim

    Chapter 27

    What a surprise when the students arrived unexpectedly early! Seems as if the boys have made some new friends there and they should all have fun while the dig is going on.
  2. Mawgrim

    Joining 'C' Wing

    They might not all be dead! A few may have transferred to other Wings or even other Weyrs, but yes, it’s also there to show that the survival rate is fairly low, long term. On some of the Pern forums, people have actually worked out the statistics, which I can’t remember off the top of my head but demonstrate that there is a good reason why gold dragons rise to mate more often and lay larger clutches during a Pass. This is what I was looking for: A realistic look at dragon attrition
  3. Mawgrim

    Con Moto

    As the doctor is such a fan of Gus, I’m sure she'll have something to say about the interruption. Be interesting to find out who started it. I think it was probably the suspicious security guard as well.
  4. Mawgrim

    Joining 'C' Wing

    ‘So, here we are.’ D’gar stood on the ledge of his - and S’brin’s - weyr in the east face of the Bowl. It had been a hectic morning, moving stuff from the barracks, then standing in line and waiting for Naraina, the Headwoman, to assign weyrs, but they were finally here. ‘Whoever had this weyr before didn’t clean it very often.’ S’brin’s voice echoed from beyond the curtain, which he’d pulled back to air the place. ‘The necessary is pretty disgusting. You’ll need to hold your breath if you have to use it.’ ‘I’ll get some cleaning stuff later. Otherwise it’ll stink us out once we draw
  5. Mawgrim

    Nowhere Man

    This story will take you to places you didn't even realise existed. It’s like watching a movie. The descriptions are incredibly detailed and visual but there's not a wasted word anywhere. There are twists and turns you don’t expect and the ending isn’t what I expected, but all the more thought provoking for that. Give this story a try. I was hooked half way through the first chapter and just couldn't stop reading. Glad I read it when it was complete - don't think I could have stood the tension waiting for a new chapter to be posted.
  6. The door creaked open revealing the blood spattered on the floor like carelessly thrown rubies in the first rays of the sun. I quickly shut the front door behind me. It was still early on a Saturday morning - just before seven - and I didn’t want any nosy neighbours seeing what a mess the place must be in. Last night - well, even earlier that same morning, to be precise - it had been such a panicked rush to get out of the house, bundling him out to the car, I’d not noticed how much blood had been spilled. Now it was clean-up time. The hall floor was laminate; it shouldn’t be too hard to r
  7. Mawgrim

    Chapter 3

    Oh, the difficulty of admitting you love someone...
  8. Mawgrim

    Chapter 1

    You have portrayed the brutality and herd mentality of school so well. It’s no consolation at the time when adults tell you things will get better, but of course, they do, once you are in a more civilised environment.
  9. Thank you and glad you have enjoyed the story. I’m working on a few different writing projects at the moment and should be posting some original fiction soon (in addition to continuing with the Pern stories)
  10. Mawgrim

    Lost Chances

    I was crying when I wrote it. That’s how I know I’ve got it right!
  11. Mawgrim

    Lost Chances

    Yes. I’ve read quite a lot of discussion about why that is, but of course Todd addressed that by having watch whers fighting Thread at night.
  12. Mawgrim

    Lost Chances

    ‘So, you’re trying to stay out of trouble, are you?’ Agarra stood with her hands on her hips as D’gar tipped out the food waste from the bin. The recent warm weather had made it smell pretty bad. ‘Trying,’ he replied. At least it was only him this time, although if he’d not stopped S’brin getting involved, he’d have been doing his turn at the job again. ‘Some people just have it in for me.’ He remembered what S’brin had said. ‘Anyway, everyone gets in a Wing eventually.’ ‘Be best not to get left behind next time,’ his mother said. ‘You’re worth more than that.’ ‘Thanks, but I wi
  13. Mawgrim

    Born Again

    Really interesting premise for a short story. Teddy's memories of Rose's life was beautifully handled and even after I had finished reading this it left me thinking about the possibility of reincarnation for a long while.
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