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  1. This story is an emotional rollercoaster. It’s a love story, but it’s also about coming to terms with who you are and living beyond the convenient labels society would like to tag everyone with. As I read this, I was moved, annoyed, frustrated and yet always hoping that Andy could sort out his feelings for Matt without destroying their friendship. There are layers to this story. It's well written enough to make it easy to read, but it also leaves you thinking.
  2. Mawgrim

    Chapter 15

    Connor had almost convinced himself Jason would drop anything to go to Ireland with him. I can totally see why Jason couldn’t, being so concerned for his dad's health. I reckon Connor just rushed out because it was the only way he could deal with the situation. If Jason went with him and his dad had another heart attack, he’d never forgive himself. If Connor stayed, he'd end up resenting Jason for missing out on an opportunity that might not come again. Sad, but inevitable.
  3. Mawgrim

    Chapter 14

    Fairly sure Jason's mum has figured it out. He's having a real rollercoaster of emotions at the moment. I liked the observation about hospitals being one of the few places where men can embrace in public without anyone thinking twice about it. Very true.
  4. Mawgrim

    Chapter 13

    Moral of this chapter: turn off your phone before attempting to have sex!
  5. Mawgrim

    Cleanup Duties

    Exactly. He's feeling insecure, which gives some of the others the opportunity to influence him. Ground duty is scary. Forests have their own problems. Although Thread is deeper, unstable trees can fall. Also, if the trees are too close, there isn’t room for a dragon to land, so you lose the safety tether.
  6. Mawgrim

    Cleanup Duties

    He's starting to understand the consequences, just isn’t sure how to deal with them yet.
  7. Mawgrim

    Cleanup Duties

    Yes, as R’feem said, D'gar tends to underestimate himself. Partly this is due to never getting any recognition as a weyrling. S'brin isn’t great at expressing his feelings in words. He has a way to go yet before he works out how to repair the relationship.
  8. Mawgrim

    Cleanup Duties

    ‘So, which one do you prefer?’ Naraina had pointed out the two vacant weyrs earlier. Having visited them, D’gar thought both were adequate, but he and Herebeth preferred the western facing one. It would catch the afternoon and evening sunshine on the ledge. ‘I’ll go for the western one, thanks.’ She nodded. ‘Good choice. When will your former weyrmate be moving?’ ‘I’m, er, not sure…’ ‘Only there’s a demand for double weyrs and it’s unfair to have one small green dragon taking that one up.’ ‘Could you leave it for a sevenday or two, maybe?’ ‘Oh, why’s that?’ ‘
  9. Mawgrim


    Brilliant ending to the story. All is well with Rick and Gus, Marta got away from her awful parents and the bad guys got exactly what they deserved. Not that it's good to hear anyone had a stroke, but I knew Heinrich Sr would react badly to knowing that he'd lost his millions and particularly in the way he’d been conned. Simon's parents sound very similar in outlook to Zoltan and Magda, in that they are trying to force their son into a mould of their own making. Glad he got some advice from Rick on the plane. Sigh! What have I got to look forward to on Thursday morning now...
  10. This is a story about obsessive love for someone who will never return it fully and the depths to which a person can sink when their dreams are shattered. Dark but delightfully written.
  11. Mawgrim


    Lovely chapter. The sex scene was good; it showed us more about the characters and how real life experiences differ from the porn we've all watched. The grandparents were as stuffy as expected!
  12. Mawgrim


    Then came a more abstract – though no less important – comfort, as it dawned on me that for the first time since I could remember, I wasn’t lying by omission to everyone I loved. For the first time since I could remember, I felt fully me. Summed up so perfectly. Even though the moment when Lauti told his mother didn't feel amazingly special, this is so well worded to express that sense of relief you get when you realise you aren’t hiding a part of your inner being any longer.
  13. Mawgrim

    Finding Myself

    I like the way all of the stories link in with each other.
  14. I've really enjoyed reading this series of stories, showing the different issues gay teens can face. It's always amazed me that people can assume being gay is a choice. I particularly liked this story for the way that Carlos's family and the school had already figured it out and we’re just waiting for him to be true to himself and the way he was so determined to stand up for Jerry.
  15. Mawgrim

    Heated Days

    That’s looking very likely!
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