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Reading Through The Archives



I mentioned in a previous blog entry that I was reading my way through the archives and enjoying some of the previously written stories. I was going from present day backwards but decided to change tack and went back to day one, I'm now reading from the earliest entries working my way forward. This is turning out to be a great experience which I am really enjoying.

We all know that there are a lot of really good stories currently being written, for example CDMX by @Carlos Hazday is a great story and part of the CJ series is definitely a recommended read, as is the whole series. But most of us, new and older members, tend to ignore the archives. This means that a lot the older stories are not being read and enjoyed. There are some great stories stories in the archives just waiting to be read and enjoyed, one of the bigger stories Working It Out by @Don H in three parts is a great piece of work and there are many more longer stories by other authors too. There are also many shorter stories some only one chapter in length that very good and well worth reading, The Boy Next Door by @PlugInMatty, A Ghost Of Christmas Past by @Codey, Beneath The Surface and More Than I Remember both by @Comicality are just a few that I've read and really enjoyed, I recommend them to everyone. Of course there are a great many more by other authors that are equally as good a read but there are just too many to mention.

What I'm trying to say is yes let's all keep reading the newer stories and those still in process, but let's not forget the gems that exist in the archives. Some may not have been read by many, they may not have many reactions, chapter comments or even reviews but they are still good and worth taking the time to read, you can still leave comments reactions and reviews for them if you want to. Try reading something that has not been written by one the popular authors and give a lesser known author a try, if you do I think many of us will be surprised at how much there is to enjoy. I think it will also give an understanding of how much many authors have improved over time and how much hard work many authors put into their writing.

Well I hope at least some of you have read and enjoyed this post, if you have maybe you can recommend a story from the archives, if you have read something you have enjoyed share it and let us all know.

Thanks for reading.

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16 minutes ago, Carlos Hazday said:


Try @Jack Scribe He might be gone, but his stories continue to shine. Not perfect, but I've revisit them from time to time.

Thank you for the recommendation @Carlos Hazday I'll be sure to look out for his stories as I travel the archives. I'm sure other members will benefit  from this and any other recommendations.

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You know you guys can create public collections of recommended stories and share them, such as in your signature.  Or if you an author, use that for promoting older stuff...


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