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About this blog

As it says this is just a collection of thoughts and ideas that I'm happy to share. Some members may like to read others may not, some may even like to comment or even share their own thoughts and ideas, again others may not. Whatever anyone feels it is not a place for any unpleasantness, just a place for general thought sharing.

Entries in this blog

It's That Time Of The Year

Yep, it's that time of the year. What time? I hear you ask. It is the time when we are either thinking about or trying not to think about Christmas. It's also the time when many charitable organisations get the begging bowl out. I've already had my begging bowl out, been around the usual local companies and a few more. I've been lucky and received donations and promises of help from all that I have approached, and I am grateful for everything that has been received and promised. Now I've got the


Mancunian in Christmas


Respect is something that we all try to show to others, and hope that others will treat us with respect. There is nothing wrong with that and it is something that we are taught from an early age One way in which we show respect is how we treat others, i.e. opening doors for those older than us or giving up our seat on a crowded bus for an elderly person or someone who has a physical disability. If you were taught this and practice it great, you are doing the right thing, thank you. Another


Mancunian in Homelessness

Is It Too Early To Talk About Christmas?

Well the blog title asks the question, so it too early to talk about Christmas? I hope not, but then this isn't necessarily what you think it's about. This isn't about my Christmas, well may be it is in a way, or even your Christmas, It's about what I and many other people have been doing lately and how it affects Christmas for others. Some of you may know that I volunteer with a local organisation that supports homeless people, as I'm currently not face to face with our clients I carry out

Does The Pain Ever Go Away?

The title of this blog asks the question, but you will probably ask what pain am I talking about. I'm talking about the pain of loss and grief, losing someone who is close and means a great deal to you. It doesn't matter who you are, in time it is something that we all experience. Many of us have already experienced it, some of us are yet to experience it, it is not something any of us can escape. You may ask what is the significance of this blog, why bring this up now? Well I'll tell you a


Mancunian in grief

Seeing some light at the end of the tunnel

This is about mental health, it's something that many of us find hard to talk about, especially us men. Not talking about it only tends to make things worse and for those of us experiencing difficulties it slows and can prevent recovery. This is just a small part of my experience, yes it's the better part I don't want to depress or bring anyone down with the bad parts. Today I'm feeling good about myself and that is a feeling that I'm experiencing more often lately, the days of feeling anxi


Mancunian in Mental Health

Reading My Own Earlier Stories

I don't know if any other authors do this, but I have recently been reading through my own earlier stories. They may - or may not, depending on you opinion - be basically good stories, but some have also made me cringe. Why? because some of the spelling and/or grammar is not good. As a result I've decided to check each of my earlier stories and try to correct any spelling and grammatical errors that I find. This will take me some time as I am currently writing and posting another story that is a

Reading Through The Archives

I mentioned in a previous blog entry that I was reading my way through the archives and enjoying some of the previously written stories. I was going from present day backwards but decided to change tack and went back to day one, I'm now reading from the earliest entries working my way forward. This is turning out to be a great experience which I am really enjoying. We all know that there are a lot of really good stories currently being written, for example CDMX by @Carlos Hazday is a great


Mancunian in archives

Why do some stories make us emotional?

Has anyone ever wondered why some stories make us emotional, you know what I mean it's when you feel choked up or the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, or maybe cloud your eyes with tears. That's not the only emotions that some stories make us feel emotions can be positive or negative, good or bad or any way you want to express the range of emotions.  I've just read a story that made me feel emotional, the truth is it actually made me cry. It sounds silly doesn't it and probably make

Looking for something good to read on GA

I'm sure that most of us at times are looking for something good to read here on GA, I know that have been. What I decided to do about it may help others, some may already be doing this. When I click on the stories tab I then click on the filters tab that appears, from that drop down menu I click completed stories. This brings up all of the completed stories from the GA archive, it's helpful because then I'm not waiting for the next chapter of a story to be published. I've been working my way ba

Why I joined GA and remain

When I joined GA it was as a result of an upsetting event in my own life and GA helped me to process that to a degree, I'm not going to go into any detail at this time but I may do so at some point in the future. I originally joined to read some of the stories that had and were being written at the time and I enjoyed doing just that. Soon I had a thought pop into my head which I decided to post as short story. I wasn't brilliant or researched but very spontaneous and received mixed but main
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